Best Soloing Class for Old World+Heroics

30 Orc Warrior
So I know 3.3 it seemed like Blood DK's and Pally's were pretty much kings of Soloing Dungeons but I've been gone for a while due to College and now I'm hearing Mages are tearing Old World Content and Heroics apart? Is this True?

I would think a Prot Pally off spec'd Holy or Druid Bear offspecced Resto would be kings of the Old World Raid/Heroic Solo's or even still Blood DK's. But again I'm just coming back so I don't know much..

So who is currently the Old World Raid/Heroic Kings?
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I haven't exactly done a lot of comparing, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was a flavor of Paladins.

Holy has some very nice and efficient self-healing from what I can tell between and . Plus, Holy Shock seems pretty efficient, triggers Protector of the Innocent (if cast on yourself), and of course builds up Holy Power for the free Word of Glory. also would be a pretty huge boon for soloing stuff where you're constantly getting beat on. Once you're 81+, you'll also have Inquisition for bonus DPS if you aren't in need of the Word of Glory heal.

The base damage of their spells seems pretty nice, even if they don't scale as well as a DPS class'. With Conc aura, they also can reach 100% pushback resistance for heals and have 35% (?) for Exorcism, their main cast time nuke.

You'll probably have more problems with bosses/mobs that can silence or interrupt than a DPS/Tank trying to solo, though. You'll have less than the average caster due to Divine Shield, Aura Mastery w/ Conc Aura, and a decent, but not great, variety of offensive instant casts.

Outside of Holy, I'm sure Prot does great with its natural defense and the free heal in Word of Glory. Tank damage is better than it used to be from what I hear, anyways.
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85 Human Priest
Druids are the best
In Order (my opinion)
Blood DK
Prot War
Shadow Priest
Fury War
Ele Shammy
Enhance Shammy.

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85 Worgen Hunter
A BM Hunter with a Spirit Beast.
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100 Gnome Rogue
Rogues are better than some would expect now. Improved Recuperate is strong and each of the specs has a talent that boosts survivability.

By no means the best but soloing prospects are much better than they were pre 4.0.1.
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90 Undead Warlock
Demo Locks tear things up with Felguard and Meta.
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100 Human Paladin
Any tank.
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80 Human Mage
Tank specs, any of them.

This. Welcome to World of Tankcraft.

I find it interesting that mages would be all that good in old world raid content, since a lot of things (especially bosses) are immune to snares, roots, and all the other CC tools mages normally use to keep things under control. Add to that their lack of self-healing.

We kill them before mirror images are up.

Or other creative uses of game mechanics.
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85 Undead Mage
My paladin is worlds better at soloing old content than my mage. You have to abuse game mechanics pretty badly (mostly abusing bad pathing AI) to make a mage halfway decent in those settings.
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85 Tauren Druid
prot paladin or blood dk- no competition.
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85 Tauren Warrior
Iv been lvling a few friends alts and I was able to pull the full instance of any old world heroics even the bosses if allowed.

There are no old world heroics.....

And It's probably something like DK=Paladin>Druid>Fury Warrior>Prot
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85 Night Elf Druid
Thorns + Cat Form + Dash + Survival Instincts + Barkskin + wildly running in circles = dead mobs.
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85 Troll Shaman
prot paladin or blood dk- no competition.

This. Prot paladins are ridiculous. I've solo'd a few bosses in ZA with mine despite having crappy gear. Im sure blood dks are similiar.
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
Any tank spec is fine for it. Feral druids are doing absurd damage right now.
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87 Gnome Warlock
locks, really any spec, but demo is top right now.

also fury warriors, lost some avoidance and such with the tanking changes, but we do get a huge heal with mastery, my alt heals for 60% of his health with enraged regen right now.
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