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90 Gnome Mage
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100 Gnome Mage

Name: Jazari S. Mechavolt

Age: Approaching 103, although he looks to be in his early 20s.

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Archaeologist (specializing in ancient technology), Secretary of Guildwatch, Engineer, Professional Adventurer… Too many to list!

Physical Description:
Jazari stands a strapping 3 feet, 6 inches tall, about average for a gnome, with a shaggy mop of dark hair that, while clean, doesn't seem to have encountered a comb within the last ten years. He has dark, rather expressive eyes, which, to match his usual cheerful grin, are frequently wide and happy. He's usually found dressed in a battered leather bomber jacket over a crisp, if rough-spun, linen shirt, and dark baggy pants. The jacket is embroidered with a number of complex shapes, and seems to have been patched a fair number of times. He also wears a rich purple cloak and, most importantly of all, a large, brown fedora hat, which generally sits perched on his head at a jaunty angle. The hat, like the jacket, seems to have seen better days, but it is obviously well-loved and cared for. A guildwatch medal is pinned on one side of the hat, although it is a bit dull, Jaz not having bothered to polish it.

Personality Description:
"Right! Sixteen sealed and guarded doors between here an' the rig controls, two minutes before the boiler builds up enough power for a shot, and there's a Fel Reaver attacking! Brilliant!"

Jazari is cheerful and enthusiastic about nearly everything, examining a new species of animal, an undead monstrosity, or (especially) ruins and ancient technology. He's often been known to exclaim on how amazing something is right before it attempts to maul him. Thankfully, he seems to possess a mad talent for getting himself and everyone else out of trouble as fast as they get into it. He's a self-professed Adventurer (capital A).

He's completely opposed to the horde/alliance conflict, considering the fact that the two overarching governments even exist to be completely ridiculous. The gnome will fight with everything he has to protect the well-being of his companions, but he places a great deal of stock in life of any kind, and will always spare the life of a defeated enemy. In addition, he tends to talk before fighting, being quite skilled, in fact, of talking his way out of situations.

Jazari, almost to a fault, goes to any lengths to help out people who, in his eyes, deserve it. He doesn't think of himself as a hero, but constantly throws himself in danger to protect those he cares about, as well as the world as a whole, and he was been, if he were to be honest with himself, extremely lucky to have lived through many of his experiences. He's known for seeing good in just about everyone, including his enemies (although sometimes this good does not exist), and can't abide seeing anyone in trouble for long.

-Jazari is, in fact, far older than he looks. The gnome literally rewound himself through time for a fresh lease on life, storing his memories in a "mneumonic bubble."
-Jaz successfully created a living biomechanical creature… an abomination of steam, steal, and plague-animated flesh. And it escaped. This was a number of years ago, so it's more than likely dead… he hopes.
-He has a habit of ending sentences as questions, yeh?
-Jazari, very uncharacteristically, has no interest in seeing Gnomeregan rebuilt, describing it as a "radioactive hell." Because of this, he's never gotten along particularly well other other gnomes.

Well, I had quite a long history here, but it placed the post over the character limit, sadly…

Jazari left Gnomeregan in his early 20s, running from the boredom and repetition of everyday life, as well as his rather hopeless skills at magic, which would take time and experience to develop. For the next 80 years, he travelled Azeroth, even travelling to an 'officially undiscovered' Kalimdor via a balloon-powered flying machine.

He found himself a member of the explorer's league, without any sort of permanent home, as he reached the dreaded "middle age" of just over 100. Continuing to do work for the league, he moved temporarily to Stormwind, where he was swept up into events involving the Black Rose Syndicate and the Guildwatch.

Current Going-On (if any):
-Searching for the missing engineer Loche Shadowstalker. Jazari and several companions have tracked him to a high-altitude airship, and will soon confront him.
-Engaged in a budding romantic relationship with an artificial life form. "Yeh, long story that one! Anyhow…!"
-Recently moved to Ironforge with his adopted sister, Lelliel Turner.
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90 Undead Warrior
Name: Jamarra Bane

Age: Frozen at 24 due to her undead state

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Warrior and axecrafter by trade; cook by hobby

Physical Description: Standing at about 5' 4", Jamarra is less stooped and rotted than many others of her kind; she keeps herself clean and cares well for her gear. She is almost always clad in platemail, aside from those few occasions that call for formal wear, during which she'll wear a red dress and tabard. Short blonde hair frames a face covered with a leather harness that hides her ruined eyes, a token from her death at the hands of the Scourge years ago.

Jamarra's sole adornment is a small Tauren-made trinket on a leather thong, from which hang three feathers- two white, one black. Around the black feather is wound a single strand of white hair.

Personality Description: Jamarra had once been a cruel, uncaring fighter, neglecting anything that would not lead her to another battle. Events involving a certain Human named Uthas led to her abandonment by Sylvanas and subsequent acceptance by the Tauren, giving her a completely new outlook on life; though she is still no eloquent speaker or social butterfly, she is far more understanding and open, willing to reach out beyond her comfort zone to learn new things or relate to different people- even Paladins.

Her style of fighting has likewise changed. Where she once simply threw herself at enemies and wore them down with sheer rage, she now fights carefully, decisively, seeking the one blow that will end the fight. She has also trained herself with the shield, accepting the role of protector when needed. She will not engage in a pointless battle, nor let prejudice or foolishness pick her fights for her; when she steps onto the battlefield, it is for something she believes will secure the future of Azeroth.

General Notes: Jamarra is a Master Warrior, capable of wielding just about any weapon lethally. She is also extremely skilled in unarmed combat, and could hold her own with most Rogues in hand-to-hand while still wearing her platemail, let alone out of it. Her "extended family", the Riders of the Storm, have named her a Storm Raven, and she rather likes the appelation.

Unusual Notes: Jamarra considers herself a protector of the orphans housed in Orgrimmar and Shattrath, and would easily do the same for the children of Stormwind should it come to that; she draws a very thick line between the innocent and legitimate targets, and the Earth Mother help anyone who dares cross it.

Secrets: Jammy actually likes cupcakes.

History: One of many children left orphaned by the wars and other fighting that ravaged Azeroth, Jamarra grew up as an indentured servant and cook in the manor of a minor Lord in Tirisfal. During the spread of the Scourge over the Eastern Kingdoms, Jamarra witnessed the Lord attempting to flee the barricaded manor and leave all his staff to die. For the only time in her short life, Jamarra knew the rage of the Warrior, but she could not prevent his flight, nor could she stand long against the endless armies of the Scourge as they stormed the manor afterwards. She died in battle, fighting to the last. Crews who came to clean the mess later were so horrified by the damage done to her eyes that they tied a leather harness around her face to hide the sight before burying her in a shallow, unmarked grave.

There she lay for four years, held between unlife and death by an incomplete Plague infection, until she was dug up by agents of Sylvanas Windrunner and took up the name Jamarra Bane. From there her unlife was a straight-ahead march, finding bigger challenges and tougher fights to test herself, until agents of a man who called himself "Father" Uthas left her poisoned and hobbled. Lady Sylvanas, disgusted with Jamarra's mercenary attitude and lack of loyalty, was perfectly willing to let the Warrior rot, but the Tauren of Thunder Bluff would not let Jamarra fade so easily. It was their generosity and compassion that turned the Lady Bane from a bloodthirsty killer into a protector and defender.

Current Going-On (if any): Having had a hand in the final fall of the Lich King, Jamarra is bereft of driving purpose, left to her own devices to keep busy. But she is not one to lay idle; the Tauren have taught her much of the ways of the spirits and the elements- especially her friend, the shamaness Fawnah Dusktreader- and she is eager to learn more. For the Lady Jamarra Bane knows that Azeroth is not a world that sees peace for long.
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85 Undead Priest
Name: Delial Ebonfall
Age: Late 20s to 30s is likely but she is either unsure or unwilling to admit anything.
Gender: Female
Job/Profession: Priestess, engineer, professional nag.

Physical Description:
Delial is fairly typical of her Forsaken kin: thin, pale, generally beaten about though she has taken measures to patch herself up somewhat. She might even be considered beautiful if only for the way she carries herself: with the easy grace of a woman who knows she has a place in the world. Her favored expression is a smirk, coy and friendly, though it could just as easily snap into a scowl.
The most notable feature about her would be her eyes. They are oddly mismatched: the right a mostly glowless brown more fitting to a living thing's head than a Forsaken, the left a little too... perfect, round, bright, as if she had stuck a small flashlight into her eyesocket and called it a day.
Those who knew her before her turn away from her prior calling might note that she no longer wears those crossed facebands that so many of her ilk seem to favor. Instead, it would appear that she's taken a trio of thin strips and wrapped them through and over her lower lip.
Her hands have seen better days. The rest of her seems to be fairly well taken care of but her hands are thin, the skin knotted and scarred particularly around her fingers and palms.

Personality Description:
Delial does her best to present herself in a pleasant and polite light. For the most part she may be just that in fact were it not for her short temper, her judgemental tendencies, and her largely moody disposition. Typically she is not one to censor herself should she find something to not be to her liking, and she has a stubborn streak to her. However, she is one who knows full well the importance of duty and has long since perfected the art of veiling a potentially venomous tongue behind a perfectly practiced smile.

General Notes:
Contrary to what her service history might say, she is not at all a proponent of the war between Horde and Alliance. She still considers herself very much human and a loyalist to Lordaeron (particularly Andorhal, her home village) and her causes. Though she has maintained good relations with the various Horde factions, she is still fairly distrustful of the other races and tends to associate almost exclusively with fellow Forsaken.
It wasn't too long ago that Delial was known better as a warlock. Though she has renounced those former ties and has embraced the powers of the Light (in practice, if not in faith), her ties with the Shadows are just as strong if not stronger than before.

Unusual Notes:
For one reason or another, Delial finds those of the rogueish pursuasion to be very, very attractive.

For all the trash she talks of her guild and guild leader, she's actually quite proud to be counted amongst their number.

Born and raised the sole daughter of a modestly wealthy house in Andorhal, Delial lived a life where her largest concern was filling up the hours of the day with anything to keep herself entertained. She and her beloved baby brother often occupied themselves with doing the things her parents (a retired priest and his socialite wife) did not approve of: pranks and jokes, skipping out on their schooling, and just about anything else unbecoming of a young lady and her soon to be gentlemanly sibling.
The Ebonfalls were among the many who fell along with their village when the Scourge invasion came. Some number of years after her death, Delial found herself in the Shadow Grave trying to either flee from or murder Undertaker Mordo.
Since then, she likes to think she's gotten a bit of sense in her head though some of her adventures since then may say otherwise.

Current Going-On (if any):
Loche has been found and not a moment too soon, for the rogue would soon become the least of her concerns. The Shattering has brought many things back into the limelight, one of them being the Dark Lady's newfound ambition. Delial is left to balance her loyalties to her 'people' and her desire to ease (if not heal) tensions between herself and humankind.
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91 Tauren Druid
Searching for the missing engineer Loche Shadowstalker.

the hunt for Loche Shadowstalker still remains.

*Has images of Loche with engineering goggles, red and white striped shirt with blue jeans and sneakers going through his mind.*

Also /bump till sticky'd.
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100 Gnome Mage
Searching for the missing engineer Loche Shadowstalker.

the hunt for Loche Shadowstalker still remains.

*Has images of Loche with engineering goggles, red and white striped shirt with blue jeans and sneakers going through his mind.*

Also /bump till sticky'd.

( Or, better yet, a big red trench coat and floppy hat. )
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90 Undead Warrior
Searching for the missing engineer Loche Shadowstalker.

the hunt for Loche Shadowstalker still remains.

*Has images of Loche with engineering goggles, red and white striped shirt with blue jeans and sneakers going through his mind.*

Also /bump till sticky'd.

( Or, better yet, a big red trench coat and floppy hat. )

(( "Where... in the... world... is... Low-shay Shadowstalker?" ))
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91 Tauren Druid
Searching for the missing engineer Loche Shadowstalker.

the hunt for Loche Shadowstalker still remains.

*Has images of Loche with engineering goggles, red and white striped shirt with blue jeans and sneakers going through his mind.*

Also /bump till sticky'd.

( Or, better yet, a big red trench coat and floppy hat. )

(( "Where... in the... world... is... Low-shay Shadowstalker?" ))

( This should be made in to a new video game, we could have Bhe taunt the player when they don't do so good. )
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90 Human Rogue
Name: Tarquin ap Danwyrith, called by some "the Oathbreaker" for obscure reasons.

Age: mid-thirties.

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: business owner; Captain of Alliance Irregulars

Physical Description: A rangy scarecrow of a man, handsome enough in a vulpine, coarse-bearded sort of way, peering hungrily at the world from beneath a curtain of straw-blond hair. Tarquin slouches when he stands, fidgets when he sits, and gestures when he speaks in his lilting northern brogue.

Personality Description: possessed of a rustic Northern charm that belies his nasty reputation, Tarquin is equally at home hunkered down around a military campfire or kissing hands at a high-society social. He remains friendly and imperturbable under most any circumstances, with a keen wit and a tendency towards grandstanding; his essentially predatory nature is kept under tight wraps until it's needed.

General Notes: While trained by SI:7 as an assassin and sharpened on any number of battlefields, Tarquin isn't much use in a stand-up fight; his talents lend themselves more to convincing other people to perform violence for him. His checkered resume has also given him a certain diplomatic savvy and a working knowledge of military tactics; as a businessman, his best asset is a flexible attitude towards things like "taxes" and "licenses."

Unusual Notes: Tarquin is a competent fiddle player, a whiskey snob, an absolutely awful cook, and will talk your ear off about locksmithing for hours if you let him.

Secrets: Plenty!

History: In short - born in Stratholme, moved to Stormwind, fled to the streets, recruited by SI:7 in lieu of a stay in the Stockades, rose in the ranks until he resigned, a decision driven in equal parts by love and spite. Served an errant knight of Gilneas in the Greymane Exiles, and was then entangled in the great disaster of Absolution, where the mad preacher Uthas led thousands to their deaths. With a few other survivors, founded the Wildfire Riders, a mercenary company/business cartel dedicated to principled anti-authoritarianism, insular loyalty, and high profit margins. Participated with his guild in the wars in Outland and Northrend, as well as the defense of Stormwind during the Second Scourge Invasion. Loved and lost. Entered civilized semi-retirement, running the Pig & Whistle Tavern and representing the hospitality industry to the Society of Stormwind Trade Guilds, and maintaining the Wildfire Riders' influence on the streets of Old Town, until war reared its head again.

Current Going-On (if any): the destruction of Theramore and the subsequent discovery of Pandaria, as well as grudges more personal, have led Tarquin to resign some of his civil interests and reclaim his old commission in the Alliance Irregular Regiments. He's mostly working as a quartermaster and intelligence officer.

Art because why not:
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v470/Aseran/Riders%20Portraits/Tarquin.jpg by the estimable Lansiron.
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85 Orc Mage
(To be refilled out due to Race Change)
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85 Tauren Shaman
Name: Fawnah, of the Dusktreader tribe

Age: 37 years young, according to her

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Shamaness of Bloodhoof Village, expert herbalist and alchemist, lover of all sorts of booze

Physical Description: Exceptionally tall and lanky for a female Tauren (7'9", but "only" 350 pounds), Fawnah's dark grey fur gives her the look of advanced age, though watching her spry movements and clear amber eyes will dispel that illusion. She keeps two long braids, one of which has a long white hair woven through it. Fawnah is almost always smiling, her tail never seeming to stop moving whether standing, sitting or running. When not clad in the chainmail required to protect her in battle, Fawn will wear a variety of dresses and kilts, each carefully chosen to match her style. She also likes to decorate her ears with small, sparkly jewelry and her horns with bright wrappings to match her clothes.

Personality Description: Fawnah is about as happy-go-lucky as anyone can be in the world of Azeroth. Nothing is better to her than a tankard in her hand and a bunch of friends around her- and unless you've proven yourself otherwise, you're a friend to her. If someone needs help, she will go well out of her way to give assistance, and demurely respond to thanks. She loves healing and giving out potions to whoever needs them, but while she has also proven to be an exceptional front-line fighter under the tutelage of her friend Jamarra Bane, she is not quite so comfortable with that role.

General Notes: Fawnah has worked hard to build diplomatic relations with a number of other factions; she sees herself as an ambassador of peaceful coexistence, working to make the world a more (happily drunken) understanding place. Naturally, she views the Horde/Alliance conflict as a sad misunderstanding, and applauds Thrall's attempts at outreach and peaceful resolution.

Unusual Notes: Fawnah is extremely agile for a Tauren, capable of acrobatics many others of her kind would be hard-pressed to copy. Jamarra has helped her translate this ability into a considerable expertise in martial arts, making her capable of using her entire body- augmented by her skills as a Shaman- as a weapon.

She also keeps a huge stable of pets and mounts, and will spend days on end taking care of them when she can, paying handsomely for their upkeep when she is away. Her favorite is a tiny Sporebat from Sporeggar, which she has affectionately named Nightlight.

Secrets: Fawn hopes to one day take over the Legerdemain Lounge and greatly increase its stock of beverages.

History: Groomed from early on in her life to become a healer in the small village of Bloodhoof on the quiet plains of Mulgore, Fawnah became discontent with her lot in life and, following the stories of visiting elders of places far beyond the mountains that ringed her homeland, she set out to learn what she could of what lay beyond. What followed was a whirlwind journey across two worlds, a young doe growing into her skills and abilities and reaching an understanding of the elements, battles fought and won to defend the innocent, and- most importantly- endless amounts of booze being drunk.

Now the gawky, giggly Tauren girl from Bloodhoof has grown into a woman of the world, confident in her place in life, and while she will still ride out anywhere at a moment's notice to defend what she sees as right, she is also happy to return to Bloodhoof Village and spread her knowledge to the young bulls and does living and passing through there.

Current Going-On (if any): With the battle in Northrend winding down, Fawnah has turned her efforts homeward, helping Jamarra with her care for her orphan charges and in learning the ways of the elements and the spirits. More often, though, she is back home in Bloodhoof, happy to take naps in simple hammocks and tell tales to wide-eyed youngsters. She is eyeing the ascent of Garrosh Hellscream with some trepidation; she sees his quick temper and violent nature as a stark opposite to the peaceful nature she wishes the Horde to continue traveling.
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
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100 Undead Priest
Name: Regina Regatta DeBlanc

Age: 19 at death

Gender: Lady-type

Job/Profession: Priest with a side of enchanting and tailoring.

Physical Description: Average height, average build, minor rotting, little waxy looking. Think disturbingly lifelike wax statue.

Personality Description: Chipper and optimistic, with romantic notions and the singular focus of a serial over achiever. Regatta honestly believes that everything will be ok after all, even if she is dead.

General Notes: Her work with the Argent Dawn means a great deal to her. She sees it as a way to prevent others from succumbing to the same fate. She feels closer to human than Forsaken and is generally uncomfortable around her "own kind".

Unusual Notes: Zuckerman. Her evil pet pig. He is much more than he seems. And has a habit of stealing pants, and attempting to kill many well known baddies for reasons unknown. ((Zuckerman has been on hiatus since his inspiration died in March.))

Secrets: Still harbors a school girl crush on Nathanos Marris.

History: Regatta is the youngest of 8, and the only girl. She was born on a farm somewhere near Southshore. When she died, instead of alerting the local magistrate of her death, her family smuggled her to Tirisfal Glades, to "be with her own kind". She's kept in increasingly minimal contact with them since.

Current Going-On (if any): Her former fiance, now himself a Death Knight, recently found her and they have rekindled their romance. While she reconciles what she knows of his current personality and what she knew of his old self, he tries to help her cope with the growing distance from her family.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Name: Ocba {oc-ba}, he has no last name.

Age: Physical age is 579 years, but his actually age is 10,623 years old.

Gender: Male.

Job/Profession: Ocba works as a Bounty Hunter. Acquiring most of his jobs from the King of Stormwind himself, he was given the rank Knight-Captain as a testiment of his loyalty. He is also a skilled Keatherworker; often lending out his services under the title: Ocba's Slanty Shack.

Physical Description: Ocba is tall for a male night elf at the height of seven feet six inches. His skin gives out a dark blue hue as if painted on by water. Ocba lets his rich, green colored hair grow out; the length reaching the middle of his back and usually covers part of his face. His eyes glow emerald green, by which the origins are from a misfortunate adventure into the Emerald Dream. His body holds countless scars as a sign of his work; with only two scars that stick out from the rest: a scar from the talon of a large bird of prey across his left eye and a tiger's claw mark streaking from his right cheek down to his collar bone. Ocba is seen all the time with bandages wrapped around his body where his most recent scars are. On his left shoulder though, is the Insignia of the Bounty Hunters; tattood on to show that he is a high ranking bounty hunter.

Personality Description: Ocba is usually heartless, but his work in Guildwatch has made him a little more tolerable. He can usually be found at the Black Rose Syndicate's Respite in the Stormwind Park (though that is soon to change). Ocba is very anti-social when his work is frequent; he'd rather settle matters through fighting than diplomatically. Acustom to having a bad reputation, he takes it to his advantage to do whatever he pleases, like drawing the attention of the Horde leaders for some fun.

General notes: Ocba is never seen without a pet. His most trusted partner is a white tiger named Sargatogu.

Unusual notes: His tiger, Sargatogu, is the son of Bangalash and the Prince of Stranglethorn. Sargatogu himself has an intelligence level of a twenty year old human, and occassionally acts upon it. Ocba created a special language for his partner, giving them a way of communication.

Secrets: Ocba has too many to be recorded.

History: Ocba fought in the War of the Ancients. His first and only love was an uncorrupt Highborne. Little other is known about his history.

Current Going-On: With the rise of the Twilight Hammer, Ocba has immediately gotten back to work. His respite has taken its toll though as Ocba is having problems keeping up with the fast pace of work that has practically burst from the ground, and with little to no rest, he has even less time to train.
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100 Night Elf Druid

Name:Fãde O'Brady-Callahan

Age:Some say I am young and some say I am old. I say I am both. In body and soul.


Job/Profession:Landscaping,I keep the overgrowth of weeds around the varies zones.(herbalist)
I also am a Grand Master and mixing varies potions and cures for many the illnesses that plaque our wonderful lands.(Alchemist)

Physical Description: I have been blessed with the height that my beloved race granted me and the beauty and grace bestowed upon me by Elune. However, I possess what many don't and that is the power granted to me by Cenarius. This power can only be understood by those who also possess it also. I am a mystery to many.

Personality Description: I am always of great cheer and I love to have fun. My passion is to always have fun,no matter the situation.In times of war I have decicated my life to healing those in need. I will protect our land and those I love at all cost. If they are anyway threatened.I will and have been, much to my dismay,a very unpleasant person.

General Notes:

Unusual Notes: Some say I am intoxicating.

Secrets: I have a crush/love for another.

History:Fãde is a middle child. Born into a family with many sisters. She does however take her fathers intelligence and her mothers adoring laugh and mystical ways.

Current Going-On (if any)Fãde is living the easy life. However, she knows her world will soon be changed. She has decided to kick back in the pub and have a few drinks with her Cenarius brethren the Taurens.
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100 Night Elf Druid
Table for two please.

Do I have reservations? Only a few.
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85 Orc Hunter
Name: Rynog

Age: Unknown, as no one really tends to celebrate peons' birthdays

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Cook, cleaner, herb-gatherer, trap detector ("Hey Rynog, walk over there for a minute, would you?") ... all the usual peon stuff

Physical Description: Roughly five and a half feet tall, though his stooped posture makes him appear just under five feet. Lean but muscular build. Large, expressive eyes. Hands and feet are heavily calloused. Clothes are crudely made, but obviously well cared for.

Personality Description: Warm, friendly, and unfailingly loyal. Has a simple, almost childlike view of good and bad. Inquisitive but cautious, he's often heard to tell friends "me have bad feeling about dis" in potentially dangerous situations.

General Notes: Rynog always wears gear with an appropriately "peon-ish" look, which generally means a sleeveless top, simple gloves and boots, and NO SHOULDER ARMOR (no, not even in dungeons and raids).

Unusual Notes: Rynog never uses the word "tauren" -- he always refers to tauren as "nice cow people," no matter how often someone may try to correct him.

History: ((Too tired to type everything now, so just copy/pasting from his short GuildPortal bio for the time being)) As a peon serving the ogres of Stonemaul Village, Rynog performed two duties: he cooked, and he entertained. Of course, the ogres' idea of "entertainment" was to dig a mud pit, catch a crocolisk, and throw Rynog in to wrestle it. Much to his surprise, the feisty peon not only survived these contests, but he also began to develop a rapport with the crocs. When Onyxia's brood arrived and razed Stonemaul, Rynog and his pets fled deep into the swamp. Separated from the surviving ogres, and with no place to call home, Rynog wandered aimlessly for weeks, until he came across an adventuring tauren shaman who led him out of the swamp and to the safety of Thunder Bluff.
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90 Worgen Warrior
Name: Lemuelle Brenton

Age: 24, as of the cataclysm

Gender: Female

Physical Description: In her normal form, Lemuelle is large (even for a worgen) and densely-muscled. She's a bit more stocky than the typical female worgen. She is covered from head to toe in reddish-brown fur, a mane of wild, darker red-brown hair on her head and the back of her neck.

In human form, she is quite a bit more average. Though her muscles are fairly toned, it's

subtle and not unusual for a fighter. Long, red hair frames her round face. She has grey eyes and soft features, and yet most can tell there's something unsettling about her appearance - perhaps her pupils are more tall and narrow than they should be?

Personality Description: Lem's sadness at the destruction of her homeland is completely overshadowed by her enthusiasm at finally getting to explore the great wide world beyond the wall. Noble, passionate, and loyal, yet a bit of a slacker who has a tendency to leave things half-finished. She can be a bit socially awkward, but she's genuinely friendly and good-humored. She is extremely impulsive and does have a cruel and violent streak when angered, which can occasionally leave her with regrets. Has a tendency to jump to conclusions. Loathes the forsaken for what they've done to her people, and has little love for the rest of the Horde who have chosen to stand with them.

General Notes: Lem sees the worgen curse, and her powerful new body, as an opportunity to find her place in the world.

Her fighting style was originally that of a footman trained in sword'n'board, but since the transformation she's been working on a new, barbarian-like fighting style that more closely reflects her feral side. She very much prefers her worgen form--when she's in human form out of necessity, it is never without complaint.

Unusual Notes: Because she got most of her information about the outside world prior to about a couple months ago from books in Gilneas, she is prone to having bizarre and hilariously incorrect ideas about how things work, particularly about the Horde.

History: Born not long after the Greymane wall was built, Lem had never seen the world beyond Gilneas. Throughout her childhood, she enjoyed reading stories of the outside world, of humans fighting alongside elves and dwarves against the orcish horde.

The daughter of a baker couple who ran the shop "Brenton's Breads and Buns", Lem's parents had hoped for her to take up ownership of the bakery. Lem, on the other hand, was completely disinterested, dreaming of doing something more extraordinary with her life. Eventually, Lem's parents relented, a bit sad but willing to support their daughter in whatever pursuit would make her happy.

After a couple of failed apprenticeships in her early teens in "normal" trades such as blacksmithing and shoemaking, Lemuelle found something she could stick to: apprenticing for room and board under an old lady alchemist and tinkerer, Iretha Mara. Though her duties mainly involved fetching supplies and washing out beakers, Lem was fascinated by Lady Mara's work and always figured that someday, she'd start making miraculous discoveries and inventions, too!

Though working for Iretha was exciting and interesting, there was a distinct disadvantage to this kind of work. Because the old woman was widely considered a crazy old crone and suspected of being a rebel-sympathizer (though no one could prove one way or the other), Lem remained fairly socially isolated throughout her teenage years. She had but a few friends and no suitors. While a bit lonely, Lem fully believed the apprenticeship to be worth it.

Lem continued the apprenticeship for several years, until she turned 19. The old woman died early in the worgen curse outbreak, her shredded body found by Lemuelle right outside of their home.

While Lem pondered taking Lady Mara's writings and continuing on with the old woman's work, she came to the conclusion that defending her country against the worgen menace was more important at the time. She enlisted in the Gilnean infantry and was trained as a common foot-soldier.

While Lem's fighting skills proved competent enough, they were certainly nothing spectacular. Still, she fought well enough to be a contributing part of the force that heroically held back the worgen in Gilneas City, allowing civilian survivors to escape.

When she later regained her human consciousness, Lemuelle found herself in a new worgen body. And it had appeared that, somehow, she'd been lucky enough to wind up with a particularly large and powerful one. Encouraged, Lemuelle has since been working hard at training herself to fight, believing her extra edge as a particularly big and strong worgen would give her a chance to carve herself a new place in the world beyond the wall.
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91 Night Elf Druid

Name: Nim

Age: Lost track, isn't a spring chicken and isn't ready for the Nursing Tree either.

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Skinner, Flower Picker

Physical Description: Average height for a night elf, long white hair that flows down over his shoulders.

Personality Description: Mellow, like really mellow but he's not on anything.

General Notes: Early on Nim was out and about way more then he has been. His early travels took him all over Azeroth and he managed to collect the first set of "Dead Bird Armor" anyone could find. Generally a beary nice fellow, he's gotten along with most everyone he's ever met.

Unusual Notes: Was one of the participants of the Tri-City Raid on the Horde that actually made it in and out alive years ago.

Secrets: Has one secret that nobody has ever figured out or clue about other then it exists. The second secret is during his time in Un'Goru when he almost lost him self in his bear form he has a bite mark scaring on his back that bleeds now and then and wakes him up in a cold sweat. The bite mark was made by King Mosh (devilsaur) which is partly what drove him to his madness back then.

History: When he was really little his parents left him in the care of the night elf druids. They went on a trip by boat but never came back. The boat was rumored to be lost at sea and Nim was raised by the druids ever since.

Early on when he first set foot in Darkshore he was one of the people recruited to help found Silvanesti Dracorium (Dec 17th, 2004). After a long period of time he later joined the Silver Dragons for a brief period until political drama and other factors made him decide to leave.

Later on he joined Retribution which eventually reformed in to Destiny and spent quite some time in Destiny. After that he hopped around a bit and even back in to Destiny for a short time but has been very restless. For a while now he's not been affiliated with any particular group.

Early on he he was participating in Guildwatch activities heavily. As time and events moved on his activities in Guildwatch have waned in as he pursued more personal interests. His involvement in the tri-city raid had him assigned to the Undercity and he nearly made it down the corridor to the Dark Lady's chamber but had to withdraw due to the large number of Horde flooding the chamber and hallway.

Current Going-On (if any): Has been seen roaming about Darnassus ridding around on his old white frost saber. Sometimes travels to Dalaran to take in the sights and occasionally Stormwind.
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