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90 Undead Priest
Name: Levie Mel'Fein

Age: Looks to be in her early 20's upon mortal death

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Just another Inquistor for the Undercity (Tailor/Enchanter)

Physical Description: Petite with a towering coiffe. Her robes are meticulously cared for and she walks with crisp determination.

Personality Description: Hard as nails, Cold and ruthless, Levie is not to be trifled with. Sharp and with direct cool formality, you will find that Levie does not mince words.

General Notes: Levie creates gorgeous gowns. . . be wary accepting any gift from her . . .She has been known to poison her thread, inflicting devestating disfigurment to any wearer of her garments. Please note the fine craftmanship though!

Unusual Notes: She wears two ancient rings. A ruby and an emerald.

Secrets: Levie's great champion, a forsaken warrior, was lost long ago to the devouring scourge. Whatever human compassion remained within her died along with him.

History: Levie started off working for the Arcanist Malkavet. Running his intrigues and finding out information of use within and surrounding the Undercity. Later she became quite involved as a Priestess for the Dark Lady. She traveled extensively and rose within the ranks of her tenuous relationship with the Horde to eventually earn the title of Champion. She has lead compatriots into countless battles against strong adversity and accomplished many goals she set out to complete.

Current Going-On (if any): Levie is currently inspecting the tumultuous happenings of the Twilight Highlands and reporting any information of interest to her contacts within the Undercity.
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90 Night Elf Priest
Name: Levity Mel'Fein

Age: Forgotten

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Priestess of Elune (Alchemist/Herbalist)

Physical Description: Tall and elegant with emerald green hair, Levity moves with a quick gracefulness and a still youthful and effortless bounce to her aged step.

Personality Description: Frivolous and filled with good cheer and happiness, Levity embodies the meaning of her name!

General Notes: A Classic Priestess of Elune, Levity tries her best to uphold the traditions and culture of the Kaldorei.

Unusual Notes: Levity sometimes suffers terrible nightmares of a Forsaken ending her.

Secrets: Unknown to many, Levity has two children from the Druid Nim. Her love of Nim knows no bounds though time and the grueling wars have kept them apart.

History: Born of sheer joy and unbound lightness of spirit, Levity has not let the tragedy and terror of time transmute her thoughts or composition. With a still quick and sparkling smile, Levity will lift your spirits in battle and rally her forces for Elune.

Current Going-On (if any): Levity spends most of her time currently supporting her allies who seem to be locked in battle for an eternity.
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100 Gnome Warlock
Name: Steinit Dwindlmyer

Age: True age 127

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Tailoring / Enchanting

Physical Description: 4 foot tall, average gnome build, white hair and a fairly epic beard.

Personality Description: Some would say sneaky Steinit prefers crafty or duplicitous.

General Notes: Often very secretive and will disappear for months at a time some say he has found a way to bind himself to the demonic realm and goes there to hone his warlock abilities and practice speaking demonic.

Unusual Notes: Once tried to summon a Nathrezim but ended up summoning a shadowy apparition of himself that served as a helpful lab assistant and showed some potential in learning to enchant. The apparition ultimately betrayed Steinit and was caught stealing enchanting materials and snorting strange dust. He quickly fell to the felguard's axe.

Secrets: When Steinit was 48 years old he made a deal with a Satyr alchemist. The Satyr had created a potion, a mixture of felhound blood and a pure fel energy from the nether turned into liquid form. The formula was very unstable but the Satyr believed that it was an age reversing concoction that would turn any living creature young again. Steinit haggled with the Satyr ultimately trading him a health stone for the mixture by convincing him that it had the ability to stop time.

Drinking the formula Steinit did not become younger but he has aged drastically slower since, tho he is 127 years old he appears no older than 55.

History: Years ago Steinit served in the Argent Dawn slaying uncounted numbers of scourge.

Since then there have been many grand adventures, he once enslaved a Netherwalker in Dire Maul and used it to exterminate over 30 Ogres and their hounds.

Along the years Steinit has been a part of many group that conducted raids across many lands from getting sand between his toes in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj to Fighting back the Sun King in Tempest Keep "Eye".

Among his latest adventures he became a Champion of the Frozen Wastes for his valor against the legions of the Lich King.

Current Going-On (if any): In the wake of Deathwing and the Cataclysm Steinit has became quite the hermit leaving behind much of the raiding parties of his old days and has joined with a band of friends know as "The Brotherhood of the Wolf" in the hopes of helping gather a smaller, tighter, group to take on Cho'gal and thwart Deathwing's plans of completely destroying Azroth as we know it.
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61 Tauren Paladin
Name: Malku Lighthorns of the Ragetotem tribe, prefers to be called Lighthorns.

Age: Very young, just beyond the minimum age for training by the Sunwalkers.

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Leveling tank and melee damage dealer. Learning to make armor and weapons from various minerals found in the earth.

Physical Description: 7'8" tall, 427 pounds and still growing as this Tauren has just reached the age and mental capacity to train. Already carries a scar to the left of his left nostril as he was recently wounded in combat against the Grimtotem in Thousand Needles.

Personality Description: Calm, prefers to examine situations before acting. Very quiet when meeting non-Tauren. Some may confuse his silence for rudeness. Unfriendly to the Forsaken and has low tolerance to their scheming.

General Notes:

Unusual Notes: Avid fisherman.


History: While growing up, Lighthorns learned much of the history of Azeroth from literature and conversations with the elders. In the past few months, he has paid particular interest to the War of the Ancients and the causes of Deathwing to descend into madness.

Lighthorns does not care to talk with Forsaken as he has the suspicion that their leaders are not loyal to the survival of the Horde. Lighthorns has a deep hatred for the Grimtotem as his parents were slain by the Grimtotem rogues during the attempted takeover of Mulgore, and has sworn to avenge their deaths. When the day came for Lighthorns to train with the Sunwalkers, he gladly answered the call and has been absorbing the training and perfecting his abilities.

Current Going-On (if any): Currently learning to craft armor from Truesilver, and is preparing to pass through the Dark Portal for the first time. Lighthorns was recently wounded by a Grimtotem blade passing through his left nostril, the elders treated his wound and now displays his first battle scar.


((This post will be updated as the character develops. I'm also looking for a casual roleplay group or channel to participate in, please send me a whisper. Really eager to begin live RP with this toon.))
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78 Undead Hunter
Name: Hlaakos Du Vir

Age: Meaningless, looks to be in his 30s

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Fusilier.

Physical Description:
Just above average height for a human male, seems a little thin and has a militaristic bearing.

Obviously undead, bears battle and element damage to his person. Weapons and armour are kept to a parade ground standard and are of a functional appearance.

Crisp, forcibly formal speech. Strives for efficiency in all things.
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100 Human Paladin
(reserved. I'm still here.)
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44 Goblin Hunter
Name: Malchezzi "Mal" Feasance ("You call me Mal or you call me later, toots")

Age: 47

Gender: Male

Profession: Formerly CEO (Corrupt Executive Officer) of MeaToys LLD, developer of the "Shia Pet", the decorative beef-based planter that can't act worth a lick. Currently a freelance Hunter on contract with the Horde, dabbling in leather clothing and accessories.

Physical description: Roughly three-foot-six and weighing 84 pounds, with a black ponytail and a receding hairline. Mal is well into his middle age, and a life spent behind a desk did not provide him with the most powerful physique, but since the flight from Kezan (and concurrent loss of all his operating capital and assets), the hardships of living in the wild have begun to tone him into respectable shape.

Personality description: Mal is finding that the "me first" attitude that kept him afloat in the shark pool of Goblin business does not fit well into the much more demanding attitude of the Horde. Also, to his dismay, he is having trouble maintaining his "it's just business" facade in the face of the brutality and loss that have accompanied the Cataclysm. More and more, he finds himself personally drawn into the struggle that the Horde faces, and while he simply is flat-out afraid of Garrosh, he's becoming more willing to relate to the Tauren and Trolls (with their greater experience in "this whole outdoorsy thing") and sympathize with those Forsaken who don't see him as a great experimental subject.

Interestingly, his time spent in the great outdoors has begun to give him an appreciation of nature and its clean, unspoiled vistas. He is starting to see the attraction of maintaining a balance rather than plundering everything in sight. Subsequently, he's grown farther away from the mindset of his bretheren and less enthusiastic about returning to Goblin-run towns and outposts.

General notes: Mal's sharpshooting skills are matched only by his penchant for giving his pets ridiculous names (just ask his raptor, Nibbles). He also has a major crush on Pixel in Splintertree Post (he likes to call her "Pix", and she likes to ignore him) and call every non-Goblin male "big guy" and any female "toots" or "sweets". After an initial bout of disappointment that he couldn't make bows or crossbows go "bang", he came to appreciate them for their stealthy attributes (plus his aging ears appreciate the occasiona break from gunfire).

Unusual notes: Mal's pets seem to keep getting into his secret stash of Kaja-Cola, and showing increases in intelligence afterwards. Nibbles, in particular, has gained a level of cognizance Mal would call almost-Goblinish ("like a Dwarf, or a really bright Gnome... with an intelligence buff"); while the raptor cannot speak, he sometimes betrays a sardonic wit and a mischevious streak. However, he's quite fond of the short, smelly lump of green meat that rescued him from a bramble patch in Durotar, and will allow no harm to come to him.

Secrets: Mal thinks lady Gnomes are "kinda cute, even if they are covered in that ridiculous pink skin".

History: Malchezzi Feasance was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, which made his birth rather difficult and called his father's bedroom proclivities into question. A consummate slacker and gifted with the ability to duck blame and dodge accountability, he slouched his way through the Kezan school system, working his way up the corporate ladder and eventually scoring a CTO (conniving technical officer) position in an experimental spin-off corporation called "MeaToys LLC". It was the development of the Shia Pet that catapulted Mal into fame, fortune and all the inflatable pool toys he could want.

It was while Mal was conniving his way towards possibly stealing the Trade Prince title from Galliwyx when Deathwing found and attacked Kezan. Faced with the choice of giving up all his riches or being buried under volcanic rock, cowardice won out over greed, and Mal found himself signing over his fortune to the Trade Prince in order for a spot in the hold of his luxury yacht- which ended up becoming driftwood thanks to Alliance cannons. Mal's first expression of bravery was to remain aboard as long as he could to free other Goblins from the wreck before abandoning ship, and then rescuing others from lifepods once washing ashore.

Left with little more than a rusty rifle and an overly friendly crab, Malchezzi found himself in a situation where only hard work and sacrifice mattered, and surprised himself at how quickly he adjusted. The flabby, responsibility-dodging executive became a tough, sharp-minded Hunter, finding the Law of the Jungle to be relatively simple compared to the backroom dealmaking he'd once known.

Current Going-on: Mal is currently plying the waters of Thousand Needles, setting course for the sandy reaches of Tanaris, and trying to figure out how to make Leatherworking more profitable. ("Pet clothing! ...nah, it'll never catch on.")
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Name: Tulaa Loren
Age: Ladies do not tell their age!
Gender: Dulce (Sugar and Spice, babe.) - Female for da rest of you nub Goblins

Job/Profession: Priestess.

I sew boots, bags, outfits for your bedroom activities, (can I say that?), and anything you can think of.

My side job is as a Jeweler.

Remember boys, diamonds are a girl's best friend! Now, go buy mine!

Physical Description: Weighing 120 pounds and at the height of 5'0; I'm any Goblin's dream. No, seriously!

I'm light green skinned with eyes the color of the sea surrounding Booty Bay. I have small ears with tapered tips. Perfect for rubbing for luck. Note: If you are a Night Elf, do not try to touch my ears. You will miss your fingers.

What else can I tell ya? I've got short and wavy brown hair that I put up in a bun or braid. Also, I wear a nose ring.

Personality Description: Three words: Narcissist, random, kind.

General Notes: I've got a tattoo of a wolf. NO! I won't tell you where.

Unusual Notes: On Sundays, you will find me out in the fields of Nagrand, in prayer.

Secrets: On Monday nights, I will be the first one on the dance floor and the last one going home...while levitating some drunk smuck to a mount.

History: Spent a night in the slammer for throwing a cat at Slyvannas.

Current Going-On (if any): I graduated from The Priesthood two years ago and am looking to heal anyone, or enjoy the art of vampiric embrace on my enemies.
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Name: Pavrill Spindleshaft

Age: Middle Aged.. records classified.

Gender: Male

Profession/Job: Volunteer for Operation Gnomeregan.

Description: A corded, militant male gnome, gnomish equivalent of a flat top and a healthy moustache.

Personality: Opinionated, tough and generally abrasive. Has a nice side that not many have seen.
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20 Goblin Shaman
Name: Mariya Fizzlepan; AKA Fizzlepan, Mary, or Fizzy.

Age: People like to say I look young. I mean, really, ya gotta agree with that statement.

Gender: Female, obviously?

Job/Profession: I'm a full time business gal. I'm also a full time engineer. And cook. And sometimes, in circumstances, you can call me Doc Fizzy.

Physical Description: A'right, I'm not exactly what ya call a pretty goblin. But, come on, now. Even YOU gotta admit that my hair is betta' than yours.

Personality Description: Well, I'm definitely not yer everyday average goblin. I like to say I'm VERY intelligent, great at multi-taskin'...
... Wait, am I really tryin' to describe myself?

General Notes: I always got me a wrench at my side. Oh, and don't be afraid if ya see a giant kinda' ugly... thing, around me at times. He's my personal banker. He really wouldn't hurt a fly. Or you!
Well, unless ya plan to rob my bank or something.

Unusual Notes: I'm an unusual gobby! I thought we went through this, come on, pal.

Secrets: Don't tell me you think I keep secrets...
... Okay, well, 'course I do, I'ma goblin. But ya won't get em out of me unless you're willing to pay.

History: Born in Kezan, did a couple 'a business deals there. Got me imported to Orgrimmar later on for my engineerin', then I came and went as I pleased. Man oh man, when I heard about Kezan and the Cartel gettin' bombed and stranded, you bet I helped them when they arrived! But now I'm just a wanderer, doing what I like. Tell me, do ya need a bodyguard? A wrench? A target dummy to take out yer stress on?

Current Going-On (if any): Just wanderin'. I've never really had anything big go on in my life, ya know?

(( If you ever want to set up some kind of RP, send me a tell or a mail. ))
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Name: Alustria Marie Laurent

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Formerly fur-trapper, now Alliance marksman.

Physical Description: A thin, wiry, yet hardy-looking girl of about twenty years or so. Her skin is tanned from long exposure to sunlight, and her dirty-blonde hair is tied into a messy ponytail with many strands loose. Her eyes, honey-brown and almost gold-colored, are a particularly striking feature. Speech, mannerisms, and worn and dusty clothing seem to indicate a rural background of some sort.

Personality Description: Bold and forward. Speaks her mind, and generally expects others do the same. Generally practical and resourceful, and doesn't care too much about social conventions. Can be VERY stubborn.

General Notes: Alustria hates that worgen have been accepted into the Alliance and isn't afraid to say so should the topic come up. She automatically dislikes and mistrusts all worgen.

Unusual Notes: Actually finds sleeping in beds to be stuffy and uncomfortable. She's much happier sleeping either in a hammock or outside in the open air.

Secrets: Despite her rough exterior, she secretly wishes she knew how to really be a girly-girl. She dreams abou wearing dresses, reading romance novels, and talking about flowers!

History: Alustria was born in the trapper's village called Solstice in Grizzly Hills. Her parents were trappers, and they taught her to be one as well. She existed happily in the little log cabin village until the day the shade of Arugal arrived at Grizzly Hills. The Wolfcult approached the villagers at Solstice first offering the power of the worgen curse. Though the villagers spurned them at first, over time the cult began to gain the villagers' support either through the draw of power or the feeling of necessity.

Alustria's parents were two people who joined the cult when they began to feel they'd have no other choice--but they weren't able to make the same choice for their only daughter. Giving her the family's hunting eagle, Lalo, along with her own pet worg Lyvain, Alustria's parents instructed her to flee into the wilderness and not come back to the village. They never told her they were about to become worgen--just that they'd "try to change things from within".

The trapper lived out in the wilderness for a while, hunting her own food with the help of her animal companions. Occasionally she'd stop by a hunting lodge for a meal and a chat, but she never stayed long. She lived pretty much alone until she stumbled across the Westfall Brigade encampment. It was there that she learned of the Wolfcult's connection with the scourge, and enlisted in the Westfall Brigade as a marksman in hopes of helping to stop them.

Now that the situation with the Scourge is mostly dealt with, Alustria stays with the Alliance for lack of anything better to do with herself. She feels some draw to Westfall, and is considering heading there to lend her aid, but her path in general is as of yet undetermined.

Current Going-On (if any): Hanging out in the Golden Keg, hitting on men who're not interested but are waaaaay too nice to properly shoot her down (okay, one in particular).
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10 Troll Warlock
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100 Tauren Hunter
Jaegerog Horowitz Eisenmauer


Tasked at one time with locating, reporting, and engaging enemy incursions into the traditional Horde territories where frequent attacks were once made, as well as sounding the call to arms for wartime raids carried out by Horde forces. Once little more than a fledgling of a conscript in the employ of the Warsong Offensive, he was eventually plucked from the streets of Dalaran during one of many world raids carried out by the Dread Horde, a fighting force to which he remains loyal today.

Personality Description:
Jaeger attempts to come off as a diplomatic sort, citing Thrall's vision of armistice, but beneath his exterior crawls a hatred toward the demihuman races few have truly felt. Having come home from years spent in the Icecrown campaign, to behold the goings-on in the Barrens and the wanton Alliance encroachment therein, it has become clear to him there can be no armistice, no handshake at the borders.

Physical Description:
Jaegerog's outward appearance is mottled and unkempt; looking into his eyes would reveal a veteran of a year-long wartime campaign, which is still ongoing. The bits of armor that haven't already been repaired with Goblinwerks mail have a rusty tinge to them, as if blood has been halfhandedly wiped from the surfaces. Worn atop his armor are Hellscream's colors.

His firing eye is the only one visible from beneath a Gladiatorial fighting cowl clearly of Eastern origin, as a haggard scowl peers out from behind a chain-mesh faceguard. Following the eruption of the New War and the untimely loss of Cairne Bloodhoof, Jaegerog has sacrificed his horns, citing Cairne's words,"We are Horde forever". His gores have been cut away and capped in gold. When asked about this, the hunter only replies, "Sure, now I can see left and right".

Not generally seen without the creepiest varieties of charges, his companions Sweetums, Bockscar, Beefcake, Squee and Clutch are some of the best friends a shooter could have. His aerial charge is a sheer, blackened scale Netherwing drake once enslaved by fel orcs of the Dragonmaw, whom many to behold him have simply named "Stygian".


Born to Kohana and Ayashe of the Ironwall Tribe in the Borean Tundra, the half-Tauren, half-Taunka infant was surrounded on all sides by death. Their tribe under relentless siege by Kvaldir, his birthparents sent him to live in Kalimdor upon a shipping vessel. Raised in Narache, he has since returned to Taunka'le Village during the Northrend campaign in search of his family, only to learn of their death in his eleventh year. However, having helped seal the induction of the Taunka into the Horde, Jaegerog was soon thereafter dubbed "Taunka'lo" by Roanauk Icemist in reference to the joined blood of his mother and father, before his final departure from Agmar's Hammer.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Name: Remex Kalithras

Age: 22 Human Years (So around 98 years of age)

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Blood Knight Paladin/Cooking

Physical Description: 6'4 in height, 221lbs (rather skinny for a blood elf). Athletic, Fast, and Average strength for a blood elf. He also has short black hair.

Personality Description: Dedicated and Hardworking Remex is a rather determined one, willfully killing any Alliance scum there is and sympathizer of the Alliance.

General Notes: Rather dislikes Orcs, Trolls, and Goblins for being Uncivilized. Spends most of his time relaxing drinking tea and/or training to improve his skills.

Unusual Notes: Usually has flashbacks of past wars he has fought in.

Secrets: Once married to a Human female named Maddy Labenze. His wife had worked at a local Inn. His wife was killed by a drunken Human who is still at large. So Remex continues his quest to find his wifes killer and avenge her death so she can rest in peace.

History: His mos recent battle was in Northrend where he had fought against the scourge. H

Current Going-On (if any): Fighting off the Alliance while at the same time searching for his wifes killer.
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90 Tauren Warrior
Name: Torage DeathHorn or "Tor"
The Cursed Berserker

Age: 25-30 (exact age unknown, but extremely young for Tauren, who can live to be 150.)

Gender: Male

Job/Profession: Killing (also works with metal)

Physical Description: Torage is a giant, even amongst Tauren. He stands a few feet taller than most other Bulls and appears to be nearly as wide as he is tall. He is covered in layer upon layer of heavy armor at all times, the armor appears to cover impossible muscle mass. Although he seemingly never removes any of his other armor he often removes his helmet while off the battle field reveling a face that is more scar tissue than not, most notably his right eye is covered with an eye patch but the wound leaves the skull bone exposed from the bottom of the right socket to the upper lip of his right jaw reveling the top row of teeth on that side.

Personality Description: Torage is.. Simple. Some, perhaps most, would label him as stupid, he has no understanding of even simple mathematics and has difficulty counting past six. He only speaks enough taurahe or Orcish to hold a very basic conversation. Tor can be very blunt in his reasoning and seems to be inclined to solve all problems by simply killing whoever is in the way. he often has to pause in order to think, starring off into space and drooling for sometime before answering a question.

General Notes: Many think Torage is a stupid beast but it is often said that he knows so little about everything ells because he knows so much about fighting.
Many think Torage is a slow lumbering giant, but when in combat he moves with a speed that can rival any nimble elf.

Torage is a follower, his actions are almost always guided by his master, an old Orc shaman named Gahazakul. Gahazakul is currently missing and Tor claims he is in "the burning land". In his absence Tor was instructed to follow Grom Hellscream, who placed him under the command of High Warlord Dukago.

Unusual Notes: Perhaps the most unusual thing about Torage is his eating habits, he often takes limbs from slain enemies and eats them.

Secrets: Torage's right eye is actually not missing, it was permanently banished to the nether when a shard of armor from a pit lord struck him in the eye, he can see with the eye even with a patch covering it, this often misleads enemies that try to blind side him.

Most would not guess Tor is as young as he is. Tauren mature as young as 15 and aren't considered old until they are into their 90s. because of this typically it takes a Tauren to spot the subtle differences, often in manner and actions instead of physical, that come with age. because Tor as spent little time among other Tauren he is hard for them to read.

History: One day a vision quest lead the shaman Gahazakul to the Death Horn camp. Gahazakul then provoked a large tribe of Centaur, framing the death horn tribe. when the centaur attacked there was a gruesome battle at the end Gahazakuls vision was fulfilled as one Tuaren stood alive amongst the carnage.

Gahazakul took torage to his lair, deep in the caves of Durotar, there he spent years training the Tauren into a fearless killing machine.

Current Going-On (if any): After Torage fulfilled his original purpose to aid in the defeat of Deathwing and bring peace to the realm of earth. His master Gahazakul disappeared into Deepholm. Torage, unsure of what to do waited at the maelstrom for many days for his master to return and command him. When Tor became tired of eating fish he returned Kalimdor, exiled from Thunderbluff he sat atop a hill in mulgore for several months until a dark force, the remainders of Shadowmourne's influence, began to manifest within him.

Compelled by this curiosity he began to seek out contact with others that might entertain him, even frequenting a tavern. As he explored this new world, unchained by commands, he even gained a few friends.

However, the powers of a thousand tortured souls within Shadowmourne, eventually began to take control. The moment before all was lost and he became fully possessed, his master returned. Where he went and how he returned is unknown to tor, but he still obeys his call without question.
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Rithianna Darcy



Skinning and leather working

Physical Description:
Depends. In her cursed form or human? In her normal, human form, she is but average. In her worgen body, she is a wolf infused with a woman. She is ashamed of her wolf form.

Personality Description:
Quiet, but does talk to herself about matters that mystify her. Such as her most recent conversations about how odd little chit chat is the heart of the world. She wonders what the soul is. A good friend, but yet still traumatized by her past.

Unusual Notes:
Has arguments with herself.



(Will add more)
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31 Goblin Warrior
Name: Robaire Grizzkrank
Age: “Young enough to do it and not get tired, old enough to know how it’s done properly”
Gender: "Really? Do these ears look like they belong to a female?"
Job/Profession: Freelance Explosives Entrepreneur/Demolition Specialist/Thing Killer

Physical Description: A hair shorter than three feet tall, golden eyes, and a solid 50 pounds of weight under his armor. After losing most of his hair to the various chemicals he deals with, he decided it would just be easier to get it all removed. His hands are scarred and calloused from many many...learning experiences. Most would assume he’d wear gloves while experimenting, but he feels they get in the way.

Personality Description: He really likes his explosives. If there’s a bad way of making something explode, he hasn’t found it yet. He’s developed and holds patents for everything from “rat grenades” to “bouncing baby bombs” (don’t ask) and is always looking for inspiration. Should something click between his ears, he always keeps a collapsible workbench on his tool-belt. This penchant for the explosive arts has led to some decisive victories on the battlefield thanks to his improvisation...and some body parts no-one was using anymore.

General Notes: Thanks to his love of explosives, he’s been barred from many of the larger cities. Because of an incident with a city guard and an explosive piece of pork, he’s rarely allowed in Orgrimmar. He finds himself welcome in Silvermoon since he owns an apartment “near all them pretty girl-elves.”

Unusual Notes: He has gone through several assistants over the years and is always on the lookout for more saps...er....able bodied assistants to handle his more dangerous experiments while he sits a good distance away.

Secrets: he can cook just as well as he can make things go *boom!*

History: “My past? Who wants to know? I can tell ya a lie for three gold, tell you it’s the truth and you’ll never know the difference” He’s been around long enough to know that the only real connections you can make are those you can take advantage of. Formerly an apprentice to one of the more esoteric alchemists of Kezan, he managed his first breakthrough at the cost of his “master” and without a proper guiding hand, he’s been given free reign to develop his destructive ideas...even if he has to alter some natural laws to do so.

He now owns a small stall outside the gates of Silvermoon city where he earns most of his income. It seems the elves enjoy his sky candy enough to keep him afloat with enough gold and free wine to make him a permanent resident of their city. When asked why a goblin would choose to live in an elven city he looked up from his lounge chair and grinned “a nice home, lots of money, plenty of dead things to blow up, and more blondes with green eyes than you can count? What’s not to love about this city?”
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
Name: Krystalline Lightsong

Age: 121

Gender: Female

Job/Profession: Gatherer, Protector, Explorer, Healer.

Physical Description: The first thing you notice is how her ears are long and somewhat larger than other elven ears. She wears a pair of ruby and gold earrings dangling from those earlobes and other golden hoops dripping from her ears in various places. Her skin is pale and her bright green eyes shine in the low light. Her body is somewhat thicker than most elves, being more muscular and less thin, since she focuses more on the hand-to-hand combat rather than the use of magic. The plates of armor held onto her body are soaked in blood in a few different places. Her tabard proudly displays the crest of the Blood Knights.

Personality Description: Competitive, and somewhat an outcast, her family was lost during the exodus from Silvermoon to try and escape the Scourge attacks. She doesn't know if they are alive or dead. She remains optimistic, though, and tries not to think about the possibility of never finding them. She is a Blood Knight, having learned the ways of the Light after receiving a blessing from the order of the Blood Knights: The opportunity to drain a bit of M'uru's power. She did so, gaining abilities she never thought possible. This great warrior became even more powerful that day.

General Notes: (( Looking for someone to play her elder sister and parents if possible. ))

Unusual Notes: She adores strong, muscular creatures. Hence why she tends to enjoy the sight of Tauren more than other elves. She prefers to be called Sin'dorei rather than 'Blood Elf' and finds other's lack of caring for their family members appalling (arguing family members drive her nuts).

Secrets: She secretly desires to live amongst the Tauren. Her favorite thing about them is how close they are to each other. How they all seem so content with their lives. She has this constant need for power which nags at her every waking moment. She wishes to be free of that need someday.

History: Krystalline grew up in a very competitive household. She always felt second best to her elder sister, who was always achieving so much in her studies and being praised by her parents. Krys does not remember much about her except that her sister was very intelligent, powerful and strong. Krys desired to be just like her, always pushing herself and always seeking to impress her parents, even though she was so very young.

When the Scourge swept through Eversong's Woods towards Silvermoon, before Krystalline even saw her 100th year, her family packed up and attempted to flee with others to escape the oncoming attack. However, the battle came sooner than anticipated and Krys was separated from her family in the madness. Her mother and father were separated in the crowd, being pulled a different direction than their children. Krys and her sister fought hard to stay together and to try to make it to safety.

Krys' sister noticed some incoming undead and hid her younger sister behind some crates. Krys' sister told her to stay put, fully promising to return once she helped deal with the threat. She uttered some words over Krys (she still does not know what they meant to this day), then disappeared, seeming to go join a battle. Krys stayed there, huddled behind the crates in a small corner of the City for a long while.

She was finally found by an elder mage some time later. The mage was walking around with a shroud of invisibility on, attempting to save others who were hiding, like Krys. She produced a fiery portal for her escape, which Krys eagerly stepped through, hoping it would bring her one step closer to her family. It brought her to the Sunstrider Isle. The Magistrix elder, Erona, soon appeared (having stepped through a portal as well) and explained the gravity of the situation the Krys.

Over the next few years, Krys trained hard and became a great warrior. She hungered for power and knowledge. She vowed to never allow her home to be under attack which she could not defend against like that EVER again. She was even bestowed the blessing to take power from the great M'uru. Thus, the Blood Knight, Krystalline Lightsong, was born, and little Krys faded away into her past.

Current Going-On (if any): None. She is a nomad at the moment (guildless) and looking for a place to call home amongst friends (and hopefully family one day).
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