Help with heals!

90 Troll Druid
90 Troll Druid
I have recently leveled a Druid resto healer to 90.

I have a 510-530 item level (better PVE over PVP)
Intellect is 18221
Spirit is 7000
Haste is 8.75%
Mastery is 27.09%
Spell power is 27136

As i have never had a healer before. i do good enough and i know i still need to improve my stats and gear as she hasnt been 90 for all that long.

I dont use add ons and do just fine without them. i screw up more with them as i never used them while leveling

What stats are the most important for me? i no intellect and mastery are two of them but whats priority and any advice on what are the abilities should take priority for use.
My most used atm are Rejuv, Wild growth, Mushroom, and swiftmend.

Much appreciated as id like to be higher on my healing scale
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90 Night Elf Druid
Spirit gear is always good for healers :) I'm not an expert and still learning too, but I think Spirit, Intel, Mastery, Haste, not in that order of course.

Most of Druid Healing is your Heal over time spells, Rejuv, swift mend, Wild Growth, mushies, regrowth is good too if its needed.

honestly. I would check out one of the guides stickied, in this forum or perhaps check out either or

they may give you more info than I can at the moment :)
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90 Tauren Druid
11/29/2013 03:55 AMPosted by Stoobzilla
What stats are the most important for me?

Haste to 3043 (not any lower, and try to not get any higher, unless going for the 13k breakpoint).

Then Int and/or Mastery. There's a formula out there that will help you determine the relative value of those two stats.

Spirit ... how you can have only 7000 spirit with an ilevel over 500 is a mystery. I had about 7000 spirit while working through MSV.

what are the abilities should take priority for use.
My most used atm are Rejuv, Wild growth, Mushroom, and swiftmend.

That's the basics.

1. Keep Lifebloom on a target. In almost all cases, that'll be the active tank.
2. Keep Harmony up. This shouldn't be a problem if you're using Swiftmend and casing RGs (esp during OOC).
3. RJ on anyone damaged, but not imminent disaster damaged.
4. RG on someone needing an immediate boost.
5. SM all the time.
6. WG whenever a couple folks are hurt.
7. Keep your mushroom placed where it can heal folks.

As for your current situation:

1. Odd glyphs. Nature's Grasp may have PVP uses, but in PVE? Nope. And the Rebirth Glyph is a waste in PVE.
2. Renewal a very odd pick for a resto druid. You're a healer ... do you really need another heal?
3. Why are you using a cloth belt? With Leather Specialization, wearing a random BoE green dropped in Jade Forest would be better than even a top tier cloth epic.
4. Enchants help more than you're probably giving them credit.
5. See above for Haste breakpoint.
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90 Pandaren Priest
enchant all your gear
replace your belt with leather ASAP because you're losing 5% int from that
change glyphs to efflo/regrowth/wild growth
change renewal to ysera's gift
get more spirit, replace your pvp trinket with the shado-pan healer trinket (or something from SoO LFR/Flex, dysmorphic samophlange and prismatic prison are good picks)
enchant your gear
max your LW and use the 600 skill bracer enchant, replace skinning if you want to really optimize

just by not enchanting your gear you're lacking nearly 800 int, 80 spirit, and a handful of mastery/haste/crit.
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