Overheal vs Healing, a personal problem?

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Overhealing hasn't been an issue since they removed down ranking

Flash Heal Rank 2 plz kthnx newb
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I'm having an issue with being lower on the healing meters but coming in real high into the over heal side of the meters. Been trying to use more direct heals to try to lower my ratio but I still find it favoring over healing more so than heals. I know meters are not the best thing to judge a healers ability but I just don't get why I'm so tipped toward over healing.

I've been using a priority system of going to most injured, tank, myself other heals. I've been keeping up, up times on my self buffs like riptide. I keep healing rain and healing stream on cool down. Also earth shield on the active/taunting tank 100% (as close as I can) of the time. Throw out some direct heals on really injured and chain if i see a large dip in hp across the board.

I have no issues with mana, and my activity is always right where it should be (with in a % or two, of the most active. I've even tried using more greater/healing waves more to help reduce the amount of over healing. Which has helped a little.

In my raids we've even had other resto shamans (they've been better geared than I, so i don't expect to come out on top) but i still find a place near the bottom of healing and near the top on over heals.

Is this a product of having too many heals brought to the party, my style of play or something I'm not thinking of that might reflect in my effect I have on the raid? I'm catching grief for my numbers and I'm trying different things and using a bunch of resources to correct the problem but, I'm unable to do so.

Any thoughts?


Your doin good. When it comes to Shammys, Its all matter of healing placement and positioning. I will have my Healing rain when buffed form UE, applied on the spot that has the most melee stacked, also keeping HS totem on cd regularly, and positioning myself where a majority of the caster/range stand to spam chain heal on either myself or the tank so it starts smart healing the raid. Till regular CDs are up and need to be reapplied to the area. If at least 5 or more people get hit with some thing that gets them down to the 50% hp mark I pop the HT totem.

But if it is a serious tank danger I pop a spirit link and replant it right on them.
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If you are trying to spam your castable heals such as chain heal or healing wave or greater healing wave, you would.

Make sure to keep healing rain down at start and keep down on melee part, or if its a fight like Thok, keep it on the majority of the group if possible. When your first healing rain is to expire drop healing stream totem and use as the cd expires.

Make sure to make use of all of your cds, including elementals with glyph and talent.

For further questions, I refer you to the following thread. Please ignore the trolls on it.

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Over healing only matters if you run out of mana, not when you compare your heals to other healers.

It can sometimes tell the story of whats going on. Like if you are healing with a disc priest and holy paladin and are doing a ton of over healing and no hps, you can kind of see whats going on.

For the most part its an irrelevant stat, some healers have a lot, Disc doesn't.
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If you kept the group alive so they could kill the bosses, you are a successful healer. Meters mean nothing.
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11/14/2013 05:18 AMPosted by Harpoa
Meh if you are not running out of mana it doesn't really matter.

My guess is too many healers

That's how I look at OH: if I'm panting OOM and my OH is high, time to check out what's going down. If bosses are going down (or wipes are happening, but not due to a lack of healing) and healer OH is high, then it's easy to drop a healer.
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