Haste or Crit as Frost (PvP)?

85 Goblin Mage
Ah my mistake, I'm used to seeing it as Pet Nova->Frostbolt + Fireblast with the implicit understanding that you cast the nova when frostbolt is in the air or just before your cast finishes.

And yup, I sympathize, not sure if this is an area that will change. I get inherently annoyed at folks that complain about how easy the spec is and ignore the fact that a month our health pools will be like 350% higher and ice lance damage will be about 50% higher (I'm just pulling numbers out my nether regions, but you get the idea).

Disliking the playstyle because you think it feels clunky, however, is a legitimate claim.

My suggestion...go Arcane for PvP, ALL your damage is wrapped up into one spell ;)
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85 Goblin Mage
I've only ever really played a mage, I have no high level alts. So I'm stuck with this guy.

However I think it's ok. I just need to find a DK buddy to grip people into freezy freezy. I doubt that will get old anytime soon.
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85 Undead Mage
We only need 30.34% Crit through regular stats if we have 3/3 in piercing Ice to reach the cap...correct?
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80 Undead Rogue
Thanks for all the great information, guys.

What about Spell Pen?
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90 Tauren Druid
We only need 30.34% Crit through regular stats if we have 3/3 in piercing Ice to reach the cap...correct?
Also might want to consider that the last few crit points wouldn't be as beneficial if you are using the glyph of frostbolt.

Edit: oops beaten.
Edited by Damaville on 11/20/2010 4:16 PM PST
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80 Blood Elf Mage
More Haste = More spells = More procs. Your FoF, Brain Freeze, etc, these are the things you want to maximize as they're what'll win the fight after you blow CoC and FN.

Like people say, Crit is devalued heavily past 34%.
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