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I'm very new to WoW (this being my first and only toon) so am by no means an expert on anything. That being said, I find myself getting more and more frustrated in pugs when fellow players spam recount meters in the chat. I was under the impression that posting the damage count after each fight was a bit of a faux pas (and as far as I'm concerned, quite like getting your *#%@ out and waving it around).

What do you all think about it? Is it rude behaviour or just part and parcel of group dynamics?
85 Goblin Shaman
It's group dynamics and just ignore them as long as bosses and trash are dying
85 Human Priest
just don't let it get to you. i never spam meters in groups of pugs and i only ever post them to my guild to show ridiculous damage and then joke about nerfing a spell or some aoe or something. my best advice to you is to ignore people like that. there's more friendly/normal people than epeen waving morons. :)
26 Blood Elf Warlock
It's annoying, and you can politely ask them to stop doing it, but beyond putting them on ignore, there isn't much you can do. At least if you start raiding in a decent guild, recount posting by anyone but people who should be posting the meters is generally prohibited.
100 Tauren Shaman
It's just what happens in PUGS because people jizz over being top deeps, and then they assume that means they're the #**%, know what they're doing, and deserve to boss you around.
85 Dwarf Hunter
I only show meters to people I want to impress - which rather specifically excludes the idiots I typically end up in randoms with. Even then, it has to be something unusual to merit actually bothering to link it, especially in a random - it's easy to top meters in a random most times just because most players aren't actually trying, they're just coasting along.

Now, when my Shaman tops dps meters in a random that she's healing, that's worth a link.
80 Undead Warlock
I'll put the meters up if someone is being totally terrible AND a loudmouth.

''LOL omfg you suck man, why are you using Shadowflame it sucks!''

''em, look, you cant break 1500 so... learn to play before telling others how to?''
90 Tauren Paladin
They're the same people that say deeps instead of dps, ignore them and move on.

Not that I think meter spammers are good, but really, you want to complain about people that say deeps?
Think about what calling yourself DPS means. You are saying you are damage per second. Deeps is no less nonsensical, it's just people making a joke out of a dud term that stuck.
90 Undead Warlock
I, probably along with most people who run recount, have it for their own personal knowledge regarding how they're doing and if there's any room for improvement.

I'll only post meters if something is completely off the wall unexpected or if someone who doesn't have Recount asks how they are doing. In that cast the thing someone should be doing is whispering the meter to the individual that asked. Filling up raid chat with numbers while Loot is probably being done frustrates everyone involved.

Just posting numbers to flex your epeen isn't doing anyone any good.
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