Thunderlord History

^I can't believe I remember that's your alt's name, Hip. XD Hope everything's going well for ya, man.

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The rogue "Texan" was the original Troll of this server. God Bless him

I found this thread trying to remember the name of that guy. I thank you for this post.
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Nice to see you too, Lumi! I miss some of the CKD days. You, me and Varro being the first 3 people to finish the Tempest Keep attunement was still one of my favorite moments in the game. Those TBC heroic dungeons were brutal until Blizz caved and nerfed everything.

Hope you're also doing well. Between my wife and the Army, I've got people keeping me in line. =P
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Yo do anyone u guys still play from allie or horde??? Like apple... good so many look much love from Hyydro the killer orc rogue!!! :D
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How did this get necro'd?

EDIT: There should be an entry about Zanzagate, in my opinion.
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Man I've been begging forever for this to get stickied, stop being lazy! Thunderlord history must live on!!!
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Liked all the posts and apparently I already requested it get stickied.
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You have already sent a sticky request for this topic.

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Bump since it can't get stickied might as well get it to the top.
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Oh man, good times in vanilla. I'll never forget being one of the 4 founders of kthxbye, getting pissed off that someone on Alliance got Grand Marshall with a similar name (Ryusuuke or something) and people constantly asking where my GM gear was. Lots of other good memories too.. HAT HAT HAT, the Tauren warrior Life "dying irl", Frozenguy's awfulness, the Inqusition scarab gong fakeout, the plethora of nudes of everyone that seemingly everyone had, people driving from states away to go !@#$ eachother.. Thunderlord knew drama.
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Reading this thread brought back ALOT of memories. out of all this I can't believe that Bosu never came up?! He was the Bane of the Alliance back in the day! You couldn't level an Alliance character without being killed by Bosu at least once.

Keep the memories coming!

Sadler - Original Incultus Member
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To the Top!
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<-- Missa <Inquisition>

At some point right before BC was released, after our Kel'thuzad kill at 60, the officers decided they didn't want to push for progression anymore. They wanted a more 'casual' guild, and I think everyo*%%@@a agree that the people like Doughboy, Renwo, and even Artemis were the main force that pushed that guild to the success they had. When they wanted to call it quits, we knew we were pretty much done for as that guild.

The way I remember it, there was more to it than that. A couple of the officers wanted to go casual, because real life had caught up to them. However, the drama started when Blizzard announced raids would be dropping to 25 players instead of 40. Trying to cut so many raiders was not something any of us wanted to do, so the "wanting to go casual" reason was used for general inquiry. Inquisition then basically split into two different raiding guilds. lol

Doughboy, Renwo and Artemis were a driving force in Inquisition, but I think Elariel's leadership early on shaped the guild to be successful. Of course Artemis joined the guild fairly late into Vanilla, but he worked hard. One of the biggest contributing factors to Inquisition's success was Renwo's ability to write addons. We were basically using Deadly Boss Mods type addons before those addons were available to the general public. Considering how important those addons are today, you can imagine how much it helped back then.

Are the Azuregos kill dates available?

Probably one of the best memories I have was the first time he went down lol.

I don't recall the date, but I do recall the time we had 60-70 Horde at Azuregos and we killed both the Horde and the dragon at the same time. =)
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1st Grand Marshals:
(A) Mightyal <Inquisition>
(A) Cronis <Inquisition>

Don't know if you intended those to be in chronological order, but Cronis was first and Mightyal was second. I was fourth on Missa.
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Why no mention of the Thunderlord w-hore Feyt? lol
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Dont be mean. :(
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85 Worgen Hunter
I remember....

.....taking over the Alliance boats with Maysin

.....out ganking with Rajitanti and Solarius with Flowerpot on the forums

......raiding with Relinquished

......hanging out Alliance side with Revenge Of The Piggies

......extremely long druid duels in front of Orgrimmar

......the long, at times frustrating, process of leveling up thanks to Soldiers Of Light

Good times. Haven't had that much fun on WoW since.

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Oh man, haven't been to the TL forums in a long time. Just glancing over the last page, Ohgr you still play WoW? Man, I thought you quit in BC! Only other person I recognize on this page is Missa.

I think this was the server first Azuregoes, no date unfortunately:

I might be wrong, though.
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No Defenders of Gnomeregan? For shame!
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The pure nostalgia of reading all of this is too much to handle.

To think that I was there for majority of TMM Sunwell first downs as a super quiet resto shaman named Afkell. BC was the best expansion for raiding. Good times.
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Convenient bump.
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