What class do you play?

90 Blood Elf Priest
basically, what class do you play and why do you enjoy playing it? (healing only obviously)

I'll go first.

I enjoy playing a priest because of the following reasons


-Discipline is my favorite spec

-Divine aegis = love; being able to do lots of HPS before other healers even get a chance to heal helps my epeen.

-Atonement, lets me be lazy, i can just sit there and smite/Pw:solace/penance on cd and i'll still do really good healing since it procs DA. its only 3 buttons if i want to check a text message mid dungeon/raid boss, i can just sit and smite and be fine.

-I enjoy being able to out dps the tanks, the dps we're able to put out really helps (i 10man raid).

-discipline does enough damage so that i can quest and what not efficiently.

-being able to play with really low spirit is also really nice, i feel like discipline is stronger because it can afford to put more stats into throughput than mana regen. (how much spirit do you guys roll?)


-I also enjoy our holy counterparts.

-i play holy for pvp, the hots/amount of cc you get makes for much more survivability in my opinion than shields since they're cut in half in pvp.


-I tend to go holy on heroic immerseus just because for some reason im bad at that fight as discipline, i enjoy just spamming renew and closing my eyes, and pretending im a druid.
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90 Draenei Priest
Out of all my healing classes, I prefer resto shaman.


Because big crits are huge, not decent but more along the lines of "OMG! You just went from 10% to full with 800k greater healing wave crit!:OOOOO"

That and It's so easy to cheese the meters and keep people topped off with HST and HR.
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100 Goblin Shaman
Restoration Shaman because of their theme of water, to be honest. Their incredible abilities is just a huuuuuuuuuuuuge plus.
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100 Human Paladin
I have all healing capable classes at a high level (honestly all at 90 except my poor druid who is still parked at 85).

My "main" has always been my paladin, and, honestly, healing is his offspec. I post on him because i always have and play him a lot lately because i'm working the legendary chain (finally).

I'd count him as my 2nd favorite to heal on. I like the free heals from holy power. I like the mix of aoe vs. single heals. I like the talent choices. Etc.

My absolute fav to actually heal on though?

My monk.

I LOVE my mistweaver. I leveled MW from about 30 to 90 and its the only gear set she has at 500+. I love being able to either "fistweave" in low damage periods or heal with laser beams otherwise (<3 to shammies who had it first, but i love it on my MW more than my shammy :P). Then dropping down to chain-gun some 5 mans and topping the dps meters and healing meters is friggen HILARIOUS.

My 3rd fav? My disc priest. Seeing a pattern? :P

I love atonement healing and absorbs. Penance remains one of my favorite spell animations in the game for some reason. And growing huge wings on a regular basis to crank up my healing ability is just badass.

The others... fall behind a bit. I enjoy my shammy quite a bit, but i play him as almost exclusively elemental right now. And my druid i really should level sometime... i basically quit him when they took away tree form (he was my main healer from BC to the beginning of Cata). Now theres a glyph that gives me that back and it made me so friggen happy to see.. but i still haven't got around to leveling him up in panda land... go figure.

But yea, TL;DR: Fav: Mistweaver monk. 2nd fav: holy pally. 3rd fav: disc priest.

Just my $0.02 :)
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Resto shaman is my favorite. Honestly resto shaman is the only healer I've gotten to level 90, but I am leveling up a disc priest, so I'll see how that goes.
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90 Troll Shaman
I am a resto shaman and I always loathe when a disc priest is in my group. Why? means my numbers will be lower!

Ok, all joking aside I love resto shaman. When the stuff hits the fan I'm the go to healer. When everything goes wrong I am the one who can pull through and, more times than not, make things go a little better. I love the idea of healing with the power of water and nature and the lore behind how shaman work is interesting to me. We are nothing but a conduit for the elements.
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Resto druid is the best healing spec because I like purple.
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90 Worgen Priest
I like all the healers equally except holy pally, which I haven't raided at 90 with yet. :<

But for the sake of this I'll say Shaman = Monk = Druid > Holy Priest > Disc Priest for me.

For shaman, I love the utility my totems give me. I wish they'd balanced Healing Rain better, it's a bit much right now. I also love the idea of using water to heal, it's always appealed to me. Then there's our elementals. Love that part of shaman. I feel a bit lousy on spread fights, but since my cohealer is a disc priest it just means she gets to do more work haha. And on those fights I can at least provide my mana tide totem to help her out.

For monk, I like how the class in general works. ReM in 25mans kind of annoys me because my uplift is fairly useless for a good portion of the time unless everyone is taking constant damage. I like that we get to combine fistweaving and traditional healing, and I LOVE mana tea. If I could have active mana regen on my other healers similar to that, I would. Monk talents are also all very fun, I like that they are situational, and I change them more than I do on, say, my shaman. In addition, like the whole "healing with water" thing that shammies do, healing with the mists also appeals to me.

Druid. Druid. Druid. Well, I feel way powerful on my druid, moreso than any of my other healers currently. Rejuv spam + Efflo + Mushroom Bloom + Genesis is just amazing. I'm greatly enjoying the T16 2pc, it reminds me of my holy priest's serendipity and how it's affected by the holy 2pc (and I LOVE holy > disc any day). I like the choice of talents we get, too. SotF, Treeform, Treants. All of them are situational and I like changing them for when I feel I need a specific one. Displacer beast is fun, probably my most used talent at this point. I find the last tier of talents rather disappointing, but they have their uses too. Nature's Vigil is generally my go to talent though. And of course, to add in something similar as to why I love shammies and monks, I like healing through nature. All that shiny green.
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90 Human Monk
MW monk.

I have every other healer at 90. I enjoy how you have to be preemptive with thunder focus tea and pooling chi for uplift spam during high damage phases.

I ALWAYS have a button to push. Literally 0 down time at all.

Did i mention Uplift yet? Yeah that spell that hits everyone in my raid for 50-120k (depending on trinket procs) and can be spammed 4 times in a row with proper planning?

But mostly, i love theme of the class.
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99 Troll Druid
My default one is a monk healer (I can barely tolerate disc and cried uncle with druid healing):

• They can heal by melee DPSing, which is basically an improvement over an enhancement shaman, my all-time favorite DPSer.

• People turn their noses up at fistweaving (to give this some context, I don't just fistweave during down time, I fistweave ALL the time, little to no casting. I only cast-heal someone if they're low on health or can't melee for some reason). And as one who doesn't like to follow the herd, this type of healer is perfect for me.

• Like Smitesmonk said, it's a very busy spec. Other classes have me waiting for abilities to come off cooldown or pooling energy/rage. Not so with monk healing. Hey, here's 100% mana. Don't spend it all in one place lol. I have more control.
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90 Troll Monk
I LOVE healing. Every game I have ever played if there is a healing class that's what I am. So in wow I have raided with every healing class at max level. Started in vanilla with a priest and stuck with that till wrath. Started leveling a shaman alt and switched to that. Shaman has been my favorite and main till mists. Fell in love with the monk and haven't gotten bored. So I'm maiming my monk into WoD but to summarize here is the order of favorite healers to heal on


Monk has a balance of aoe and fun cool downs. Love the green bubble you can save people with and mana regen that I feel is unmatched!
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Did the mean old boss give you a boo-boo?

There there, let me kick it better.
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90 Troll Druid
Started playing this druid back on september of 2012, i never played wow before.

One night a friend calls me to his home to play this "awesome game", so i went there and he introduced me to wow.
It was a cata private server, i played all night on a druid he had there.. was amazed, he said "resto druids are trash on this patch, but its fun anyway".

next morning i found myself throwing money at the screen and that day i created this druid.

of course i like to see big green numbers on my screen, but i do love my hots ticking people's life back to full. so many fun mechanics, so agile , so fun :)

So yeah, thats my story, a short one so far, but i hope that one thay it'll deserve its own wall o' text
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90 Blood Elf Priest
with and mana regen that I feel is unmatched!

yeah, kinda have to when they make their spells cost a **** ton of mana compared to other classes.
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90 Tauren Death Knight
Im not gunna bore you with what I have but with my disc priest (only 531ivl):

For content, I can do cause of computer, disc priest, I can just pretty much dps majority of the time and do good healing as a bonus. I don't 10 man so treat my disc as a dps try to do as much dps as can and only switch to actual healing when see massive damage, is fun, espec when have a 10 sec lag cause of comp/latency
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100 Night Elf Druid
Resto druid is the best healing spec because I like purple.

I couldn't agree more.
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100 Blood Elf Priest

This is why I play a priest.

I try to play other classes, but I just get lonely and confused without my holy frisbee.
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