What is up with low lvl tanks?

61 Draenei Paladin
Okay I was tanking recently and my group was pulling ahead and I'm not new (did it for past 5-6 lvls all I was doing was either looting or in the dungeon we were doing a lot of the mobs bunched together at points, waiting for it to be a size we could handle. I know very well my limits .then on bosses I always check real quick if everyones ready but they just went and attacked them. They were mini bosses but still just let a tank play it his way if all it is , is just a bit slower I mean come on . Now if he was getting them all killed I would understand
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On this toon if I am waiting it is because I have no rage and Enrage is on cooldown. With druids and warriors rage starvation is an issue at low lvls. If we don't have rage we can't tank. Warriors don't have this issue as much as druids as they have both shouts and charge that give them rage. If I pull a group with no rage I will never have control of it because the DPS open up too fast. They pull the mobs off of me and then I don't generate the rage needed to get them under control. Then the DPS start whining about "bad tank..can't hold aggro".

It's a case of damned if we do and damned if we don't.
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I get people like the OP is heroics all the time. They fully expect you to sprint through an instance nowadays. Unfortunately I won't do that. Most of the time there are fresh 80s in the group and it's not unusual for me to get a fresh 80 as a healer. I go at a good pace, but I only go as fast as the slowest person on the team can comfortably handle. Normally I do heroics on my paladin tank because he's lower geared and can use the points, but the same things apply to both.

I set the pace of the instance run, not the DPS. If a DPS pulls, they tank it and I ignore them. When I play one of my healers, I do the same. Frequently I am on my druid healer and a friend is on her paladin tank and we work together. Retarded DPS types that pull on their own have a problem then. Many a time I have stood with a full mana bar and nothing else to do and just watched as some moron dies because he was impatient. My friend the tank does a /rofl at them as I always ask the same question: "So, how fast are we moving now with you dead?"

I made (out of boredom) a new warrior. I plan to tank level him until Cata releases, where he will be remade as a goblin. He will do quests, but will also level as protection. It has been since vanilla that I have leveled a warrior tank, and BC since I did a paladin tank. Obviously those are both VERY different now. I'm hoping things will work out nicely for my leveling and I won't be seeing many tards like the OP.

I'm leveling a goblin warrior (even tho I have an 80 and he'll be my first to 85) for a couple reasons. I love the warrior class. I love the low level aspects of the game (leveled several toons, just not as tanks) and the discovery of new things. I have one of every class that I desire to play already, so have to repeat if I want to level a goblin. Pookiebear will be my raid tank forever, but I think I'd like to have a "baby tank" just for fun. Since this is a game and games are for fun, this just makes sense to me.
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