Healing complexity

80 Tauren Druid
In terms of least complex to most complex:

1. Resto Shaman - very simple mechanics, not much changed from WoTLK, choose between direct heals or chain heal while using Riptide ASAP.
2. Resto Druid - will be a little more complex in Cata with the need to expand from the Rejuv-Rejuv-WG faceroll but still one of the easiest and most forgiving classes to pick up and learn
3. Disc Priest - Won't be able to pure shield spam anymore and has more mechanics to worry about weaving in (reducing WS with heal, etc). Limited AoE healing options
4. Holy Paladin - At 85, pallies will be using their entire healing spellbook on almost every fight. Lots of procs to manage and managing holy power gives a secondary resource system to keep on top of. They are incredibly fun to play at 85, but a lot of people that liked pre-4.0 pally healing despise the new mechanics and the class could be daunting for a newbie healer to learn compared to say a shaman.
5. Holy Priest - Massive toolbox of spells and they absolutely can not get away with spamming any one thing without being terrible (in comparison Discs can get away with shield spam, Druids rejuv spam and Shamans CH spam and still not be completely useless). To be competitive with other healers, you need to use all your tools effectively and the feeling is that you are doing a lot more work to get the same output. Unlike pallies, a lot of the spells have very little synergy with each other, and the entire spec feels scatterbrained. Also, Chakra adds an additional roadblock that you have to worry about and limitation to what you can do that noone else has.

I actually think this is pretty accurate.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
I can't speak for the other healers, but Paladin's have no doubt gone through the largest overhaul of any healer. Going from mind numbingly boring Holy Light spamming to using your entire arsenal of several new spells, not to mention the handful of procs to now watch, it definitely feels like starting over for a lot of pallies. Where they rank is up for debate, but I feel like being successful in Cata will be a challenge.
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85 Draenei Priest
Even if you don't use chain heal, resto shamans are still the simplest (besides disc priests that are ONLY casting bubbles in a 25m). You have one puny little heal with a short CD that procs haste, and then 3 variations of the same single target heal. There's nothing else besides procs that are completely uncontrollable and irrelevant to your decisions (earthliving weapon, ancestral awakening). There is no other class with so few decisions to make and so little variety in their available heals.

Oh, and at 85 you get healing rain, which is simpler to use than every other class's equivalent consecrate-heal. Resto shamans are the simplest by far.
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