Misha Guild Listing and Progression

85 Human Warrior
Guild Name: Ground Zero
GM/Officers: Praeus / Waldorf , Scootybooty , Ampre
Website: GroundZero.Wowstead.com
Guild Type: Raid, PvP, Casual, 10m
Raid Times: Genereally after 7pm ST
Recruitment Status: selectve
About: Currently seeking Progression oriented players for a second 10 man group, Would like to build consistancy among members and a diverse environment.
Submit Application to GroundZero.wowstead.com
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86 Human Paladin
Guild Name: Lords of Havoc
GM/Officers: Darsch/Icenova/Surcosta
Website: Inactive
Guild Type: Family
Raid Times: PuG for Life
Recruitment Status: N/A
About: Family guild of casual players. Very casual.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
Guild Name: Finest Hour
GM/Officers: Naragg/Nickfury/Ashlinn
Guild Type: Casual Raiding
Raid Times: Monday - Wednesday 6pm server til ?? /roll
Recruitment Status: Selective, most often from players we pug in.
About: Small guild of very active members and alts, friendly, no drama.
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All updated.
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85 Night Elf Warrior
So what are the top PvP guilds now for horde and alliance?
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04/09/2011 09:39 PMPosted by Stratazorial
So what are the top PvP guilds now for horde and alliance?

I couldn't say. I'm pretty out of the loop.

Which leads me to this: I've cancelled my sub, and its up in about a month. After that I can't post on these forums anymore. If someone would like to continue with this thread and keep it updated for people, it'd be appreciated. I know it gets a lot of use from people here looking for guilds.
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100 Human Mage
Alliance Guilds:

Guild Name: Ground Zero
GM/Officers: Praeus / Waldorf
Website: GroundZero.Wowstead.com
Guild Type: Raid, PvP, Casual, 10m
Raid Times: Genereally after 7pm ST
Recruitment Status: selectve
About: Currently seeking Progression oriented players for a second 10 man groupd and to build more guild diversity. Please submit application to the guild website.

Guild Name: Harvesters of Sorrow
GM/Officers: Nerotoxin, Skink, Picadilly, Mallok, Martyred,
Website: http://prwhos.guildlaunch.com
Guild Type: 10 Man Raiding Guild/Suicide Kings for Loot
Raid Times: Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays 6:30-9:00 Server Time
Recruitment Status: Selective
About: We are a small progression oriented group of adult gamers that have been raiding on Misha since Dec 2006. Our minimum age requirement is 25 although exceptions can be made for the right fit.

Guild Name: Hurricane
GM/Officers: Npeppa, Satanbeams, Fayere, Flethigin, Sookie
Website: http://mishahuricane.guildlaunch.com/index.php?sub_domain=mishahuricane&gid=0
Guild Type: 10 man raiding- Loot is rolled on. DKP will be used if we do 25 mans.
Raid Times: Each group will have its own days and times. Mostly evenings 3-4 days a week.
Recruitment Status: Selective
About: Our guild is a focused raiding guild with a competitive raiding environment. This is not a casual raiding guild. See our website before asking about recruitment.

Guild Name: <Insatiable>
GM/Officers: Revenance (GM) Revs (Officer) Riposi (Officer)
Website: (N/A) *We find very little demand for it, it's not laziness, just lack of use from potential recruits in the past.
Guild Type: Raiding, Casual PvP, Semi-social.
Raid Times: Still being determined as raid roster is finalized.
Recruitment Status: DPS open. Heals considered. Tanks closed. See the actual recruit thread for more details.
About: Very experienced and long time running group of friends. Very successful guilds and raid management in the past. Fun to play with, but also great to progress with.

Guild Name: Kings Guard
GM-Solidarm, Co-GM-Curein, Co-GM-Shiftinnut
Officers-Illeris, Nikolye, Akalon
Website: Kingsguard.us
Guild Type: 10man raiding 18+(current loot rules: ms b4 os roll)
Raid Times: Progression mon-weds 6-9pm server. Achieves often on offnights around same times.
Recruitment Status: OPEN
About: Mature, fun, active guild. Many achievement motivated players, we value vanilla/BC raid experience in recruits. Drama free, trade troll free.

Guild Name: Lords of Havoc
GM/Officers: Darsch/Icenova/Surcosta
Website: Inactive
Guild Type: Family
Raid Times: PuG for Life
Recruitment Status: N/A
About: Family guild of casual players. Very casual.

Guild Name: {A} Pantheon
GM/Officers: GM's Arret, Cillaide, Xera
Website http://www.thepantheon.guildportal.com
Guild Type: 10-25man raiding. One 25 man team and 5+ 10 man teams
Raid Times: Days and times vary for 10 man, but 25 man is Tiues/Wed 5:30-8 st
Recruitment: Selective, but we are always interested in quality Misha players.
About: Pantheon is a guild devoted to raiding content in 10s and 25s. We are a mature group of casual raiders. While being casual, we also set high standards and have competition for raid spots. To be a raider, you must know your class, how to raid, and be dedicated to showing up on time and ready to raid. Being ready means having proper gear, enchants, gems, good buffs, class and raid knowledge.

Guild Name: (A) Primeval Instinct
GM- Hermionee and Ocloughalot
Guild Type: Mainly 10 man Raiding, but we also run 25 mans.
Website: http://primevalinstinct.guildzilla.com/
Raid Times: Start 6pm server time. Days may change since cata is out, we'll have to see
Recritment: Actively recruiting. We accept all levels.
About: We're a friendly guild that has been around for a couple years. Currently looking for more active players. We accept all levels. We've help out when we can. We run randoms together as a guild as well as raid. Looking forward to guild progression and the rewards it will bring. :P
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
Guild Name: WRÅTH
GM: Elizabeta
Co-GM: Renegade
Website: wrathoflichknights.guildportal.com
Guild Type: Social/Levelling
Recruitment: Recruiting for raid teams, but currently have a lot of competition.
About: We are currently one of the larger guilds on the server, with a lot of long term members. We freely accept alts, just requesting that they be labeled as such. We try to ensure guild groups for randoms, and promote guild focused activity. We have a wide variety of players, and try to have an open mind.
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90 Draenei Paladin
Guild Name: Radical Dreamers
GM: Weulfgar
Officers: Soulshocker (or any of the many soul-alts), Arixi, Daglysemane, Madheal, Thb, Lumbaria
Website: radicaldreamersmisha.proboards.com
Guild Type: 10 man raiding
Raid Times: Friday and Sunday 6 - 9pm server
Recruitment: Recruiting raiders.
About: Raiding with a casual attitude. Great friendships in guild. Very chatty over vent. Interest in PvP and achieves as well with lots of helpful members
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100 Human Warrior
Guild Name: (A) Steel Dawn
GM: Maxpuppet
Officers: Gentonord, Ultralisk, Verah, Thistller, Glym, Farrell
Website: http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=359727&TabID=3012544
Guild Type: Casual, Social, 10-man Raiding
Raid Times: Lately, 5-8pm server, various nights of the week. (Usually 3 times a week)
Recruitment: Open
About: An older guild that returns to older content, we are very friendly and love to do just about anything in the game. We have a segment each week on the podcast Lore Stories, currently on iTunes.
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85 Human Death Knight
The sticky isn't getting updated, but...

Guild Name: Born of Chaos
GM: Isabellanich
Officers: Alobar, Asheran, Mizterrogers
Website: In progress, but current loot rules are at http://asheran.tumblr.com/loot
Guild type: Casual, old content/achievements/10-mans (we are 95% PvE)
Raid times: Roughly 5-8pm server time, 2+ nights a week. Almost always weekdays, not weekends.
Recruitment: Selective, please feel completely free to contact Isabellanich, an officer, or one of their many alts (Rank 2 on armory guild roster page) for details.
About: Close-knit group whose primary goals are mutual assistance and experiencing content. Knowledgeable, friendly folks, mostly ages 30+.
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90 Worgen Hunter
Sinister Knights:

GM: Txd Co-GM: Bulslayer

Guild took a big hit when cata came out, we lost alot of people due to in-activity, but now we are getting up and running again. Looking forward to starting 10-mans as soon as we get a full core group going. Guild is social by nature, Me and the GM usually play in the evenings so thats probably when the raid times would be. We inforce a drama and trade troll free policey, most of our active members will probably be new to raiding and we require an atmosphere that will provide a place for these individuals to learn the mechanics of these raids as well as what will be required of their toons in a raid. We are by no means a hard core guild lol. We play for fun.
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85 Night Elf Druid
Guild Name: (A) Oppression
GM/Officers: Ryllus, Epox, Malthedruid
Website: http://oppres2-misha.guildlaunch.com/index.php?gid=101994
Guild Type: 10m Raid (main spec > off spec)
Raid Times: Wed, Sun, Mon 6pm-830pm server time
Recruitment Status: Selective
About: Our mission is to clear 10man content in a semi-casual raiding environment. We have a close group that works well together and has fun while getting the job done.
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85 Troll Priest
Guild Name: VEX
GM/Officers: Drudge, Artemís, Fieryo, Destinyfall, Deimosia, Twerkz
Website: http://vextheguild.guildlaunch.com/
Guild Type: Raid, loot council & /roll
Raid Times: (Team MM) T-W-TH 6-9 server, (Team HM) M-W-TH 6:30-9:30 server, (Team G3), Th-Sun 6-9 server
Recruitment Status: open/ selectve
About: VEX, established 9/28/2009, is a Misha-based, social, progressive-raiding guild. Our mission is to bring all competent raiders to the level of experience, raid progression, and gear level that optimizes their enjoyment of the World of Warcraft.

We are currently running 3x10 man teams.

Current Progression: 7/7 FL
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90 Troll Shaman
Guild Name- Remorse

GM - Terellin
Officers - Cheap, Lilmanauser, Grassmon, Tofu, Alastor, Kurther, Gizmotetra and others

website - remorsemisha.guildportal.com
Raid Times- Tues/Wed 7pm server, Thurs/Sun 7pm server, and Wed/Fri 6am server
Recruitment Status - Open/Selective, 18+ in age, Open to mature, dependable and fun people

About - We are a newly established social raiding guild. Members get along well and we are not looking for anyone interested in drama, we discourage trade activity that is negative. We try to ensure guild groups for randoms, and promote guild focused activity. We have a wide variety of players, and try to have an open mind.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
Had to edit the WRATH one to take myself off it as I am no longer associated with the guild. But best of luck to them.
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85 Goblin Rogue
Guild Name: Relax

GM/Officers: Shadowfox/Montigue

Website: http://relax.sargeras.org

Guild Type: Premiere raiding guild. DKP loot system

Raid Times: Fri 6pm-9pm Sat 5pm-8pm

Recruitment Status: Now recruiting 1 of each of the following: 1 frost DK, 1 resto Druid, 1 MM Hunter, 1 Arcane Mage, 1 SPriest, 1 resto Shammy, 1 Demo Lock and 1 Prot Warrior -

About: Relax was formed and is intended to be the best premiere raiding guild on our server, in the battlegroup, in our region and possibly in the world. We are a two day per week raiding guild assembling for a single raid group with team cohesion and drive. Sunday through Thursday there will be no raiding to allow for a solid week of "rest". Friday and Saturday will be progression and team driven days to get things done. For more information whisper us in game or go to the website.
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85 Tauren Druid
Guild Name: Progression Pug
GM/Officers: fargnbastage, agricola, vedrongs
Website: www.progressionpug.com
Guild Type: mostly a 10 man guild, were currently running 3-10 man group and no 25's
Raid Times: bricksquad : tues-thurs 7-10 server, badgers : saturday and sunday 6-10 server
Recruitment Status: actively recruiting all classes
About: mature, casual raiding group, generally accept players that are older. also we believe in taking quality over quantity.
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85 Draenei Paladin
Guild Name: Winter Is Here
GMs & Officers: Truewan Amorah Valorah
PvP times: 5:45,6:30,7:00 Weekend 8:00,9:00
Recruit Status: 1550 Achiev in anything 17+ exceptions can be arranged!
We RBG like every night and we are looking for more PvPers to enjoy this fun creative guild and it is a drama free guild, You get a warning then kick (: Please avoid trolling and such thank you!
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85 Goblin Shaman
Guild Name: Panda Punchers

GM/Officers: Kerriana,Kaihash,Onikaos,Hellrecker,Balisk,Billscool,Phan, or Holyblade

Website: http://guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=312180&TabID=2617082

Guild Type: We are a Raiding guild who has fun and has some Casual players. At the current moment we roll for loot and sometimes we use a Loot Council.

Raid Times: Tues-Sat 5:30-9:30 Server time and sometimes on Mondays.

Recruitment Status: Open to those over 18 only

About: Panda Punchers has been around since May of 09. We are and have always been a Raiding guild who understands that Real Life comes first. We currently have 2-3 Raid groups but are short people. We also have casual players as well.
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