Protection Key Binding

90 Blood Elf Paladin

One of my biggest problems is key bindings. So we have the following abilities that will be used pretty frequently:

* Crusader Strike
* Hammer of the Righteous
* Judgement
* Avenger's Shield
* Shield of the Righteous
* Hammer of Wrath
* Eternal Flame / Sacred Shield
* Holy Wrath
* Consecration
* Holy Prism / Light's Hammer / Execution Sentence

So that is 10 abilities we need on hand and that is not counting our "oh !@#$" / longer cooldown abilities like:

* Ardent Defender
* Guardian of Ancient Kings
* Avenging Wrath
* Divine Shield
* Divine Protection

Ok, so sticking with the main rotation for now. How do you keybind for 10 abilities? I can manage 1-7 on the number keys and then I click the rest which is really hampering me from having a good rotation. Maybe I am just terribad.

But switching between AoE and single target is proving to be a real pain for me. How do you switch between Hammer of the Righteous and Crusader Strike easily? And how do you keybind 10 abilities within easy reach as well as at least Divine Shield as you really need to be able to active it without needing the mouse.

How can you easily keep track of Holy Power and Bastion stacks?
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
This is how I bind my stuff

1 - Crusader Strike with an alt modifier for Hammer of the Righteous
2 - Judgement
3 - Avenger's Shield
4 - Shield of the Righteous
5 - Hammer of Wrath
Q - Consecration
E - Holy Wrath
Z - Eternal Flame
R - Taunt
T - 90 tier talent
G - Lay on Hands
F - Divine Shield

Then for my cooldowns I go
Shift 1 - Divine Protection
Shift 2 - Ardent Defender
Shift 3 - Guardian of Ancient Kings
Shift 4 - Holy Avenger
Shift 5 - Avenging Wrath

Then for the rest of my moves which aren't as important such as interupts stuns, hands, devo aura, and such I bind to things like Shift R and Shift G or 7, 8 and 9.

To keep track of my bastion of glory stacks I use Tell Me When. It shows me an icon of Eternal Flame on my screen when I have 3 holy power to use it and 5 stacks of Bastion of Glory.

One thing to note is don't give up on new keybinds after a few days because that's when it gets really annoying. You have to keep using them so it becomes muscle memory and you get used to it.

Edit: Here is the Alt Modifier for Crusader Strike btw
/cast [modifier:alt] Hammer of the Righteous; Crusader Strike
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100 Tauren Druid
Idk, I think I can make it less complicated.
Your fingers, they go on the 1-4. You can bind the little ` key next to the one to an action bar button. Cause it feels different than the numbers right? so no chance of you messing up. Also, since as a tank I doubt you use F1-F5, maybe use those too. They are close to your hands, and feel different than 1-4.
I found binding something to the middle mouse button helps too, like when you click it.

(modifiers double your buttons. /cast [mod:shift] concecrate; righteous hammer
That's just an example.)

That's a less complicated way to bind stuff. You never move your hand off the 1-4 and you can still strafe with q and e or w or whatever.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
bind everything to your mousewheel
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100 Human Paladin
If you were ever to get a G13 Gameboard, here's what I use for my keybinds as prot.

I rest my fingers along the second row, which allows me easy access to all my buttons. I treat row 2 and row 3 together as far as wow is concerned since it makes up an even 12 buttons for a full action bar.

Row 1
G1 Divine Protection
G2 Ardent Defender
G3 Devotion Aura
G4 Guardian of Ancient Kings
G5 Reckoning
G6 Rebuke
G7 Fist of Justice

Row 2
G8 Eternal Flame/Word of Glory (Cleanse with modifier)
G9 Shield of the Righteous
G10 Crusader Strike (Hammer of the Righteous with modifier)
G11 Judgment
G12 Avenger's Shield
G13 Consecration
G14 Holy Wrath

Row 3
G15 Avenging Wrath
G16 Blinding Light
G17 Lay on Hands (Divine Shield with modifier)
G18 Light's Hammer
G19 Hammer of Wrath

Row 4
G20 Every Man for Himself
G21 Hand of Freedom (Hand of Salvation with modifier)
G22 Hand of Sacrifice (Hand of Protection with modifier)

I never really change my seal as prot, but for ret and for other classes I use the extra set of buttons down the side of my gaming keyboard for those.

I use F1-F9 for target marker icons (and remove marker)

I don't bind things like mount, food, flasks, potions, blessing, etc (unless it's a part of a macro with something else)

When I have trinkets with on-use I change my macros for my tank cooldowns so that I can activate the trinket using my modifier key.

I use alt as my modifier, and I have it assigned to both a side button on my mouse, and as a thumb button on my G13.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Thank you for the responses. I am now trying the following:

1 - Crusader Strike
Shift + 1 - Hammer of the Righteous
2 - Judgement
3 - Avenger's Shield
4 - Holy Wrath
5 - Consecration
6 - Hammer of Wrath
7 - Light's Hammer

I have a G5 mouse so I bound to the two buttons I can press with my thumb:

Thumb button 1 - Shield of the Righteous
Thumb button 2 - Eternal Flame
Middle button - Mouse over taunt macro

It works OK, still getting used to it. I find movement pretty awkward especially when pressing shift while strafing with keys or using my holy power dumps when moving with the mouse.
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100 Human Paladin
When you want to learn how to map it all to a x-box 360 controller which is way easier then using a keyboard. Let me know. There are only a handful of quests that you need the control of a mouse for. Other then that I can use the controller for everything.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
When you want to learn how to map it all to a x-box 360 controller which is way easier then using a keyboard. Let me know. There are only a handful of quests that you need the control of a mouse for. Other then that I can use the controller for everything.

This actually sounds interesting. I am feeling tempted.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Idk if you want my nooby opinion but ill tell you what i run.
1. CStrike
2. Judgement
3. Consecration
4. Holy Wrath
5. Hammer of the Righteous
Shift1. Avengers Shield
Shift2. Shield of righteous
Shift3. Sacred Shield
Shift4. Word of Glory
Shift5. Taunt(reckoning)
Alt1. Hammer of Wraith
Alt2. Holy Prism(lvl 90 talent)
Alt3. Flash of Light
Alt4. Trinket
Alt5. Trinket
F- Divine Protection
T- Ardent Defender
C- Guardian of the Ancient Kings
ShiftT- Avenging Wrath
ShiftC- Devo Aura
Just how i run my nooby tank set up! hopefully i helped out! xD
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