Night Elf Racial - Wisp Form -

85 Draenei Hunter
In a PvP server, getting killed out in the world and having Wisp is actually quite useful.

On that note, getting back to your corpse quicker is nice. While yes it's only active when you're dead, it still means you get back quicker then others.

This. Whip Form was perhaps my most favorite racial back when I was on Darkspear. You'd be surprised how many times I could pop back sooner than they'd expect and get revenge!

Somehow I suspect it's more about dumb campers being unattentive. I doubt they saw you pop up and said "hey we weren't expecting you for like another 15 seconds! We got owned by whisp form."
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70 Night Elf Hunter
Guys... Frankly even find treasure or + x to a tradeskill is more useful think about the time it saves u.. For example say you were a fair amount of time away and it would take you 45 seconds to run back to your corpse. You would get back 11 secs faster.... now consider ALL the times you have died leveling.

Whats that saved you total... 2 minutes maybe... and i'm being generous... woooooah. At least with trade skill you can start making things perhaps days before you would have. In pvp if you just got owned... you get to get back to your corpse faster so that you can get destroyed again... thats only after a couple of deaths cos the rez timer is going to start owning you after that.

So yeah... this talent is one of those FLAVOR talents.... they got to tie wisps to nighelves... honestly is THE worst racial regardless of what you compare it to. I mean when you compare anything... something has to be the worst. But this is just so absurdly bad a racial that something had to be said.

edit for spelling etc. yes this post is run on central but im in a rush.
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85 Worgen Druid
wisp form is balanced.
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87 Orc Warrior
maybe a tradeskill because it saves money

but find treasure really?
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85 Human Warlock
Fine, you can get a new Wisp Form.

You can now swirl around trees and harvest wood...
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62 Dwarf Rogue
Guys... Frankly even find treasure or + x to a tradeskill is more useful think about the time it saves u..

Ummm... you know they got rid of treasure chests right?
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85 Blood Elf Warlock
cause you need more than your op ass shadowmeld.

especially druids.

OHSHI IMA DIE *meld swift flightform* AHAHAHAHAHAH.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin

If the group is still alive, you're able to run back and continue fighting with aren't locked out. That just for raid bosses.[/quote]

You know your a raider when you forget you can run back in a dungeon instance !

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85 Undead Warlock
Just turn it into a combination of Dispersion + Dark Flight. Turn into a wisp and move faster for a few seconds every 2-3 minutes.

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81 Draenei Shaman
although shadowmeld is a dps increase for rogues/ferals.

only for rogues. ferals can't restealth fast enough before they're flagged for combat.
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85 Tauren Paladin
You could have it increase your damage done by 100% while dead

Overpowered for dot classes.

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90 Draenei Hunter
Other than rogues and druids possibly using Shadowmeld to restealth, Night Elves have zero combat utility with racials. Sure, you can use Shadowmeld for an ambush, but ever since it was made to break on cast, it sucks for all but MAYBE being a node defender in PvP.

Quickness is one of the best tanking racials, but again, that's a total niche. NEs don't have a passive damage/healing racial or an active effect racial that can actually do something (humans, gnomes, dwarves, and forsaken can escape/remove effects, orcs and trolls get damage, worgen, goblins, tauren, and blood elves get control, and draenei get a heal). I'm not saying NEs have the worst racials, but they do have the least effective. Especially PvE DPS. One reason why, after 6 years, I'm changing to a Worgen.
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85 Human Warlock
You could have it increase your damage done by 100% while dead

I want this for my Affliction lock.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Could this be changed to a damage related bonus. This racial is barely used.

(Wisp Form gives a 25% movement bonus to nightelves when they die)

In BGs you are rezzed by a spirit healer.

Leveling you may die once or twice every... who knows few levels.

In dungeons you still have to wait for everyone in your group to rez and eat and get ready.

Maybe something like
Gift of the Ancients - 1 % expertise

I don't know anything is better than this racial. :-/

If you must know, it's something the original, highly Horde-oriented dev team used to imply that we will be running back to our bodies very often.

As was said previously, it's mostly flavor now.
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