How do you deal with a healing disparity?

100 Tauren Druid

Another question, WTF is "Spirit of Chi-Ji" because I see it doing like 25%+ of our druid's healing on some fights, even more than some of his main spells.

You probably just answered your own question in the OP.

Check your resto druid's overhealing. What's his typical heal spread look like. (You said before Rejuv;Bloom;Efflo)

But how great is the disparity for Rejuv.

With that high %healing from cloak, like my first post, I smell a high spirit build and a Genesis sniper.
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100 Human Priest
Without logs, it is really hard to say whether or not the healers are the weak links. Even with logs, when overhealing a fight, it is really a matter of which healer snipes better (due to spec, gear, playstyle, etc.)

Galakras before the burn phase, there wasn't really much to heal if people don't take much avoidable damages. So, again, without logs, we wouldn't know the wiping was due to healing or something else.

Given the terrible DPS in our group, it would probably make more sense to go with 2 healers, but many of the healers are long-time raid members and we also end up with the perception of not having enough healing on many fights.

If DPS is a problem of the group, I think the best approach would be which healer can bring the best dps spec to the game, and give the rest 2 healers a chance to test the possibility of 2 healing. I believe that overhealed fights are usually requiring more healing than the underhealed/more dpsed ones, because the damage taken period is longer.
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90 Tauren Druid
Only other thing that raised an eyebrow is that our Druid is rocking almost 20k spirit, which is about 8k more than either other healer. Yet at the end of a boss fight (the ones where we don't wipe...) the Druid will be down to maybe 20% mana while the other healers will still have half their mana or more.

Your druid goes into overdrive like I do, or thats just the class have yet to figure that out. Your problem seems to be laziness, because you guys are descently geared obviously and i can push 70k one handed on my god awful mistmonk... /shudder. But druids are known right now for major aoe healing and decent single target, but 400k... THATS HUGE he must be just using stuff whenever off cd just not really caring or he is massively outgeared with meta gem and cloak. dont really know. either way 45k is WAY too little healing especially for a shammy! thats just plain weird! they may not know how to react in situations either. i would just talk to them. :)
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90 Pandaren Priest
yeah i'm interested in the druid's % healing done w/ rejuv too
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