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91 Orc Shaman
Continuing the long standing tradition, I'm starting up the "Flesh Out Your RP Character" thread.

The previous threads can be found at the following locations if you'd like to dig up your past character info:



This is the place to get out ideas for your character, to start 'fleshing them out' so to speak. It can also help you have a solid character sheet for existing characters aswell! Here's a little template you can use, but by all means make your own categories! Unlike ingame RP mods, you can actually tell us some interesting facts, ideas, and history!





Physical Description:

Personality Description:

General Notes:

Unusual Notes:



Current Going-On (if any):
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91 Tauren Druid
Name: Bullhoof Runningbear

Age: Knows it's between old and young.

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Herb/Alch

Physical Description: Average height for a Tauren, druid markings on his horns which are also worn slightly. Mix of dark and gray fur.

Personality Description: A beary punny guy.

General Notes: Seems lost in thought a lot of times.

Unusual Notes: Rides around on a tiger, once in a very long while adjusts the horns when nobody is looking as if there were long ears under there from years ago.

Secrets: Only told one other person about his past, a shaman he usually is seen with while drinking at Crossroads. (No not the ears part, that hasn't been or ever will be seen by anyone.)

History: Started out after leaving Mulgore joining a group called the Druids of Mulgore. They later got absorbed by Earthtreader and has forever been trying to block out the mental image of a naked orc he had to wrestle to get in to Earthtreader in Brill years ago. (Dukago) Though he does respect that orc a great deal, some things he wish he hadn't seen.

At a later point in time Bullhoof was somewhat kidnapped by a crazy group of people called Noxies. With temptations of totem dancing, booze, and assorted stabbyness of bad things he got roped away from Earthtreader and has been in Noxilite ever since.

Current Going-On (if any): Has been spending much more time in the Barrens lately. It's been pretty peaceful up until the tremors became more frequent.

Bullhoof isn't liking the idea of Garrosh Hellscream taking over the Horde and would much rather see Thrall stay or Vol'jin or Cairne take the helm while Thrall follows his own path.
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87 Tauren Hunter

Arg...I attempted to report this to be stickied, and I think that I screwed up somehow.

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85 Human Mage

Name: Guelian Youthfield

Age: Secret.

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Alch/Tailor

Physical Description: Constantly has tired pours under his eyes, most of the time they aren't too noticeable.
Looks fairly well built, but could easily be toppled over by any warrior.

Personality Description: He's quite mundane, doesn't like to draw attention to himself but won't shy in front of friends or if the social situation requires it of him.

General Notes: Spends a lot of time reading, seems more interested by his studies than his duties.

Unusual Notes: His teachers and masters sometimes find him unaccounted for, it's quite distressing.

Secrets: His age amongst other things.

He's part of the Kirin Tor, though he used to be part of the Mage's Guild.
He wasn't the best of students, lazy some would say. If asked he would say he is from Stromgarde.

Current Going-On (if any):He has requested a leave from his duties to make new friends and experience first hand the recent events, he's quite exited about being outside the halls of Dalaran again.
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87 Tauren Hunter
Name: Tufak Stonewater

Age: Middle Aged

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Miner/Engineer

Physical Description: Tufak is strong of build and towering in stature. His fur is dark over his body, but turns light cream along his face and the inner area of his body. He keeps these paler areas, other than his face, hidden at most times. On his face the fur is growing grey, thinning in some areas, and he often has a tired, almost sad expression upon his face. His horns have small golden balls capping their tips, blunting them.

Upon his tail is a thin scar, white through the dark fur, where it looks as though his tail was nearly cut away at some point. His tail hangs very still, only swaying with his motion rather than the normal swishing of a tauren's tail. At the base of his tail, where it connects to his spine, he wears an ornate band of metal, intricately carved and bejeweled.

Personality Description: Tufak is a busy-body at heart, always sticking his nose in the business of others and offering unsolicited advice or opinions. While his manner can be gruff and irritating, he's extremely friendly and always glad to help others, whether they take his advice or not.

General Notes: Tufak will always be accompanied by an animal of some sort, be it a mount, pet or small beast that follows him. Some of the smaller creatures, however, are mechanical.

Unusual Notes: Something of a genetic throwback, Tufak lacks upper teeth and has no canine teeth. His tail is completely numb due to an old injury and he cannot move it voluntarily or involuntarily.

Secrets: While Tufak makes it no secret that he desires a truce with the Alliance, it is rare that he will mention his best friend being a Kaldorei.

History: Born the elder of twins, Tufak was trained up as a warrior of the Stonewater clan, as was his sister. She took easily to the path, but he did not, often distracted by machinery or the local beasts. He grew tired soon of being reminded constantly of his failings and left home to strike his own path.

After many years of wandering alone, he came upon a group of small, green-skinned creatures that he was able to communicate with via hand gestures. He began traveling with them, learning their language, and was eventually allowed to return with them to their home island as an indentured servant. Sadly, being indentured to goblins made him little more than a slave in their eyes, and he was put to work in the mines outside of their home city. It was there that he learned engineering, becoming skilled enough that he was moved to work in their machine shops, and eventually allowed to return to Kalimdor to aid in the building of Ratchet.

Having earned his freedom, he struck out on his own once more, taming a plains cat, Tawa, to be his companion as he traveled. Much had changed in his absence, the normadic tauren having joined the Horde and settled in Thunder Bluff, the orcs and trolls having come to rest in Durotar and many parts of the land different than he remembered.

Eventually he settled in Booty Bay, where he was able to refine his engineering with the aid of the Gnome, Oglethorpe Obnoticus. He lives there now with his mate and their many pets, spending most of his days fishing, tinkering, or taking idle walks down the long beaches outside of the bay.

Current Going-On (if any): Tufak is in the midst of a grand project to organize the Cartographic Society so that they can find a cause to the recent troubles on Azeroth and put a stop to them. He is also planning his upcoming wedding, but seems to be suffering an extreme case of cold hooves.
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91 Orc Shaman
Name: Günstrak (Gunny) Dawnbiter

Age: Not really sure. He remembers being shorter & younger than most everyone else in the internment camps. The years are sort of blurry by between beatings. By appearance he would be approaching lower part of middle-age.

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Hunter/Student/Healer & Warboss of the Errant Pride

Physical Description: A typical non-descript orc. Usually dressed in modest garb; the same clothing you’d find any average shaman wearing in your travels. If placed amongst a line up of other orcs he was the one you did not notice.

Personality Description: Though you may not have noticed him, he did notice you. He noticed every visible weapon and most likely knows exactly how many you have hidden. He has likely already sized up every ally and threat within a hundred yards. He also noticed the snake in the bushes, as well as the color of the tabard worn by the Forsaken mage who flew overhead, and that his snipers hidden on the rooftops nearby are standing by if needed.

For Gunny observation is key; patience & timing pay off in the long run more than recklessness. He is quick to anger when oppression rears its ugly head. Respect & Honor amongst enemies are not obscene concepts. In his view there is no greater glory than that which is won upon a field of battle.

In the heat of battle Gunny will often go from calm and reserved to a remorseless commander yelling orders to his troops over the sounds of combat.

General Notes: He sees Thrall as the Horde “messiah”; yet does not fully accept some of the former Warchief’s decisions. His clan was among the first to come forward in open support of the new Warchief Garrosh Hellscream.

Unusual Notes: His clan, the Errant Pride, originally forbid the admittance of Forsaken & warlocks both. His logic was that undead humans were still humans, & that nothing good could ever come from “fraternizing with demons”. In time, individual acts of valor from an undead priest & an ally clan’s undead warlock led him to be more accepting of both.

Secrets: The only kindness he remembers from his mother was the gift of a small ankh that he has carried since childhood. Though he did not understand its purpose this trinket saved him from death many times as a child.

History: Gunny grew up in an internment camp in Hillsbrad. The orcs of the camp were a broken lot. Late night whisperings of oral tradition were almost all that remained of a near forgotten culture.

Younger & weaker than the older orcs, he was a regular target of intense cruelty from the guards. At times the beatings would last long after he fell unconscious, often to the brink of death. When his freedom was obtained, Gunny traveled the Eastern Kingdoms. He formed lasting friendships with beasts & learned to survive amongst the elements.

Taking up arms with other free orcs, he became a crack marksman earning him the nickname, Gunny. Eventually, under the leadership of Thrall the New Horde’s forces crossed the sea to settle the shores of Kalimdor. Gunny became a frequent first responder as the Horde grew & welcomed the decimated Tauren & Troll tribes to their ranks.

Gunny took charge of group of wayward travelers, & the Errant Pride was forged.

An avid student of the world, he is often obsessed with exploration and knowledge. He met druids who preached to him the teachings of balance & the restoration of the land. He also listened to the teachings of priests who could command light & shadow equally. Eventually he found the ability to not only commune with the elements, but allow their powers to flow through him as well. Taking up a new mantel as a shaman, Gunny finally tapped into his potential.

Politically active, he works to strengthen coalitions amongst the varying Horde factions, clans, and guilds. His forces are frequently at the disposal of any Horde leader in need.

After the re-opening of the Dark Portal, Gunny trekked to his ancestral homelands where he was taught the history of his people. With these new truths he faced a great revelation of self & began a new role to heal. Time in Draenor was cut short when the Lich King became active & the forces of the Horde were conscripted to return to Azeroth & head to the new front in Northrend.

After several years of fighting in those frozen lands the Errant Pride has emerged victorious over the challenges they faced. They are now called home to confront a drastically changed world and take up arms in the renewed war against the Alliance.

Current Going-On (if any): He is committing his efforts to the cause of the Earthen Ring making any possible effort to assist in the healing of the endangered planet. Even though Thrall may have stepped down from his post, Günstrak and by extension the entire Errant Pride are still unwaveringly committed to the former Warchief.
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100 Troll Druid
Name: Bär (it’s “Bär”, pronounced “baer”, which is German for “bear”, it’s not “bar”. if umlauts give you trouble he’ll understand, “Bear” is just fine.)

Age: Early or Mid 20’s.

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Majordomo of the <Errant Pride> appointed by Warboss Günstrak (Gunny) Dawnbiter.

Physical Description: Before you stands a Troll considerably larger than is common for the jungle tribes. At nearly 3 meters tall, the lanky pale skinned Troll even towers above most Taurens or Draenei. His demeanor is informally calm. Fumbling, stumbling, and all together uncoordinated movements hint that he is under some form of intoxication. Black war paint has been freshly applied to his face and like most Trolls a pair of massive tusks protrude from his jowl. His clothing is unassuming. To the casual observer other than his massive size, there is nothing distinctive about his appearance.

Frequently he’ll appear as a huge furry bear with dark grey fur painted for war, accented by a stark white mane. Feeling most comfortable in this form, he will not hesitate to shift into the shape of a snarling cat of similar coloration in order to achieve his goals.

His voice is very similar to Rowan Atkinson's or as once described by Gorebash, "it sounds like tanned leather rubbed over sandpaper attached to violin strings". (think “Zazu” from the Lion King films)

Personality Description: When sober, Bär is generally aggressive and direct. While his Warboss often thinks a problem through and develops a coordinated plan, Bär prefers to get to the point and move on to the next task. His preferred tactic is simply to barrel through any obstacle and maul anything that’ll bleed. When he’s not sober he’s about as unpredictable as you’d expect a drunken bear to be.

General Notes: Bär has a severe addiction to Firewater, Noggenfogger Elixer, and just about any other strange concoction he can get his hands on.

He has a sister named “Gahra”, who recently wed Günstrak Dawnbiter.

Unusual Notes: Bär spent several years trapped in the form of a Tauren. While trekking across the Tanaris Desert, he met up with a shifty goblin thief. The thief was looking to offload some ill-gotten wears. Among the items for sale was an herbal concoction for smoking, stolen from a locally famous brewer of experimental elixirs. Bär spent two years of his life lost in an amethyst haze.

When he came to he was living in Mulgore, had thick black hair all over his body, horns sticking out of his head, and found that the two toes on each foot had been replaced by cloven hooves.

After years of searching Bär has finally discovered an antidote for his condition. Still not accustomed to the Troll form he can appear clumsy and uncoordinated. His frequent exploration of “better living through chemistry” only makes the matter worse.

Secrets: He respects and admires Garrosh Hellscream. Unlike many others he sees the raw potential behind the new leader of the Horde.

History: Raised in the Darkspear Tribe, he wasn’t even of-age when the Great Warchief Thrall rescued his people and guided them during the great exodus.

A persistent trouble maker, when the leaders of the Darkspear decided his tenacity was too much for the small village of Sen'jin, he was assigned a post in the <Errant Pride>. His sister had previously joined this unit to receive additional training as a shaman.

Serving as Günstrak Dawnbiter’s page he studied intently and learned much before being sent on the walkabout which culminated in his drastic physical transformation.

Upon returning he proved himself to be a loyal servant of the Warboss. During Günstrak’s house arrest while under suspicion of treason, Bär took on the role of Majordomo and began to oversee the strategy and political responsibilities of the Pride.

Working closely with several famed Generals of the Horde, he played an integral part in the Battle of Shimmering Flats. This overwhelming victory for the Horde has since provided him additional opportunities to become heavily involved in the both offensive and defensive operations.

Current Going-On (if any): During the events leading up to the Shattering Bär has regained his true form. Like many shaman, Günstrak is working closely with the Earthen Ring to determine the full extent of the damage and manage the now out of control elements. To make matters worse Thrall has gone missing, and agents of the Alliance are the prime suspect. The Warboss has called upon the Bär to again step up and assist in the day to day administration of the Errant Pride. While the Warboss and his dragoons prepare to face the new threats presented after this great cataclysm, Bär will be responsible for working to train the new troops and prepare for the open war with the Alliance that looms on the horizon.

Bär has begun learning to heal through nature to fill the role left vacant on the battle field when the Warboss is away.
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90 Draenei Hunter
Name: Erilahl Runestrider

Age: 3014

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Leatherworker, Engineer in training, Freelance Huntress

Physical Description: Erilahl stands at the tall end of the spectrum for most female Kaldorei, coming it a 7'6". Reasonable curves and long teal hair accent purple skin. Her torso and arms are criscrosses with surgical scars, but these are not normall on display.

Personality Description: A Kaldorei hardliner, Erilahl has in the past few years begin to soften just a bit to the other races of the Alliance, though recent events have unfortunately only deepened her hatred for the Horde in general and Sin'dorei and orcs in particular. Sometimes it seems like the Order of the Rose's standing nonagression policy is the only thing holding her back from indiscriminate slaughter in southern Kalimdor. Other times she's wistful or thoughtful, not unintelligent but having a tough time learning to put words before actions. Still, she has come to enjoy her time with most of the Roses, usually.

General Notes: Spending untold centuries as a hunter and tracker, Erilahl has developed very accute senses and tends to pick out smells and sounds easily.

Unusual Notes:


History: Erilahl grew up in the post-Sundering society of the Kaldorei, learning traditional ways and means, her father a druid and her mother a Sentinel. Eagerly she followed her mother's path as she reached adulthood, and patrolled the forests and dens of northern Kalimdor for nearly three thousand years before the onset of the Third War, taking a husband by the name of Malcion, but bearing him no children, much to her current regret.

As the undead and the Legion tore up the slopes of Mt. Hyjal, Erilahl fought in that last desperate battle to delay Archimonde. Malcion died at her side, disemboweled by a demon, her family home was destroyed. Though Malfurion's plan worked, Erilahl had lost nearly everything, and to this day she says that the non-Kaldorei Alliance and the Horde both failed on Hyjal, crediting success only to her own race and Shan'do Stormrage.

Resigning from the Sentinels, she spent some years wallowing in grief before finally
snapping out of it at least enough to get out in the world again. In the past seven years she has met enjoyable people and enemies of all sorts of races, traveling the lenght and breadth of Azeroth in fighting in many great battles against evil. She has been with the Order of the Rose for most of those years, sometimes closer and sometimes more estranged, but managing to maintain at least a few connections.

Current Going-On (if any): Erilahl is restless, splitting her time between the forests of Kalimdor and defense of the Alliance cities in the Eastern Kingdoms. She doesn't know who's going to make a move first, Deathwing and his cult or the Horde, but she stands ready to defend her people and, more or less, their allies.
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87 Blood Elf Hunter
Name: Hauk Fenshire

Age: He would be the human equivalent of about 30 years old.

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Kor'kron Woodsman; Scribe/Herbalist

Physical Description: Hauk is about average height for a blood elf, and of athletic build. He has long red hair that usually is bound into a pony tail d@@*%d over his shoulder. When off-duty (in town RPing mostly), he is in his Kor'kron dress uniform (tier 9 hunter) proudly displaying his Tabard of Conquest. Strapped to his back is a ceremonial axe of Thalassian design.

Both his dress uniform and standard battle gear are worn and scratched, but otherwise well-kept and oiled. Around his neck is a golden locket that bears the seal of House Sunsword. While in his dress uniform, he has a Legion of Merit pinned on his tabard. This is an award granted to Horde soldiers who have performed above and beyond the call of duty for the Horde.

Hauk keeps a number of keepsakes on his person, usually tied to his weapons, that bear the crests of a variety of factions (Cenarion Circle/Expedition, Darkspear Tribe, the Skyguard, etc).

Personality Description: Hauk is generally laid back and is quick to laugh. He is chivalrous and charming to members of the opposite sex, and does not judge anyone's abilities based on sex or race. However, he has spent a considerable amount of time training with the orcs, and has adopted their sense of duty and honor. Hauk considers his friends to be blood relatives and would give his life for any one of them. If he is ever crossed, he holds a grudge for a very long time and it is extremely difficult for him to ever forget or forgive the trespass. He feels that a person can be judged by their actions, and he views people based on acts he has personally seen.

General Notes: Hauk is at home on the field of battle. He is proficient with laying out traps for his enemies and prey, and makes use of them often. He's a capable tracker and can survive outside in harsh conditions for quite a long time. In his quiver, he's known to carry a variety of poisoned arrows, as well as arrows with goblin explosives strapped to them. Hauk is currently in a relationship with the Scion of House Sunsword, Lady Redessa.

Secrets: Hauk's biggest secret is that he was once married. It's not so much of a secret, as it is that he just has never told anyone. He is also a recovering alcoholic.

History: Hauk was born Hauk Anu'dorinni'talah in Silvermoon City. He and his family were commoners, and honestly were not anything special. As soon as Hauk was of age, he joined the Farstriders and served alongside the Lordaeron Alliance in the Second War. During the war, he met and fell in love. When the war ended and the orcs were placed in internment camps, Hauk got married. Both he and his wife grew fond of dwarven ale. His wife was quite the drunkard, and was probably a bit of a bad influence on Hauk. After a number of drunken incidents, Hauk was removed from the Farstriders.

Afterwards, Hauk served as a diplomat to the other Alliance races, while his wife became obsessed with magic use. Hauk didn't mind dealing with the other races, a task that most nobles in Quel'thalas found distasteful. It was during this period that Hauk adopted the last name of 'Fenshire', as many humans had problems pronouncing his given surname. As the years passed, the he and his wife grew distant from each other, and ended up divorcing.

During the Third War, Hauk had been in Stormwind. When he got to Quel'thalas, he found Silvermoon destroyed and his people lost. It was at this point Hauk began to drink heavily. After a few years of wandering, he managed to meet up with the remainder of his people, the sin'dorei. Once the Alliance had betrayed the sin'dorei and left them to die, Hauk (who was incredibly hurt by this) left to join a mercenary group.

After serving in the Ahn'Qiraj War, where he befriended again his ex-wife (whom he thought had perished), Hauk returned to Silvermoon and supported joining the Horde. Resuming his duties as a diplomat for his people, Hauk met his love, Commander Redessa Sunsword. Having a true admiration of the Horde, Hauk was one of the first sin'dorei to sign up for the Warsong Offensive under Garrosh Hellscream.

Current Going-On (if any): With Garrosh's appointment as acting Warchief, Hauk was bestowed a great honor in being promoted to the ranks of the Kor'kron Elite. He serves the Horde with honor, and can be seen on many missions into Alliance lands to survey and harass. His home is within Orgrimmar, but he spends time equally between there and Sunsword Spire, the home of his beloved Redessa.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Flesh out your RP character!

Name: Noxu Fireshadow

Age: Around 32 in human years (If calculations are right… 192-ish!)

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Miner / Engineer

Physical Description: Noxu stands at around 6’ 3” tall. His build is stronger, more muscular, however not overly so. He has long jet-black hair that is tied into a ponytail in the back. Although, at times, his hair seems rather messy as if he’s almost always on the move and doesn’t have enough time to even care about keeping it straight.

When he’s not in combat, he can usually be seen wearing one of his many armors that he’s kept with him over the years as a sign of remembrance. The armors he wears ranges from Soulforge, to the Merciless’ Gladiator’s set. His armors have quite a few scratches, but the armors still seem to be kept up very well, and show no signs of breakage.

Personality Description: Noxu is unlike many of the other Blood Knights of silvermoon, seems more relaxed and does not have the usual condescending attitude that the others have; in fact, he barely seems to be from Silvermoon City. He’s almost always quick to help others that are in need and protect the ways of the Horde and his friends.

His attitude toward the Alliance is rather neutral, he does not go out of his way to attack them, but can occasionally be easily provoked. He is very adamant about protecting the interests of the Horde, and tends to occasionally go out of his way to do that.

General Notes: Is almost always tinkering or fiddling with some new gadget. Feels most comfortable when he’s around machines and enjoys taking things apart and fixing them.

Unusual Notes: (None come to mind right now.)

Secrets: (Will update later)

History: He was born in Silvermoon city. At a young age he began to play around with bits of magic and healing. On the side, he began tinkering and working on creating fun little devices. The first of many was a tiny robot servant, which eventually broke down. He attended the Academy for quite a while, and hated it. The moment he graduated from the academy he left everything behind, going out to explore and adventure the world. When he had gotten word of the attacks on Silvermoon from Arthas, he rushed back to help protect his lands, but it was too late, and all he could do was help clean up after the entire attack.

(Will add more to the history in due time.)
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85 Human Warrior
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
Name: Aerilith
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85 Night Elf Druid
Name: Reinnea Nightstalker

Age: Young for a Kal’dorei, but at least 300 years old

Gender: Female

Class: Druid (of the Grove)

Guild: House Dregoth

Rank: A Sergeant Medic in the Alliance forces, Personnel Officer of Guildwatch, and a leader in her guild family.

Professions: She is an Alchemist and Botanist.

Physical Description: ((At the bottom, I have included her RSP))

Personality Description: Reinnea is a nurturing soul. She tries her best to heal hearts as well as bodies. She would give anything to anyone and tries to do as much good work as possible. Often hides when she is in pain and hides a lot of fear in her heart.

General Notes: Reinnea is a wife and mother, as well as a full time battle medic for Guildwatch. She is always on the go and rarely has time for herself. She lives in Ashenvale with her husband Rodek, and children: Celtus and Ellidayne. As well as the frequent visitors she has!

Unusual Notes: Reinnea is a Druid of the Grove and healing is her strength. When she turns into a Treant, however, she has the unusual characteristic of becoming a Goldenbark Apple Tree, rather than an oak or a willow like most Druids. She even produces apples, which she uses or gives away freely. She has a great dislike for Applebough, the vendor in Dalaran, for cashing in on his similar gift. ((I don’t like him either! I was an apple tree since BC!))

Secrets: Reinnea’s maiden name Reinnea Stardreamer was actually given to her by her druidic teacher. She was born Ellirain Moondancer and had a twin brother Celidain Moondancer. They were separated as infants, when Ellirain was taken to be raised as a druid. Celidain left the family as an adolescent and changed his last name. They were best friends before they knew they were siblings.

History: Reinnea was separated from her family when she was an infant and she only had no memories of them until recently. She was taken by a mysterious druid who became her Shan'do, but life within the Cenarion Circle wasn't happy for her. Her teacher was disappointed by her progress and was abusive. When Teldrassil was created, she was supposed to move with her Shan’do and others to the new World Tree. It was then that Reinnea decided to stop being to docile child and take control of her life. She ran away and went to study healing and alchemy arts in Stormwind. That was when she ran into the mysterious rogue, Rodek and the rest is history. After a tumultuous relationship, Rodek and Reinnea married and now have two children. They both work fulltime in the Guildwatch as officers and soldiers.

Connection to characters: Husband: Rodek Nightstalker (Rogue), Eldest Brother: Lorredain Moondancer (Death Knight), Elder Brother: Celibin Moondancer (Priest), Twin Brother: Celidain Shadowstalker (Rogue), Cousin: Nejita Moondancer (Rogue)

Goals: Reinnea wishes for her entire family to lead a peaceful happy life. She also wants to ease as much suffering of others as she can.

Current Going-On: Reinnea is busy taking care of her infant twins!

Quotes: “May the Light guide our feet, May Elune watch us sleep, and may Cenarius grant us wisdom so our lives we may keep.” ~ A children’s prayer Reinnea often repeats

Reinnea's RSP:

The young Kaldorei woman before you is small and thin, and seems lost in armour too big for her. Her eyes and hair are the colour of moonlight and add to her waif-like appearance. The scent of apples and cinnamon clings to her pale skin as does irridescent dust, seemingly from some sort of flower she works with. Violet oak leaf tattoos look like teardrops on her eyes and cheeks. Reinnea wears little adornments, but has a moonstone wedding ring on her hand and a golden moon circlet on her forehead.

Reinnea is the mother of one year old twins.

Ellidayne is a beautiful little girl with sparkling silver eyes like her mother, but the mischevious glint in them is all her father's. Her teal blue curls are using tied in pigtails with bow that match her outfit. She is often seen observing everyone around her, sucking her thumb. No one knows how much she truly picks up.

Celtus is loud and boiterous little boy with amber eyes and deep blue hair like his father. Always hungry and noisy, you can't miss him when he is in the room. He likes to be the center of attention.
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90 Night Elf Rogue
Name: Rodek Nightstalker

Age: about equal to about 30ish in human years.

Gender: Male

Class: Rogue (Shadowdancer)

Guild: House Dregoth

Rank: In the Alliance forces, he has received many honors, risen to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, as well as been held as a Justicar and Battlemaster of the Alliance. He is the leader in his guild and the Intelligence Officer of Guildwatch.

Professions: He is businessman with many strengths, but he truly enjoys mining, engineering, and fishing.

Physical Description: ((At the bottom, I have included his RSP))

Personality Description: Rodek is first and foremost a rogue. He lies smoothly, has a great poker face, and can seem cold and calculating. He is quiet and does not waste words, but when he says something, you had better listen. As a friend, he fiercely protects those he loves. He is caring and gentle with his wife and children. His humor is mostly sarcasm.

General Notes: Rodek Nightstalker is the Guildwatch Intelligence Officer. His position causes him to work long dangerous hours, with many shady characters. He is driven by a passion to protect the Kaldorei way of life and the Alliance as a whole. His hatred of the horde is pointed to the Warsong Clan of orcs, who destroyed his village.

Unusual Notes: Rodek is a small Kaldorei, standing only at 6’5, but he uses his small stature to his advantage. He often disguises himself and pretends to be an innocuous bystander.

Secrets: Rodek was all business until he met Reinnea. While his friend and mentor, Nictus, thinks his love for her makes him weak, Rodek knows having someone to come home to makes him fight more fiercely.

History: Rodek was the second son to a family of hunters in eastern Ashenvale. He lived in the shadow of his elder brother until he snapped and left home. He picked up skills in thievery, assassination, and extortion and began work as a mercenary. When he found himself hired to kill someone he was once bound to protect, he had too take a long look at his priorities. After saving Reinnea from those who wished her dead, he decided to return home. What he found was a graveyard and orcish invaders. Rodek turned his focus to espionage and decided to work with the Guildwatch as a way to avenge his family. When he had a brush with his own mortality, he decided admit his feelings and married Reinnea. The two continue to work with the Guildwatch and now have a twin son and daughter.

Connection to characters: Reinnea Nightstalker (Wife), Celidain Shadowstalker (Brother in law), Celibin Moondancer (Brother in law), Lorredain Moondancer (Brother in law), Charles “Bankinguy” O’Hare (business partner), Dimli Stonework (Friend), Skarlath Oakenshield (friend, now deceased) and Nictus Vael’kyn (friend, missing possibly deceased).

Goals: Hopes to rid Ashenvale of the Warsong Clan for good.

Current Going-On: Rodek is dealing with increased Horde aggressions and spending more time with his growing family.

Quotes: “…”

RSP: The Night Elf man before stares through you like a blade might cut through bread. His light amber eyes have a calculating look to them as if he were summing you up as an opponent. His long dark blue hair is sleek and tied up in a high ponytail out of his way. He is of shorter stature then most Kaldorei , standing only at 6'5". His armour is well worn and you can see two visible daggers on his belt, one carved with the symbol of the Alliance and the Initials "S.O." on it. At any given time he has about 12 or so other daggers hidden on him.
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80 Dwarf Priest
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85 Dwarf Paladin
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80 Blood Elf Death Knight
Name: Quitaris Cael’dron (Quiqui for short; pronounced Kiki)

Age: Unknown (seems young)

Gender: Female

Class: Death Knight

Job/Profession: Blacksmith and Miner

Physical Description: ((Copy of her RSP at the bottom))

Personality Description: Quiqui is unlike any Death Knight you have ever seen. She is sweet and innocent to a fault, completely ignorant about the world. She is gullible and shy, horribly afraid of paladins, whom she holds in regard much as others think of Death Knights.

General Notes: Quiqui is always curious and willing to make a new friend, if she can get over her shyness. Her little beholder, Willy, whom she treats like her child, almost always accompanies her.

Unusual Notes: Quiqui often complains of being cold. Perhaps it has something to do with how she died.

Secrets: She kind of wishes she was a troll like her lover, Tebecca. She feels very weak and small compared to the statuesque troll woman.

History: Quiqui has no memories of her time alive and only vague memories about her time under Arthas. Therefore, according to her, her life began when she was released at Light’s Hope Chapel. She had nowhere to go and no one to go with, so she randomly wandered and did all the tasks anyone asked of her. Everything changed one day when in a moment of confusion, she asked the death knight beside her at the Rune Forge for help. That death knight was Tebecca and the two became inseparable. Quiqui has made a few friends, but she hopes to make more.

Current Going-On (if any): Quiqui is working hard for the money!

She must have been beautiful once, but death faded her into the cold, pale shell she is now. Her once tan skin is now an ashy gray and her bright blond hair now dull and faded. Her skin is discolored in a few places where some decay has reached. Quiqui has few personal items on her, but if you look to her ankle, you can see a greenish black metal cuff and a trollish looking choker necklace on her neck.

Quitaris is a little shy, but seems rather trusting of others, except paladins, who she fears intensely. A baby beholder, named Willy, usually follows her. She is very curious and asks a lot of questions.

Willy is sometimes seen wearing funny little clothes.
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85 Orc Mage
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84 Tauren Shaman
Name: Raga Blackmane

Age: Old enough to know better, young enough not to care.

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Shocking, stomping, skinning, and flower picking. But mostly drinking.

Physical Description: Black fur and mane, green eyes. Usually wears battle gear, but can sometimes be seen wearing prettier things when she's relaxing around the Crossroads or out with friends. Generally smells faintly (or not so faintly) of booze. Frequently seen with a keg nearby.

Personality Description: Jovial and good-humored for the most part, and loyal to a fault once you've earned her trust. In the past, Raga operated from a deep core of anger and grief, although she has learned to live again in spite of her losses. If you ask her too many personal questions, she'll usually deflect them with jokes and drinking, but she can be serious when she needs to be.

General Notes: Generally speaking, Raga doesn't like elves (of either variety, but especially night elves). She can stomach dwarves and gnomes, as long as they're not attacking her lands. But elves set her teeth on edge. Friends will recognize her usual battle cry: "It bounces! Kill it!"

Unusual Notes: Once upon a visit to Stormwind, Raga became obsessed with obtaining a pet gnome. For Winter's Veil, Bullhoof gave her one as a gift, and House Gnome, keeper of the booze inventory, became as well known in the Crossroads as Raga. Maybe better known.

Secrets: Raga lives at the Crossroads because Mulgore, with its strong Tauren presence, reminds her too much of the past. And possibly because there's a cat she's very fond of who frequently perches on the Crossroads mailbox--but that part's not very secret.

History: Raga lost a husband and brothers in the most recent war against the Burning Legion. After her children were slaughtered by a roaming band of humans and elves, she spent a period of time in angry mourning before the spirits called her to the path of the shaman. She fights now to help save for others what she couldn't save for herself.

Current Going-On: Continues to work on mending her relationship with her one remaining child, Ayusta (teenaged angst-cow) and plans to retire to Winterspring with her beloved Bullhoof once all this silliness with elementals and cultists dies down. In the meantime, she continues to defend the Barrens and Mulgore, help friends where she can, and squeeze in as much drinking and dancing as possible.
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100 Night Elf Priest
Name: Sydrianna Starfall (usually asks to be called Syd)

Job: Priestess of Elune. Currently learning tailoring and enchanting.

Physical Description:
Typical night elf ears and glowing eyes, white-blonde hair typically pulled back in a neat ponytail. She generally wears a carefully calm expression, but there's often a tightness around her eyes and mouth. If she's feeling particularly tired or vulnerable, she will sometimes wear a hood to hide her face. Once upon a time she sported a hoop earring in her pierced navel, but she's rarely out of priestess garb these days, and the scar barely shows anyhow.

Syd tries to present herself as calm and business-like, preferring to expend energy during fights on following orders and keeping people alive as best she can rather than on social niceties. Her reserved manner may prevent others from seeing her genuine concern for their well-being, but she will run into danger for the sake of a fighting companion with a fierce protectiveness that borders on foolishness. Those who spend enough time around Syd may catch glimpses of a sense of humor that borders on silliness when she relaxes her guard.

Goals: Currently, to regain her mental fortitude and convince the Temple she is capable of serving as well as she has in the past--although some small part of her would be relieved beyond belief to never have to set foot in Duskwood again.

Born during a relatively peaceful period between wars. Solid and loving upbringing by her seamstress mother. Father was a druid, already called to the Emerald Dream by the time Sydrianna was born, but her mother was proud rather than bitter, so Sydrianna took the same attitude. Her mother died during the war with the Legion; her father is among the missing druids. During the more recent war against the Burning Legion, Syd aided the priestess mother of her then-lover and took up mantle of priestess herself thereafter, with the elder priestess taking Syd under her wing as her student. Syd and her lover parted ways after clashing because she valued her duties as priestess over him.

About a year ago, the Temple sent Syd out to see the larger world, learn from her experiences, and offer whatever help she could while she was at it. She took up the habit of responding to calls for defense and worked briefly with Guildwatch at that time. She also managed to fall in love, just in time for the Temple to send her on a lengthy assignment into the deepest shadows of Duskwood. For the second time, Syd put her duties as priestess before her personal life and left her lover behind in order to obey Elune's will.

More recently, Syd's superiors determined that the length of Syd's stay in Duskwood's darkness may have begun to affect her too deeply. They have insisted she take an extended leave of absence, leaving her to fumble her way back into a "normal" life and struggle with the shadows that may have followed her out of Raven Hill or may be just be signs that her superiors are right about Syd's wavering grip on reality.
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