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100 Human Warlock
Hey guys I just recently got my shaman to lvl 90 and would like to start gearing him up. I run normal content on this warlock with my guild and am experienced in raiding. However I have no idea what I am doing in a raid when I'm healing. Any tips, addons, and anything in general you have would help me out a lot! Thanks!

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90 Night Elf Priest
A lot of it comes down to just doing it and looking at logs and other people who play your class.

Addons I use:
WoL (not an addon, but I love it)

I also check the forums at least once a day to see what theory crafters have to say. I only play priest so I don't know shaman stuffs. Figure out what your niche is as a healer.
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90 Dwarf Monk
To practice healing, I would queue for normal scenario's because you can three dps that. Learn the ropes of healing, get comfortable, then do heroic scens.

Once you are sure you can heal, and know your spells, go for heroic dung. Once you've got that nailed, I would say step into LFR.

BG's help a lot too learning to move and heal (you will need to in LFR).
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99 Troll Shaman
Most important thing to playing a shaman is your set-it-and-forget it spells. Make sure you keep a Healing Rain buffed with Unleash Life up as much as possible on the group if there are at least a few stacked and taking damage. Always Healing Stream on Cooldown, and use Glyph of Totemic Recall to Recall it at the last moment (less than 1 second duration) to get all your mana back. If you do this all fight long you will save a great amount of mana.

Keep Earth Shield up on the Tank who needs it at the moment, don't be afraid to recast it on another Tank if he's taking damage unless it's do-or-die time, in which case Earth Shield is pretty small potatoes, and the least of your worries.

Maintain Riptide on both tanks, or perhaps Tank who is being hit the hardest and a dps who needs it.

Chain Heal is your AoE heal, spam it during big raid damage, preferably on a target with your Riptide on them, which buffs Chain Heal quite a lot.

Don't forget about Spirit Link Totem, it's quite amazing if used properly. Also Stormlash, this adds a great amount of dps to your raid. Stack it with things like Bloodlust, but it will be wasted if you and another Shaman use them at the same time, so stagger them.

Mana Tide twice every fight. First time I use it is usually ~70% mana, but it depends on the fight. Also use Mana Pots and any Regen Trinkets you may have. After using those 3 things, drop Spirit until you have just enough, then ignore it.

Stat Priority is something like 1 INT = 2 Crit, 3 Crit = 4 Mastery for throughput, and 1 Spirit = 6 Crit for regen.

Talents usually go
15) Astral Shift, sometimes SBT
30) Doesn't much matter, usually Windwalk
45) Totemic Projection (for Spirit Link placement) or Call of the Elements for 2 extra HST's
60) Your choice. Elemental Mastery for burst, Echo for free healing, or AS for instant cast and help with Haste breakpoints (AS is the favorite)
75) Rushing Streams for vast majority of fights, AG if burst healing is required, Conductivity only on very stacked fights such as Sha of Pride/Malkorok.
90) Primal Elementalist for the channeling abilities or UF (UF really only worth it in 10's)

Glyphs: Glyph of HST is pretty mandatory for most fights, SWG is good for mobile fights, Recall always for me, Riptide only for very very mobile fights or constant damage/triage fights such as Garalon. In any other case Glyph of Riptide is bad.

I use ElvUI, have mine set up as a somewhat minimalist UI. I use default raid frames however--the most important thing is to make the raid frames short vertically, and longer horizontally. This lets you see differences in Health more easily.

TellMeWhen to let you know when HST is ending, so you can Recall it. I set mine to make the screen flash red when it has 2.5 seconds remaining, at which time I simply finish whatever I am casting, then wait for a "DING!" sound (which occurs at 1 second remaining) at which time I recall the totem.

Never recall while a Mana Tide Totem or Healing Tide Totem is up.

Other than that, the typical DeadlyBossMods or equivalent, and your choice of Recount or Skada + Skada Healing. I like Skada because it's modular design spends less RAM and makes my game run smoother than Recount does.
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