Ret GoAK Nerfed :(

85 Human Paladin
Maybe for us it needs to be similar to what they did with Tree of Life or Metamorphoses in that it changes us into the winged-guardian form and gives us different spells/abilities. I know that risks putting us into homogenization land, but then again, having a summonable 'pet' as a damage CD already puts us into the company of unholy DKs and, to a limited degree, warlocks felguard/infernal. (Conceptually, that is.)

Anyway, I just feel like having a summon is 'meh' concept wise for paladins. Our righteous zeal infuses our bodies and isn't an external physical manifestation. At least, that's how I've always viewed our class. :)
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100 Human Paladin
at least leveling other classes is going to be fun, right guys?

if it ends up sucking and we're bad at 85 we'll get buffed. that's kind of how this game works. if you guys don't have the patience to wait until they get the buff/nerf rollercoaster going once people start raiding, there's always fifteen alts to level in cataclysm. ;p
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80 Human Paladin
The biggest problem they have with Ret is that its balanced around long cooldowns. To make a 5minute GoAK that provides a significant DPS upgrade, it has to either cause tremendous burst damage or give lasting benefits beyond its duration. Since its intended to be temporary, it either must do earth-shattering damage, or its always going to be worth significantly less as a cooldown.

Its one reason we see a lot of meaningful DPS cooldowns sitting at the 2-3 minute mark. A 2minute cooldown ability with similar duration needs to do far less damage, and is much easier to balance.

Ret being the new "pop cooldowns correctly and win, otherwise lose" spec is a bit disheartening, since the spec started off with a fluid rotation and enough spells to work it with minor tweaking needed, and was then turned into a far less workable mess dependent on high burst and low damage filler instead of a steady stream with cooldown support.
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82 Blood Elf Paladin
turn us into the guardian for ret form

I think that's the most valid solution at this point. Just make it reduce damage taken by 20% and turn 50% of our physical damage done into holy damage to bypass armor (lulz it's like a weaker 5 minute long cd colossus smash). And have it last 20 seconds, give it that 30 second forbearance thing with wings. I know, we just got rid of forberance finally, but if they're going to keep piling on active dps cool downs that we can use all at once I really don't see a better way of balancing it. Unless they tied the cooldown into the ability itself, like "lowers movement speed by 35%". edit: but even if they bake something like lower movement speed into the ability, it'll still be best used with wings. What an annoying problem.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin

Its one reason we see a lot of meaningful DPS cooldowns sitting at the 2-3 minute mark. A 2minute cooldown ability with similar duration needs to do far less damage, and is much easier to balance.

Pretty much this, it can't be a balanced worthwhile ability if it's on a 5m CD. One of the things I was hoping they would do this expansion, is move the remaining 5m dps CDs to a lower CD and balance them accordingly. Instead they give ret a 5m dps CD, with no means of lowing it's CD (I'd be willing to invest talent points).

The other issue, is that we just have two many dps CDs and we're a bursty class without them. Two is pushing it with a spec like ret, three just is just too much.
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