Traveling Museum of Debris (Alliance & Horde)

90 Worgen Druid
Greetings everyone!

The Traveling Museum of Debris was established in order to display Pestle's collection of 'gray' items...and also to provide a fun and free RP experience for everyone who wishes to partake. Both curators on either faction stay in character completely when they are online, so feel free to interact with them for some fun random RP. The museum will begin touring shortly after Cataclysm keep an eye on the trade chat for tour dates etc. If you have yet to experience the tour, basically what you do is you just contact the Curator of the faction you are on, with an unguilded toon and they will invite you into the museum 'guild'. Then, you simply make your way to the nearest guild bank in a city and browse through the various 'halls' (tabs) of the Museum. Guild chat is utilized for RP purposes and both Curators are happy to provide detailed and interesting backstories for every piece found within the halls of their establishment.

This is, and will always be, a non-profit organization for the sole purposes of showing off Pestle's collection and just having fun in an RP environment. Please do not get the Museum of Debris confused with other recent gimmicky displays of gray items which are also selling things etc.

If you'd like to know more, you can always post here or find Pestle in one of her many forms in game for more information :)

Riplington (alliance) and Drool (horde) are seeking out all those interesting 'gray' items you might have stumbled across in your adventures through Azeroth as of late!

Drool's horde collection is a lot smaller so he is looking for just about any gray items at this time.

Riplington's search is much more specified. Things he is looking for:

    new 'patch grays' that have recently been 'turned' into junk items
    skulls of any type
    keys of any type
    gray items that are interesting and less common (he has quite a few, but there still are some he is missing!)
    ammunition that have been turned gray

Basically, the more weird and new a gray item is, the more likely Riplington still needs it. Both Riplington and Drool can typically pay vendor prices for gray items they do not have, but keep in mind Drool is just starting his collection so his resources are a bit smaller lol

Once the expansion arrives, Riplington and Drool will be extremely interested in ALL gray items that come from the xpac and will be happily paying vendor prices for any and all grays that come from the xpac. If they are not online, you can easily send them via in-game mail to either of them, or Pestle herself.

Bring on the new awesome junk! :D
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Greetings, Azerothians!

Jemmsy Riplington, at your service! You may have heard--I am the curator of the Traveling Museum of Debris for the Alliance faction here!

*wiggles his eyebrows and adjusts his cuff links*

What does that mean, you say?! Oh, well let me show you some charts I have pre-prepare--what? oh..don't leave! A briefer description then!

We have gathered together one of the largest collections of gray items from this world into one fine museum for public viewing tours in all your favorite cities! How does it work, you say? Ah yes! Well basically what happens is you enter the museum via a guild invite and you make your way to the nearest guild bank in your favorite city. You can then browse the six completely themed and organized guild halls (bank tabs) and use guild chat for some stimulating RP during the tour, including in-detail explanations and back stories for every piece contained within the museum that you wish to learn more about. I am ALWAYS in character--it's a gnome thing!

Now that you understand WHAT it is I am doing, let's get down to the good stuff!

We here at the Traveling Museum of Debris have been on a never ending search for all those amazing NEW gray items that have been put into the world with 'the shattering'. We are also on a grand search for those items that were once NOT gray quality but with recent patches have BECOME grays! Finally, we are always, always, ALWAYS seeking ANY gray skulls, keys and solid gold coins--ANY QUANTITIES!

I have been authorized to pay vendor prices for any gray items that we don't have yet, as well as the skulls/keys/gold coins etc. If you can't find me or Miss Pestle online to inquire if we need an item or not--simply mail the items to me or her and if the museum does not need them, we send them back :)

If you would like to help in this amazing hunt for gray items for the museum, you can do so! Pestle has informed me that she is entertaining the idea of allowing exceptionally qualified individuals to assist her in this task--taking on the title of Gray Artifact Procurer! (GAP for short), within the museum itself. That way, you will be allowed to not only see all of the items on display to verify the ones you find are in fact needed, but you get the opportunity to RP in a completely safe environment while exploring the amazing remnants of Azeroth!

If this interests you, post here or seek out Pestle or myself for more information :)

*clears his throat as he checks the time. His eyes widen with surprise*

Oh my! I've talked for far too long! I must be off...I'm to see a man about a broken whale statue that was recently excavated from the bottom of a lake! Yes indeed, a beautiful prospect, if his descriptions are spot on! Take care, then!
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Just a friendly reminder as you all bravely go into the cataclysmic world tonight and beyond!

Any gray items you get, I pay vendor prices for them if I don't have them, so all those new areas and xpac grays...don't vendor them please! Send them to me for the Museum of Debris and help the collection grow!

Ty kindly! and be safe in your adventures!!!

(as a side note: my class was recently changed, but I am the same person, so fear not :) Those that had me friended may need to refriend!)
Edited by Riplington on 12/6/2010 12:35 PM PST
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90 Worgen Druid
Greetings, fellow Azerothians!

The Traveling Museum of Debris wants all your gray items!

Specifically, I'm looking for those interesting unique grays, high 'gold vendor' grays, newly patched grays and new-content grays.

I always can pay you vendor pricings for the gray items via in game mail COD , but you can also donate as well.

Grays I am always looking for, no matter how many I already have:

solid gold coins
sack of grain
other high vendor-priced gray items
ancient coin

For those that are not aware already, the Museum was recently featured on Wow Insider. Take a look at the article (and see a nice screenshot tour and synapse of the type of stuff I collect, here:

Thanks for taking the time to read, and to all those that have helped me collect the items, and continue to help, a big big thank you :) You make my silly hobby fun!

-Pestle Widget, Curator of Infinite Asylum
Procurer of gray junk via Riplington
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100 Orc Shaman
spend a large portion of my time playing the market on a well-known yet anonymous bank toon.


Yay Pestle!
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
Apparently Drool is hostile. Is he still around?
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
You still doing this? I've been picking up greys to send to you.
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85 Night Elf Druid
pestle ftw
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90 Worgen Druid
Drool has been made into a gnome, after a rather unfortunate accident involving a worgen and his leg bones.

However, I can easily get grays on horde side still via my fancy schmancy alt, Elphaba. She's a goblin shaman. If you could hold onto them til the end of November and then mail them to her (i won't be making that acct active again until December, after the college semester is over)...I would gladly snag those delicious items from you!

And yes, I'm still doing this and around. But real life draws my immediate attention as I near the end of my college career and reach my various degrees ^.~ So have patience, and the crazy will be back around soon!
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85 Draenei Death Knight
I still have 2000 symbols of ancient kings if you're interested.
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90 Worgen Druid
sure Acomaleaa! Can you mail them to Pestle for me? I don't get a lot of time to play these days but I'm still around :)
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90 Worgen Druid
lol nah I collect multiples of grays that stack. I have stacks and stacks of things like pretty pebbles. I'm weird like that.

But yes, I got them. I just cannot log into wow as often as I used to. I'm still around, but RL is quite busy as I'm near to completing my degrees and am currently developing some game concepts (shhh! :D )

But yes, the museum is still collecting and I'm able to check in now and then to gather the things sent to me. Much appreciated!
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90 Worgen Druid
Well hello Azeroth!

The Traveling Museum of Debris is once again preparing for a new xpac and all those delicious new gray items!

What are we looking for?

MoP gray items (all of them. Yes, all of them.)

new 'patch grays' that have recently been 'turned' into junk items
thrown weapons, relics, poisons, reagents etc)

skulls of any type (and any quantity)

keys of any type (and any quantity)

gray items that are interesting and less common (we have quite a few, but there still are some Riplington is missing!)



ammunition that has been turned gray

As always, I can pay vendor prices for your gray items. Simply find me in game, or mail them to me or Riplington on the Alliance side. If you're on Horde and wanna help out, fear not! I have my lovely alt Elphaba over there that you can send your grays to!

This is a non for profit RP Museum, a collection of the past 4 + years, and quite possibly one of my favorite things to do in WOW. I am not making money on this, so those that do not know yet, fear not! I'm happy to pay vendor prices for the junk :)

Also, once I get a new influx of gray items from the MoP xpac, the Museum will be openly touring the main cities. I may start up a blog to properly document everything we have, as it's really not that easy to share everything with the community, given blizzard's take on guilds right now. Stay tuned for that info!

Thanks for helping me with my collection, Scryers. As always, I <3 you all.

--Pestle Widgets
--Jemmsy Riplington
--Elphaba K. Torque
Edited by Pestle on 9/17/2012 4:17 AM PDT
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100 Worgen Warlock
Yay! It's back!
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86 Blood Elf Paladin
I had no idea you made it onto wow insider last year. Late congrats.

Seems that this endeavor really took off. It is neat to see how far it has progressed. Good luck in MoP!
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90 Worgen Druid
Yeah I was so excited about Wow Insider's spot when it happened. I never thought I'd be featured there :3 Definitely was a squee moment!

I'm moving into a house soon (thank gawd) , but once I get that over with and am settled in, I'm going to work on creating a blog to feature my collection and endeavors towards the collecting, as I've given it some thought and I really think it would be a good way to really...share all this neat stuff I have.

I am SO excited for MoP, and really...the gray items are like the coolest things I am looking forward to! *cheers* Can't wait!
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