Gearing up for Heroics Tanking

80 Dwarf Warrior
First off, I know there is probably a ton of information about this scattered about, and I apologize if this has been beaten to death.

With the release of the new patch and Cata dropping in on us soon, I decided to start my account back up and start playing again. Took me a little bit to get back into the swing of things but I should be reaching 80 early this week and I am a little fuzzy on the specifics of where I go next.

Like I said, I am sure there is information on this, but I was wondering if things have changed since the patch. Maybe gearing up isn't as important with the pre-Cata updates they gave the classes.

Should I be pretty much good to go for Heroics straight away at 80 or should I be looking for better stuff to wear before I start trying? If I do need to gear up a bit, what are the major stats I need to be on the lookout for? Is enchanting and gemming dire or can I wait to worry about all this stuff after I get my Tier 9 gear?

If I don't make sense, I am sorry. I will be the first to admit I am a complete noob. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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85 Tauren Warrior
1) Don't bother with t9, just go straight to t10
2) Tempered Saronite gear is good and is buyable/makeable
3) Grab the Wrathful Shield and Axe.
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80 Dwarf Warrior
Thanks man.

1) I meant T10 when I typed T9. I just forgot, lol. But thanks for the clear up.
2) I am finishing up my BSing as we speak so that works out great!
3) Are these the "bugged" PvP shield and weapon I've been hearing about that you can get for cheap Honor?
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85 Tauren Warrior
they're not bugged. The tooltips for most of the wrathful gear is incorrect in requiring a rating, though. They're just ilvl264 gear that you can pick up fairly easily.
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80 Dwarf Warrior
Got it. Thanks again for the input man!
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80 Undead Warrior
Since the 4.0 patch how should I gem / reforge? re: What are the current stat priorities?
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
I essentially went right into tanking heroics. Now a days even if dps pulls a mob from you chances are its dead before it hits them. As far as gemming/reforging, as a pally my t10 has a severe lack of hit so I've been stuck doing +hit but once that was capped I just focused on avoidance and stam since defense is no longer in game. I think I'm at 20% dodge and parry with almost 40k health and still rockin a few blues and ilvl 219 from ToC and ICC 5 mans. I may be wrong here as I'm still pretty new at tanking but I was figuring a big health pool is nice but if you can avoid every now and then it makes the healers job easier and limits the chance that you die.
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85 Human Death Knight
I would take the attitude that this gear you're getting now is levelling gear. Any gear you acquire now might help with the content leveling in cata. But I wouldn't spend 3k on gear or that sort of thing as gold will be valuable to you leveling profs and getting fly training.

GEar will be replaced quickly thru quests and 80-85 dungeons.

I've heard people say t10 gets replaced by 82-83 so that is the only thing worth getting.
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90 Draenei Paladin
When you first hit 80, you wont be geared well enough to tank heroics. I suggest farming ToC5 at 80 for some easy tanking epics prior to tanking heroics. If you have some decently geared friends get them to help you farm all the Frozen Halls dungeons such as FoS, PoS and HoR (Attempt HoR after you're geared some what). I use to figure out what I need to farm.

The nice thing about the normal ToC and Frozen Halls dungeons is that you'll accumulate Justice Points from these (somewhat like heroics, but on a slightly smaller scale), which can be used for some decent gear. After you pretty much get what you need from these normal dungeons then I'd tank heroics.

One thing I did was duel spec and queued as a DPS (since being geared isnt as much as a priority for a DPS when compared to tank/heals) for these dungeons and whatever the tank couldnt use, I'd ask if I could roll OS for it. I'd also spend all my Justice Points on tanking gear that I accumulated queuing as Ret. During this process I ended up with a decent DPS set to go along with my Tank set :D

Edit: Stam and Avoidance Stats. Get blue quality gems and lower level enchants, since you'll be replacing this gear quickly.
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