4.0.3a: What is in it, what is not.

80 Troll Warlock
Hey Sammew


Gratz buddy :)
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85 Draenei Death Knight
Ohmy....my hunter will have a chance of taming... Ghostcrawler....http://www.wow-petopia.com/cataclysm/newlooks.html

And they in a way brought the spirit wolf back!
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90 Gnome Warrior
This brings us to another question, an important one, Exodar and Quel'thalas. They revamped the old world, it is only appropriate to finally - literally connect the two to Azeroth itself. But what if the player doesn't have TBC?

Last i checked on beta, the blood elf zones are were walled off and I'd imagine if you did get to exodar from the ocean you'd just see water.

This was quite a few builds ago i checked if i could get into silvermoon [seeing if i could get into Northeron honestly] and its just walled off, and it is not properly polished, the land beyond the walls are yukky and unsettling. Lets hope they either make the landscape beyond you see nicer or just put a tinfoil hat effect in front of it [fog or something]

Edit: just checked, silvermoon is still walled off, though the mountains beyond look a lot more settling now. Flew right into a wall and my mount started grunting.
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85 Dwarf Rogue
With the new race/class combos in does that mean we'll be able to race change those classes come next patch?
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100 Human Priest
I guess I'm a little confused about the Worgen/ Goblin starting zones (more specifically the Worgen one, cause I'm alliance and really don't care about the Goblins), but on the PTR the Greymane wall has a big ol' opening in it, and you can walk right in and look around. Seems to me that the Worgen starting zone is open to the public, there are just no NPC's throughout the zone.
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100 Human Warlock
[li]A steam powered auctioneer, similar to the engineering only one in the Like Clockwork store, has been added next to the justice point vendors in Dalaran. They are now usable by all non-engineers.

This is sweet addition.
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I just wish there was something more interesting going in for this patch.

I've done all the sight-seeing on the PTR that I can and there is no way I'm leveling another alt.

Reading over what you posted, I guess I'll just have to wait for the expansion to get some real interest in the game again.

Thanks for collecting the info though. Good work.
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80 Tauren Warrior
Starting alt and thinking about getting to level 85 will be very daunting so anything that makes process faster is good.

It takes a week to hit max level if you do it slowly. If that's daunting to you I'd say that MMO's aren't really for you, but apparently the instant gratification crowd is who Blizzard has been pandering to the last two expansions.

It takes a week to hit max level at a slow pace? Right.
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85 Night Elf Death Knight
Can we get clarification on a few things:

4.0.3a are the Herald Titles being removed then?
Is Immortal Title being removed? (and/or any other title along herald/immortal lines)?
Is yogg0 mim's head no longer 100%?
(I assume ZG is gone)

Just curious if most of those are happening on 4.0.3a or on Cata launch. Luckily got herald last nite but wondering on other titles.
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70 Tauren Warrior
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what I noticed is that all the healing classes are having force skill tree resets. Hmmmmm
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what I noticed is that all the healing classes are having force skill tree resets. Hmmmmm

Kinda scary at this point if you ask me.

I fear for my druid.
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85 Tauren Paladin
Does this mean race changes will be available for paladins and the Tauren race prior to Cataclysm release?
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85 Tauren Paladin
Does this mean race changes will be available for paladins and the Tauren race prior to Cataclysm release?

This is what I wanna know, Blues please let us know!
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84 Undead Mage
Wow has a great Community

If by that you mean WoW's largely populated community of uneducated, sarcastic, jaded meme-drones with little else to accomplish but earn untracked grief achievements, then yes, I agree! :)
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30 Orc Rogue
I'll be happy to start leveling my Troll Druid in the meantime but I really just want my Goblin already!
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