Resto Druid on Heroic Thok

90 Orc Shaman
I like this thread.

I feel like we are about to have some wolfXXXwolf action going on in here

I like this thread more now.
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90 Troll Druid
Is this the new efflo thread?

Did someone say [Efflo Thread]?

No? What about Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker?

Okay for srses, lb&harmony uptime are reasonably important in 10m. I prefer SotF for this fight (and every fight, so I'm biased, but w/e). Would not recommend FoN because you can't position it to hit both melee & ranged stacks. Incarnation could be okay, especially as a personal defensive cd (we're squishy, so every bit helps.)

I recommend getting fortifying brew from your nearest friendly monk. You can chain barkskin ironbark fortbrew barkskin to cover most of the higher-damage part. Since as a 10m you probably won't spend long enough to reset 3min cds fully, you can replace fortbrew with incarnation the second go round (just use it early the first run through for throughput). It'll help with increased damage from the bats/debuffs, too.

I ran with hotw for our first kill. Popped it during 2nd p1 when bats and poisons make incoming damage the most brutal. Tried nv to see if i could get enough cleave procs to make it worth it. Didn't really feel like it to me (and you don't have cleave trinket anyway, or weren't using it last week - if you have it, it's a godsend for this). I like the hp bonus from hotw anyway (as I mentioned, druids go squish).

Spam rejuv as much as mana/time permit, but don't forget your WG (I like using swiftmend before a roar to prep sotf then using WG after it hits). Try to make sure you don't waste WG when your priest's divine star is up. You know, assuming he's going to use it and $h!t. If not, find a priest who will use divine star on cd. Preferably one with a better attitude too.
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90 Night Elf Druid
I suppose no post in this thread would be complete without bashing that priest a bit XD
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90 Human Priest
11/26/2013 07:05 PMPosted by Orsyris
This is my erotic wear...... I'm glad you noticed.

Is that a staff in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
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90 Worgen Druid
I suppose no post in this thread would be complete without bashing that priest a bit XD

So funny lol
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90 Blood Elf Priest
but seriously, that hat is ugly.

almost as ugly as evry's robes
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100 Human Death Knight
Something, something, SnP healers, something, bad disc priests, need moar monks. Am I getting this right?

He was holy forever. It's partially our fault as we ...We.. 'pressured' him into Discipline healing.
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90 Human Priest
You reminded me of this thread Babana... so now I am back.

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