What's with all of the epileptic mages lately

100 Orc Shaman
well with rogues it was always, WHY ARE YOU OUT FRONT TRYING TO GET AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE TO THE MOBS? you cant sap them, you dont need to be out there where you get seen and agro a 2 shot death. Plus rogue dps sucks in dungeons. So to the mages, id let them die, then say "typical rogue" in party chat. lol.
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80 Dwarf Paladin
Ran into a suicidal mage earlier.

Tank D/C'd so we requeued. Mage randomly decides to Arcane Barrage the next group of enemies....

I miss Bubble Hearth.
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85 Blood Elf Mage
Huh? I was just following the guide... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISsOjfHgtws

I can't look at omen even if I wanted to.
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100 Draenei Shaman
Huh? I was just following the guide... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISsOjfHgtws

I can't look at omen even if I wanted to.

I lol'd
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80 Undead Priest
@ Avallia: They've put a longer cooldown on tank AoE abilities like Consecration and Swipe. If I'm tanking and I have just a few seconds until one of them come off cooldown, I might wait before pulling to make it easier to grab a pack of 4+ mobs or so. That's not because I want people's damage procs to fall off, but because I want to avoid running around like a headless chicken gathering up mobs because the healer cast HoTs or buffs on me just as I got proximity aggro. =]
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73 Human Warlock
I play a mage, as well as a few healers... I never do that on any of my dps. Any of them! I also adhere to the rule, "You pull, you must wanna tank, you ain't the tank, you're gonna die. 'Nough said."
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
A lot of times it's the tanks fault... cuz they are absolutely awful. I experienced it a lot, especially while leveling this char. Like really really bad, I could holy shock the boss once and get aggro. Also completely oblivious to their surroundings, often times leaving mobs on me for extended periods of time. It's usually the dps that keeps pulling aggro that noticed the mob and kills it off me. I had a few idiots in my groups when I'm tanking, most of the time they pull while I'm waiting for an aoe cd like Ontzlake mentioned above, but it doesn't happen that often if you pull at a good pace.

Heal the dps that pulls aggro! It's pretty likely the tank is really bad. That dps is making the place go faster for everyone there. Unless they are doing some really stupid stuff that can threaten to wipe the group and if they were doing that a votekick seems more appropriate.
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85 Gnome Mage
You, my dear Goddess of Light, have obviously been the folly of mages sipping their mana on the side or channeling their youth. See baby mages are taught to immobilize, turn and AoE; Blink, then rinse and repeat. Remember, talent is a gift, tomfoolery is the sign of the un-wizened among us. Just because the Azerothian Department of Transportation gave us a license to drive, doesn't mean every mage should be allowed out in the streets; we should be looking down our 'Glass Cannon' through an open Elementium-paned window with reinforced reflective mage armor.

Until I experience otherwise, I'll continue to run 110% threat, invite some mirrors and invoke my uberness for 14K worth of sexiness. My license is valid and my cannon doesn't get broke!

P.S.--My window isn't even scratched.

.:For the Adventure and Fun times:.
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