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Guild Name:
GM/Officers: (List who to contact)
Guild Type: (Raid, PvP, Casual, RP, etc. Include how you do loot if Raiding)
Raid Times: (if applicable, pvp times, guild events, etc)
Recruitment Status: (open, closed, selectve)
About: (SHORT 1-2 liner about your guild, space is limited in these posts)
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One more because you can never be too sure. Feel free to post now.
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85 Tauren Druid
Guild Name:

GM/Officers: Bluecheese, Ddurn, Invictsmaneo, Capnstaggers, Brutesquad, Kimpla


Guild Type: Casual Raid guild. Meaning we love to raid, have fun progressing but it's not our ONLY focus and we do not require players to raid.

Raid Times: 6 server is standard. Raid days subject to change with the release of Cata.

Recruitment Status (open, closed, selectve): Closed

About: A mature guild with a core of players who have been together for 3+ years and many more who have been with us since creation a year and a half ago. Decent PVE progression with a small group of PvPers, good times for all.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Guild Name: DarkHorseDivision
GM/Officers: Demonpriest, Meimei, Rhett, DhDKrull, Thandar, DhDcrazycor, Hombre, Gomboo, Badpriest (sorry if I've missed anyone else)
Website: www.darkhorsedivision.com
Guild Type: Mature Casual, Friends and Family, Been together for over 3+ years, Raiding is icing on the cake
Raid Times : NA
Recruitment Status: Open for like minded Mature guildies
About: We're not dead just older and wiser. If you seek a mature laid back guild and want to be part of a tight knit group then pst an officer
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Bump. WTB report for sticky.

Click the flag on my post, go to Report and then from the drop down menu click Not Specified and mention you want this stickied.


^ Blue post stating to do so for stickies. Fun fact, I can't report myself anymore. =/
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85 Tauren Warrior
Guild Name: Apocalypse
GM/Officers: (List who to contact) TPI, Sparklything
Website: apocalypse.mmoguildsites.com
Guild Type (Raid, PvP, Casual, RP, etc. Include how you do loot if Raiding): Hardcore 10 man; loot "council"
Raid Times (if applicable, pvp times, guild events, etc): Sun-Wed 5:50-9p PST
Recruitment Status (open, closed, selectve): open, selective
About: (SHORT 1-2 liner about your guild, space is limited in these posts) Going on five years, competitive server first guild, using replacement system for raid spots (if you can beat the player in the current spot and we like you, it's yours.)
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Those of you who come here, make to let everyone else know to come here. This thread actually gets used when its got a good number of guilds listed.
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100 Night Elf Druid
Guild Name: Total Destruction
GM/Officers: Joeheals, Madmortagin, Caimina, Kaneoh, Subsailor
Website: www.tdmisha.com
Guild Type:Mature Casual End Game Raiding, but do not have to raid.
Raid Times: M-T-W 6-9 PM Server
Recruitment Status: Open
About: We are progression oriented, but we leave individual members with control of their own characters. If you are not looking for a raiding guild, you can still find a home with TD.
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91 Worgen Druid
Guild Name: Harvesters of Sorrow
GM/Officers: Nerotoxin, Skink, Picadilly, Mallok, Martyred,
Website: http://prwhos.guildlaunch.com
Guild Type: 10 Man Raiding Guild/Suicide Kings for Loot
Raid Times: Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays 6:30-9:00 Server Time
Recruitment Status: Selective
About: We are a small progression oriented group of adult gamers that have been raiding on Misha since Dec 2006. Our minimum age requirement is 25 although exceptions can be made for the right fit.
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85 Blood Elf Hunter
Guild Name: {H} A Horde Dazed Knight
GM/Officers: Dirge/Oxen/Nestle/Neoknight/Jayohin/Drauka/Rael/Wyzim
Website http://www.ahordedazedknight.com/
Guild Type: 21 and over; Casual Raiding
Raid Times: Varying
Recruitment: OPEN
About: RL > WoW Fun is priority #1. Enjoy raiding, but HDK does not make raiding a JOB. Friendly folks with similar priorities and a laid back atmosphere. Guild wide events regularly (attendance optional of course).
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90 Human Priest
Guild Name: {A} Repentance
GM/Officers: GM Mintsy
Website http://www.repentance-misha.guildlaunch.com
Guild Type: 10-25man raiding.
Raid Times: Days tbd. Start time 6pm. raid 2.5-3 hrs
Recruitment: Limited, but we are always interested in quality Misha players.
About: Repentance is a guild devoted to raiding content in 10s and 25s. We value people with enjoyable personalities who are committed and determined to see all the content WoW provides. We have zero use for anyone who spams dps/healing meters, or thinks WoW is an extension of Junior High. We do take our raid time seriously. If you raid, you must have class understanding, appropriate gear, and know where www.tankspot.com is located on the World Wide Web.
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87 Tauren Druid
Guild Name: Reality
GM-Hruuk, Co-GM Krynn, Officers- Patootie, Omnivicus, Francblanc, Cinemi, Bilouxi. Raid Leaders Krynn, Ryuku,



Casual, laid back yet focused

Current raid days and times - Team Thundercats (dont ask) Tues/Thurs/Fri 530-9 Server 7/8 DS Group 2 Rebuilding, Group 3 Tues/Wed 330-6 Server under construction as well.

Recruitment Open filling spots for all groups except Thundercats team

This guild has been around for 2 years with most members playing the game longer than that. Reorganized and looking forward to completing content before the next exp
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