How to enchant your heirlooms in 5.0.4


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Table of Contents
1. Intro post, FAQ.

2. Enchants for heirlooms by class/spec.

3. Racial benefits with specific weapons, list of ideal heirloom shoulders, how to choose heirloom armor.

4. Choosing a heirloom weapon for a specific class/spec.

5. Enchanters with heirloom enchants by faction.

6. Explanation of mechanics or why did you choose the enchants you did?

This guide was created in the hopes that it would aid players in finding heirloom enchants for their leveling characters in Cataclysm and beyond. Patch 4.0.1 changed the way primary statistics like agility or intellect benefit characters, and as a result the ideal enchants for heirloom items changed as well. There are many other enchants that can be placed on heirlooms, but discussing less than ideal options is out of the scope of this thread. They are also commonly more expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is a heirloom item?
A: A heirloom item is a special kind of account bound item which scales to your level. It appears in a sort of gold colored text and is generally only obtainable at very high levels. Many heirlooms in addition to providing level scaling, provide a bonus to experience and as such are ideal for leveling new characters.

Q: How do I obtain a heirloom?
A: In Wrath of the Lich King there are a few different ways to obtain heirloom items. PvE oriented heirlooms can be purchased through Justice Points at a heirloom quartermaster in Dalaran. PvP heirlooms can be purchased with Honor Points at the quartermaster in Wintergrasp when your faction controls the zone. One additional way of obtaining PvE heirlooms is to complete the Argent Tournament world event, becoming an exalted champion of all 5 cities (not goblins/worgen) as well as The Silver Covenant or The Sunreavers for Alliance/Horde respectively. You will then be able to purchase Heirlooms with Champion's seals obtained through some Argent Tournament daily quests, as well as awarded for defeating bosses in Heroic: Trial of the Champion. A ring is also available through the Kal'uak fishing derby held every Saturday in Northrend.

Q: What sorts of heirloom items are there?
A: Helm, cloak, chest armor, trinkets, shoulder armor, a ring, and weapons are available as heirloom items as of this writing.

Q: Heirlooms say account bound, what does this mean?
A: Account bound items are restricted to characters on your specific account. You can only however mail heirlooms to characters on your realm. You can character transfer a character with heirlooms to another realm and they will keep them, but I can't send my holy priest on a different server a healing mace, yet. You CAN mail heirlooms to your characters on the opposite faction.

Q: Why can't I just use a high level enchant like Mongoose?
A: Heirloom items are restricted to enchants with no item level requirement since they all count as level 1. As of this writing the only enchants that work on heirlooms are from before the release of the Burning Crusade. There are a few exceptions I suppose. Blood Draining and Blade Ward do not have item level requirements and as such will become active for characters after level 75.

Q: Can I enchant other heirlooms like ranged weapons, rings, or the new helms in Cataclysm?
Not with enchanting. Shoulder enchants have a level requirement, and start being available around level 50. You'd need raid rep with old factions, or some other obscure places to get them and it's generally not worth the trouble. Rings can be enchanted, but you will need to be an enchanter to gain the bonus as that is the enchanter's profession perk. This means even the Burning Crusade enchants aren't available until 50 as well. Leg enchants can be obtained through some factions or more commonly crafted with leatherworking and tailoring. These are basically the same in their required level and difficulty to get. Ranged "enchants" are scopes crafted with engineering and each one has a level requirement though it varies depending on the scope. You can put any scope on your heirloom gun/bow as long as you are the correct level to use it, but will need to be that level to gain the bonus.
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This section is for which enchants to use for various classes/specs. Weapon enchants are broken up by class/spec, while enchants for cloaks and body armor are less detailed as they vary less. If you need to know why I choose a specific enchant, that is explained in the last section. I noted * where I feel that an enchant will be the most useful, but is not the best enchant in all situations. Enchants are gauged for class specialization roles. This means healers heal, tanks hold threat and stay alive, dps kills monsters. A tank might be able to do more damage with an enchant I didn't list for example, but that's not actually their role. Enchants with a * are explained in the explanation section toward the end of this guide.

15 agility* (Enchant Weapon - Agility)

Please use a ranged weapon, perhaps with a nice engineering scope of your appropriate level.

30 spellpower for elemental/restoration (Enchant Weapon - Spellpower)
15 agility for enhancement (Enchant Weapon - Agility)

30 spellpower for restoration/balance (Enchant Weapon - Spellpower)
25 agility for feral, both bear and cat*. (Enchant 2H Weapon - Agility)

Crusader for protection/retribution (Enchant Weapon - Crusader)
30 spellpower for holy (Enchant Weapon - Spellpower)

Crusader (Enchant Weapon - Crusader)

30 spellpower (Enchant Weapon - Spellpower)

30 spellpower (Enchant Weapon - Spellpower)

30 spellpower (Enchant Weapon - Spellpower)

Death Knight:
Runeforging (

Chest Armor:
Chest enchants DPS, Bears:
+4 all stats: (Enchant Chest - Greater Stats)
Chest enchants tanks (Paladin, Death Knight, Warrior)
+100 health (Enchant Chest - Major Health)
Chest enchants healers
+100 mana (Enchant Chest - Major Mana)

Tanks, Physical DPS, Melee DPS, Hunters, Solo Players:
Stealth (Enchant Cloak - Stealth)

Casters/Healers (grouped):
-2% threat (Enchant Cloak - Subtlety)
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Some races gain special bonuses when using specific weapon types. While these won't make or break a class, you might have an easier time leveling if you can get a weapon bonus for the weapon you are going to use. You also might be able to pick a slightly different weapon if there is more choice in terms of heirlooms, if your class gains special benefit from a specific type.

Racial benefits to specific weapons:


  • Crack Shot : Increases expertise with ranged weapons by 1%.
  • Mace Specialization : Increases expertise with maces and two-handed maces by 1%.

  • Shortblade Specialization : Expertise with Daggers and One-Handed Swords increased by 1%.

  • Mace Specialization : Increases expertise with maces and two-handed maces by 1%.
  • Sword Specialization : Increases expertise with swords and two-handed swords by 1%.

  • Axe Specialization : Expertise with Fist Weapons, One- and Two-handed Axes increased by 1%.

  • Crack Shot : Increases expertise with ranged weapons by 1%.

Heirlooms in armor slots are generally simpler as there are fewer choices than weapons and it's more transparent with regards to what might be the best choice of equipment. Shoulder armor has been listed because there are also PvP heirlooms which may be itemized differently in regards to base stats than their PvE counterparts. The rest of the heirlooms, save trinkets which include a "pvp trinket" do not have PvP counterparts. You should probably choose based on your armor type to take advantage of the armor specialization bonus at level 50, though below level 50 it may be advantageous to take say an intellect heirloom on a holy paladin even if it is mail or cloth. Once Armor specialization kicks in this is pretty much not the case. The next section contains a link to every heirloom item, if you wish to pick your own.

Heirloom shoulder armor:
Protection Paladin, Protection Warrior, Blood Death Knight: Burnished Pauldrons of Might
Holy Paladin: (Pristine Lightforge Spaulders) (until level 50 when armor specialization kicks in, you will be slightly better off with cloth shoulders, but they will be FAR worse at 50 and above. I don't recommend it).
Retribution Paladin, Fury Warrior, Arms Warrior, Frost Death Knight, Unholy Death Knight: (Polished Spaulders of Valor)

Restoration Shaman, Elemental Shaman: (Mystical Pauldrons of Elements)
Enhancement Shaman, All hunters: (Champion Herod's Shoulder) (note, although the PvP shoulders grant a bit more agility, you lose nearly 4x as much crit, the hit gained from the leather shoulders also makes them better than the mail shoulders until the armor specialization bonus kicks in at level 50, then they are at best on par and at worst quite a bit worse).

Rogues, Feral Druids(Cat): (Stained Shadowcraft Spaulders)
Balance Druids, Restoration Druids: (Preened Ironfeather Shoulders)
Feral Druids(Bear): (Exceptional Stormshroud Shoulders)

Priest/Warlock/Mage: (Tattered Dreadmist Mantle)
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NOTE: Only ideal heirloom weapons are listed, more than one are listed when it's personal preference or depends on race. I recommend classes that can use 2H weapons use 2H weapons for casting, as off-hand weapons get outdated quickly. I only list the most beneficial heirlooms in melee slots, there are obviously other choices. Note that warriors, hunters, and rogues can use ranged weapons and should do so, especially hunters since all your attacks use ranged weapons. The full list of all available heirlooms is here:;minle=1;maxle=1;cr=107:128;crs=0:1;crv=equip:0 Remember to choose appropriate armor for your class, there is now plate tanking heirloom armor as of 4.1

Assassination: Daggers, mutilate requires 2 daggers. (Balanced Heartseeker)

Combat/Subtlety: At least a dagger in the main hand for backstabbing. Your off hand can be a mace or sword as human, a mace as a dwarf, or a sword as a gnome because those races benefit from those weapons. Gnomes also benefit from daggers, and dual daggers is viable for all 3 specs.
(Venerable Mass of McGowan), (Balanced Heartseeker).

Feral: 2H mace (Repurposed Lava Dredger)
Restoration/Balance: spellpower staff (Dignified Headmaster's Charge)

Enhance: Dual 1H maces (Venerable Mass of McGowan)
Restoration/Elemental: spellpower staff (Dignified Headmaster's Charge)

Retribution: You should use the Truesilver champion as it has more strength, you want a strength based 2H, so do not use the lava dredger. IF you must choose another, check the racials above, they come into play on the mace/2h sword. (Reforged Truesilver Champion)
Holy: 1H healing mace (Devout Aurastone Hammer)
Protection: A new 1H tanking heirloom was added in 4.1, get it! (Bloodsoaked Skullforge Reaver)

Fury/Arms: Depends on 2H or 1H. Fury usually uses 2H weapons once they get to titan's grip. There aren't really any 1H strength dps heirlooms so you can use the tanking one.
2H: Strength 2H, the reforged truesilver champion now has more Strength. (Reforged Truesilver Champion)
1H Sword: (Bloodsoaked Skullforge Reaver)
Protection: 4.1 Added a new 1H tanking heirloom. It's obviously pretty awesome, and grants strength. (Bloodsoaked Skullforge Reaver)

All Specs: Ranged weapons for hunters! (Charmed Ancient Bone Bow)

Warlock, Mage & Priest
All Specs: All of these classes can use a staff. I would recommend a 2H weapon if you can use it, as you do not need to replace an off-hand slot as you level if you get one. (Dignified Headmaster's Charge)

Death Knight
Blood: Arcanite reaper is now the tanking 2h weapon. It has more stamina than the truesilver champion which has more strength. (Bloodied Arcanite Reaper)
Unholy/2HFrost: [i]Strength 2H, the reforged truesilver champion now has more Strength.
(Reforged Truesilver Champion)
1H frost: The strength on the tanking sword beats out the ratings on the other agility weapons. (Bloodsoaked Skullforge Reaver) As for an OH weapon, I suppose the thrash blade would be best, but it's really not a great choice. (Battleworn Thrash Blade)
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These lists are obviously not complete. Here's how YOU can help. Go to your guild tab in-game. Choose view type of professions. Click on the view all button to the right of Enchanting. For every one of these recipes click view crafters, and post here with the names of the crafters in your guild who can make these. +100 health is a VERY COMMON enchant, so I am not going to list it, it's available from a vendor in Moonglade and requires no reputation grinding to obtain.

Enchant Weapon - Spellpower (Formula: Enchant Weapon - Spellpower)


Françoise, lots of other people seriously.


idk I need to find alliance people sorry.

Enchant Weapon - Agility (Formula: Enchant Weapon - Agility)


Françoise, Irichan, Jarbenfel, Neville, Saucinator, Shadowtears, Tahas, Veno.


Nice, Amalea, Rocked, Itsmurdah, Kerrawyn, Lujo, Evena, Jenxu, Nachtmare, Taggthemage.

Enchant 2H Weapon - Agility (Formula: Enchant 2H Weapon - Agility)


Draghl, Druzy, Françoise, Irichan, Jarbenfel, Neville, Nofears, Pyi, Saucinator, Shadowtears, Shigamori, Tahas, Veno, Zippidy.


Amalea, Nice, Stimpson, Rocked, Itsmurdah, Kerrawyn, Lujo, Evena, Jenxu, Nachtmare, Taggthemage.

Enchant Weapon - Crusader (Formula: Enchant Weapon - Crusader)


Euchre, Françoise, Ignus, Irichan, Neville, Osaj, Plyght, Sarielle, Saucinator, Shigamori, Veno.


Nice, Amalea, Murlyn, Buffetbot, Tomkyn, Rocked, Itsmurdah, Gibbo, Overpwred, Lujo, Evena, Jenxu, Taggthemage.

Enchant Chest - Greater Stats (Formula: Enchant Chest - Greater Stats)


Agnosis, Elam, Irichan, Françoise, Saucinator, Shabop, Stoove, Thecreap.


Ar, Amalea, Biggiesmawls, Nice, Rocked.

Enchant Cloak - Stealth (Formula: Enchant Cloak - Stealth)


Bluesdruid, Françoise, Ignus, Imanqary, Neville, Nofears, Sarielle, Shigamori


Amalea, Madvi, Jatarii, Misscakez, Moomookachoo, Lycanthria, Rocked, Kerrawyn, Overpwrd, Lujo, Taggthemage, Biggiesmawls, Jenxu.

Enchant Cloak - Subtlety (Formula: Enchant Cloak - Subtlety)


Blyght, Cigismund, Irichan, Françoise, Neville, Nofears, Saucinator, Shigamori.


Tehehe, Nice, Amalea, Murlyn, Jatarii, Lycanthria, Rocked, Taggthemage, Kerrawyn, Ovwepwred, Biggiesmawls.
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This section contains some napkin math and other answers to why things are as they are, if you're not comfortable with my assumptions then feel free to use something else. I know some people don't just like being told use x over y, so I thought I would provide a little insight without having to post 3 hour dummy parses and break out my statistics text.

Why agility for rogue/druid instead of crusader?
Agility is clearly better than crusader for rogues. Here is a rogue example It's 1ppm normalized with weapon speed. factoring hasteless energy regen, you're getting an attack every 4 seconds with 2/2 improved sinister strike. That's an approx 4% proc rate. which is like 1.6 ppm with just sinister strike. 40 attack power(given that we pretend they don't overlap but hey, napkin math). Sounds pretty good, but agility gives 30 attack power, Shadowpanther notes that 1 agility is worth about 1.5 attack power scaling up to 2 (this is pre-lk so add 1 to that for 1 agi = 2AP now). meaning we're getting an additional 7 or so attack power value from crit, scaling up to being 45 total (better) on target by 30 or so. I had some math here for druids, but with the change to strength only granting 1 AP instead of 2 to druids in 4.2, crusader is now worse than +25 agility, no contest.

What about strength based dps? Should I use +15 strength over crusader?
No. It can be better above 78, yea, maybe, if you're not hitting more than one mob. This is ignoring the heal.

Why not 30/29 spellpower to weapon?
22 intellect beats out 29/30 spell power now giving 330 mana, 22 spell power, and some critical chance for casters in Cataclysm. Get it (it's also cheaper).

Is lifestealing still viable?
No. With the increases to class benefits from base stats Crusader beats lifestealing for classes which have their primary stat as strength. Agility beats lifestealing for classes using agility. Lifestealing is no-longer worth it.

Why not use a 2H heirloom for my hunter/shaman.
They're not as good. You could reasonably use one if you had one on your hunter, but dual 1h weapons are better stats wise. Enhancement shamans use slow 1H weapons now, it's just a lot better.

Shouldn't I just use my runeforging on my Death Knight?
Evidently as of 4.0.6 you can, so you absolutely should runeforge!

Why greater stats to chest over 100 mana or 100 health?
For chest enchants I'm going to plug greater stats over 100 health/mana with the increased benefit to players from base stats in Cataclysm, plate tanks excluded. 100 mana/health are obviously much easier to find, though free with mats if you want +4 stats. Casters would get 60 mana, 4 spellpower, some crit. Plate tanks should use 100 health again after the nerf to agility in 4.2. Melee obviously do more damage with this enchant than any other.

Why dodge or subtlety for cloaks in Cataclysm?
Scratch this answer. Stealth was changed to give +8 agility and +8 dodge rating which beats out dodge for at least 1-80 on all classes. Get it for melee/physical dps, tanks, and hunters. Most agility you can get pre-bc too. Subtlety is really the only good caster enchant, letting you do more dps before you out-threat a tank or heal before you pull mobs. PvP casters could reasonably use stealth as well. Dodge was nerfed to not work on low level items anyway.

Other enchants like fiery, the +damage enchants, etc for rogues?
Agility is now significantly better than +damage options, end of story. While true that fiery is still very good, it's not what I would choose. In a world without fire resist, fiery weapon is better than any other rogue enchant. WoW isn't this world though. While leveling monsters commonly have fire resistance. Fiery is cheap and vs anything without fire resist, it's actually better than agility, not a TON better, but better.
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Thanks to:
Everybody who posts here, even the few whose posts were removed to keep this thread in-order. Special mention to members of my guild for explaining stats on classes I don't play, Keaton for druids, Elam for enhancement shamans, the internet including posts by Ghostcrawler, wowwiki, wowhead, and many others for information on the crusader enchant and how agility/strength interact, all the people from Lawn Pirates and Surreality who let me use the guild crafter data to initially fill lists of enchanters on both sides, you for putting up with my failure to alphabetize crafters, and for my excessive use of italics. Also Ouchilicious for proofreading. Thanks to Taggthemage for corrections on Death Knights!

Finally thanks to Huppi of my old realm Blackwater Raiders, for helping me be interested in crafter lists and maintaining his website for a few years. It's gone in Cataclysm so, I figured it was time for an update.

Also Bashiok for doing some awesome forum work, and no thanks at all to Sixen who still doesn't play WoW with me after promising to if I rerolled here.
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list items now require properly formed XML tags, updated formatting.

Also omghi!
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I have just discovered cloak - stealth was changed 2 days ago to be +8 agility and +8 dodge rating, making it better than cloak - dodge for classes gaining benefit from agility. That would be, melee dps, tanks, physical DPS. I would still recommend -2% threat for healers.

Dodge rating converts at 13.8@70, 21.758@70, 45.425@80, agility converts at the varied rates but let's take the worst ones @ 60,70,80

hunter: 20 26.5 86.20689655
warrior: 20 30 84.74576271

stealth for warrior before DR: .979, .669, .268
12 dodge before DR: .869 .551 .264

no need to work this out for the hunter even. Stealth provides slightly more avoidance for the warrior with the worse rating, even @ 80. All classes benefiting from either agility or avoidance should use stealth as of 4.0.3
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34 Troll Mage
Is +4 stats really better than +100 mana/hp for chest?

Edit: PS: Glad you're still around Fran, used to get all my enchants from you.
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In my opinion yes. a caster would gain 4 spellpower, 60 mana, and a small amount of crit, and some mana regen from both spirit and intellect (shamans get attack power too). melee bonuses from strength/agility vary, so I can't be as specific, but they gain crit, attack power, 60 health, (all these stats scale with kings' blessing etc), dodge, and some tank classes receive mitigation. A rogue for example benefits from 12 attack power, some crit, 60 health as well as other bonuses.
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Deathwing is coming, did you bring your cloak?
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sticky this!
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Help. I am stuck in stealth form :(
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Wowhead profiler seems down too :(
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Bump. Cataclysm comes out tonight. Be ready.
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*nudge nudge*
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To help out, I am able to enchant the following myself:

Enchant Weapon - Crusader
Enchant Cloak - Subtlety
Enchant Cloak - Stealth

More to come eventually, now that I am back into the game, I should be trying to farm a few reps for some new enchants, if they do still exist
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