Will you go Mastery Spam?

85 Worgen Priest
Druids -Symbiosis: Increases healing done by XX% on targets already affected by a HOT.
Shamans -Deep Healing: increases the potency of direct healing spells by xx%, based on current health level.
Paladins -Illuminated Healing: direct heals place a shield on target for xx% of the healed amount for 8 seconds.
Priest/Holy -Echo Of Light: Direct healing spells heal for an additional xx% over 6 seconds.
Priest/Discipline -Shield Discipline: Increases the potency of bubbles by xx%.

Now my question is. Depending on your class will you stack a ton of mastery, or would you rather get into other things more like Haste or Crit?

I think I will most likely carry 2 sets of gear with me from now on, because: To heal in a Raid Setting I would want to have enough haste to produce a 2.00 second Heal or faster. Hold on to a Fair Critical Rating so not all of my heals are gimp. I think I would hang on to a "nothing but" mastery set for Dungeons and Heroics. Echo of Light I think would be Pretty powerful when used proper like.
But what's your opinion on your particular Mastery? Spam it or Jam it?
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15 Undead Mage
Priests will probably see the biggest use for mastery, next would probably be paladins, followed by druids. Shaman I don't see getting a lot of use out of their mastery.
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85 Goblin Shaman
No due to the fact that (at least at the moment) it is simply not worth giving up other, better stats to get it.
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