Big List of Alliance RPers


Full name: Genevive Valshen
Nick-name: Genny
Race: Human (Worgen)
Age: Young Adult
Position in society: Self-professed outcast, bit of a loner by choice.
Physical Description (abridged): Human form, she's a redhead, some visible scars, especially when she's not in full armor, lean and wiry musculature. Worgen form she's known for her brown coloring, also still bears scarring in some clothing, likewise lean and wiry.

Personality: Bit of a hermit, but fiercely loyal to those she calls friend.
Marital Status: Single.
Sexual Preference: Men, but she's not looking.
Blood line: She's the last, and only. (That she knows of.)

Role-playing weight class: Medium to heavy RP
Role-playing status: IC unless flagged OOC, walk up RP welcome

IC-Strengths: Loyalty, Ferocity
IC-Weaknesses: Impatience, Single-mindedness, Illiterate
OOC-Strengths: Friendly OOC, if not IC. Genny might bite, but I won't! And I have alts!
OOC-Weaknesses: Can be easily distracted and sometimes need a poke. Not a lore expert either, but I try.
Leveling speed: Speedy Gonzolas
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Not if I can help it.
Weekly on-line schedule: Currently online frequently between noon and midnight server.

Introduction: Genny's not well known, but she's around a lot. I'm open for story ideas, even unknown relatives/lost friends, just chat me up in game. I can also be found on Viviannë, and am rolling a hordie alt here soon.
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31 Worgen Rogue
Full name: Adolph Edward Tanner II
Nick-name: Tanner
Prefix*: none
Title**: none
Race: Worgen
Age***: 37
Position in society†: Hide and leather worker in Stormwind
Face/Heel†*: Face, for the most part, since he's been seen around the city, but never really talks to anyone
Physical Description (abridged): Tanner is what one thinks he'd be; a dark tan skinned man with black hair and a close cut beard. His one good eye is the same color as his skin, the other scarred over and permanently closed due to an old leather working injury. He doesn't really bother to keep it covered, though he's always on the look out for an eye patch.
In his worgen form, he looks much older than he really is. Gray-white fur and a dark gray mane with a pale muzzle. It's this form he prefers to stay in, as it makes it easier to get around and do his work. He doesn't speak much, as his Gilnean accent is so much thicker than most that it's hard to understand what he's saying at times.

Personality: He keeps himself to himself, not speaking much. Most of his thoughts are actions instead of words, but he's willing to listen and quite confidential. Emotionally thick hided, sometimes he comes across as blunt and crass, speaking what's on his mind and giving an honest opinion. Still, his inner nature is sweet, as he loves children.
Marital Status: Widowed
Sexual Preference: Likes the women, but these days it's whichever
Blood line: blue-collar laborer
Other Information: He's usually in the company of a small, white chicken that tags along behind him. Despite the irony of a wolf befriending a chicken, whose name is Lola, he keeps her close at all times and is quite protective of her, much like a father with his child.

Role-playing weight class: Medium/Heavy
Role-playing status†**: In Character, walk ups and R.E.'s welcome

Guild: Will of Eonar
City of choice: Stormwind
IC-Strengths: Patient, hard working, honest
IC-Weaknesses: Tactless, blunt, can be very stubborn. Very set in his ways, so hard to teach anything new to.
OOC-Strengths: Adaptable, bendable to the situation
OOC-Weaknesses: Takes a long time to type out his accent, so slightly slow typer for his speaking parts. Easily distracted by guild chat so will need a gentle nudge every now and then.
Leveling speed: Moderate
PvP preference (do it a lot?): no pvp as of yet
Weekly on-line schedule: online most days til around 11pm

Introduction (a paragraph or two about yourself and what you hope to find on this server, may also include contact information if you are seeking other role-playing contacts.) Already have characters bouncing around the server, just give me a whisper or in game mail for anything.
Edited by the owner: This is pertaining to the character's RP name. While there has been a very infamous 'Adolph' (spelled differently) in history, that is not what this name pertains to. Translated, 'Adolph' derives from the Latin meaning 'noble wolf', something more than fitting for a worgen. Any and ALL comments about the !!#! party, WW2, what happened during that time and the like will not be welcome and the player will be put on my ignore list, whether they be an RPer not not. The subject is offensive and the name 'Adolph' is still being used to this -day- in such places as Germany, Italy (Adolpho) and even in the Latin (Adolphus). I can only hope that the RP community would be mature and open minded enough to be able to accept this name back into a society, even if it is a computer game.
To put people's mind at an ease, his WoW character name has been changed to Tánner, his nickname
Edited by Adolph on 4/23/2011 5:51 PM PDT
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25 Night Elf Hunter
Full name: Ylirae Silverrain
Nick-name: Yla
Race: Night Elf
Age***: Young adult, just out of her 'teen years'
Position in society†: bit of an outsider, technically head of an almost extinct House
Face/Heel†*: Face, if I understand it right
Physical Description (abridged): Bit taller than average, sleek and athletic figure.

Personality: Calm and serene, friendly but reserved. Few close friends other than her animal ones, but honest and loyal to those she knows.
Marital Status: single. She was 'engaged' briefly to a young man she knew from childhood, but he died 2 years ago.
Sexual Preference: Male
Blood line: Her mother Lysaia was relatively high ranked in the Temple of Elune, and her mother's sister, Ynarra, was a warrier of high renown. But her mother died when she was very young, and her aunt vanished during the war with the Lich King. Ylirae is currently the head of their family, though House Silverrain now consists only of Yla and her cousin, Ysarra.

Role-playing weight class: Medium to Heavy
Role-playing status†**: Questing normally done out of character, but if I'm walking, I'm IC. Always open to RP, though, unless I simply don't have the time due to RL constraints. If you see me on, send a tell :).

Guild: None yet - I'm hoping to find one soon (hint hint, need guilds to apply to)
City of choice: Darnassus
IC-Strengths: Calm and serene, able to take life as it comes, kind but firm, as befits one whose best friends wear fur and feather.
IC-Weaknesses: Can be too quiet and reserved - she can seem distant, uncomfortable in cities and among crowds
OOC-Strengths: Strong roleplayer, doesn't mind 'support' roles, loves quiet rp as well as intense storylines,
OOC-Weaknesses: Real life takes precedence - I have two daughters, their dad is in Afghanistan so it's just me. Since I work full time as well, that makes time during the week hard to find.
Leveling speed: Did the 'push to 80' to prove I can, so now the RP matters more than the leveling. So, call it slow.
PvP preference (Do it a lot?): Despise it. Loathe it. Major suck at it. My characters tend to run from the pacifistic to the neutral.
Weekly on-line schedule: During the week I get on in the evenings where I can, but not usually for any length of time. Best days are on the weekends, but times can vary depending on what my girls have scheduled.

Introduction: I'm looking for rp. Long time role-player and I've been looking around for a server to settle down on. I'd really like to find a nice comfortable rp based guild, but I'd love to start IC friendships with a variety of people/characters.
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20 Human Priest
Full name: Jaena Kyrlonen
Nick-name: Jae
Race: Human
Age***: 17
Position in society†: In training to be a healer, novice priestess
Face/Heel†*: Face?
Physical Description (abridged): An extremely petite, slender young woman, 4'11". Her hair is a deep, rich red and hangs to the middle of her back. Her face is heartshaped, her features fine and delicate. Her eyes are large and a soft blue-gray. She's pretty, but when she smiles her face lights up, making her truly lovely.

Personality: Sweet, kind hearted and compassionate, she's also almost painfully shy. She has a lovely sweet singing voice and can often be heard singing softly to herself as she attends to her duties at the Cathedral.
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Men, but she's far too innocent to do more than glance at them shyly.
Blood line: Unknown. She was left at the Stormwind orphanage by an unknown knight. The man had handed the baby to the matron, simply said her name was Jaena and her parents were dead, then rode off.

Role-playing weight class: Medium to Heavy
Role-playing status†**: IC, normally, though for questing I normally do it OOC. It's easier when you're soloing. But I do enjoy walk up rp, or send a tell!

Guild: Looking for one
City of choice: Stormwind
IC-Strengths: A truly gifted healer, her warm and empathic nature soothes the mind and spirit even as her salves and bandages soothe the body. She loves plants and growing things and shows great potential for alchemy.
IC-Weaknesses: She's horribly self conscious and tends to try to hide in the back. Combined with her petite size, she's usually overlooked. She suffers from strong self doubts and lack of belief in herself.
OOC-Strengths: Strong rp skills. I have characters - not alts! I love writing stories about my characters, and love to help come up with storylines.
OOC-Weaknesses: Lack of time. I don't get to play much during the week, though I try to make up for it on the weekends.
Leveling speed: Slow right now, I wanted to start her rp as a young brand new just starting out healer, so I'll level faster once I get some contacts. :)
PvP preference (do it a lot?): I don't do it at all. I really hate it.
Weekly on-line schedule: Nights during the week, when I can. Definitely weekends. If I know there's something I need to be on for, I do try to arrange things as best I can to make sure I'm there.

Introduction (a paragraph or two about yourself and what you hope to find on this server, may also include contact information if you are seeking other role-playing contacts.) -

I have a cast of characters that I'd love to be able to interact with, whether it's simple IC friendships or more involved storylines. Drop me a tell or an email and I'll gladly come fill a 'crowd' scene, or stop to help with a sudden injury or illness. I'd love to find a strong rp guild. Jae comes with her 'sister' (not blood, they adopted each other in the orphage), Aerysse. I can often be found online as either of them, or one of my other characters. If your character hangs around Cathedral Square in Stormwind you might have seen her running errands, or if they grew up in the orphanage there, they'd definitely know my girls!

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10 Human Mage
Full name: Aerysse Jorandil
Nick-name: Aery
Race: Human
Age***: 17
Position in society†: Would be scholar, mage apprentice
Face/Heel†*: Face
Physical Description (abridged): Tall, sleekly curved, and gorgeous. Deep raven-black hair falls past her shoulders framing a classically beautiful face. Her eyes are a deep, dark sapphire blue and fringed with thick sooty lashes. Her mouth is a shade wide for 'perfection'. Her skin is pale, both naturally and because she spends more time inside reading and studying than outdoors. She tends to look distracted, absorbed in her thoughts, and her normal expression is sober and thoughtful.

Personality: Outwardly, she's friendly but reserved, and rarely does anything without a great deal of thinking beforehand. Her gaze can be quite penetrating. She is almost always reading or writing/sketching in a small leatherbound journal she constantly carries. Her laughter is rare but her smiles, when given, are sincere and open. She tends to watch and observe more than join in, and she has an amazing capacity to focus on her tasks. She's also incredibly stubborn, fiercely loyal, and scrupulously fair. She's a very passionate person, but maintains a very strict control over her emotions. She is also intensely private about her emotions.
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Males, however she hasn't begun any studies in human relationships - far too busy.
Blood line: Completely unknown. She was left on the steps of the orphanage. The Matron chose her name from a romance novel she was reading at the time, and when Jaena was left at the orphanage, the two were raised together. They are sisters in all but blood and Aerysse is fiercely devoted to her gentle 'sibling'.

Role-playing weight class: Medium to Heavy
Role-playing status†**: Normally IC unless just questing, tells are considered ooc unless marked as ic.

Guild: None yet - Aerysse is a set with Jaena, two for the price of one!
City of choice: Currently Stormwind
IC-Strengths: Controlled, intensely focused, brilliant, and dismissive of her looks. Incredible love of books and seeking out knowledge of any kind.
IC-Weaknesses: Too controlled - she's actually a very passionate person, but her way of dealing with growing up surrounded by people all the time was to develop an intensely private nature. She can be too focused too - her gaze can be unsettlingly penetrating and direct
OOC-Strengths: I don't do alts, I only do full characters. Adaptable, wry and cynical sense of humor (I've been told I'm good at the sudden comment that makes people break up but I can't ever plan it. It just pops out!)
OOC-Weaknesses: Playing time, but I'm willing to try to work out opportunities in advance, so if you want to play with my girls, let me know!
Leveling speed: slow, more into RP than leveling right now
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Don't do it at all. Can't stand it!
Weekly on-line schedule: Off and on through the week when I can, usually free on weekends.

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2 Draenei Mage
Full name: Zorya
Nick-name: Zor, Yaya, Zori
Race: Draenei
Age***: She's as old as a good Mooncloth Robe is worth.
Position in society†: The local, loud blusterous, gypsy tradeswoman.
Face/Heel†*: Face
Physical Description (abridged): Tall and slender. Delightfully blue toned with curly white long hair kept out of her face with a headband.

Personality: Loud and very talkative, she is always trying to sell goods, buy goods, and make new friends. You really can't miss her. She's probably yelling about something when she's in town.
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Doesn't really have one.
Blood line: She makes a different one every time she's asked.

Role-playing weight class: Heavyweight champion
Role-playing status†**: Always IC, no matter what.

Guild: None yet
City of choice: Where ever she can sell.
IC-Strengths: Talking and Selling goods. Or So she likes to think.
IC-Weaknesses: She's loud, a bit over done. Also really enjoys a drink or too.
OOC-Strengths: I've been role playing for a long time.
OOC-Weaknesses: I'm easily distracted.
Leveling speed: Ehh, depends.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): De temps en temps.
Weekly on-line schedule: Late night and weekends.

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60 Gnome Mage
Brand new player here. Crysmyr is my first and only char...but I want roleplay so bad! I'm only two days old on SoE. Anyway, here goes:


Full Name: Crysmyr Tinkerbolt
Nickname: Crys
Prefix: Lt.
Title: Lt. Tinkerbolt of the Gnomeregan 3rd Arcane Artillery Division.
Race: Gnome
Age: 23 (soon to turn 24).
Position in Society: Military. She's been around plenty abroad, and has seen quite a fair share of the Eastern Kingdom zones in her many campaigns against the Horde. Those affiliated with either the remnants of the Gnomeregan military or the armed forces of Tinker Town at Iron Forge may have heard of her.
Face/Heel: Definitely a heel. She is uncharacteristically (for a gnome) a very serious mannered, no-nonsense kind of person, and her blunt nature takes many off guard. She isn't social at all. Her mind is always trained on just getting things done, and as such she sees social activity as, more often than not, a pointless exercise. This leads others to often dislike her. She's also blunt in saying anything without regret, even if its entirely not PC.
Physical Description: Basically what you see in the picture. Except that she almost never smiles and does not look at all cheerful.


Personality: Most soldiers who have ever served with her, especially ones who've served 'under' her, will not have nice things to say about her. She's pushy, controlling, and doesn't seem to even care about the lives of her comrades. Like sacrifice is all for the greater good or some other such nonsense. Also known to sometimes take her patriotism in her people a little 'too far'. Possible anti-social tendencies.
Marital Status: Single and not looking/not interested.
Sexual Preference: She's never really shown any evidence of being interested in anyone.
Bloodline: 100 % she will often repeat with pride.


Roleplaying weight-class: Heavy
Roleplaying Status: Always IC


Guild: None.
City of Choice: Iron Forge (begrudgingly)
IC Strengths: Fearless. Persistent. Not easily distracted. Capable of sacrifice. Hard working.
IC Weaknesses: Intolerant. Narrow minded. Not cooperative. Never plays role of follower very well. Not good at making friends. People tend to dislike her. She's basically just a real hardass.
OOC Strengths: Love rp, passion for it, always want to do it, want to stay 100 % IC generally. Particularly love scenes and making the most of them.
OOC Weakness: I hate to admit it, but I'm known for char. inconsistencies (at least I admit it, ha!). But I will strive to be consistent with this one! Also...I tend to fluff things my way even if it differs just a tad bit from default lore.
Lvling speed: Was stupid fast (lvl 1-60 in 6 days), now stupid slow (all I care about is rp)
PVP pref?: Not so much...
Weekly online schedule: Nights past 9 or 10 PM US Central Time...just about any weekday.

INTRODUCTION: I was a major NwN (Neverwinter Nights) player (on Amia) before coming here. So rp was very heavy compared to what I've seen so far. Just a change I need to get adjusted to. Simply put I'm looking for as much rp as possible, in terms of being 100 % IC (or mostly it). I'm a n00b with WoW fluff and I will be learning it 'as I go', which may cause me to update this list time and again.

Really want to find people to rp with. To contact me, feel free to just add my name to friends list so you can track when I'm on, or just send me a whisper. I'm fine with oocly arranging a way for chars to meet ICly, as obviously thats kind of necessary...
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32 Human Priest
Full name: DreTsherma GhostThorm
Nick-name: Dre or Dret
Prefix*: Miss
Title**: Sister (unused outside of Cathedral circles)
Race: Human (Rural Lordaeron)
Age***: About 27
Position in society†: Orphanage Staff (except when missing)
Face/Heel†*: Mostly Face
Physical Description (abridged): Pretty, Normal, and pretty normal. Tanned, dark brown hair and eyes, freckles. Clothing often dusty from outdoor activities.

Personality: You just have to roleplay with her to find out :-)
Marital Status: Single for now
Origin: A remote mountain village in Lordaeron

Role-playing weight class: Heavy
Role-playing status†**: Always in character

City of choice: Stormwind
Leveling speed: Nonexistent
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Never
Weekly on-line schedule: Sporadic

Introduction (a paragraph or two about yourself and what you hope to find on this server, may also include contact information if you are seeking other role-playing contacts.)
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39 Human Warrior
Full name: Sâille Hamn of the Hamns of Westfall
Nick-name: Sâi or Sal (depending on exact accent, Sâille my be pronounced as Sally)
Prefix*: Sâille is rarely addressed in a formal way. Even her name is often omitted in favor of "Missy", "Girl", or even "Hey You" or "Hey!"
Race: Human (Westfall farmgirl)
Age***: Adult (could be early thirties, I am not sure yet)
Position in society†: Rowdy Brewery Riffraff (and sometime Mercenary)
Face/Heel†*: Sideways
Physical Description (abridged): Looks a lot like her avatar, but often wears some dirt from roughhousing

Personality: Indefatiguably cheery. Sassy. Rowdy. Does not take things seriously. Likes to laugh.
Marital Status: Single; not eligible due to mercenary lifestyle (nor is she interested)
Sexual Preference: Straight
Blood line: The Hamns of Westfall (a longtime, established, middle class family displaced by harvest reapers)

Role-playing weight class: Heavy
Role-playing status†**: Always in character

City of choice: Where's the BEER!
IC-Strengths: Steady, fun disposition; talkative; as lore-correct as I can manage
IC-Weaknesses: Can be abrupt and/or rude
OOC-Strengths: Very experienced roleplayer
OOC-Weaknesses: Not enough time to play this game enough
Leveling speed: On temporary hold while I do some more research on Warriors
PvP preference (do it a lot?): not sure yet
Weekly on-line schedule: totally sporadic (PST, tend to be on more when one would expect an EST or CST player)

((IC)) HI! I'm Sâille, who are you?

((OOC))...When those wierd rusty contraptions took over the farm in Westfall, Master Hamn fell back on his decades in the dairy business and opened a cheese shop in Stormwind, right across the street from Trias' Cheese. He knows cheese; his wife agreed to keep the books; with the help of their 4 children (ranging in age from 12 to 30something) how could Hamn Cheese fail?
Well, here's how it fell out:
The Hamns' eldest son, a quiet, elegant young man, was the first hope of his parents. He was also a total bumbling klutz as concerns leading a business, selling goods, tending a cellar, handling cheese, finding addresses, and actually every angle of the business. His only marketable skill was a small degree of ability tending to horses, acquired through long practice in the stables and cartshop of the Hamn farmstead. Realizing that he could not contribute to the success of the shop, he was eventually sent to the Mage academy for the free room and board. They could do nothing with him either until one day chance revealed a strong talent for the arcane. He has not surfaced from his studies since.
With Hamn Junior gone, the family looked to Sâille - who promptly disappeared without explanation. Several months later a summary note arrived relating her situation as a temporary-basis hireling of an obscure mercenary company. She took to the mercenary life with gusto, moving constantly from one job to the next, filling the down times by drinking, brawling, and loitering, much to her parents' despair. Once in a while she pays a visit to the shop just to see her family, but the forging of her life independent of them is complete. She can't stay put, won't tolerate humdrum, and furthermore just does not have that special appreciation of the business of vending cheese.
Next up was teenaged hoyden Tibby Hamn. While Tibby is so good as to put in some hours helping out at the shop, she is often missing, especially at night. Accepting her "job" as a convenient veneer, Tibby has embarked on her own clandestine career, one which has involved occasional slip ups resulting in trouble with the law. Tibby's budding "culinary" talent is in fact also one reason the shop's books never add up properly - a situation exacerbated by her mother's very real ineptness at the task.
Finally, the youngest child is Brie. Brie is a good girl, willing and endurant, giving her best effort at keeping the shop as much as she can. She is also 12 and a late bloomer as far as the work involved in earning a living. Brie does her best and her unfailing good spirits make the slow failure of the cheese shop entirely tolerable to all concerned. In future years, Brie will surprise her rather short sighted parents with her performance in the ranks of the paladins - but that is another story yet to come.
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-- I have since transferred to Moon Guard. Farewell!
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14 Dwarf Rogue
I appear to be back for a while again.

Full name: Medb "Donny" "Mamo" Curuanagh Hammerhand nic Bedo nan-Coireachain
Medb's identity is known to only 3 people still living. You are not one of them.
Nick-name: Mamo (Dwarvish for "Grandmother")
This is the most usual name by which this warm hearted "Grandmother of Ironforge" is most commonly known - when a name is known for her at all.
Suffix*: Ma'am, or (usually) none at all
Title**: Old Crone (a term of respect)
Medb's heroic title of yore is Hammerhand, earned through service in battle. She avidly conceals her identity due to her discomfort in the role of Hero.
Race: Wildhammer Dwarf
Age***: Old
Position in society†: Banker, the Vault of Ironforge
Face/Heel†*: Face
Physical Description (abridged): A sharp eye, a sharp mind, a sharp knife. Serviceable, scuffed old leathers, selected as to not catch the eye. Rarely, a glint from a tiny ring she wears on a leather string about her neck. This weathered old Dwarfess' hair is steely grey, her skin faded with age, but her eyes twinkle, their depths a seemingly endless deep brown.

Personality: Warm, chipper, sometimes rowdy, always ready for adventure. Mamo takes every opportunity to help the Dwarven race, which by extension means the entire Alliance (plus the occasional "outside acquaintance").
Marital Status: Not Known
Medb is the widow of a fallen soldier. She keeps this, as with all of her past, strictly to herself.
Sexual Preference: Guess.
Blood line: Wildhammer and Bronzebeard. Raised in the mountains near Dun Modr before "The War" (whichever war that works to given her age).

Role-playing weight class: Variable, heavy to none. Will tell you if / when relevant.
Role-playing status†**: May or may not be in character (check if in doubt)

City of choice: Ironforge
IC-Strengths: Friendly, energetic, eager to help; Busybody, eavesdropper, sleuth; Seasoned, down-to-earth, and has some extra common-sense.
IC-Weaknesses: Slightly hyper. Bit of a tease. Can be rowdy. Gets her nose in everyone's - and I mean everyone's - business.
OOC-Strengths: Y'all likely know them by now :-) It's been a pleasure! Always happy to chat.
OOC-Weaknesses: Y'all know my weaknesses by now ;-) ...I'm workin' on them and receptive to feedback.
Leveling speed: Don't know yet - currently moderately quick
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Could happen
Weekly on-line schedule: Erratic at best
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Full name: Xaranel (Za-rah-nel) Ironlight
Nick-name: Xara
Prefix*: Ms
Title**: Kingslayer
Race: Gnome
Age***: 19
Position in society†: Sweetheart, Heals anyone who is struggling.
Face/Heel†*: Nearly all see a soft face that shows genuine care.
Physical Description (abridged): Short, always has a smile.

Personality: One of the most caring priests in Lordaeron. Always looking for a friend to heal. Hates war, heals prisoners and very forgiving.
Marital Status: Single.
Sexual Preference: None
Blood line: Great-grand parents were well respected Ironlight's. They loved everyone, but were betrayed by their closest friends and slaughtered by Orcs. Parents died young of infection from being taken hostage during the Burning Crusade and was raised by Night Elves. Originally named Aranel, meaning "Princess" in Elvish, Aranel changed her name to Xaranel because she did not feel she was important enough of such a name.

Role-playing weight class: Heavy
Role-playing status†**: Always in Character

Guild: Kingdom of Chivalry.
City of choice: Stormwind.
IC-Strengths: Always heals who is weakest. They will never die under her protection.
IC-Weaknesses: Sometimes too forgiving.
OOC-Strengths: Tolerant to a point.
OOC-Weaknesses: Insults to her.
Leveling speed: Extreme.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Only heals.
Weekly on-line schedule: Many times a week, rarely weekends.

Introduction (a paragraph or two about yourself and what you hope to find on this server, may also include contact information if you are seeking other role-playing contacts.)

Parents, Cormack and Ingrum Ironlight, were assigned a mission to help pursue the Burning Crusade 18 years ago. Before leaving, they left their child with the Night Elves of Darnassus where the Alliance group formed. They had named the baby girl however failed to mention the name to the Night Elves. Their group was attacked by rangers of the Horde. It is said the battle was forty Alliance against ninety Horde. Cormack and Ingrum were taken as prisoners, tortured and killed by the Horde group. When their heads were received in Darnassus, the Night Elves sent out their own rangers and avenged their deaths swiftly.

The Night Elves of Darnassus decided for the sacrifice her parents made, it was fitting to give her the name "Aranel" (meaning "Princess" in Elvish). Ever since she was a baby, Aranel wanted to heal and help the wounded who risk their lives. When she was told what her name meant, she immediately wanted an X in front of her name. Her belief is that she was a princess to her parents and the X reminds her of the sacrifice they made.

Now, Xaranel is determined to find peace between Alliance and Horde and will not rest until that day is here. She does not hate Orcs any more than King Wrynn. She understands it was not these Orcs that killed her parents, and the ones that did are in their rightful place. She is friendly to everyone and will heal any wounded. Her parents also left her with a bank full of gold, which is only spent toward fun activities that bring people together.

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64 Night Elf Rogue
Full name: Kilikina (Kill-uh-kee-nuh)
Nick-name: Kili (Kee-Lee)
Title: The Chicken Queen *Dubbed this by other characters*"I know declare you, Kilikina, the official Queen of Chickens!"
Race: Night Elf
Position in society: Street Performer
Face/Heel: Face!
Physical Description (abridged): Light Violet Skin; Long Raven Hair, Usually interwoven with leaves, and occasionally flowers; Either dresses or Swashbuckler shirts with pants, Also constantly finding costumes for her street shows and showing them off to friends for feedback

Personality: Very emotional. Can be put off or out easily, but forgets about it five minutes later and resumes being VERY hyper and happy. "Poor lad that gets her, will have a very big handful indeed."
Marital Status: Widowed, but has moved on and very few people know about this.
Sexual Preference: Male night elves, dranei, and worgen (but only in wolf form, she likes being able to use them as a pillow)
Blood line: Extinct in the male line
Role-playing weight class: Super Middleweight
Role-playing status: Usually IC, except for a few people that I am friends with OOC and if I like you enough, and has a bad habit of talking in double parenthesis a lot.

Guild: Jimmys Heroes *Personal guild, not classified as RP*
City of choice: Dalaran
IC-Strengths: Can not hold grudges and can make friends very quickly
IC-Weaknesses: Easily distracted "___ throws a shiny coin past Kilikina...laughs at her antics."
OOC-Strengths: Good at grammar and spelling
OOC-Weaknesses: I can NOT type very fast or well. I am constantly switching computers due to various reasons and one I use does not have a backspace key. Taking a lot of classes and has a lot of homework. So can not get on often, but tries my best to be on for my weekly RP events and if someone requests me to be on.
Leveling speed: Very slow if at all. Not enough time. Also I started leveling, but discovered the world of RP and had every bag space available promptly filled with various RP junk.
PvP preference (do it a lot?): My preferred method of leveling before a patch ruined it for me.
Weekly on-line schedule: Every Wednesday and Thursady night for RP events, and rarely other times (more if it is summer, and even then I can't get away often)

Introduction: I just like being on here to RP :3
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90 Draenei Paladin

Full name: Sarlinea Windspear
Nick-name: Sarlie Spear
Prefix: Miss
Title: "Rouge Apprentice"
Race: Night Elf
Age: 43
Position in society: Neutral
Face/Heel: Face
Physical Description (abridged): Basic Night Elf Standards

Personality: Nice, not very threatening for a rogue.
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Male
Blood line: Father was freinds with Hemet Nesingwary, they went hunting on Tuesdays. Mother was a Hunter, but stayed at home most of the time. sister was a Mage, but died at age 24 by a pack of wild wolves.

Role-playing weight class: Warlock
Role-playing status: Roleplayer

Guild: Dectruction
City of choice: Darnassuss or Stormwind
IC-Strengths: Brave and will take on anything
IC-Weaknesses: Not many
OOC-Strengths: Brave
OOC-Weaknesses: Not Many
Leveling speed: Medium
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Not much
Weekly on-line schedule: Every moment i can

Introduction (a paragraph or two about yourself and what you hope to find on this server, may also include contact information if you are seeking other role-playing contacts.):
i hope to find Roleplayers like myself on this server

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90 Night Elf Priest
Full name: Taleis Moonshadow
Nick-name: Tal
Prefix*: Brother
Title**: Priest of the Moon
Race: Kaldorei (Night Elf)
Age***: 307
Position in society†: Priest of the Temple of Darnassus, High Guardian of the Order of the Moon
Face/Heel†*: Mostly face, but sometimes responsibilities force a heel
Physical Description (abridged): Average male night elf (tall, athletic) with silver eyes. The loss of his immortality and the responsibilities of his High Guardianship are beginning to take their toll in the form of subtle wrinkles that a grey hair??!!

Personality: Extremely religious, Tal exhibits an empathy and compassion that many associate with the Kaldorei priesthood. Unlike his Night Elf community, he is very adventurous, and his natural curiosity compels him to take up ambassadorial duties.
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Irrelevant
Blood line: His father Talenthian, a druid of the talon, and his mother Aleshia, a tailor by trade, live in Nighthaven.

Role-playing weight class: Medium to Heavy
Role-playing status†**: Always IC unless with a PUG

Guild: Order of the Moon
City of choice: Darnassus
IC-Strengths: Decisive, compassionate, and unnaturally tolerant
IC-Weaknesses: A risk-taker (could be taken either way), stubborn, can be arrogant at times
OOC-Strengths: Helpful and organized
OOC-Weaknesses: I don't always watch my chat box (tunnel-vision here), so if i don't answer you, it is not because I am ignoring you...I just haven't read my chat yet.
Leveling speed: Slow
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Not at all
Weekly on-line schedule: After 9pm on weekdays (unless RP event demands otherwise) and mornings/afternoons/late nights on weekends

Introduction: I love to RP, especially with world events. The Order of the Moon is a medium-heavy RP guild looking for dedicated RPers who love the game's lore and want to help organize world RP events. Send me a tell or an in-game mail if you are interested!

Edited by Taleis on 3/2/2012 8:20 PM PST
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100 Night Elf Druid
Full name: Taekna Moonclaw
Nick-name: Tae
Prefix*: N/A
Title**: Guardian of the Awakened (formerly Guardian of the Dreamer)
Race: Kaldorei
Age***: 428
Position in society†: Adventurer
Face/Heel†*: Face?
Physical Description (abridged): Tall and powerfully built, Taekna carries many battle scars (several small scars on her face, larger scars elsewhere if her armor reveals it. Scars range from blade wounds to magical burns.) She keeps her dark blue hair tied back in a braid and wears the facial markings of the bear. Her armor is fairly clean, but may have a leaf or two stuck here and there.

Personality: Quiet, attentive, caring, and gentle. She is fierce in battle, but will not needlessly harm others. Taekna is fiercely protective of her friends and loved ones, so much so that she'd rather fight to the death than risk harm coming to them. She is unquestionably loyal to her lover as well as her guild. She is one of many druids who protect and serve Ysera the Awakened, and is also loyal to Cenarius, as well as the Lifebinder. She carries a deep personal belief in Elune, but rarely speaks of it.
Marital Status: Taken (Al'Thor - Human Paladin)
Sexual Preference: Has been seen with at least one lover of each gender in her long life, but doesn't take kindly to overly flirtatious people.
Blood line: Nothing outstanding.

Role-playing weight class: Heavy
Role-playing status†**: Typically in-character, with the exception of talking in trade chat.

Guild: Fallen Lords
City of choice: Stormwind (for normal activities), Moonglade (relaxation)
IC-Strengths: Helpful, friendly, slow to anger, and a good listener.
IC-Weaknesses: Stubborn, feministic, competitive, and sensitive about several subjects (i.e. she loathes the Druids of the Flame, and refuses to tolerate them.)
OOC-Strengths: I prefer to type fast with few errors and I have a sense of humor.
OOC-Weaknesses: I have a bad tendency to avoid social interactions in real life (ironic for a role player, right?), and unfortunately, this carries over to wow whether I want it to or not, so I'm more likely to try to escape from a rp situation while solo. Also, I'm a beginner roleplayer in the WoW scene (as well as Alliance side), so patience and advice is welcome. I have no patience for trolls.
Leveling speed: Decent
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Occasionally
Weekly on-line schedule: A lot.
MRP: Yes.
Edited by Taekna on 11/4/2011 10:40 AM PDT
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100 Night Elf Druid
Full name: Kyzo Darkwrath
Nick-name: Kyz or Dark
Prefix*: None
Title**: The Voice of Nature
Race: Night Elf
Age***: 364
Position in society†: After becoming a Loremaster, he's known to many as a hero.
Face/Heel†*: Face
Physical Description (abridged): Tall, athletic, average weight.

Personality: Very calm and kind.
Marital Status: Single. Adventuring takes up a lot of time.
Sexual Preference: Straight
Blood line: Son of two druids who were lost at war. Assumed dead.

Role-playing weight class: Strong
Role-playing status†**: Usually out of character, unless in my druid outfit.

Guild: Leader of <Latro Fremo>
City of choice: Stormwind
IC-Strengths: Open minded, kind, powerful, and willing to help.
IC-Weaknesses: Power is limited to surrounding nature, strongly against mindless damage.
Leveling speed: Moderately fast
PvP preference (do it a lot?): I'm a pvper at heart.
Weekly on-line schedule: On nearly every day, although it varies.
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Full name: Teldessa Talhelm
Nick-name: Dessa
Prefix*: Miss
Title**: Gilnean Healer
Race: Worgen
Age***: Young Adult
Position in society†: Healer
Face/Heel†*: Face
Physical Description (abridged): Her near-luminescent skin (or fur) makes it obvious that she is a priest.

Personality: All-around cheerful; focused
Marital Status: Single but not looking. She is a lady of the Light, after all.
Sexual Preference: Straight
Blood line: Both sides alive. Sister of Terias Talhelm.

Role-playing weight class: Light
Role-playing status†**: Casual

Guild: Death Before Dishonor
City of choice: Stormwind
IC-Strengths: Friendly, supportive, easy to get along with
IC-Weaknesses: Unfamiliar with negative situations
OOC-Strengths: I buff everyone!
OOC-Weaknesses: Wallflower :'(
Leveling speed: Slooow
PvP preference (do it a lot?): Only to level
Weekly on-line schedule: Online frequently


See you in Stormwind!
Edited by Teldessa on 5/24/2012 8:11 PM PDT
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90 Night Elf Druid
Full name: Moonjava
Nick-name: Moon
Prefix*: n/a
Title**: n/a
Race: NE
Age***: Beyond the teen years
Position in society†: none
Face/Heel†*: Face
Physical Description (abridged): Has a bread and bushy brows.

Personality: fun loving, seeks to do the right thing, values loyalty and lives the druid life
Marital Status: His young love died at the hands of Blood Elves.
Sexual Preference: Women
Blood line: Cousin to Beamantle

Role-playing weight class: light
Role-playing status†**: new

Guild: Council of Shadow
City of choice: Stormwind
IC-Strengths: buffs everyone
IC-Weaknesses: Naive
OOC-Strengths: willing to tank anything
OOC-Weaknesses: not wise in the ways of tanking
Leveling speed: normal
PvP preference (do it a lot?): I do BGs like em but not hardcore
Weekly on-line schedule: once or twice a week depends
for contact: email me at
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