Holy Paladins in a PVE environment

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I tend to like the way pallies are healing now. However, I feel that the numbers need to be tweaked a little for this level. I'm reserving judgement for 85 and having a full arsenal of tools as well as seeing how the raids will work with slowing incoming damage down.

I find LoD really awkward to use atm since it's everyone's habit to spread out and positioning myself to use it effectively is a pain. Mostly my 10 man ICC group 2 heals most of the run and I feel like I'm being carried by the resto druid. To even try to keep up, I have to spam flash of light and use holy shock on cool down, throwing a WoG when I have full HP.

I tend to not be one of those healers that chase meters but I feel there's something wrong when the druid is doubling my healing done even though I feel like I'm healing my butt off and not caring about mana conservation. Like I said, I'm waiting to see how it goes at 85.
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. It will shine in heavy aura-damage fights and situations where the paladin is rotating through a number of targets so that the shield isn't being constantly overwritten; which is to say, if a paladin is routinely assigned raid healing, Mastery may be a worthwhile stat for buffering.

This makes sense. If I'm tank healing, Illuminated Mastery seems to show up as less than one percent of my overall healing pretty consistently. I'll have to pay more attention to it next time we do Sindragosa.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Recount absorbs, as well as all absorbs unless they changed something, have always screwed up the tracking because shields placed on top of existing shields get their ownership transfered to whoever placed the first shield. Simply put, if anyone in your raid as Valanyr, if you have multiple Holy Pallies, if you have a Disc, or if you're healing a Bear, your mastery will show up very inconsistently on recount/WoL.

Also, a big issue behind most pallies feeling mana doesn't regen fast enough is the fact that they're in haste/crit gear. Reforging can only do so much for you, and without Illum you're really far down the gutter. It's too late and not worth it to swap now, but keep in mind at 85 all healer gear is essentially the same, barring the slots I'm sure will be (purposely :d) crappily itemized by Blizz which will vary by armor type.
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I've raided in the absence of healing priests and valanyr, with double paladin tanks (I was the only source of shields for 11/12 25M-HM ICC) and found that at lvl80 mastery is a great stat. Why you ask? Because I overheal. 75% overheal. And my shields are based on my raw healing. FYI, I have 15% shield strength.
Imagine this:
I heal for 100k over some period of time. 25k is effective. 15k of shields are created. The shields end up being 70% effective in ICC-hard modes. So 25k effective healing + 11k of shielding hypothetically.

In reality:
~30% of my effective healing+shields ends up being mastery shields. Based on that, each 1% mastery right now is a 2% increase in healing done.

Now this whole "massive overheal leads to disproportionate healing done by shields" isn't going to be true at 85... but for level 80 you gotta live it up.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
In 25 mans I usually get outhealed, just because it seems like our only AOE healing is Light of Dawn and Bacon of light. When you're with priests spamming prayer of healing and resto shaman it's hard to compete. I still do a damn good job at bringing single targets back up to full HP fast, but I feel lacking in topping off everyone's HP.

Hopefully when we get Holy Radiance this will be fixed.
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My guild has ICC heroic (except LK) on farm and maybe it's because everyone is doing their job well and avoiding unnecessary damage but I find myself constantly being outhealed by druids. When the heavy hits come though, I can top the meters no problem. Not that the meters matter anyways and really the game right now is not balanced and that's ok. All that matters is that at 85, all should be well with GoAK and Holy radiance. Not to mention that with huge health pools, I firmly believe that paladins will shine. Lastly, I want to mention that even post 4.0.1 with the new healing models and mechanics, we have way too much regen at 80 and people are getting too comfortable spamming FoL, I know I am because it's the best right now. Just be ready for a shock once you reach 85 and you have to be mana efficient.
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85 Night Elf Druid
I'm still pretty amazing with the numbers. Naturally it depends on the healers with you. If you're quick at the draw, you can still do fine - but those specializing in aoe heals with fast fingers will still get you.

Our throughput is still awesome if you're good with your mana, you just might be getting sniped a little quicker.

Druids are awesome because everything can crit now, so naturally if the hots tick before a heal lands they'll take over the EH.
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Meters aren't all that important, just so long as you're in the same general ballpark as the other healers. The way I see it, if there's just one occasion where you saw the tanks healthbar dropping, and you saved him, then you've earnt your keep.
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80 Human Paladin
I don't get peoples' obsession with meters.
Meters are a very poor way to gauge the capability of a tank or healer.

I'm not #1 on the meter. So what?

It doesn't meany anything.
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85 Human Paladin
Unnecessarily competing with other healers will create problems in Cata. In BC, I tried not to compete with Shammys or Druids during that time because we have no smart heals and Beacon in BC and still remained competitive during that time. If we tried to own the meters you risk not being able to save the raid. I remember on many fights in BT, I played mana starved and just popping mana pots when available just to triage those in need and we are trained to let people die like Rogues, Hunters, and Mages that pull aggro.

In Cata, we need to stop this WOTLK mentality of pre-casting, pre-hotting, and over-healing people just to get the jump on meters and conserve mana and heal to keep people alive not topping them.

I was so sick and tired of WOTLK seeing people with low skills just spam one button all night and bragging that was skill.
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