A way to improve EMFH perhaps?

85 Draenei Shaman
Lol emfh didn't get the same treatment as wotf. It isn't that it's not as useful as it used to be, it's useless (for pvp). You might be able to justify it in wrath pvp with a comp that was able to peel really well for you because that extra dps / heal / whatever trinket may have made the difference, but not in wrath.

I'd reroll to something else but I'm not sure I'll be able to afford the race change =/
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85 Orc Shaman
I understand that humans are upset because their racial got nerfed and it isn't as useful as it used to be, but at the same time this is exactly what alliance wanted. Alliance toons campaigned so hard for many years to get WOTF nerfed and it finally was. They wanted pvp racials to be normalized except they always argued that EMFH was balanced. Well people who had undead horde toons have been feeling the sting of the nerf for a while now and it should come as no surprise that if horde racials are going to get nerfed for PvP then alliance racials would be also.

I remember toting a long time ago that alliance should be careful what they wish for because they might be shooting themselves in the foot later on....well here we are....you alliance got what you wanted (nerfing WOTF) and now you cry because your racials are getting the same treatment.

Just sayin....this thread smells if irony....


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90 Orc Warrior
EMFH should just be removed and replaces there really isnt any reason for it to stay now that people will just ignore it for actual trinkets
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100 Human Paladin
EMFH is useless in its current state for high end pvp. Any pvper that chooses another trinket at the trade off of a minute off the PvP trinket has the same sort of judgment or lack thereof that would prevent them from reaching higher end pvp in the first place.
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90 Draenei Death Knight

My human paladin I have it comes in really handy when fighting a boss that does some sort of snare/root/fear/etc and can get out of it. That right there is more then what tanks normally get other then maybe one ability that can get them out of some sort of CC.

It might be useful once and a while in PvE but they have started flagging boss abilities so it doesn't work.

Another thing to point out is the fact you could uses two trinkets in PvP to increase what ever you're wanting done, while yes the PvP trinket has Resilience on it, you do have the choice of using something else with no real disadvantage.

The difference between 2 minutes and 3 minutes is massive in PvP. If Blizzard actually succeeds in making PvP longer, then that difference will be even more noticeable because you'll be able to use the trinket more often than you can use the racial.

Its not a good racial anymore.
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91 Human Warlock
EMFH is pretty lackluster now, its not good enough for PvP, and they keep making it effect less and less stuff in PvE. Just remove it and give us a new racial.

And to compare EMFH to WOTFs old double fear break is just bad. Its like comparing apples to planets since EMFH never stacked with the trinket. WOTF still does.
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80 Human Warlock
It was overpowered and it got nerfed because it was horribly abused. Lolol I'll just stack two armor pen trinkets or double Solace and I'm sure nobody will ever complain about it. You gave the community a reason to complain, and when the community cries for nerfs, nerfs always happen.

On another note, I laugh heartily in the face of anyone who race changed to Undead before WotF got nerfed, then race changed again to Human, and will most likely be race changing once again to either Worgen or Goblin. You lose, har.
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85 Human Priest
As a human myself I do not find that EMFH has to be incredibly useful. Sure there are better racials out there, but as long as my race choice does not effect my raid spot or potential raid spots, I do not mind. Once and awhile one racial will be better then the other, however EMFH will have its day to shine.

After all, racials are small little perks; not meant to encourage race choice. If EMFH ever got to the point of WOTF or (irony) EMFH than I would indeed want it nerfed.
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100 Human Warlock
EMFH is probably one of the best PvE racials.

But it has become completely useless in PvP. Comparing it to WotF is a terrible analogy because WotF can sometimes be used shortly after the PvP trinket, while EMFH puts a 3 min cooldown on the PvP trinket.

Using EMFH + 2 other trinkets is strictly worse than using 1 PvP trinket + 1 other trinket, and only bads will use EMFH in competitive PvP.

Effectively, humans have no racial In PvP.

More specifically, human mages and warlocks have zero pvp racials since we don't use expertise or 3% spirit.

I also disagree that EMFH is one of the "best" pve racials. It's not bad, but you're completely up to the mercy of blizzard encounter designers. In ICC it is good on one fight: heroic festergut vile gas (and only IF you get rng'ed). It is ok on heroic deathwhisper and blood queen but you should be getting dispelled/tremmored on those fights anyway.

Fights this expansion where EMFH was completely worthless (hard modes):

Anub Rekhan
Grand Widow
The Four Horsemen
(not sure on KT, ice tombs)
Flame Leviathan (other racials can at least help kill turrets)
Iron Council
Northrend Beasts
Valkyr Twins
Anub Arak
Blood Princes
Lich King

I've never payed for a race change, probably won't, but it wouldn't surprise me if blizzard made as much money off race changes in the next 6 months than off of cata software sales.
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100 Human Warlock
After all, racials are small little perks; not meant to encourage race choice. If EMFH ever got to the point of WOTF or (irony) EMFH than I would indeed want it nerfed.

I don't want racials to be strong either. I would however, like to actually have some racial.

Hrm, zero racials, or 1% free crit and free bonus sprint. Hrm hrm, what an interesting choice....
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82 Blood Elf Paladin
IMO what they really need to do is put EMFH @4-5 minutes, but put a shared CD of 1.5 minutes with it on the PvP trinket, kind of like what they did with WotF's 45 second shared CD.

That way it would still be a decent racial and humans would still have to wear PvP trinkets. Might suck for a few PvE encounters, but if you were using your racial that much anyway for the encounter maybe it wasn't designed for it.
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