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85 Blood Elf Rogue
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
Name: Kreirravia of Silvermoon (Last names a secret)

Age: Older then you want to know

Class: Blood Knight/Magi

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Enchanter/Blacksmith

Physical Description: Tall, athlectic build, pale skin with black hair and a long scar along his right cheek.He wears a simple Blood Knight uniform but with a Leviathan tabard with a royal incigina on it.

Personality Description: With drawn but holds a arua of power where ever he goes. Likes to spend most of his time in the halls of Silvermoon. Holds the protection of Silvermoon about all else and has a hatred towards Night elves, the Allience and gnomes.

General Notes: Kreirravia is a master of arms and can kill his opponent. Dispite what he tells you he remembers the days before the high elves and never forgets betrayel.

Unusual Notes: ...

Secrets: Is older then he would let you believe and refuses to give his last name,

History: Kreirravia was born in the days of the highborn and soon became a high ranking member of the queens court. When the queen went mad he was on of the few that aided the druids in stoping the demons but also refused to give up arcane and therefore was banished with his two brothers and his sister. When they landed on the eastern kingdom he was at the for front of the campain to find a new home and lead meny of the attacks on the locial trolls. After the foundration of the High Elven Kingdom he withdrew to study while the older of his brothers toke a central role in the new kingdom. His sister joined the farstriders while his other brother became a magi in the house of Sunstrider.

When the humans aided the High elves Kreirravia was one of the ones who offered to teach 100 humans arcane, a choice he dearly regrets. After the troll wars Kreirravia once again withdrew to practice arcane in Eversong woods but after the Arthas' murder of his father toke a post at the south end of the Sunwell. After the fall in which the oldest of his brothers were killed by Arthas Kreirravia joined the Blood Knights and quickly became a senior member. When the campain to northrend started Kreirravia helped create the House of Leviathan a group he wished to use to gain his revenge on Arthas.

Current Going-On (if any): Kreirravia is currently the Guild Master of the House of Leviathan and planning for the comming catalysm
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85 Blood Elf Rogue
Name: Aeash Noonshadow

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Spy

Physical Description: Rather Average for a blood elf

Personality Description: Happy and easy going, also slightly nuts

Unusual Notes: Lots of burn scars on his left arm

Secrets: <.< kinda deaftets the purpopuse

History: Lots of friend dieing

Current Going-On (if any):
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90 Undead Mage
Name: Kraethi (No last name)
Age: 40 years as an elf, 50 as undead ((Sorry if I got the ages wrong, I'm not up to date on my lore))
Class: Mage
Gender: Male
Job/Profession: Tailor/Engineer
(Also a researcher of the arcane)
Physical Description: Hunched posture. Was tall and slight of build as an elf. Now, decay has taken its toll and Kraethi is stooped and withered. His body is nondescript, rotting in the general places typical to most Forsaken. He is physically weak, relying on magic for his power.
Personality Description: ((Lawful Neutral)) Tends to stay relatively quiet, cold and calculating. Cares not for the wars between Horde and Alliance, will work with either if the terms are right. Dislikes combat in general, but will not hesitate to retaliate in an attack.
Has no desire to take the lives of the sentient living, as he has memories of his life as an elf.
Likes order and rules, dislikes chaos. Always salutes and bows. Very courteous.
General Notes: Master of the arcane, Resided in the Sunwell.
Unusual Notes: Six fingers on left hand. He was the subject of an experiment by a prominent Scourge scientist, whom he promptly killed in retribution.
Secrets: Worked with Dar'Khan Drathir for a time. Minor advisor to Kael'thas, but left his service shortly.
History: Was born in Quel'Thalas, led life as a prominent mage and teacher, residing at the Sunwell. Fought bravely to defend it against his former friend Dar'Khan and the Scourge, but fell during the assault. His grave lies empty in his hometown, and he is presumed dead.
Rose as part of the Scourge, and broke free with Sylvanas Windrunner. Hatred for the scourge surpasses his rationality. He took part in the death of Arthas, and now strives against the Old Gods, who he believes are the root of all evil in Azeroth.
Current Going-On (if any): Currently researching powerful new spells.
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100 Undead Mage
((Sorry if I got the ages wrong, I'm not up to date on my lore))

((There's a multitude of timelines, it can be confusing. :/))
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Name: Kasumi



Job/Profession: Assassin~Black Market Contact~Engineer~Blacksmith

Physical Description: Standing at 5'9 she is tall and slender. She has dark
raven black hair, that is worn up with emerald hair sticks. Wearing dark
turquoise leather that compliment her black eyes, she walks with quickness
and catlike grace. Her facial expressions are emotionless, and seem
distant. The clothes are worn tight, with an excellent tan visible at her
midriff and shoulders. A large tattoo can be seen on her right side of a
brilliant green dragon, rising from her ankle to her shoulder.

She is short with conversation and seems to be looking over her shoulder
from time to time.

Personality Description: Kasumi is a very conflicted person. Her extreme
childhood instilled a very violent attitude, yet she longs for closeness,
and companions. Every romantic relationship she has had failed. She tends
to be attracted to young adult women, and sometimes attempts a friendship
with the more pretty ones. The relationship does not last long, the women
either, become scared of her and leave, have an accidental death during
some of the more "rough" lovemaking, or Kasumi simply loses interest.

She is attractive, and tends to flaunt it yet she is unusually cold, and
distant when spoken to. She often acts like a tomboy and is very macho in
the way she talks about herself, she likes to show men that she is superior
and takes ever chance she can get to prove this.

Unusual Notes: By some accounts Kasumi is considered criminally insane. She is violent, and ruthless. She has very little social graces, and makes few friends.

Secrets: The most obvious secret she holds is her true feelings for the
horde. She has slain many of there kind due to the war, yet has more
respect for them then her own race.

With some serious snooping in Stormwind Keep, you might see her taking
money from a few senators.

A deep rooted feeling in kasumi , she wants someone to forgive her, and
save her, but she will never admit it.

It is said by a few old warriors, that Kasumi somehow was involved in her
martial arts master's accidental death, and has never forgiven herself for
the part she played.

History: Little is known about kasumi. She has no childhood records. A
small clan of orcs , had some background information, but they have been
killed. The only remaining hints of Kasumi's past is some records held in
Naxxramas, but they were stolen and at present are unaccounted for.

When she arrived at Stormwind at 16, she immediately started dealing with
the criminal element in Stormwind. She has had her fair share of brushes
with the law, but she either is proven innocent or escapes capture. Many of
the noble families of Stormwind speak ill of her.

She has entrenched herself in the Stormwind underground, and now is a
leading figure in the illegal side of the alliance. She sells drugs, is
involved in contract killings, fencing, and robbery and even human

Current Going-On (if any): Kasumi has withdrawn from everyday life, and
appears to have cooled her spirits recently. Kasumi still adventures with
'Remnants of Twilight', but is seen less frequently. A concern to some of
the more moral members of the group, because she has received some very
powerful artifacts over the years.

Kasumi still trains and master's her body and mind as often as possible.
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30 Gnome Priest
Name: Brazlem Tinkermond

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Priest-Engineer/Miner

Physical Description: 3'5" with Brownish hair and green eyes. Has gagets and gizmos all over his body.

Personality Description: Easily excited. Curious as heck. Once he talks it's hard to get him to quiet down.

General Notes: Once he starts moving it's hard as hell to get him to stop.

Unusual Notes: Really likes Cheese.

Secrets: His resserection spells(when he gets it) are just fancy Jumper Cabels.

History: (in progress)

Current Going-On (if any): Aiding in the Gnome support Effort in Dun'Murogh.
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Name: Tuala D'jinn

Age: Late twenties

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: First and foremost a layabout. Skinning/Mining when she can be bothered.

Physical Description: Tuala is tall, slender and heavily scarred along her back and arms.

Personality Description: Amiable most of the time, stubborn all of the time. She's a vibrant, passionate creature for being such a lazy one.

General Notes: Tuala enjoys sun-napping in her hammock more than anything else (almost) She abhors human males and will usually avoid seeing them at all costs.

Unusual Notes: Those close to her often call her Tulip.

Secrets: Tuala can understand some Common, but won't ever speak it and it's unlikely she'd ever acknowledge it.

History: Kidnapped as a child from Durotar and taken to Elwynn to be a human woman's toy. She was much abused and molested by the other members of her 'owner's" household. At the age of 16 she killed several crew members of a ship she and her owner were traveling on and jumped overboard, escaping. She trained to be a shaman and made her home in Orgrimmar. Recent events, specifically the naughtiness of the Elements, have left her feeling discouraged and in need of a change. She has undertaken druidic training and moved to the Echo Isles to be closer to Vol'jin. Yum.

Current Going-on: Tuala is trying to start a Vol'jin Fan Club. ;)
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85 Human Warlock
Name: Floisela Ebenheart

Age: 35?

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Demonologiest/Researcher

Physical Description: She stands at 5'9" tall with hazel brown eyes and silver hair. Has a faint aura of demonic energies around her.

Personality Description: Fairly kind and gental.

Gneral Notes: Can be seen traveling the worlds with atleast one of her demons at any times.

Unusual Notes: Though kind, and fairly gental, it is h ard for her to turst others, especially holy people such and Priests and Paladins.

Secrets: She realizes that most demons were once mortal creatures found on the worlds conquered by the Burning Legion, but have been transformed by their conversion into demonic beings. So through her studies she tries to "rescue" those mortals who were changed and save their souls, bringing them closer to what people call "The Light".

History: Having lived through the first, sencond and third great wars, she has saw horrors that would have caused any other person mad. Yet in the madness that happened she had managed to get some training in the arcane arts. After seeing the warped and deformed figures of the demons in the Third war, she has dedicated herself to returning them to their former selves. She travels the worlds, helping the ones she meets. She has reformed a dozen "people" thus far, helping them on the return to normal lives.

Current Going-n: Joined the hunt with Nessingwary.
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80 Blood Elf Warlock
Name: Farorei Bei'locke

Age: ~300, but she's not keeping track

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: "Doting wife" (ruthless demonologist & full-time black widow)

Physical Description: Pleasing to the eye, to say the least. Short, barely reaching five feet in height, with fair skin peppered with freckles here and there. Her hair is a thick orange-blonde that hangs loose and reaches about halfway down her back, kept clean and combed at all times. Always sure to sport a warm, kind smile. ( http://i928.photobucket.com/albums/ad128/skybison/notahomicidalmaniac.gif )

Personality Description: Loving, selfless, sweet, and kind-hearted. (Or a ruthless, vicious, and cruel homicidal egomaniac.)

General Notes: Generally, Farorei does a very good job at hiding the fact that she is actually a warlock. She poses as an arcanist when she has to fight, but usually just passes off as a civilian.

Unusual Notes: She's very close to her sister Glenolyn. Now that you mention it, there's something off about Glenolyn...

Secrets: Oh, she has plenty.

History: A sad tale detailing her unfortunate lack of luck. Married to so many good, pure-hearted men who all fell to tragic deaths far too early in their virtuous lives...

Current Going-On (if any): Currently mourning the death of her late husband, Hallis Boarhoarder (aka The Governor), seeking solace in the arms of one Bashkarr Wolfbrother. He's such a good man...
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68 Dwarf Shaman

Name: Ruaidi Windstorm

Age: 75

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Quelling the new uproar of the elements.

Physical Description: Short and stout with a tad more muscle than some of his comrades. Black hair and a long beard that he likes to show off.

Personality Description: Ruaidi is kind to almost everyone. He is quite the military strategist and uses metaphors a lot. Anything dealing with the horde he is hostile too.

General Notes: His line between being a shaman first, dwarf second; waivers frequently. He, like other dwarfs enjoys the ale and when in the great cities of the Alliance he must stop in at least one inn.

Unusual Notes: Despite being a shaman, he likes to look "bad" at times. His way of doing this is to wear an eye patch. In his drunken stupor he has told many stories of how he supposedly had lost his eye and now is blind. Sometimes hes doing it for the story's sake and others because he forgets he's wearing it.

Secrets: His only secret is that he favors dwarfs far more than the other races when it comes to drinking companions as well as a few other cases.

History: Ruaidi became a shaman at around 40 years of age as he entered adulthood. In his earlier years he had toyed with the thought after spending some time working in a reagents shop in Ironforge that had many traveling Draenei as customers. He would speak to a few and heard of tales of the use of the elements and the spirits of old that would rain down destruction or life at the shaman's whim. He became more interested as the time went on and would eventually come to find a few dwarfs that had stayed in the Exodar that had shared interest. As fate would have it he became one of the shaman he had seen many times. From then on he went to hone his powers throughout the Eastern Kingdoms until the cataclysm struck and he returned to Anvilmar and begun his new journey.

Current Going-On (if any): Salvaging as much as he can of the eastern kingdoms with a few drinking breaks in Stormwind in between.
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90 Orc Death Knight
Name: Norlash EarthHammer

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Geologist

Physical Description: Mountainous Orc who’s sharp blue eyes are now surrounded by the chill of the death he walks

Personality Description: Loyal to a fault; Norlash will choose his own life’s end before any other. His Loyalty to the Horde is second only to his greatest Treasure; Quiet and Good natured.

General Notes: Norlash has spent his life trying to understand the world around. Not blessed with the gift of the Shaman he could never grasp the Magic of it, and cared more for the science of the world around. He loves geology and sees great things in the simplest of stones.

Unusual Notes: Norlash was sired a Death Knight after the Wrath Gate. He was stationed there during the incident, along with his wife Annyaa who escaped when an enraged Norlash pushed her into a fissure. The battle for Lights Hope and all were a mere illusion crafted by the Dark Cultists to warp his mind as well as others. Until he was freed during the initial invasion of Ice Crown Citadel he had no knowledge that he was killing his own people.

Secrets: The Biggest Secret of Norlash’s life is his own life. Reunited with his wife he attempts to rebuild his memories of life before death. So far it has been successful.

History: Norlash is the eldest of three. There was no one in his family of great note, but they all served the horde in their own way. His brother was slain on a recon mission into strathholme, and his sister died during the invasion of ICC; sadly it was by Norlash’s own hand.
Raised in Durotar not far from Razor hill he followed his father’s footsteps working the mines. He quickly grasped the understanding of war, and was soon recruited along with his younger brother. While his brother became a member of the Shadowed Axe, he moved on in rank and prestige amidst the wartorn lands. It was in the Barrens he first met his wife, a tanner’s daughter and like he nothing beyond her station. It took a while to woo her into his arms, and was done so with a simple granite statuette of herself he had carved. When word reached him his brother had been slain by the Scourge he and Annyaa chose to be among those who would fight them in Northrend. Swearing vengeance he became filled with blood lust and soon fell at the Wrath Gate. Everything before and everything after was set with one purpouse to end the Dark Tide; something Arthas used in his breaking.

After killing his own sister and brought to light by his old Lt. General Norlash knows not what to do; bred to kill he seeks only to redeem himself; not only for crimes against the Horde itself but as well for killing his unborn child when he pushed Annyaa as she tried to save him at the Wrath Gate.

Current Going-On (if any): Currently has regained his love of the earthen land and has decided to explore and search the world for artifacts of its ancient lore.
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85 Undead Mage
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41 Worgen Rogue
Name: Gern (Formerly 'Shoeshine' before turned)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Herbalism/Skinning (Formerly a pauper who shined shoes in the streets.)

Physical Description: Average height for a Worgen with gray/brown fur and blue eyes.

Personality Description: Very simple personality, if you were ever to meet the guy who talked like, "Hi George, what are we going to do today?" That is him.

General Notes: Generally a nice individual, been known to shock people with old habits from running in the... SQUIRREL!


... wilds.

Unusual Notes: Had strange urges to bury ghouls of death knights. Has also been chased from the druid enclave in Darnassus after marking his spot on Staghelm's former residence.

Secrets: He's always been the underdog in life.

History: Before turning he was a simple lad, his life wasn't much and he slept on the streets. His only means of income aside from small time pilfering was shining shoes and pilfering coins as he shined them.

After turning Gern hasn't remembered who he was really. Some faces looked familiar to him and that allowed him to be more civil towards people. Gern has never really excepted the fact that he was formerly human. The Night Elf priests didn't help in that regard by mentioning to him that his kind have had a long histor with their people.

Current Going-On (if any): He was sent by his King to go aid the night elves in Dark Shore. He's slowly making his way in to the world.
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90 Goblin Rogue
Woot! First Goblin to be “fleshed out”!
Name: Speck

Age: 20ish

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Purveyor of illicit substances and information.

Physical Description: Standing at just less than three feet tall, Speck appears to be a shifty little green devil with beady red eyes. His face is commonly masked, concealing his long sharp chin and large nose. Huge pointy ears trail jut off the side of his head and are pierced multiple times.

Personality Description: A goofy little chap, when not “on the job” his mouth is frequently running. Give him half a moment to get started and he’ll talk your ear off. Of course he’ll then try to sell you a used one he “picked up somewhere in (insert random location)”. If alone he will even carry on an entire discussion with himself, finding himself to be a very active conversationalist.

He is a notorious flirt, and female's of either faction should be warned that his interest in their pants may involve more than simply the contents of their pockets.

His compulsive talking is only overshadowed by his kleptomania as a defining personality trait. Stealing from others is his passion.

General Notes: If you see Speck he has probably already helped himself to any loose items in your pockets.

Unusual Notes: Speck once stole from the famed Marin Noggenfogger. He then sold the substance to the Troll named Bär. The long lasting side affects of the stolen goods transformed Bär into a Tauren for several years.

Secrets: His earrings are actually lock picking tools.

History: Speck has secretly worked for the Errant Pride for half the last decade. During this time he has worked to gather intelligence for the Warboss Günstrak Dawnbiter.

Little is known about his past, though he has been loosely linked to thefts around the world. Not enough substantial evidence has ever been gathered to have charges raised against him though.

He is incredibly proud that the Bilgewater have now officially joined the Horde.

Current Going-On (if any): He is currently exploring the changed world gathering intel for the Errant Pride and helping himself to all the booty that he can get his hands on.
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Name: Asarnarinn the Wanderer

Age: 28 when he died.

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Expert Tailor, Master Cartographer

Physical Description: Asarnarinn has a hunched back that causes him a great deal of pain, along with a hacking cough that sounds as if he is dying all over again. His dabbling with the shadows caused his remaining flesh to pale and his hair to go blond and his eyes to change to grey. His arms and legs are virtually all bone, with only patches of flesh clinging on. He wears long robes to cover this.

Personality Description: Asarnarinn is an idealist but struggles with the reality of the way things are. He is mostly a loner, wandering Azeroth, living off the streets and the wilderness. For a priest that deals in the shadows, Asarn is really the pinnacle of irony. He is kind-hearted and friendly. He seeks peaceful resolution to conflict and rarely utilizes his ability, only in times of need and the battlefield.

He follows the chain of command. When dissent comes to mind, he tries to temper his tongue, thinking it better to pick his battles carefully rather than debate every single nuance.

General Notes: His wandering has provided with lots of time to hone a fine tailoring skill and also has forced him to learn where things are and how to get to them. He has hand-drawn several maps, mostly of Kalimdor, and the carpet he uses for travel is a creation of his own, imbued with shadow artifacts and runes that enhance its speed and mobility.

Unusual Notes: Asarnarinn was largely at odds with the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow. While grateful for the effort they had put into help preserve his undead form, he takes serious issue with some of the Cult's endorsement of Sylvanas' and the Apothecary's research into plagues and the creation of duplicates. Though the teachings of the Cult heavily emphasize the need to balance life with death, Asarn always interpreted that this could be done through the battlefield and trials of attrition rather than what he saw as genocide. While other shadow priests of the Cult used their shadows in a flashier way, Asarn chose to be more subtle, working to tame and temper the shadows, using them only when necessary and always careful not to abuse. This does not mean he doesn't experiment and push the limits of the shadows, but there is much less ruthlessness involved involved.

Secrets: He really hates goblins so much that one would call it an almost irrational hatred that really runs counter to his generally friendly personality.

History: In life, Asarnarinn was a human living on the outskirts of the Lordaeron's Capital City. His mother died during childbirth, leaving his father distraught. He turned to alcohol and never really looked back and this made Asarn's home life very painful. His father beat him cruelly and finally when Asarn was 16, he ran away from home. He didn't stray very far, sticking to Lordaeron so as to live off the farm land.

He hardly recalls how he was killed, with death zapping that portion of his memory. He just remembers coming to in the laboratory of the Apothecaries, who along with the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow were magically preserving his body so as to make him a more apt vessel of the shadow. The Cult's teachings and emphasis on a balance between life and death played an important role but he developed his own interpretation of this balance that often conflicted with Undercity's more powerful elite who believed in a more loose definition of the balance. While he favored a more methodical, calculated approach to ensuring this balance, the Cult seemed to favor what he considered genocide. Asarnarinn became outspoken and such behavior is frowned upon in the Undercity, so he was given an obscure assignment to liaison with elves in Silvermoon, where he lived briefly. He eventually abandoned this assignment and enlisted with the Horde War Machine as it mobilized against the Lich King and took part in the initial invasion of Northrend.

During his time in Northrend, he did various oddjobs and mercenary work, basically letting his abilities speak for themselves. He had learned to channel the shadows in a way that was less shock and awe to something more subtle and had adapted it to the battlefield. This caught the eye of some Horde Generals, who gave him a small unit to command in Wintergrasp.

When the Lich King did fall, the strategic importance of Wintergrasp went with it and he returned to Orgrimmar, where he worked as a local liaison for Horde settlements in Kalimdor, which included delivery of goods and rations and providing critical defense from Alliance raids.

Current Going-On (if any): Rumors abound concerning the Thundering Hammer Clan--allegations of conspiring with the Twilight and apparent sightings of dragons above the guild's headquarters. Asarn has taken it upon himself to investigate these rumors and seek the truth.
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24 Worgen Warrior
Name: LyKaeon Chesterfield Calverton, Esquire

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Mercenary, though his stipend lets him be picky

Physical Description: Kae is a fairly burly redhead with faded green eyes and the markings of exercise in the sun. He tends to stand fairly still and squint a bit, watching the world and occasionally tipping his weatherbeaten broad-brim hat with a quiet nod. He's almost always wearing a very nice, very *old* breastplate with matching pauldrons, which looks a little silly with his wrinkled fedora, but he seems quite comfortable in them.

Personality Description: Quiet, stoic, practical. He looks like the kind of man who might sigh at the indignity and absurdity of the world any minute, but never seems to get around to it. While his manners are gentlemanly, his manner is more like an old farm hand. He's very polite and soft-spoken, but there's a dry wit lurking under there somewhere...

General Notes: K lives largely off a stipend from the Calverton estate. The "estate", in fact the entire house of Calverton, consists of a cache of financial assets safely turning out interest, and the armor he's wearing. First and last son of Narcissus Calverton who died rather gruesomely when a wild worgen burst through the window of the local gentleman's club, Kae is all that's left of an undistinguished bloodline. His mother died delivering him. He hopes to at least account for something before he dies.

Unusual Notes: Nothing...yet.

Secrets: Kae would love to keep his worgen curse secret -- but as a mercenary, it becomes pretty obvious every time he's working. A little adrenalin, and he changes. Once in a while he actually does sigh at that, but then gets on with the job at hand. If people can't deal with that, he'll try to leave them be. They're entitled to their prejudices.

History: As a boy Kae was either spoiled or ignored. His father tried to insinuate him amongst the youth of the gentry, but ninepins and gossip never appealed to him. He preferred to spend his time among the field hands and with the horses, or among the youth of the commoners. The more his father hated it, the more he liked it, and his status as gentry served him well in that social circle as it never had among the young men his father preferred.

The one thing his status gave him that he truly wanted was training. He was gentry, so he learned to ride, and to fight aground and mounted. His father was so happy he was following some upper-crust pursuit that the old man brought the family heirloom armor down off the mannequin and had it refitted so Kae could use it.

When Gilneas was overrun by worgen, Kae put it to good use. It didn't protect him from infection, but it did keep him from being gutted outright. He still doesn't know why Genn Greymane considered him worthy of notice, but served as best he could under the king's son.

Current Goings-On: LyKaeon has recently volunteered for the Alliance Elite, hoping a special actions unit will give him a chance to make a name of his own. They've assigned him to assist the local constabulary in Elwynn, Westfall, Redridge and Duskwood, and transferred him temporarily to Lakeshire's Bravo company, where he was the only survivor of his squad's last mission. He's currently done convalescing, and ready to get back to work.
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9 Blood Elf Paladin
< Reserved >
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
I'll just slip this in right.... here! Good. May write a serious one at some point, but don't let the anticipation get to you.

Name: Alithria Dawnwillow

Age: Foxy. What? That's an age. Don't give me your sass, Sass bucket!

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Hunter, Cook, and Maker of Fine Shoelaces! (Novice Leatherworker)

Physical Description: Tall, Dark and Handsome.

Personality Description: The girl with the bright eyes and dim wits.

General Notes: Likes to shoot things.

Unusual Notes: Never takes a bath.

Secrets: She stole the cookies from the cookie jar.

History: Rp with me and find out!

Current Going-On (if any): Twiddling her thumbs in Orgrimmar and reuniting with her friends.
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36 Goblin Warrior
Ugweelyv M'Kryht (Sometimes Mu'Kriht or variations thereof)

Who knows? Looks to have been around a while.


'Retired' bruiser, now mercenary.

Physical Description:
An ideal goblin bruiser, big and nasty looking for a goblin. Scarred and barbaric in appearance, generally grubby and nasty looking. Carries around a huge and smelly cigar. Wears Scarlet Crusade armour, modified to his size for some unknown reason.

Certainly fronts as being mean, crude and generally unpleasant. Talks like a goblin who is not afraid of doing the enforcing himself.

General Notes:
Relatively low tech as goblins go, only the most basic of gadgetry.. (kid's quality rocket belt and rocket launcher thingo).
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