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90 Human Priest
This may sound dumb but I'm new to healing. I use to heal on my Druid in pvp back in ICC days. But I did raf with a buddy and I made a disc preist. I just hit 90 like a week ago so I don't have the best gear. I can't seem to top the healing charts or even keep up with the top 3 in lfr, or doing a flex with 3 healers I'm usually 2 or 3 and the top healer or two blows me away. I understand the disc priest I think.. I bubble when I can, spirit shell when I can. I have spirit shield macrod with prayer of healing. And I have power word shield macrod with the ability that increases healing. So I try to keep the shields up on everyone when spirit shield comes off cd with PoH and abesis shield with poh. I keep the tanks up with power word shield n I use penance holy fire and smite while not doing the previous preventative healing. I also hit a tank with mending once it's done bouncing around. Sorry I typed this on my phone and my powers out. Sorry for any typos

Any advice would be appreciated.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Not dumb at all! All of us were new to healing at some point :P How many people are in flex if you have 3 healers? In both LFR and flex the damage isn't that great so 1 healer paying attention can top the charts and suppress others. I've been in several on my geared disc priest where in flex I was doing 70%+ of the healing with mainly atonement :p

You're also still missing some enchants, haven't reforged your gear at all (you have quite a bit of haste I'd consider reforging out of some into some spirit if you need it or into crit or mastery), and some of your talents aren't really what I prefer on mine. Instead of Power Infusion I like Twist of Fate, it's AMAZING in SoO because of all of the adds in majority of fights. Also prefer divine star over cascade, but I tend to swap depending on the fight. Basically, before a boss ask yourself are people going to be stacked most of the time? If yes, then DS (which is most of the fights) if not then maybe halo would be better if they're more spread out (I like it for siegecrafter because of how spread out everyone tends to be and same with immeresus) and it's nice for burst healing. If neither are true then Cascade (some are stacked, some are spread), I use DS for majority of fights and have played around with Cascade for a few but I don't use it often.

I recommend the HowtoPriest guide on disc http://howtopriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1837 which will hopefully help you more with the basics :D

Without logs it's sorta hard to tell if you're timing things correctly or not. Do you use Archangel at all? Are you spirit shelling BEFORE damage or after it's happened? Are you having mana issues at all? You don't necessarily have to keep people shielded the whole time, without a legendary meta this may cause you to oom. In LFR and flex on my disc priest I can mostly atonement heal, I do shield the tank(s) and sometimes dps if they're taking damage (especially because I have the meta, so I get several free casts of it). If I know some big damage is about to come (for instance calamity in protectors) I try to spirit shell after I have archangel active and try to hit as much of the raid as possible before the damage ability hits the raid. Pop DS and then go back to atonement healing (holy fire, penance, smite).

Not really sure which ability you have macroed with shield (power infusion maybe?). Probably some stuff that I missed which I'm sure others can point out :D
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90 Human Priest
Yeah I've been reading icy veins and other websites, but they all say something different to reforge in. I have no idea what I should be reforging in.

I have power infusion macro'd with power word shield.

I cast spirit shell on the whole raid with prayer of healing when it pops up.

I cast power word shield on the tanks when it falls off of them.

I cast mending when it's done bouncing around.

When I am not doing all that, I'm using penance, holy fire, and smite until the tanks need to be reshielded or need mending.

And I usually cast cascade when it's off CD... honestly because it boosts my healing done.

I was under the impression cascade was the best for most of the fights because halo only has a 25 yard radius. I use tome to clear that and go to the star ability during flex 1 last boss fight because everyone is stacked.
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100 Night Elf Priest
Macroing PI to PW:Shield is a recipe for disaster. Cascade is also the weakest option by far. DS on any fight where stacking happens reasonably frequently, Halo otherwise.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I responded to your thread in the priest forums but Ill try to expand on what I said and respond to what you responded here.

First, I'd recommend switching to divine star for your 90 talent choice. Its a low mana cost and very effective on almost all fights.

The fights I personally switch from divine star:
Immerseus(easier to heal puddles)
iron juggernaut(to spread out to use efficiently)
malkorak(with the way puddle soaking works, the raid is spread out most of the fight)
Siegecrafter(spread out because of add)
paragons(not to sure what I like most yet)

A lot of fights you are able to make good use of the Twist of Fate talent as well. Although some fights with little to no adds, Power Infusion would probably be a better choice.

When you're using Spirit Shell, *typically* you want to be using it when you know there will be big incoming raid damage. An example of this is swelling pride of Sha or Calamity on protectors.

When you use your Power Word: Shield bubble you want to try and get the mana back from rapture. There are addons you can use to track rapture's cooldown. You can obviously use it while rapture is still on cd but ideally you don't in most situations. An example when I like to use pw:s more than for rapture is on Thok. During screech phase and I cant get any casts off I like to use pw:s on the raid members to get effective healing while I dont have time to get full casts off.

Tried to respond to most things you listed. As someone posted above, howtopriest is a good site to learn from on how to play your class. Good luck!

I'm not exactly sure why you have Power Infusion macro'd to pw:s. You typically would be using PI when you need to do quick heals and/or are low on mana.

Again, typically you don't use Spirit Shell on cooldown. You want to use it right before mass raid damage. Check above for specific examples.

Around the time the debuff falls off from pw:s will be about when rapture comes off of CD but getting the addon never hurts to know exactly when rapture is ready so you can put pw:s back on the tank.

You could be using atonement more probably. Its very good as a filler as well as building evangalism stacks and making archangel able to be popped during big damage time for the extra healing power.

Cascade is good for some fights but like I said earlier must people default their lv90 talent choice to divine star for its effectiveness and cheap mana costs.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
11/30/2013 03:53 PMPosted by Gavinnheals
When you're using Spirit Shell, *typically* you want to be using it when you know there will be big incoming raid damage. An example of this is swelling pride of Sha or Calamity on protectors.

Just to expand on this, knowing the fights and/or running DBM style timers for boss abilities is needed to make the most of Spirit Shell. For example, Sha of Pride's ability Swelling Pride, which is a great moment for Spirit Shell, happens whenever he hits 100 energy. You can watch his energy bar, and blanket the raid with bubbles right before it goes off.
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Reforge out of haste on gear to crit, reforge out of spirit only when you stop going oom on boss fights. Your spirit still seems to be a little low to me.
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90 Pandaren Priest
Penance on CD on boss, Holy Fire/PW:Solace on CD on boss, PoM on CD on tank (use the PoM glyph), PW:S on Tank when rapture comes off CD, Macro Power Infusion to PoH or Spirit Shell if you are going to macro it to something. Don't macro Spirit Shell to PoH as you may want to use it without using spirit shell. Macro Inner Focus to PoH and cast PoH when IF comes off CD for the guaranteed DA procs. Smite as filler. Use Divine star on stack fights, Halo on spread fights. I'd use Twist of Fate on pretty much any fight with adds or multiple targets. Use mind bender on any fight with medium to high consistant AoE damage as you won't be able to use solace on CD.

The most important thing you can do as a healer of any class is learn the fights. You should be monitoring boss ability timers as well as your CD timers to figure out when is the best time to use CDs. Spells like Halo and Cascade should be planned out ahead of time and know what boss ability they will fit into and when. And while Cascade will hit everyone Halo has a quicker travel time and you can use positioning to your advantage to put your high priority targets right at the edge for the largest heal.

Also depending on your crit hard casting atonement is often more beneficial than PW:S spamming in low damage phases.

And lastly target of target macros are your friend. For instance for PoM I use
#showtooltip Prayer of Mending
/cast [@target,help][@targettarget,help][@player] prayer of mending

What that will do will cast PoM at your target if you have a friendly targeted, at the target of your target if your target is hostile and your target's target is friendly (e.g. will cast at the tank if you have the boss targeted) or at yourself if you have nothing targeted. You can do similar things for PW:S and Flash Heal even. that and mouse over macros are great. Good luck!
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