Can't buy game time as a gift

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Hi all,

I've been trying for a solid week to buy game time for someone else, as a gift. I've done it a bunch of times before, but it seems to be impossible now.

There is no help in the Blizzard store - all I find is information about my own subscription.

I ventured out on a quest to find a game card in stores, but it appears that Walmart doesn't sell them any more, and I can't seem to find any other store that does.

Any ideas? It's kind of too late now, timing-wise, but I'm concerned what it means when even Walmart doesn't sell time cards any more...
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What problem are you having with the Blizzard store?
Immediately after your purchase, you should be shown two buttons, one of which redeems the code on your own account and the other which gifts it to an email.
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Buy a prepaid game card and give the person the code
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Finally got a response to the ticket, which explained part of the problem - I was on the wrong store!

There are apparently two stores:
- The store at, and
- The Blizzard Store at

I was looking at the store, which has a section about "Subscriptions and game time", but absolutely no information. I had no idea there was another store until my ticket was answered after a few days.

Then, when I went out to buy a game time card for my friend, I discovered after going to three different stores that Walmart in Canada apparently no longer sells them, except online. I also tried a couple of game stores, but still no luck, which is why I posted.

A little frustrating, to say the least. There should at least be information on the store about how to buy game time, and referring you to the correct store.
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From Blizzard Store I use to be able to gift game time as I would gift pets. Game Key number would be listed on my Transaction History, or sent to a friend's Battlenet account email. Game Key numbers could then be copied into the Code Redemption box under Games & Codes.\\

My only options now are to try to hunt down a WoW Prepaid Game Card, or subscription/automatic-payment. Well, I can't afford to subsidize friends' accounts.
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92 Human Death Knight

Then click on the gift option. Same for pets - (example)
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My only options now are to try to hunt down a WoW Prepaid Game Card, or subscription/automatic-payment. Well, I can't afford to subsidize friends' accounts.

You can gift game time, pets, mounts and the game or expansions. When you go to purchase choose the gift option. You then enter your friends email address. It will send them an email with the code. It will also send you an email with the code.

Next time if you have an issue or question please start a new thread. This thread is outdated as there is no longer two different stores, just one. This can lead to confusion when people read this forum. Thanks
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100 Undead Warrior
intresting... i just buy more time to my account -.- (i needed to buy it for a Friend)
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