Best Soloing Class for Old World+Heroics

30 Orc Warrior
So I know 3.3 it seemed like Blood DK's and Pally's were pretty much kings of Soloing Dungeons but I've been gone for a while due to College and now I'm hearing Mages are tearing Old World Content and Heroics apart? Is this True?

I would think a Prot Pally off spec'd Holy or Druid Bear offspecced Resto would be kings of the Dungeon/Heroic Solo's or even still Blood DK's. But again I'm just coming back so I don't know much..

So who is currently the Old World Raid/Heroic Kings?
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Prot paladin imo. I don't see how any clothie could compete unless they're putting out such massive damage that they never get hit between engagement and the boss's death.

I can solo basically anything that doesn't require multiple individuals by mechanic.

The only raid I solo regularly besides AQ20/MC/BWL (after razorgore and vael) is Karazhan. Everything is ridiculously easy. 3HP Word of Glory, seal Insight and go make a sandwich.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
honestly any ICC geared char can solo imo just about anything BC heroics or lower in difficulty level. I play as shadow and recently started trying to solo bc heroic to raise my reputation levels; since then I've raised cenarion expedition as well as lower city to exalted. I'm now doing keepers of time everyday and just reached revered.
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85 Draenei Warrior
my pally lost the ability to solo many fights due to the loss of magic dispell, which is almost always used by bosses to put on debuffs meant to be dispelled quickly.

I havent played my DK enough yet, but it looks like he might be able to handle some of those fights.

so to me, the "top" shifted in the sense that some encounters became easier or harder.

Bear tanking, however is still my go-to for trash clearing fests. use barkskin + thorns then shift back to bear and watch large aoe trash packs melt :)
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80 Draenei Paladin
Depending on gear and spec (Though the Protector of the Innocent build may be nerfed in 4.0.3, still waiting for servers to go live to check), a Protection paladin can solo pretty much any raid boss that doesnt specifically require multiple players due to gimmicks from tier 6 content and earlier.

For example: All of Hyjal is soloable because none of the fights have gimmicks that require multiple players (Azgalor will not cast Doom on the main tank). I will say that the trash is a huge pain though.

Again, this may change if the Protector of the Innocent nerf goes live in today's patch.
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14 Dwarf Hunter
i honestly hope a few skill changes go in with this patch. i don't want to have to learn them on the fly in cata =/

granted, i already know, but i don't know, you know?
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85 Night Elf Death Knight
Blood DK's are more than fine for soloing content, here's a vid of me doing heroic hol :)
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