Big List of Alliance RPers


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(( Welcome. Often comes the question of, "How is the role-playing on this server?" Well, I suppose people can always just wait for a recycled answer of, "We have a good amount of roleplayers, it's just up to you to find them." Yeah... You can do that, or what you can really do is look at this list and find people who are open to meeting other role-players. Based on my criteria, feel free to search through this thread to find the types of role-players you'd like your character to meet. A quick layout of your posts in here should look like this (please stick to this as well as possible).

Full name:
Position in society†:
Physical Description (abridged):

Marital Status:
Sexual Preference:
Blood line:

Role-playing weight class:
Role-playing status†**:

City of choice:
Leveling speed:
PvP preference (do it a lot?):
Weekly on-line schedule:

Introduction (a paragraph or two about yourself and what you hope to find on this server, may also include contact information if you are seeking other role-playing contacts.)

This criteria does contain a few things you may not like, or necessarily care about. But others may like to role-play with people who level quicker than others, or PvP a lot. Also I find people who role-play sometimes have a conflict of schedule, making it harder to enjoy role-playing.

*: Lord / Lady / Mister / Misses / Miss / etc.
**: Your heroic name, ex: John Doe "The Flaming Sun."
***: Link to age thread, (Draenei is not in this, Blood Elf ages are listed as High Elf.)
†: You can be free with this, either your political position, economical position, or status in the city. Ex: Vanished from the city, wealthy collector, etc.
†*: How others like you. Face being the crowd favorite and heel being the guy/gal everyone hates.
†**: Are you usually in-character? A story-teller? Majority rules, put what your usual situation is.

So, now that you've gone through the interrogation, I suppose I can only wish you all luck with meeting other role-players, and I hope this helps! ))
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Full name: Valhelm Stoneshield
Nick-name: Val
Race: Dwarf
Age: 148
Position in society: Brewer
Face/Heel: Face
Physical Description (abridged): Disheveled and worn clothing and tabards, but armor and weapons polished and gleaming (if dented). Red hair (with grey roots) and beard.

Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Female Dwarves only
Blood line: Common stock - Stoneshield Clan

Role-playing weight class: "Medium Rare"
Role-playing status: Say / Yell / Emote always in character

Guild: Stoneshield Brewery LLC
City of choice: Ironforge (this may change when Cata hits)
IC-Strengths: Jovial, Friendly, always willing to share, devoted to friends.
IC-Weaknesses: Doesn't understand when things are serious, always assumes the best of people - even when they're obviously not good.
Leveling speed: Moderate
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85 Gnome Mage

Full name: Nozz Tappet
Nick-name: Nothing that non-acquaintances need worry themselves with.
Title: Ambassador, Arcane Tinker, The Little Maelstrom, Witch, Necromancer, Keeper of Secrets, etc. Some, none or all of these may be true.
Race: Gnome
Age: She's nearing middle age.
Position in society: Respected and feared. Alliance Ambassador.
Physical Description (abridged): Nozz stands at 3'2". Her hair is either colored reddish pink or black, worn in either boars tails or a cropped version. Her left eye and left hand are clockwork prosthetics. Her upper left arm is covered by a hand-sized patch of titanium.


Personality: Typically gruff and temperamental. She's more approachable with people she knows, and is rumored to have a heart for people she genuinely likes.
Marital Status: Divorced. Currently in a strange relationship with Malfos Sevenoaks.
Sexual Preference: Asking this is the quickest way of getting yourself neutered.


Role-playing weight class: Heavy. Practically everything I do is IC, though when grouped with others I tend to go with party default.
Role-playing status: Full-time.


Guild: Clockwerk
City of choice: Ironforge, if she absolutely has to go to a city.
IC-Strengths: Loyal to a fault, if she has reason to be loyal (doesn't believe in blind loyalty). Stubborn. Angry. Psychopathic. Will do absolutely anything for those she loves. Is willing to betray those close to her if she feels it's for her definition of the greater good.
IC-Weaknesses: See above. Hates mailbox dancers and kittens.
OOC-Strengths: Supposedly I'm patient. I'm open to roleplay with anyone regardless of level or experience. I'm not going to nitpick over spelling, grammar, your MRP profile, or why you chose that hairstyle for your character.
OOC-Weaknesses: I have family, career and a laundry list of health issues that come first. Those aren't weaknesses - it's just the way it is.
Leveling speed: Reasonable.
Weekly on-line schedule: If I'm on at all these days, it would be in the evenings or an obscene hour in the night. Good luck tracking me down.

Other stuff:

* I like to roleplay. My goal is to make you forget you're talking to Nozz the 85th level gnome mage and make you believe you're talking to Nozz. I prefer walk up roleplay versus entertaining someone who begs in a channel.
* Nozz has a Wowpedia page:
* IC Twitter:
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85 Gnome Rogue
Full name: Tripsibet Teavalve
Nick-name: Tripsy
Prefix: n/a
Title: n/a
Race: gnome
Age: Old enough to know better (past the youthful indiscretion stage)
Position in society†: largely unnoticed
Physical Description (abridged): Three and a quarter feet of leather-clad gnome topped by practical close-cropped violent pink hair. She moves with the quick precision of a line cook in the weeds but with bigger knives.

Personality: Polite. In some ways naive. Not above taking advantage of tallfolk who think she's "cute".
Marital Status: not.
Sexual Preference: probably irrelevant
Blood line: immediate family did not survive Gnomeregan

Role-playing weight class: up there somewhere. I tend to the serious side.
Role-playing status: I find it hard to -not- be in character.

Guild: Clockwerk
City of choice: Ironforge (for now)
IC-Strengths: Resourceful. Expert metalworker, ((engineer)) amateur brewer.
IC-Weaknesses: Easily distracted, may be more interested in mechanisms than the serious business at hand.
OOC-Strengths: I type fast. I've RPd a lot.
OOC-Weaknesses: Haven't been playing WoW long, so am weak on lore and the environment
Leveling speed: whenever
PvP preference: dislike
Weekly on-line schedule: most US-pacific evenings

In the years since escaping Gnomeregan, Miss Teavalve has found herself associating with a surprising array of people. She thinks this Alliance thing is a pretty great idea, and enthusiastically fights the Scourge, a cause which may or may not seem more important to her than perfecting the design of her latest deathray/automaton/what-have-you.

OOC: I like PvE just fine, and if I can RP while questing/dungeoning/exploring/raiding, all the better. I find myself mostly creating character, dialog and mood rather than inventing stories.
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85 Human Paladin
Full name: Aldheim Sevenoaks
Nick-name: Ald
Prefix: Father
Title: Prelate of the Fellowship of Holy Light
Race: Human
Age: 42
Position in society: Clergyman with a mixed reputation; champion of the Argent Crusade; former Champion of the Undercity
Face/Heel: Face
Physical Description (abridged): Aldheim went gray very early, due to the stress of the Third War, so many people assume him to be much older than he actually is. He's almost always found wearing plate armor, as he considers that the proper garb of a paladin. The most striking thing about him these days, though, is that he doesn't have eyes -- his sockets are empty. In their place, though, are two streams of golden Light, burning like tiny suns.

Personality: A very serious, indeed, somber man, more prone to thought than action, but committed to the Three Virtues and willing to a fault to come to the aid of others when asked.
Marital Status: Soon to be married to Daphne West. Previously had a torrid relationship with a woman named Heleva, who later became the Forsaken called Critixix.
Sexual Preference: Straight.
Family: Here's where things are complicated. He has two brothers: Scyld, a human death knight, and Malfos, a Forsaken mage. The rest of his family died in the Culling of Stratholme. He also considers his former squire, Reginald McDonough (also called Oathsworn) to be like a son.

Role-playing weight class: Fairly heavy, though I only generally only roleplay while doing PvE stuff when that's been arranged ahead of time.
Role-playing status: Full time, more or less. I spend a lot of time as an organizer.

City of choice: Stormwind City. As of Cataclysm, Aldheim will be relocating to Hearthglen in the Western Plaguelands. Aldheim is originally from Stratholme, but obviously his hometown is not exactly hospitable these days.
IC-Strengths: Aldheim is a wise and caring person, and frequently finds people coming to him looking for help. He possess a keen and insightful mind, and a scholarly bent that many would associate more with priests than paladins. He's also still a pretty good fighter. Recently, the Light blessed him with a strange sort of "soul-seeing" that compensates for his lost eyes; now he sees beings through their connection to the Light, which has made him something of an expert on the properties of souls.
IC-Weaknesses: Aldheim is not really a man of action. His philosopher's bent leads him to spend more time thinking through possibilities than actually stepping forward and making a decision. He's also a romantic, which has gotten him into considerable trouble, even resulting in the loss of his eyes. While many respect him, he is also known as a heretic and a traitor to some for his association with the Forsaken during the Argent Tournament.
OOC-Strengths: I run (kinda) the Fellowship of Holy Light, an RP community that's been continuously running on the server for close to two years now, and frequently run RP events of various sorts. If you're looking for a place to get your feet wet in the community, talk to me. I also do my level best to not get involved in any kind of drama, and try to keep it out of my community as best as I can.
OOC-Weaknesses: I'm not going to say hi to you every time you log on. Also, I tend to not be one for "wandering around the city hoping somebody notices me" roleplaying -- if you want to play, say something! In the same vein, I will generally assume you're already doing something unless you say otherwise -- again, if you want to play, say something!
Leveling speed: Moderate.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Aldheim does not PvP.
Weekly on-line schedule: Most evenings.
IC Twitter: @aldheim
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85 Draenei Shaman
Full name: Anainn
Nick-name: Ana or Anay
Prefix: n/a
Title: Farseer
Race: Draenei
Age: Unknown, but estimated at about 200-250
Position in society: The bringer of light, wandering Shaman
Physical Description: Standing at seven feet two inches, Anainn is a bit taller than your average female draenei. Her appearance is a tad ghostly to the point where if she didn't have eyebrows, you wouldn't know where her eyes were.

Personality: Since the crash of the Exodar, Anainn personality has completely rewired. Now she is naive and easily confused, especially by colloquial phrases of the common language. Yet that does not stop her from doing what she loves to do, helping others.
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight
Blood line: Both of her parents were Vindicators that died in Farahlon. That's all see knows of her family.

Role-playing weight class: Welterweight champion. I love random RP and going to events.
Role-playing status: Fulltime IC.

Guild: Renewal
City of choice: Ironforge, Telaar
IC-Strengths: Has a mastery of healing that is aided by her big heart
IC-Weaknesses: Caring too much because of her big heart. Her unstable emotions can cause her to go into a Shamanistic rage and kill everything. Talbuks and bears. Anay loves Talbuks and bears.
OOC-Strengths: I'm pretty good at DPS for random (which I would love to do IC runs), and I'm pretty easy to talk to about anything. Also, I love drawing my friend's characters, so I give random gift art.
OOC-Weaknesses:I'm a terrible runner.
Leveling speed: Moderate, it shifts.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): I like to do it, mostly on the weekends.
Weekly on-line schedule: Most evenings.

Since the crash of the Exodar, Anainn has been traveling all over Azeroth to relearn her skills and professions. She tries to stay as low key as possible, helping those she comes across in travels.
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84 Human Paladin
((I think mine needed to be vastly updated anyway. <_< ))

Full name: Avmella Mistwarden-Thornbush of Grand Hamlet (You had to say "full"...)
Nick-name: "Avy" or "Mel" (or "Mella" or "Ella" or "Av" or...)
Prefix: Lady
Race: Human
Age: 34
Position in society: Lesser nobility
Physical Description (abridged): Around 150 cm, muscular, brown hair and eyes. Her nose is permanently mangled and she walks with a slight limp. Has many wrinkles, usually wears makeup over these.

Personality: Acts dignified and noble-like around strangers, but is quick to open up. Trusting, too much, to the point of being an abysmal judge of character. Protective of whoever she feels needs it, and motherly (whether wanted or not) to those younger than her. Very flirty once she gets some drink in her.
Marital Status: Married, as far as she's concerned
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Blood line: Noble, with some Quel'dorei ancestry

Role-playing weight class: Medium to heavy
Role-playing status: Usually in-character

Guild: House Thornbush
City of choice: Stormwind
IC-Strengths: Tends to give people a chance no matter what. Very social.
IC-Weaknesses: Alcohol is the big one. Can be kind of pushy.
OOC-Strengths: I know my lore, I guess. Also very social.
OOC-Weaknesses: Ditzy, forgetful, and just generally inattentive.
Leveling speed: Like a glacier being carried by a snail through cold molasses.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): No. No nonononono.
Weekly on-line schedule: Messy, usually in the evenings if I'm on.
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83 Gnome Rogue
Full name: Pog Toggleknock
Nick-name: Pog
Race: Gnome
Age: Very young. Pog is in possession of a page ripped from the Stormwind Orphanage Resiter listing the arrival of a "Gnome Child-Male", which puts his age around 20. Yes, this makes him a child...
Position in society: none
Face/Heel: Pog is a good gnome
Physical Description (abridged): Short for a gnome, and a bit scruffy. Pog is usually covered with smears and smudges of grease and dirt from tinkering with his various vehicles and gadgets, but by no means looks dirty or unkempt. He wears goggles constantly and sports an immense handlebar mustache, and has a large gap between his front teeth that he uses to whistle and spit for distance.

Personality: Childlike and fun-loving
Marital Status: single
Sexual Preference: Many people have tried to explain sex to Pog, with unsuccessful yet hilarious results. Pog is not a fan of "face-mashing" yet.
Blood line: unknown

Role-playing weight class: heavy
Role-playing status: In character, always looking for contact

Guild: Clockwork
City of choice: Dalaran
IC-Strengths: Friendly and approachable to all Alliance members, generous to a fault
IC-Weaknesses: Hates and Fears the Horde, and cannot be convinced otherwise
OOC-Strengths: Social and approachable
OOC-Weaknesses: Lacking in Lore, but that works, for Pog
Leveling speed: slow
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Not interested at present
Weekly on-line schedule: daily, evenings mostly (EST)

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81 Dwarf Paladin
Full name: Col Hodde
Nick-name: N/a
Prefix: N/a
Title: N/a
Race: Human
Age: 15
Position in society: Petty thief, guttersnipe
Face/Heel: Depends on who you are.
Physical Description (abridged): Average height, thin, light blond hair, gray eyes.

Personality: Somewhat like a used car salesman, he will try to weasel a few copper out of you no matter what, even if it comes down to violence if he feels he can overpower you. He is a very trustworthy friend though, always backs them up.
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight
Blood line: Peasantry

Role-playing weight class: Beginner/medium
Role-playing status: Usually IC

Guild: None, yet
City of choice: Stormwind
IC-Strengths: Very supportive friend
IC-Weaknesses: Barely of age, hates the Stormwind Guard due to not wanting to end up in the Stockades.
OOC-Strengths: I know a hell of a lot of lore.
OOC-Weaknesses: Beginner roleplayer
Leveling speed: As needed.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Nope.
Weekly on-line schedule: Weekends, mid (EST) afternoons on weekdays.
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85 Human Paladin
Full name: Daphne West
Nick-name: no commonly-known nicknames
Race: Human
Age: mid 20s
Position in society: Daphne is a new paladin.
Face/Heel: Respected and reasonably well-liked at the Cathedral, and by those who know her well. Otherwise generally unknown.
Physical Description (abridged): Daphne is petite and conventionally attractive, with longish blonde hair and blue eyes. She has an easy smile, and no obvious scars or disfigurements.

Personality: sunny.
Marital Status: engaged to Aldheim Sevenoaks.
Sexual Preference: straight.
Blood line: n/a. She's a commoner.

Role-playing weight class: medium to heavy RP
Role-playing status: If she's walking, IC. PvP and instancing are OOC, unless there's an IC reason for it. Questing may or may not be IC.

Guild: Clockwerk (officer). NOTE: Clockwerk is an OOC RP guild. Member characters do not necessarily know each other IC.
City of choice: Stormwind, for now.
IC-Strengths: Affable, kind. Makes a solid effort to get along with a variety of people, and often succeeds. Brave without being foolhardy.
IC-Weaknesses: Not an abstract thinker; often bored by theoretical discussions. Craves the approval of others.
Leveling speed: Moderate to slow. I rarely see the end of my rested bonus.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): I enjoy PvP, but Daphne's PvP is almost always OOC.
Weekly on-line schedule: East coast evenings and weekends.
IC Twitter account: @Daphne_West
(I also maintain the SOE IC twitter list at Let me know with a direct message on Twitter if you'd like your toon's account to be added.)

I love to RP, and especially enjoy long-term character development. I'd be happy to find more IC contacts for Daphne; feel free to whisper me or send me an in-game mail if you're interested in finding an RP connection.

edit: fixed formatting.
Edited by Daphne on 11/21/2010 7:23 AM PST
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33 Dwarf Warrior
Full name: Sichelgaita Broadaxe
Nick-name: Gaita
Race: Dwarf
Age: 50
Position in society: None, really
Physical Description (abridged): Around 4' tall, of moderate build for a dwarf. Clearly cares little for her appearance, looking messy and often dirty.

Personality: To quote Thomas Hobbes, "Solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short". Will generally show some respect to dwarves and gnomes, and absolutely none to anyone else.
Marital Status: None
Sexual Preference: None
Blood line: Illegitimate daughter of two lower-class dwarves; does not know who her father is, nor does she care

Role-playing weight class: Medium to heavy
Role-playing status: Pretty much always IC.

City of choice: Ironforge
IC-Strengths: Physical strength, hightly patriotic, actually fairly intelligent though not book-smart at all.
IC-Weaknesses: Hates any non-Dwarves or -Gnomes. Short-tempered and has little to no empathy for others.
OOC-Strengths/Weaknesses: (see Avmella above)
Leveling speed: The aforementioned snail.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Probably would, if the opportunity arises.
Weekly on-line schedule: Almost never on this character, except see Avy above for when I'm on her (certainly willing to switch over for RP).
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90 Gnome Mage
Full name: Axelpyre Cogswaddle

Nick-name: Axe, Axe


Title**: Professor

Race: Gnome

Age***: 99 *Winks*

Position in society†: Retired Professor, currently Veterinary

surgeon and Herbalist for the Argent Crusade. Pyromancer.

Face/Heel†*: Face (Grommet's Uncle, could he be anything else?)

Physical Description (abridged): Axel is a chubby affable Gnome

whose permanent smile lines and wispy white hair (what's left of

it) belie his stated "Ninety nine years of age." There is no

denying the youthful glimmer of enthusiasm in his wide blue eyes,

nor the sort of energy that seems to prevent him standing still

for any protracted length of time.


Personality: Affable and enthusiastic, he is the very picture of

the Gnomish stereotype, save he seems to have an allergy to

technology other than his Gnomish Army Knife. He freely gives his

trust and friendship, even when caution might be advisable. He

seems to have a great fondness for red-heads of any race.

Marital Status: Single

Sexual Preference: Straight

Blood line: The Cogswaddles were somewhat known for their medical

prowess and leadership positions in the Order of the Infinite



Role-playing weight class: Medium

Role-playing status†**: Usually in character.


Guild: Clockwerk

City of choice: Stormwind

IC-Strengths: Friendly, enthusiastic, trusting

IC-Weaknesses: Cursed to be infatuated with red-heads. Enthusiastic. Trusting.

OOC-Strengths: Friendly, willing to take a minor (non victim) role

in others' stories.

OOC-Weaknesses: I can be a painfully slow typist and prone to

spelling and grammar errors when rushed. Which is bad because I do

tend to go on and on. Play schedule is erratic. Old computer (now

running a blazing 2-4 FPS in cities.) Axel is my Mary Sue. You

have been warned.

Leveling speed: S-L-O-W

PvP preference (do it a lot?): I like city defense, but being

repeatedly killed without being able to fight back has sort of

rubbed the shine off.

Weekly on-line schedule: Random times weeknights and weekends. I'm

on the left coast so play time is usually after 7:00PM server

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85 Night Elf Druid
Full name: Cerelorna Rainshadow
Nick-name: Hiccup
Race: Night Elf
Age: Old enough that she should know better, young enough that she really doesn't.
Physical Description (abridged): Short and wispy, silver hair tied messily into dwarven style braids and dotted with leaves and fauna. Her long bangs cover two small antler-like nubs. Silver eyes tinged with gold that always seem a bit unfocused. Perpetually covered in dirt.

Personality: Blunt and a bit distant, she can seem constantly distracted and hard to reach. Her common is poor but even when speaking a language she understands better Hiccup will not engage in frivolous conversations. She says what's on her mind and can seem rude, but it's mostly due to the fact that she doesn't really understand proper societal conventions of interaction. She is honest to a fault, not seeing reason to mince her words; when she is pleased she can become childlike, clapping and smiling to get the point across, but when she is displeased it is probably best to keep a distance.
Marital Status: Probably wouldn't know romance if it hit her with a sledgehammer.
Sexual Preference: See above.
Blood line: Her parents were War of the Ancients survivors, but she was raised by Wildhammer Dwarves of the Lightninghelm clan.

Role-playing weight class: Probably medium.
Role-playing status: To put it simply, if you see horrible grammar and strange words that don't seem to make a ton of sense, I'm probably in character. Say/Yell tend to be IC for me, other channels [whisper, party, raid, bg, guild] are usually OOC unless requested.

Guild: Clockwerk
City of choice: Hiccup is content in most places with grass. So when up for roleplay, look for patches of green. [The park in SW for example] Though she avoids Darnassus like the plague for her own reasons.
IC-Strengths: Loyal once she's deemed someone worthy, honest, has a strong bond with nature and knows how to use it. She sees no politics, so will interact with a member of the horde the same way that she would one of the alliance. Unless of course they are attacking something she deems worthy of saving.
IC-Weaknesses: Oblivious to societal norms, can seem rude and uncultured and doesn't seem to care that this angers people. She has a bit of a stubborn streak and has her own agenda.
OOC-Strengths: I can multi-task pretty well, carry on several conversations at once. I am also very open to any degree of roleplay, and will give anyone a shot.
OOC-Weaknesses: I share a bit of Hiccup's obliviousness and sometimes don't even realize someone is trying to roleplay with me. Hiccup has a tendency to ignore people, but I will always give you some sign that I know you're trying to engage. If I don't, then feel free to whisper me with 'HAY YOU, PAY ATTENTION NOOB!', because I'm probably being a bit ADD.
Leveling speed: Supah-fast when I put my mind to it. Will probably change come the expansion when everything is new!
PvP preference (do it a lot?): I LOVE to pvp, but ICly, Hiccup doesn't unless someone she knows is being attacked. [Or if hordies are setting some part of nature on fire.] You'll see me pvping more on my priest [horde], pally, mage or rogue.
Weekly on-line schedule: Depends on the time of year usually, but most afternoons to late night.

Hiccup is a challenge for me to play, because I'm very social and she just...isn't. She's getting better as she meets people, but don't be alarmed if she seems to dislike your character at first meeting: it's not so much that as her being very cautious. With the cataclysm hitting, she's going to be distraught and very very distracted, but a good way to get her attention is to keep the topic relevant to the effect of the recent happenings on the land.

OOC: I like to chat and plan, but I prefer random walk-up roleplay by far. I love to rp through instances and raids, please please PLEASE suggest it if it's something you're craving!
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60 Worgen Warrior
Full name: Angielle Abernathy
Nick-name: Angie
Prefix*: Miss
Title**: None.
Race: Cursed human ( Worgen )
Age***: 24
Position in society†: Average worker
Face/Heel†*: Right in the middle
Physical Description (abridged):
Human form: Shoulder length red hair, tanned skin, green eyes.
Worgen form: Red fur, droopy ears, red eyes.

Personality: Angie is very social but also reserved. She's down to earth, but also rude and blunt.
Marital Status: Single.
Sexual Preference: Men
Blood line: Nothing special, comes from a line of miners/blacksmiths.

Role-playing weight class: Medium to heavy.
Role-playing status†**: Almost always in character. Trade doesn't count. :x

Guild: None at the moment.
City of choice: Stormwind or Darnassus
IC-Strengths: Very sociable, makes friends easily.
IC-Weaknesses: Loves to drink, has a heavy English accent. Angie does not pronounce H's if they start a word. Hello would be "'ello", hi would be "'i". There would still be "there".
OOC-Strengths: She's a blast to play! I get lost in her character easily.
OOC-Weaknesses: Sometimes I do screw up on her accent.
Leveling speed: Medium-fast
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Sometimes
Weekly on-line schedule: Varies. If I'm not on SoE, I'll be on Teralynn on Earthen Ring.

This character brought to you by Haana/Funarhri!
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85 Human Paladin
Full name: Dr. Rev. Hokujin T. Doujin
Nick-name: "Hoku", "Goggle-face", "Sexy"
Title: Master Bombardier, Argent Scout Headmaster
Race: Human
Age: Lost count in his 30s. Or was it his 40s?, had to be 20s.... 60s?
Position in society: Paladin, Inventor, Protector, Friend, Cautionary tale
Face/Heel: A grinning face.
Physical Description (abridged): Quite short for a human. Face weather beaten like an gnarled old tree, with gray hair with only little bits of original brown left. Physically impeccable - the body of a much younger man, despite his (assumed?) advanced age. Missing an arm and a leg, lefts, both replaced with mechanical parts. Smells of blasting powder.

Personality: Bombastic!
Marital Status: Married.
Sexual Preference: Yes.
Blood line: Extinct (when he dies).

Role-playing weight class: Heavyweights.
Role-playing status: IC in /say and /yell, OOC in /party, /guild, and other channels.

Guild: Renewal.
City of choice: Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus.
IC-Strengths: Improv skillzz
IC-Weaknesses: Often too silly for snooty RPers (but who likes them, right?)
OOC-Strengths: I have a sweet singing voice.
OOC-Weaknesses: Asthma.
Leveling speed: Fairly quick.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Pretty regularly.
Weekly on-line schedule: Entirely too often.

Hokujin Doujin, son of war veteran Arthur Doujin, has served in every major Alliance conflict since the Second War. Originally a cleric, he became a Paladin before the Third War under the tutelage of Uther Lightbringer and his Knights of the Silverhand in Lordaeron. After the Third War, Hokujin was stationed in various locations in the new world of Kalimdor, on diplomatic missions. Upon meeting the goblins of Gadgetzan, Hokujin began his training as a Goblin Bombardier - and soon became a Master Bombardier.
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85 Human Warrior
Full name: Gottfried von Rugenforde

Nick-name: Gutterkrunken; The Light-Damned Juggernaut; He Who Carries a Big Axe

Prefix*: Sir

Title**: Exalted Champion of the Exodar;

Race: Human

Age***: 32

Position in society†: Blade for Hire; Bodyguard; Drunk Loudmouth

Face/Heel†*: Somewhere in between. Some hates him, others just hates him more. More however wonders how this guy survived after a cannonball fell on his head.

Physical Description (abridged): Tall, burlesque, and rough. His body a mass of muscle and sinew. Adorned with battlescars from different theatres of war.

Personality: Choptastic!

Marital Status: Married

Sexual Preference: On the bed or a nice warm table will do.

Blood line: Nothing special.


Role-playing weight class: Light to Medium. Sometimes Heavy when struck with inspiration.

Role-playing status†**: Always IC unless specified.


Guild: Clockwerk

City of choice: Stormwind, Exodar, Darnassus, sometimes ninja'ed himself to Silvermoon.

IC-Strengths: Top-Of-The-Line Mammothian Strengh with ability to crush boulders and breaking down barred doors with sheer brute force (and the help of plate boots).

IC-Weaknesses: Blunt and careless. Sometimes way too bombastic, forgetting his own safety.

Leveling speed: May be lazy in one day, but on a rolling steam on another.

PvP preference: I Pvp for coffee.

Weekly on-line schedule: Very random.
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61 Gnome Rogue
Full name: Pippy Squeackywheels
Nick-name: Pipsqueack
Prefix*: Ms..Was Mrs.
Race: Gnome
Position in society†: Neutral
Face/Heel†*: Some see me as a traitor to the crown others as a uniter.
Physical Description (abridged): Weary, hair is silver with white streaks.

Personality: Playful, Sometimes shows signs of being experienced. Very open to those friendly to her mates in Booty Bay.
Marital Status: Seperated
Sexual Preference: In Question....Hasn't really pursude love since the untimely leave of her betrothed.
Blood line: Father and Mother are engineers that retired years before the Gnomer incident.

Role-playing weight class: Heavy
Role-playing status†**: Always in Character

Guild: None
City of choice: Gnomer (Her way of saying Gnomeregan)
IC-Strengths: Always busy-busy. Sometimes Helpful if it warrrants.
IC-Weaknesses: Annoyed at sensless killings. Will protect innocents regardless of faction.
OOC-Strengths: Tolerant to a point.
OOC-Weaknesses: People talking trash on any channel.
Leveling speed: Snail's pace
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Only in RP moments
Weekly on-line schedule: One or twice a week (Sometimes more)

Introduction (a paragraph or two about yourself and what you hope to find on this server, may also include contact information if you are seeking other role-playing contacts.)

Since the fall of Gnomer, Pippy was hoping for a little more adventure. The destruction of her formula (to remove the annoying noise wheels make) has left her empty and with no goal.
Hanging her hat in Booty Bay she decided to retire here where it felt quite like home. One day, she stumbled upon a blood elf rogue surrounded by men of her own faction. Not withstanding this, she confronted the gentlemen and thus began a life long friendship with the horde known as Krile.
The two formed a pact and became the founders of a new faction that doesn't recruit based on sides.
She currently went back to Stormwind after the Cataclysm in hopes of rebuilding the alliance and try to stop a war with the Horde.
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85 Blood Elf Hunter
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85 Draenei Paladin
Full name: Sàcha
Nick-name: none at the moment
Prefix*: Ms.
Title**: Exodar Vindicator
Race: Draenei
Age***: fully grown, though still young
Position in society†: Unless you have met her in a pub crawl, she's not very well known outside of the Exodar. Other Vindicators would recognize her, as well as those Draenei who were born on the Exodar mid flight, or in Draenor.
Face/Heel†*: Face, mostly. She enjoys the companies of others (especially if there is drink and men nearby) but does not hesitate to participate in a bar fight or two
Physical Description (abridged): Sàcha stands at about 6'10", which is shorter than the average Draenei but still taller than some, but her height does not keep her from looking her taller male counterparts in the eye. Toned and fit of body, she can bare armor as well as an evening gown if the mood should suit her. Mostly, though, she will be found in armor unless the occasion (or her mood) calls for something else. Dark purple, almost black colored of skin, it contrasts nicely with her white hair and pearly blue eyes.
Having spent time with humans for several years, her Draenei accent has faded a bit, though it will come out full swing when she is in an intense mood.

Personality: Blunt but friendly, she's rarely in a bad mood and almost always smiling. She's far more friendly when she's had a drink or two, and openly flirty with any good looking man nearby. Unashamed of her looks, modesty is not her strong point, nor will she tell someone a lie concerning their own. An inside voice is not this Draenei woman's way of speaking, as anyone who has seen her at the pub knows full well she has no problem voicing her opinions.
Marital Status: Single, and looking
Sexual Preference: Men, please. She hopes to have young -someday-.
Blood line: Child of two Draenei that fled the Burning Legion, but by no means one of the 'original' Vindicators.

Role-playing weight class: Medium to Heavy
Role-playing status†**: Always in character unless in either instances or raids

Guild: Will of Eonar
City of choice: Stormwind or Ironforge
IC-Strengths: Confident, reassured, and willing to drop a grudge (most times). Willing to make someone smile and laugh than frown, and also to share a laugh than a frown.
IC-Weaknesses: Stubborn, blunt and sometimes crass, slightly obnoxious and pertinent. Will not back down from a fight even if she knows she will lose, and -will- do anything a man can do even if she is physically unfit to do so.
OOC-Strengths: Multi-task, willing to role with the punches (hah!) and flexible
OOC-Weaknesses: Prone to a wandering mind when it gets late..
Leveling speed: Moderate
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Nein!
Weekly on-line schedule: most on during the late afternoons/early evenings on weekdays, and almost all day Saturday and Sunday on weekends.

Introduction (a paragraph or two about yourself and what you hope to find on this server, may also include contact information if you are seeking other role-playing contacts.) Almost always on Sàcha, drop me a whisper if you want.
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