How to be a Resto Shaman - MoP - Late Content

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Riaka, they are trying to improve the way you heal as described in this thread. Just because it's not what you want to hear doesn't change anything. You are treating your experience in easier content as gospel for how this class is played.

LFR and Flex are a lower difficulty than Normal and Heroic, even at appropriate item levels. This is because they are designed to be accessible to the general public. LFR is meant to let people "see the content" and Flex is a "friends and family" difficulty.

As such, your healing rotation works well for less challenging content, but what the posters in this thread are trying to do is inform you that your strategy will likely fall short in higher difficulties.

I'm sure you do well with what you have and the content that you are experiencing, as is evidenced by the commentary of other players you have run with, but you have to understand that there are far more experienced players out there and they are just trying to help you.
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because as you see the title of this forum is not come and argue, it is

How to be a Resto Shaman - MoP - Late Content

Here's the problem: You're a Shaman healer with little experience outside of LFR/Flex. Yet you seem to feel that you know enough to write a definitive guide on how to heal as a Resto Shaman ... even though there are resources out there written by people with LOADS to RShaman experience.
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Yeah... I play completely differently...

In fact, I think the way you play wouldn't even come close to working for my 10m Normal group, much less in Heroics.

NOTE: The following is merely my observations in normal SoO with my group and is not a definitive guide to Resto Shaman Healing. Many of the things I list may not work for your group makeup. It is all my opinion and may be completely wrong, but it works for me. So take it all with a grain of salt.

First, you ignore Crit. Crit is valuable as not only a throughput stat but also as a regen stat. Higher Crit means more expected return from Resurgence. I tend to favor Crit after reaching my desired Haste cap.

Second, you never use Healing Surge. At high Crit and Haste levels, GHW gets devalued(at least for me). When the cast time approaches 1 second, Healing Surge has a higher Crit chance and so will tend to heal more. The only thing GHW is good for at that point is that it costs less mana but at your ilevel and spirit level, mana shouldn't even come close to being an issue. You have almost 50% more Spirit than I do, coupled with your healing style, there is no way you're ending fights with less than 80% mana. I use a higher mana usage style and don't have mana issues due to a combination of good timing on mana regen abilities and lots of Resurgence procs.

I usually loosely do the following...
Unleash Elements -> Healing Rain on UE CD
Keep ES up on the tank.
Riptide on CD (I don't glyph it and will use it as a spot heal since the initial heal is powerful enough to be used this way when unglyphed. Besides, the HoT is going to get sniped by my co-healer anyway.)
Chain Heal if two or more targets will be healed by it. Try to get it on a Rt target for the initial heal, not always possible or necessary.
Healing Surge for spike ST damage.
Lightning Bolt to help raid DPS during down times. Faster things die, less there is to heal.

I then also use my 3(4*) raid CDs as necessary, I tend to use Fire Elemental for the damage to the boss and Earth Elemental for the Damage Reduction.
*4 Raid CDs if I take Ancestral Guidance.

I also try to avoid stacking two cooldowns at once, however if the situation warrants it, I will.
I MTT at 80% mana if the other healer(s) need(s) it, otherwise I regen using other means until they do.

I will use GHW if there is enough time to let the longer cast go or if I'm pairing it with Ancestral Swiftness, but I tend to neglect Healing Wave except as a means of mana regen.

I should note that I change Glyphs and Talents every single fight. If you're not at least considering what glyphs might work better for any given fight... Well... I can't really say things like that here...

But the following glyphs are ones I have found useful on various fights. In parentheses are some examples of fights where the glyphs are most useful. Brackets are fights where you probably don't want those glyphs.
Telluric Currents: This glyph is great for those low healing fights where you're bored out of your skull.(Immerseus, Protectors, Sha of Pride)[Thok]
Eternal Earth: This glyph can be paired with TC for easy ES management.(Immerseus, Protectors, Sha of Pride)[Any fight you don't use Telluric Currents]
Healing Stream Totem: Great for any fight with Fire, Frost, or Nature Damage. Waste of a slot otherwise.(Dark Shamans, Galakras, Siegecrafter, Thok) [Immerseus, Norushen, Sha of Pride, Malkorok, Garrosh]
Capacitor Totem: Great for helping with add control on many fights.(Nazgrim, Spoils, Norushen, Galakras) [Protectors, Iron Juggernaut, Malkorok, Dark Shamans]
Chaining: Great for fights where the raid won't be stacked. Terrible when they are.(Malkorok)[Norushen, Sha of Pride]
Cleansing Waters: Good if you know you're going to be dispelling a lot.(Sha of Pride, Protectors)[Immerseus, Norushen, Dark Shamans, Galakras]
Totemic Recall: Great for mana management on any fight. Make HST free anyone?(All fights)
Water Shield: Good on any fight where you know you'll be getting hit a lot.(Norushen)[Sha of Pride]
Riptide: Good if you're going to be moving or otherwise unable to hard cast. Also of limited use for spread fights. It is however an HPS loss to use it in most situations. Especially if you can't get it to 6+ targets (Thok)[Sha of Pride, Norushen, Galakras, Spoils]
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The Water Shield glyph is a regen loss whenever you aren't proccing a water shield orb at least once about every 22 seconds, and it's only any kind of significant gain if you are proccing it a lot more frequently than that. Thok is the only fight where it generally procs enough to be worth using. It's a regen loss on Sha of Pride and only about neutral on Norushen. You also have to review mana gains through WoL and figure out how often it's proccing, because Water Shield isn't very consistent in terms of what abilities proc it; some raid wide AoE (like Thok's screech) do, but most others do not.

Regardless of which, our glyphs in general are very inconsequential and not overly relevant. The only exception is the Totemic Recall glyph which can be abused to the extent it allows a completely different play style/gearing strategy. Otherwise, use the Water Shield glyph and Riptide glyph when you need it for a specific fight strategy (Riptide glyph is highly useful on Malkorok and Thok). Otherwise, it doesn't really matter all that much. I just leave the HST glyph in by default because most fights have fire/frost/nature damage of some type and sometimes switch the third glyph slot out but usually just leave the TC glyph in because most farm fights have some downtime.

As far as talents

L15 - Mostly a personal preference. I think that Astral Shift is better than Stone Bulwark Totem on most fights, because most times that you want a personal cooldown, you want it for big life threatening hits. On a fight like Garrosh, I will switch to SBT, because the damage from the heart phases and empowered whirlings is more of a 15-30 second ticking nature that SBT is better for.

L30 - Take whatever the raid needs. Generally, Windwalk is the best default choice because I don't believe any other class has a raid wide Freedom effect, while other classes have better versions of Frozen Power/Earthgrab. Windwalk is highly useful against mechanics on at least Malkorok and Spoils.

L45 - Persistence and Call of the Elements are technically higher throughput (by gaining more HST uses), but I typically prefer to run Projection during progression, because the utility of being able to directionally place SLT on a melee group without having to physically run in, or the ability of projecting stormlash, MTT, HTT or HST so that it covers more of the raid on spread fights outweighs that <1% throughput for me. Call of the Elements is highly useful if you need something like double Tremor Totem, and Persistence is useful if you want to be able to overlap HTT/HST or MTT/HST. Unless you need double Tremor or something, I actually prefer Persistence over Call as a throughput talent, because it gives you more fluidity and flexibility in water totem usage, and is probably comparable throughput in a real raid situation (by not having to wait to use HTT/HST/MTT or clipping ticks).

L60 - Elemental Mastery is an option over Ancestral Swiftness, but switching between them requires a different gearing strategy around haste breakpoints (often requiring regemming/reforging each time), so it isn't really something that can be switched on the fly easily; you kind of commit to one or the other. I personally prefer Ancestral Swiftness, both because EM doesn't really line up very well with using it with Ascendance and HTT unless you always use them exactly 90 seconds apart (which will almost never line up with actual sensible times to use them) and because I like the utility of having an instant cast. Echo of the Elements isn't something I have really played with much at all as Resto; it's too inconsistent/RNG and effects too little of our actual healing to be worth losing 5% haste and the instant cast.

L75 - Rushing Streams will be the highest raw throughput talent 99% of the time and is generally the best default option. AG is worth taking over RS if you find that your raid needs and can make effective use of having a 4th major cooldown and AG is especially nice in that it lines up perfectly with the cooldown of SWG for mobile healing. However, if that extra cooldown typically just results in 70%+ overheal and you don't really need it, you're better off just taking the 8-15% extra passive HST throughput. Even when you do feel you need the extra cooldown, AG will still almost certainly be a pure throughput loss (not that it matters if your raid needs it). From my experience, H Garrosh is the only fight this tier where I felt the extra cooldown was useful/needed. Conductivity's usefulness is confined to fights like Norushen where the raid is stacked, and even then is probably a throughput loss over RS (remember that you lose the first tick of HR when you don't recast it). Some people use Conductivity on Thok coupled with Healing Surge spam, but I personally prefer just glyphing Riptide and using RS.
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L90 - Primal Elementalist is the only real option 95% of the time. Unleashed Fury lacks value because (1) 95% of the time you are using ULE to buff HR, and Unleashed Fury doesn't affect HR (2) you don't really use single target heals very much in raids any more (3) even when you do, a ULE-HS or ULE-HR combination takes 2.4 to 3.0 seconds to get off. Usually, the healing is sniped before you can execute it. With the exception of a gimmick fight like Tsulong, Unleashed Fury really isn't worth it over the throughput cooldowns and utility of Primal Elementalist. Elemental Blast just doesn't work for Resto at all, and will never be viable unless they make it like the Priest/Pally L90 talents and add a healing component to it.
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it's too inconsistent/RNG and effects too little of our actual healing to be worth losing 5% haste and the instant cast

While it is RNG dependent I have seen one CH do a million healing. Granted it was while testing but nevertheless it was impressive.

Got bored of running high haste so starting to mess around now and use EotE.
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The worth(or lack thereof) of this thread can be summed up in one short excerpt:

@ Lífe doesn't matter if you are in raid finder, flex, regular or heroic. The difficulty is the same.

.....heals as well as in reg, so it would have to be concluded that I am doing something right.
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