Thunderlord History

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You can hopefully find some of your nostalgia here; my final gift to Thunderlord.

- All credit for this page goes to Findecano. This is simply a re-post.
- EDIT: Updated first post with Icecrown Citadel, Crusaders Coliseum and Ruby Sanctum progress.


Icecrown Citadel (25) - H E R O I C

The Lich King:
07/14/10 - Fused (A)
10/12/10 - Contribute (A)

Sindragosa (Top 3):
03/16/10 - Fused (A)
04/07/10 - Tribute (A)
05/05/10 - Vires Veneratio (A)

Blood-Queen Lana'thel (Top 3):
03/05/10 - Fused (A)
03/08/10 - Focus (H)
03/11/10 - Tribute (A)

Professor Putricide (Top 3):
04/01/10 - Fused (A)
04/15/10 - Focus (H)
04/30/10 - Tribute (A)

Deathbringer Saurfang (Top 3):
02/26/10 - Fused (A)
03/04/10 - Tribute (A)
03/24/10 - Focus (H)

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Icecrown Citadel (25) - N O R M A L

The Lich King (Top 5):
02/06/10 - Fused (A)
02/25/10 - Focus (H)
02/25/10 - Tribute (A)
03/10/10 - Vires Veneratio (A)
03/17/10 - The Mediocre Men (A)


The Ruby Sanctum (25)

Halion (Heroic):
07/30/10 - Fused (A)

Halion (Normal):

The Ruby Sanctum (10)

Halion (Heroic):
07/10/10 - Fused (A)
07/17/10 - Continuum (A)
08/11/10 - Fáble (A)
08/12/10 - Focus (H)

Halion (Normal):


Crusaders Coliseum (25) - H E R O I C

Tribute to Insanity:
12/16/09 - Tribute (A)
12/21/09 - Fused (A)
01/20/10 - Focus (H)
03/15/10 - The Mediocre Men (A)

Tribute to Mad Skill:
11/18/09 - Tribute (A)
12/01/09 - Focus (H)
01/12/10 - The Mediocre Men (A)

Tribute to Skill:
11/11/09 - Tribute (A)
11/11/09 - Vires Veneratio (A)
11/24/09 - Focus (H)
01/06/10 - The Mediocre Men (A)

Anub'Arak Hard Mode Kills:
11/05/09 - Tribute (A)
11/11/09 - Vires Veneratio (A)
11/15/09 - Focus (H)
01/06/10 - The Mediocre Men (A)

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Crusaders Coliseum (10) - H E R O I C

Tribute to Dedicated Insanity:
10/20/09 - The Mediocre Men (A)
01/11/10 - Fused (A)

Tribute to Insanity:
09/09/09 - Tribute (A)
09/22/09 - Vires Veneratio (A)
10/13/09 - Focus (H)
10/19/09 - What a Terrible Idea (A)
10/21/09 - Vex/Mcdoogy (A)
10/21/09 - Brotopia (H)
11/03/09 - The Bench Warmers (H)
11/28/09 - Cake (H)

Tribute to Mad Skill:
11/08/09 - Eradication (H)
01/02/10 - Fable (A)

Tribute to Skill:
10/27/09 - GuildNamePendingApproval (H)



Ulduar Raid (25) - H A R D

Yogg [0] Keepers Kill Hx:
11/24/09 - Tribute (A)
01/01/10 - No Longer Recording

Algalon Kill Hx:
09/01/09 - Tribute (A)
09/23/09 - Vires Veneratio (A)
10/05/09 - Fused (A)
10/21/09 - Focus (H)
11/05/09 - The Mediocre Men (A)
01/01/10 - No Longer Recording

Freya [3] Kill Hx:
07/29/09 - Tribute (A)
08/19/09 - Vires Veneratio (A)
09/26/09 - Fused (A)
09/28/09 - The Mediocre Men (A)
09/30/09 - Focus (H)
01/01/10 - No Longer Recording

Smell of Saronite (Gen):
07/30/09 - Tribute (A)
08/02/09 - The Mediocre Men (A)
08/10/09 - Fused (A)
08/19/09 - Focus (H)
08/24/09 - Vires Veneratio (A)
01/01/10 - No Longer Recording

Council "Hard" Top 3:
06/16/09 - Vires Veneratio (A)
06/17/09 - Tribute (A)
06/29/09 - The Mediocre Men (A)

Leviathan[4] Top 3:
06/02/09 - The Mediocre Men (A)
06/16/09 - Tribute (A)
06/16/09 - Vires Veneratio (A)

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Ulduar Raid (25) - N O R M A L
Yogg-Saron Kill Hx:
04/27/09 - Tribute (A)
05/06/09 - The Mediocre Men (A)
05/11/09 - Vires Veneratio (A)
05/20/09 - Focus (H)
05/21/09 - LiveToPug (H)
06/07/09 - Tomorrow I Really Quit (A)
07/06/09 - Cattus Incendius (A)
07/08/09 - Eradication (H)
07/08/09 - Soldiers of Light (A)
07/20/09 - Vindictive (H)
07/28/09 - No Longer Recording.

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Ulduar Raid (10) - H A R D
Algalon Kill Hx:
06/13/09 - Vires Veneratio (A)
07/27/09 - The Mediocre Men (A)
08/10/09 - Tribute (A)
08/19/09 - Focus (H)
08/29/09 - No Longer Recording

Yogg [0] Keepers Kill Hx:
01/01/10 - No Longer Recording

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Ulduar (10) - N O R M A L
Yogg-Saron Kill Hx:
04/20/09 - LiveToPug (H)
04/25/09 - Vires Veneratio (A)
04/26/09 - No Dice (A)
05/04/09 - The Mediocre Men (A)
05/11/09 - The Bench Warmers (H)
05/25/09 - Tribute (A)
05/26/09 - Focus (H)
06/01/09 - Resisted (A)
06/07/09 - Soldiers of Light (A)
06/20/09 - xeno (A)
06/21/09 - Cattus Incendius (A)
07/04/09 - Tomorrow I Really Quit (A)
07/06/09 - Eradication (H)
07/19/09 - What a Terrible Idea (A)
07/28/09 - No Longer Recording.
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Vault of Archavon (25)
Emalon Kill Hx:
04/14/09 - [1] - Tribute (A)
04/14/09 - [2] - Vires Veneratio (A)
04/15/09 - [3] - Focus (H)
No Longer Recording.

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OS: Drakes

3 Drake Kill Hx (10):
01/13/09 - Vires Veneratio (A)
02/04/09 - LiveToPug (H)
02/27/09 - mixed (H)
03/01/09 - SOL/Tribute mix (A)
03/14/09 - The Mediocre Men (A)
04/03/09 - Vex (A)
04/14/09 - xeno (A)
No Longer Recording.

3 Drake Kill Hx (25):
01/05/09 - The Mediocre Men (A)
01/07/09 - Vires Veneratio (A)
01/07/09 - Tribute (A)
01/19/09 - Tomorrow I Really Quit (A)
01/28/09 - Focus (H)
02/03/09 - LiveToPug (H)
02/05/09 - Soldiers of Light (A)
02/05/09 - Nemesis (H)
02/17/09 - What a Terrible Idea (A)
02/17/09 - Cake (H)
02/18/09 - Vindictive (H)
03/04/09 - Illidan Missionaries (H)
03/05/09 - xeno (A)
03/12/09 - Øblivion (A)
03/26/09 - Cattus Incendius (A)
04/07/09 - Fáble (A)
No Longer Recording.

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The Eye of Eternity (25)
Malygos Kill Hx:
11/24/08 - The Mediocre Men (A)
12/02/08 - Vires Veneratio (A)
12/04/08 - Tribute (A)
12/10/08 - Focus (H)
12/14/08 - LiveToPug (H)
12/21/08 - Nemesis (H)
12/22/08 - Tomorrow I Really Quit (A)
12/29/08 - xeno (A)
01/06/09 - Servi Letorum (H)
01/08/09 - Soldiers of Light (A)
01/11/09 - Øblivion (A)
01/15/09 - Vindictive (H)
01/19/09 - Forged Souls (A)
01/20/09 - What a Terrible Idea (A)
01/25/09 - Vex (A)
02/04/09 - Fáble (A)
02/19/09 - Casual (H)
No Longer Recording.

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Naxxramas (25)
Kel'Thuzad Kill Hx:
11/23/08 - The Mediocre Men (A)
11/24/08 - Tribute (A)
11/24/08 - Vires Veneratio (A)
12/04/08 - Focus (H)
12/07/08 - LiveToPug (H)
12/07/08 - Ubiquitous (A)
12/08/08 - Nemesis (H)
12/14/08 - Tomorrow I Really Quit (A)
12/15/08 - PáradoX (A)
12/15/08 - Servi Letorum (H)
12/18/08 - Soldiers of Light (A)
12/21/08 - Øblivion (A)
12/22/08 - xeno (A)
12/29/08 - Vindictive (H)
01/04/09 - Forged Souls (A)
01/05/09 - Casual (H)
01/06/09 - What a Terrible Idea (A)
No Longer Recording.

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The Obsidian Sanctum (25)

Sartharion Kill Hx:
11/21/08 - Tribute (A)
11/21/08 - Vires Veneratio (A)
11/22/08 - The Mediocre Men (A)
11/24/08 - Soldiers of Light (A)
11/30/08 - Øblivion (A)
12/01/08 - LiveToPug (H)
12/01/08 - Nemesis (H)
12/02/08 - PáradoX (A)
12/03/08 - Fable (A)
12/03/08 - Ubiquitous (A)
12/03/08 - Servi Letorum (H)
12/06/08 - xeno (A)
12/06/08 - Forged Souls (A)
12/07/08 - Focus (H)
12/07/08 - Tomorrow I Really Quit (A)
12/08/08 - What a Terrible Idea (A)
12/13/08 - Death Cult Armageddon (H)
No Longer Recording.

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Kil'jaeden Kill Hx:
10/15/08 - Vires Veneratio (A)
10/21/08 - The Mediocre Men (A)
11/02/08 - Tribute (A)
11/09/08 - Focus (H)

Illidan Kill Hx:
01/21/08 - Nightfall (H)
01/21/08 - Vires Veneratio (A)
02/07/08 - Tribute (A)
03/03/08 - The Mediocre Men (A)
06/22/08 - LiveToPug (H)
07/02/08 - Soldiers of Light (A)
08/11/08 - xeno (A)
08/25/08 - Focus (H)
09/19/08 - Ubiquitous (A)

Archimonde Kill Hx:
11/06/07 - Nightfall (H)
11/28/07 - Vires Veneratio (A)
12/16/07 - Tribute (A)
01/08/08 - The Mediocre Men (A)
04/02/08 - Soldiers of Light (A)
04/28/08 - Legion of Darkness (H)
05/15/08 - Ubiquitous (A)
05/19/08 - xeno (A)
07/08/08 - Drunken Alliance (H)
07/27/08 - Focus (H)

Kael'Thas Kill Hx:
09/12/07 - CKD (A)
10/04/07 - Nightfall (H)
10/11/07 - The Mediocre Men (A)
10/14/07 - Tribute (A)
10/24/07 - Vires Veneratio (A)
01/16/08 - Soldiers of Light (A)
02/29/08 - xeno (A)
03/13/08 - Schizm (A)
06/08/08 - SFC Alliance (A)
07/28/08 - Focus (H)

Vashj Kill Hx:
07/29/07 - Nightfall (H)
08/01/07 - CKD (A)
08/27/07 - Mediocre Men (A)
09/03/07 - Tribute (A)
10/01/07 - Vires Veneratio (A)
12/17/07 - Soldiers of Light (A)
01/06/08 - xeno (A)
02/04/08 - Schizm (A)
02/13/08 - Ubiquitous (A)
05/04/08 - SFC Alliance (A)
05/22/08 - Vex (A)
06/04/08 - Focus (H)


05/01/07 - CKD (A)
05/01/07 - Tribute (A)
05/27/07 - Nightfall (H)

11/13/07 - Tribute (A)
11/14/07 - The Mediocre Men (A)
11/14/07 - Vires Veneratio (A)

Doomwalker (Top 3)
04/01/07 - Tribute (A)
04/07/07 - Cobra Kai Dojo (A)
05/31/07 - Mediocre Men (A)

Doom Lord Kazzak (Missing Dates)
Tribute (A)
FedEx (H)
Omnes Evincemus (A)
Nightfall (H)
Reforged (A)
Fatal Infliction (H)




Kel'Thuzad Kill Hx:
11/12/06 - Inquisition (A)

C'thun Kill Hx:
04/29/06 - Inquisition (A)
04/30/06 - nerdcraft (A)
10/02/06 - HAKD (A)
10/03/06 - FedEx (H)

Nefarian Kill Hx:
10/12/05 - Inquisition (A)
12/01/05 - Relinquished (H)
12/10/05 - Incultus (A)
12/10/05 - carebears (A)
12/15/05 - nerdcraft (A)
01/23/06 - Angry Beavers (A)
02/27/06 - Forgotten Empire (H)
03/11/06 - Soldiers of Light (A)
03/20/06 - Schizm (A)
03/20/06 - The WarStomp Clan (H)
04/10/06 - Management (H)
04/23/06 - HAKD (A)
05/15/06 - Resisted (A)
05/26/06 - Twisted (A)
05/29/06 - Enraptured (A)
06/11/06 - Eternal Darkness (H)

Ragnaros Kill Hx:
05/11/05 - Inquisition (A)
08/28/05 - Relinquished (H)
No Further Data Available.

Onyxia Realm First:
03/27/05 - Inquisition (A)

Kazzak Realm First:
04/05/05 - Inquisition (A)

1st Grand Marshals:
(A) Mightyal <Inquisition>
(A) Cronis <Inquisition>

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The battle cry of the account Bui and Arthur (2 Alliance Paladins) took over. Also lead to HAT HAT HAT. These were both hits across the general and realm forums.


Zavin's (H Priest of Vae Victus) article about old school griefing:

Inquisition fakes AQ40:


Most of the guilds that helped start this server are no longer with us. Over time the game turned into one big instance and guilds solidified. Top-end guilds disbanding was big news. With TBC, guilds have been turned upside down, and guilds have essentially been 100% reformed. Nonetheless, some of the long-standing names will live on here; remembrance to the "founding fathers" and the many contributors of Thunderlord.


H I S T O R Y : W O T L K

The living legends upon my departure... (August 2009)

Tribute (A)
- One of the original splits from Inquisition; home to several originals and running strong thru WOTLK and notable US progression (nostalgia aside). <3

The Mediocre Men (A)
- Second of three guilds resulting from Inquisition split; led by Applemask and running strong thru WOTLK. Consistently one of the top 3 guilds since its creation.

Vires Veneratio (A)
- An Alliance authority in TBC and thru WOTLK; claiming many thrones upon TBC and almost always in the server's top 3 performing guilds.

LiveToPug (H)
- Led by my good buddy from Relinquished, Twopiece, this guild was a living extension of what has always been Horde's best talent. Thru the release of Ulduar this guild faltered with activity and renamed to Brotopia.

Focus (H)
- Around the death of FedEx, these boys began working their way to the top of a very unstructured Horde, finally seeing some light at the end of TBC and into WOTLK.

Soldiers of Light (A)
- Thunderlord's only surviving guilds since release to have maintained progression in every instance without falter. Their success has not always been on the same tier, but they have nonetheless stood the true test of time and burnout. Bravo, guys.

Other Alliance
Resisted (A)
- A pretty old-school guild that disappeared for awhile, but poked around in Ulduar.
SFC Alliance / Tactical
- Wavering in progression but always around.
Tomorrow I Really Quit (A)
- One of the only full-guild transfers onto Thunderlord.
Forged Souls (A)
Cattus Incendius (A)
Vex (A)
- Another older Alliance guild who has stuck it out.
Vindication (A)
xeno (A)
Mew Mew Pew Pew (A)
No Limit Killers (A)
Strong Spirits (A)
- I believe these guys popped their heads into WoW at some point prior to the release of TBC, and they managed to stick it out before getting quiet in Ulduar.
Fáble (A)
Øblivion (A)
Schizm (A)
- Belonging to the oldest of the old; they once again disappeared early into WOTLK.
Legion dèl diablo (A)
- Around the block and back; minimal progression until randomly popping back up in Ulduar.
VooDoo (A)
Apple Jacks (A)
PáradoX (A)
- PvP Queens

Other Horde
Cake (H)
Legion of Darkness
- Once contributing to FedEx; sprung back up with the fall of Nightfall; once again fell quiet.
Eradication (H)
Black Axe Clan (H)
- The Schizm of the Horde (endless droves), this is the last of the Horde-release guilds.
Death Cult Armageddon (H)
Google It (H)
Corrupt (H)
- A small but respectable and driven guild.
Nemesis (H)
- Portion split from L2P & PvP gurus; notable progression thru Ulduar before disbanding.
Kokujin (H)
Forgotten Horde (H)
- Another Horde old-timer; once contributing to the old FE, has remained around the block with on-and-off progression.
Casual (H)
Servi Letorum (H)

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H I S T O R Y : T B C

Clan Scooyrit (H)
Goat Clan (A)
- Notable pre-TBC progress.
Mystic Cheerios (A)
TITANS/Tyranny (H)
Defenders of Gnomeregan (A)
Omnes Evincemus (A)
Reforged (A)
- Part Inquisition split, then rejoin w/other split, Tribute.
Fatal Infliction (H)
- Arguably #3 guild post-TBC, #2 upon FedEx departure, made all the way to Vashj/Solar before dissolve.
Raiding Guild (H)
- Few members from Relinq, dissolved once again after notable progress.
Revelationz (A)
Cobra Kai Dojo (A)
- AKA Dementia in the old days, #1 Alliance guild post-TBC, #1 Eye clear, stopped midway MH/BT.
Infernus Praetorium (A)
Blightlords (H)
- Final "old school" Horde guild to call it quits.
Nightfall (H)
- Claimed the first Horde server-first by downing Illidan, claiming the TBC throne. They have now dissolved, congealed, and reformed.
Tamales (A)


H I S T O R Y : P R E - T B C

Inquisition (A)
Status: Dissolved/Disbanded
#1 Alliance guild in EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE since MC and the ONLY guild to clear Naxx pre-TBC. This guild is also the reigning champ for every single Server First up until TBC. The final top-ranked, original guild to fall; disbanding and dissolving into smaller guilds.

nerdcraft (A)
Status: Transfer (Gul'dan)
A guild that originated on Thunderlord since release. Some ups and downs, 2nd ranked w/5 Naxx kills before xfer.

Relinquished (H)
Status: Disbanded
#1 Horde guild directly prior to Naxx release. Called it in June despite being on C'thun and being the furthest of all Horde guilds on Thunderlord. 5-6 reformations... attendance probs.

The Warstomp Clan (H)
Status: Disbanded / Reformation
One of the longest standing guilds on Thunderlord, created a few days after the server was created. I joined these fellows; Shadrack, back when I was all but Lv.15.

Incultus (A)
carebears (A)
Status: Merger, Disband
Both were on C'thun, merged, not much change, back to Incultus, and now dead once again.

Eternal Darkness (H)
Forgotten Empire (H)
Status: Merger
Much like Incultus/carebears... now taking reign in the top Horde slot with a combination of the #2&3 guilds what little remained of Relinquished.
FedEx (A)
Status: Disbanding 06/29/07
Formed from merger of the above guilds; #1 Horde guild post-Relinquished disband extending into the first portion of TBC.

Management (H)
Status: Transfer (Gul'dan)
Originally a reformation of the guild once known as Benediction. Pretty much was left to be the top Horde guild along side FE once Relinquished disbanded. A large portion of them transferred.

Amicitias (A)
- Drama.
Angry Beavers (A)
Angels of Eradication (A)
Clan Timberwolf (H)
Enraptured (A)
- xfer.
- The legend of Isollator, who might not even be Bui/Arthur anymore... ISOLLATOR!
Impact (H)
Iniquity (H)
- Zoson.
Kali Swarm (A)
Kindred Spirit (A)
- Old guild, finally fell and reformed into "Guild Raids You" post-TBC, which then fell.
MAFIA / LiL Vengenz (A)
Nox Necis (H)
- xfer. Rush smells.
Pink Pony (H)
- Zaan.
Servi Letorium (H)
- Mentionable due to post and pre-TBC Horde drought. Reform into "Zing" who fell.
Vae Victus (H)
- Old school Horde. Long live Zavin, Solarius, Oberious!
Point of Destruction (H)
Exudus (H)
Unwanted (A)
DEAD Sexy - Mostly Twinks


H I S T O R Y : P R E - M C

The good ol' days...

Anathema (H)
Cake or Death (H)
Defiance (H)
Diabolic Henchman (H)
Ducky Boyz (H)
Exiled (A)
Fists of Khaos (H)
Invictus (H)
Lado Escuro (H)
Omnipotence (H)
Prophets of Rage (H)
Purple Cobras (H)
Red Dawn (A/H)
Super Friends (A)
The Chets (H)
Volsung Tribe (A)
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So, who was Findecano?

A lot of the people who knew me in my hay-day are long gone and my presence in-game waned greatly since I retired from raiding with <Relinquished> when they reached the Twin Emps in AQ40 (~March 2006). Nevertheless, I have maintained a steady presence in our community and tried to contribute to the best of my ability; namely on the forums and in threads like this and my old progression thread.

Time for a little of your own nostalgia?

I began this game joining my proud home of The WarStomp Clan after a WC run at Lv.17. I then moved on to FE for a short raiding escapade in MC but left due to time constraints (I needed more bang for my buck - back then raiding was a huge time sink). I thus joined <Assimilation>, the consistent #2 guild on Thunderlord in MC thru AQ40 until it disbanded early to mid 2006. It, of course, went by several different names throughout its existence, from <AssimX> to <Relinquished>.

Why "The Creator"? Are you that narcissistic?

I sure hope not. I was dubbed "The Creator" by a large portion of Thunderlord for serveral reasons. For one, upon release the Horde AH was a very under-utilized facet of the game, often only having 300-400 items TOTAL up for sale. While most people began crafting, I went mining and herbalism, bringing some of the first of every material to the AH (Hypernikao = first Thorium Bar). At times I would have ~10-15% of the items up for sale. This led me control a good portion of the AH and become "rich" by release standards, owning the 4th epic mount on Horde and the first to be self-funded.

Also, upon the release of BWL (Nov-Dec 2005), I began managing the progression thread and guild listings. This predates the current version of Blizzard's forums, upon which I had to recreate my thread (dated 08/26/06). In total, I managed Thunderlord's progression for almost 4 years; the longest running progression thread out of all the US realms; 100+ pages, 135,000+ views (20k missing per locking), and a blue reply.

Last, ever since the epic mount trade-in, I was one of the few individuals still active with the Ivory Raptor. Afterwords, people would ask about the mount, of which was rumored to be of GM/Creator status. In short: a running joke.

TLDR; why are you still talking?

Because, despite the times I have felt I wasted good chunks of time on this game, I can't help but feel a sense of belonging here. I began this game as a single undergraduate and now find myself married and in graduate school. It has been a part of my life for nearly 5 years, and I have enjoyed it immensely. I cannot thank this community enough for that, and I will always see Thunderlord as a home away from home.

Ciao, Thunderlord, and I hope everything is going well.


January 2009
My interview with Applemask, GM of <The Mediocre Men>

Grand Marshal

Realm-First: Lv. 80

Realm-First: Lv. 80 Human

Realm-First: Lv. 80 Paladin

Realm-First: OS 3 Drakes (25)

Realm-First: Malygos (25)

Realm-First: Naxxramus (25)

Also available at:


Greetings Apple. First, let me start by extending the usual congratulations on your realm firsts, both individually and for your guild, The Mediocre Men.

Applemask: Thank you, Findecano, it is a tough job being awesome.

Now, you've been playing WoW for quite some time. Give us a brief look into your guild history.

Apple: I originally started out in Cosmic Fish, and then went on to make Mediocre Men... sat there for a couple months doing nothing productive until I decided to play with a guild that later turned into Cobra Kai Dojo from BC popularity, then did some soul searching flipping between Incultus and it's later merger, Indomitus, then Inquisition... and then finally back to Mediocre Men at the start of BC.

Was this the CKD prior to their notable strides towards progression?

Apple: Yeah, way back in the day when they were Dementia. They caught up to the other high end guilds fast, but didn't really find their niche until Burning Crusade.

Gotcha. Reflecting back on it, how was your time with Inquisition?

Apple: It wasn't too bad. It was great fun to be in a guild that was by far the most progressed on the server, but I think what drove me to dropping it to turn Mediocre Men into something worthwhile, was that it felt like a 'job.' No one really liked each other, it's like a guild full of those coworkers that you enjoy talking to at work but can't wait to get home.

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So what exactly happened with Inquisition? And how did it lead to you creating (or recreating) TMM?

Apple: At some point right before BC was released, after our Kel'thuzad kill at 60, the officers decided they didn't want to push for progression anymore. They wanted a more 'casual' guild, and I think everyo*%%@@a agree that the people like Doughboy, Renwo, and even Artemis were the main force that pushed that guild to the success they had. When they wanted to call it quits, we knew we were pretty much done for as that guild.

I think that's about when I started listening to Exare that we should build our own guild, and after we decided we couldn't think up a better name, pulled Mediocre Men out of retirement from our alts.

We often hear how stressful and time consuming leading a guild can be. How has the experience of creating and leading a top-end guild been for you?

Apple: It actually hasn't been too bad. Recruiting always makes me twitch in a bad way, especially on a server like Thunderlord. Keeping the schedule rolling is annoying, but then everything feels peachy when you finally get a new kill down.

Several server-first kills to be peachy about.

Apple: True story, I was edgy at the beginning of the expansion because a whole lot of people weren't the super awesome levelers I thought they could be, but we ended up surprising even ourselves.

As you know, Vires Veneratio recently snagged the realm first for 10-man Sartharion (3 Drakes), reclaiming at least some of the glory they lost via TMM's clinch server-firsts on 25-man OS (3 Drakes), Malygos, and Naxxramas. Any comments?

Apple: I knew they would come along and grab something, after how well they did in BC it'd just be crazy talk if they didn't. I think our 10 man crowd isn't quite as motivated as most are, so we'll probably lag a bit on that front.

How is TMM preparing for the next batch of content Blizzard will [someday] release? For that matter, is TMM prepared to stay competitive?

Apple: We're hoping to grab some more server firsts in Ulduar and anything beyond, we've actually started up a second Naxx group to try and gear up anyone we can't quite make fit into our main raid. We're hoping to have a raid force fully batch of content... but then, we already know it's so far away, that stagnation and boredom might snipe some people before we see it.

That’s certainly a concern that many guilds have. Over the past few years, we've seen a lot of guilds crumble and even more players retire. What's kept you around for so long?

Apple: I think for a lot of us, this game is as much about social interaction as it is about the game play itself. That's mostly what's kept myself, and Mediocre Men too, here this long - we all enjoy the social aspect. Our raids are as much about discussing all the annoying noises Varran can make on vent as they are about how to slay internet dragons.

That actually addresses my next question for you: what do you like about Thunderlord? What keeps you here over another realm that might boast "more competitive" progression?

Apple: Yeah, it's pretty much the social aspect. Having a reputation and a boat load of friends makes playing here a load of fun, even when you look at the empty barrel of recruits and die a little inside.

Is retirement in the near future for Applemask?

Apple: I actually give it a good deal of thought all of the time, but I think I've got a good deal more I can pull out of the game. Logging onto vent and listening to the crew will always be one of my favorite activities when I come home from work.

Well, I think we all look forward to seeing what Applemask and TMM have in store for Thunderlord, and we wish you the best of luck.

Apple: Thank you sir, and I wish I could have your babies.
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Updated with the rest of WotLK progress. I hope to keep this updated for Cataclysm as well.
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Good times!
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Great, I was wondering when players killed stuff... It saves me time inspecting them in game!
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Are the Azuregos kill dates available?

Probably one of the best memories I have was the first time he went down lol.
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Are the Azuregos kill dates available?

Probably one of the best memories I have was the first time he went down lol.

Haha, I'll see if I can't find a way to pull up some dates for Azuregos, but no promises. :(
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12/03/2010 11:18 PMPosted by Smoo

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Anyone going to start a progression thread for tlord, some servers have some pretty good ones someone could ninja for over here. I don't have the time to keep it updated unfortunately or I would try do it.

And make sure people like the OP so this can get stickied.
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12/03/2010 11:18 PMPosted by Smoo

Whaddup, Smoopdog.
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