Do you kick for Low DPS?

90 Night Elf Death Knight
No. I kick mean/rude people and AFKers. If you're doing bad DPS, well, that's okay. You could have bad gear, you could be on a bad connection, you could be sick and not playing well, there are countless reasons for having low damage and many of them are justified.

There are no excuses for hitting the join group button and going AFK, especially without a warning. If you hit the button and say "BRB bio" that's fine, because I hit missing queue pops when I'm in the restroom, too. But make it quick.
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85 Human Death Knight

The OP's generosity in trying to help these people perform better is entirely wasted. In the random dungeon finder, you will likely never group with that player again, so there is zero return on your investment.

Yeah I just like the idea of paying somethings back. I mean I ran occulous for the first time like 3 weeks ago. I had a hiatus and just never got to it. I said up front I had no clue on the instance. I got lost once and died once as a dps. The tank helped me patiently. As a result I love that instance. So yeah I was noob for it the first time but now I can run it without any problems. Even at the end I got the blue dragon drop... So wasted? Paying forward perhaps.

The argument for kicking is pretty compelling. I spend real time and real money to play. Why should I waste it? I could be doing so many other things; you should be considerate of those in your group.

But yeah. Rude players, gross outs, name callers, AFKers, I just don't tollerate. Normally I'll just leave instead of kicking but yeah.

I've been having a rash of AFK healers as well. I mean they are full mana but not even near the next pull. No brb. Then the dps makes fun of me for rushing ahead.... bleak.
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100 Tauren Druid
It's just heroics, who cares. Let people have fun, whether theyre bad, good, or just undergeared.

People that just afks or blantantly don't try though.. Instant-kick, I don't like being leeched off.
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85 Human Warrior
I don't mind undergeared people, especially when they're trying. I usually only do a heroic if I'm with at least one other person I know, so DPS generally isn't an issue.

I only initiate kicks for bad play when the person is obviously looking for a free ride. I've had hunters whose mana bar (focus now, I suppose) never moved, ret paladins without seals who didn't put one up, holy paladins who refused to give kings, and anything in between. People can't expect to get the same credit I do when all they do is mindlessly follow along.
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14 Dwarf Hunter
nope, i quite literally don't care anymore. if they're not HINDERING the run, they can stand at the door while me and the healer duo the place.
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90 Human Paladin
Only thing I don't tolerate is disrespect. For any reason, toward anyone, not just me.

Never had to stop a run for it. Just address it, keep pulling. If it continues, initiate a kick, goes through. If that's the last disrespectful remark, then there's no problem.

Although it used to annoy me when people asked why it matters when I ask them not to DG/Typhoon. They figure it out soon enough. But being able to solo the heroic while doing #1 or #2 damage makes me a much more agreeable person.
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I cant bring myself to kick someone for low dps if they are trying. If they are afk then its good bye.

The sad thing is i have seen people in t9 or better doing ~2k dps and they were actually trying. I usually find someone who knows their class pull them aside and have DPS 101 classes afterwards.

I have one person in my guild with a mental disability who have to have DPS 101 classes with abunch. But she is such a nice person that i never mind doing it.
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85 Human Warrior
Meh, instances are so easy now it doesn't really matter. I can slap on DPS gear and pull 5k+ DPS while tanking, which is more than good enough for any of the non ICC 5 mans even if the 3 DPS are doing 0 DPS.

Only time I ever voted to kick a bad DPS was when I was in a pissy mood, but really a Lock doing sub 1k with ilvl 245+ gear is just embarassing. Actually anyone at level 80 doing sub 1k really needs to learn their class better.
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80 Troll Hunter
Wait, since when can tanks have a be nice policy? I didn't see it in the patch notes.
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85 Blood Elf Warrior
I kick stupid/douchebaggish dps
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85 Tauren Warrior
I was dungeon farming tonight and 3 instances in a row i ran across people that bless their heart didnt have the gear and werent used to the pace i've grown accustomed too in dungeons.

It was HoS, at the end of the run right before the last boss it was:

Spriest: 43%
Myself: 41%
Mage: 8%
Rogue: 8%

Also during that run the shadowpriest topped healing because of VT and i barely got any heals at all except on boss fights.
Edited by Carried on 11/20/2010 1:29 AM PST
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85 Human Warrior
Im generally not out of combat long enough to kick anyone.

But I make exceptions for douchebags, afkers, and people who are clearly not trying (autoattacking, wanding, dot+afk, etc).

If im on my healer I may even arrange with the tank to kill off a dps whos clearly not trying.

I remember doing AN a couple of months ago on my druid, a guildie was tanking it for me, this lock was doing like 100 dps, basically putting up corrpution and going afk. The guildie tank arranged for said faillock to get 1 shot by a pound on anub.
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100 Dwarf Death Knight
I usually don't even look at Recount when I'm tanking. Only if we're really, really struggling on an encounter, and then I guess I might have to suggest someone leave. This will become more prevalent in Cata 5-mans, but even so that will still be rare as they'll be more about people not standing in fire than doing huge dps.

You do realise that if one player is doing 5k dps, that no one else can right?

I remember doing H Nexus on my mutilate rogue when I had T9, a couple pieces T10. The other dps all outgeared me. I was struggling to break 2.5k, everything died too quick. But I got H Nexus the next day, this time I was the best geared dps, I was doing 4k, same rotation and playstyle, same gear.
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85 Human Warrior
Cata dungeons and heroics are going to be less about blazing dps and more about the abilitiy to effectively CC and figure out fight mechanics.

I will be avoiding pugs for awhile at lvl 85, if pugging I WILL kick a dps who cannot figure out how to use their CC buttons when asked.
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Some classes suck at trash/AoE pulls (Ret Paladins)

lol wut

Ret paladins in their current form are really bad at trash in general and aoe is worse. Every ret paladin I have grouped with sees a 50%-100% boost in dps going from trash to a boss.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
I don't care about their DPS, I just care that they're playing.

Was a DK in H.VH standing in the middle of the room and never attacking unless it was one of the three middle portals. 3.5k DPS, and a bit above me as the healer spamming Exo, but they weren't trying most of the time.

Initiated the kick at portal 17. It passed.
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85 Goblin Warrior
You get 80 levels to do learn.

Word of advice, when your making d bag demands, make sure you can type correctly.
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71 Orc Warrior
If I kicked everyone who did low DPS in my groups, my groups would be empty. I don't see this changing at 80 or at 85.
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