Nesingwary and Vek'nilash having major issues

90 Undead Death Knight
None of mine got nekked & all of my Nessy toons are gone from the armory. 6 show up on the select screen, but I can't log into any of them without getting the big boot.

(PS, this is Skyhoof <3)

We believe in you, techs!!
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None of mine got nekked & all of my Nessy toons are gone from the armory. 6 show up on the select screen, but I can't log into any of them without getting the big boot.

(PS, this is Skyhoof <3)

We believe in you, techs!!

Aye, my hunter boots me off, but I'm double checking everything else too
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90 Worgen Death Knight
I talked to blizzard they have no clue what is going on..I have 5 toons stuck online right now so I have 6 toons logged in at once.. How the hell is that possible.. they tell me that it shows them that all my Charcters have been Transfered
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Never been so scared! (Well I have... but all my main chars on my main server are gone and I can't even login my pc is "down") My achievments, BOAS, everything is gone! ='( want to cry! =/
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12 Night Elf Hunter
I believe I figured it out...

The merge just happened between Nesingwary and Vek'nilash... Well it SEEMS that every character that had a UNIQUE name (IE: One that didn't have a doppelganger on it's shared realm) is available. And the characters that had the SAME NAME as someone on the merged server is now "HIDDEN" or "DELETED"...

It's like when the patch happened today... the servers saw the same name twice on the same "server" and removed them.. or something weird...

Blues... Am I close?

nope dont sound right in my case orex lostorex foreverorex i can get on but orextwo orexisme orexstone i cant get on all 3 are bank toons orexstone is the guild master for my other guild none of my toons from nesingwary show up here in the forums just 4 that my daughter used to use many years back on shattered halls show up here (forums)
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90 Blood Elf Paladin

lets get it trending on twitter
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10 of my horde and 1 alli allgone read all threads so will just wait names are

submitted a ticket through account before I read this thread
Edited by Ricksrouge on 10/29/2013 8:57 PM PDT
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26 Tauren Druid
Question: Would this character-deletion bug have affected anyone whose accounts are not active right now?

If it could, there's a few people I should probably warn. =/
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24 Draenei Warrior
Talked with Blizz support. They said the toons are in "Limbo" I am also the guildmaster. They said my Guild is showing as "leaderless" :(
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92 Goblin Priest

I am just sad I am missing out on four shots at the Horseman tonite. :(
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88 Worgen Death Knight
ARVINS! this is Crillyc, do what that other dude said and go to your warcraft folders, account, account name and server, and all ur toons should be listed there.
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80 Troll Death Knight
Someone may have asked this, but I don't feel like reading all of the replies. What about accounts that have been cancelled? My wife has 11 toons on Nesingwary under an inactive account. How can we ensure she will still have those toons if she decides to come back?
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90 Blood Elf Priest
All my toons gone. Couple lowbies and my 90 hunter named PHD.

Nothing in armory, nothing when I log in. :/
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55 Goblin Death Knight
ALL of my characters from Nesingwary are just GONE, Nesingwary on my realm list isn't even showing that i have 10 characters. Yes, ten of them are gone and 4 of which I play daily. This is NOT cool. If my lvl 90 BE Death Knight is gone, I am so Done playing this game. No way I can start over! Ugh!!
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55 Goblin Death Knight
AND I have the Horseman Mount! UGHHHHHH! So mad right now!
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90 Goblin Hunter
To answer people asking about inactive accounts: my account is currently inactive, but when I heard about this, I went to check my characters on the armory. None of them are showing up, so presumably this can also affect inactive accounts. I submitted a ticket as instructed. Hopefully they'll be back by the time I can resub.

In the meantime, if you know someone on Nesingwary who has an inactive account, warn them to check on their toons!
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90 Gnome Mage
I put in my ticket 4 hours ago - my husband nearly an hour later. He got a reply in game that his ticket was escalated, but I haven't heard a thing. Have there been any recent updates as to whether this might be resolved tonight, please?
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