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85 Draenei Warrior
Guild Name: Facerollers
GM/Officers: GM: Blastoize; Officers: Anthron & Shawco
Website: facerollers.wowstead.com
Guild Type: 10m raiding guild but we really just do anything that's worth having fun.
Raid Times: sunday, tuesday & thursday 5-8pm server time. Loot council/roll loot system
Recruitment Status: Guild recruitment is always open. Raid team recruitment is only open for back ups
About: We're basically a bunch of kids between the ages of 19 & 21 (we have some "old" people too lol) that like to have fun whether it be raiding (mostly raiding), pvp, running old content or just trolling each other. We keep a loose, light atmosphere and an absolute ZERO drama tolerance. college is enough of a headache. This is just a game at the end of the day & we enjoy it to the fullest.
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86 Troll Priest
TER ITS MEH laptop takin forever to repair
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
Guild Name: The Fisherman

GM/Officers: I am the GM, you can catch me on Juliet, Lorelai, Kixy, Adorina, or Karana. Our officers are - Tachikaze, Wrockshi, Elfcrusher, and Archmagevard.

Guild Type: Currently pretty casual but we are recruiting for our first 10 man team. We do 5 mans together at the moment.

Raid Times: No raid times yet, but hopefully in the near future. [:

Recruitment Status: We've been around since 2007, and will continue to be here in the future. We will take anyone who is mature and friendly, we are trying to recruit mostly 85s and those close to 85, but we will take anyone who would like to join.
Edited by Juliet on 1/24/2012 10:46 AM PST
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
Is this still being updated? I know there's some new posts, and I know our listing needs to be edited, but I'm not sure if Tauradin is still around :(
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85 Orc Warrior
Give me some time, I'm rebuilding the entire list to update. I did take a few months off but since no one else took this over, I'll start updating again.

P.S. I'm Taur.
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
Awsome to hear! Hope you enjoyed your break!

I was just about to try and get in touch with you to see what your plans were regarding the guild listing thread actually :P Lemmie know when you are up and running for updates and I'll get an updated post for HDK in. :D
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100 Worgen Hunter
Guild Name: CONQUEST (A)
GM/Officers: GM-Sunshine, Tockley, Iukop, Mantria
Website: http://cqmisha.guildlaunch.com/
Guild Type: 25 man raiding
Loot: EPGP
Raid Times: Thursday & Sunday 5:30-8:00
Recruitment Status: Selective recruiting based on needs. All classes welcome to apply.
About: We are a good group of like minded raiders who want to progress current content but not necessarily at a hard core pace.
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85 Orc Warrior
Okay okay. This weekend I'll seriously get this updated. I just finished my last week of physical therapy after getting knee surgery, so I won't be as beat anymore.

Also, I'm thinking about just using google spreadsheets so it's easier to edit and keep organized. Thoughts?
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85 Orc Warrior
Okay, see first post for updates.
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85 Draenei Paladin
Guild Name: Evolve
GM/Officers: Kylaria
Guild Type: 10M Raid(Loot - roll ms/os), Casual
Raid Times: Mon, Wed, Fri 5pm server time
Recruitment Status: Open, Selective. Recruiting healers and ranged dps
About: Evolve is a lvl 25 semi-casual raiding guild thats been around since early icc days. We are always on the lookout for skilled, social and semi serious people to join us for raiding current content as well as revisiting old content for fun. We are an adult oriented guild, but all ages are welcome to join.
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If anyone saved the link to the doc, update your link as it changed.
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100 Undead Priest
Guild Name: <A Horde Dazed Knight>

GMs: Abbigail, Neoknight (Ping ANYONE in HDK and ask for us if we're on alts)

Website: www.ahordedazedknight.com

Guild Type: Raiding (10 and 25s. Loot: 1 need, 1 greed, infinite "don't shard me" rolls), casual, social.

Raid Times: Tues and Sunday 6-9pm server. "for fun" raids on Thursdays 6:30, or as scheduled in forums

Recruitment Status: WIDE OPEN. No experience required (we teach/coach)! Seniority matters when filling raid slots.

About: Oldest guild on Misha! 8 slot bank, all perks (except some pets), aged 21 and over, social, stress-free raiding guild with a philosophy around RL > WoW, and HAVING FUN.
Edited by Abbigail on 2/19/2012 9:53 AM PST
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100 Draenei Priest
Guild Name: Just Having Fun
GM/Officers: Ahlahria (GM), Forsakening, Saerah, Endsaviour
Website: no thx....this game eats up enough time
Guild Type: Casual but with serious players. We do a little of everything. Some raid, some pvp, some are achievement hounds.
Raid Times: We schedule on the fly but have a few standing raid and RBG nights.
Recruitment Status: open but we do have standard questions we ask if you are new to guild.
About: I imagine we're much like most other older established guilds. We've seen our share of ups n downs. People have come, and gone and come back. We will never be the best PVP guild or the best Raiding guild but we don't want to be. We enjoy working with other solid guilds like Pantheon and Pyre.
Edited by Ahlahria on 3/5/2012 9:30 PM PST
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I'd like to point out something though:
Website: no thx....this game eats up enough time

A website for your guild doesn't take more than 30 mins to set up through one of the many MMO guild websites established. I prefer guildlaunch personally.

Also, a guild website can be used beyond just continuing in-game content to the forums. Take for example Proven's guild website. Proven is just a shell these days, as the players have moved on to other games, stopped playing, or went their own ways. However, our guild website is still active as we formed a gaming community of our own. After playing together for 3, 4, even 5 years; we as a guild keep in touch even beyond WoW. We formed bonds so strong they persist even without WoW as a medium.

I used Proven just as an example I have personal experience with, but I'm sure other guilds have done the same. That is what a website can do for you. Build friendships, loyalty, and a sense of community that extends to other games you and your guildmates may enjoy playing.
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100 Draenei Priest
Like I said. No thx. We just aren't that serious.
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If you get a chance, you can change my name in the HDK GM list to Neomon instead of Neoknight. As this is the primary toon I would be found on. :D Thanks!!
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90 Orc Mage
WTB more people providing updated information.
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90 Draenei Death Knight
Kylaria isnt GM of Evolve anymore, that is my pally alt, can you please update so that Diaboliq shows as GM plz and thnx :)

Officers - Chinsue, Valdeon
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