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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Inspired by Jarius' thread on the former forums, this thread contains a compilation of the roleplayers that can be encountered Horde-side! Take time to browse through our players and get ideas on how to approach them for rp. As always, don't assume the information shared here is known to everyone unless the player gives your toon permission to know it or states it on the guide.

For the sake of keeping the posts easy to read stick to the format!

Have fun =]

Full Name:
Physical Description**:
Personality Description**:
Brief History***:

Marital Status:

Roleplaying Style:
Character Status†:
Favorite RP spot:
Leveling speed:

*- Could also be your character's position in society.
**- Short description, just to give us an idea of your character.
***- Don't write it all! At most a short paragraph, leave us yearning for more so we'll approach you in game!
†- Mostly IC, ooc in party or yells... that kinda stuff.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Full Name: Kylea "Kalico" Boldvalor
Housename: Of Duskrider
Nickname: Ky-ky, Kali, Red, Boldie
Title: Blood Knight
Age: 75
Race: Sin'dorei
Class: Blood Knight defender

Physical Description: She carries herself with the confidence of a noble yet it is only when she is in full armor that she seems to command attention. Bright crimson curls contrast sharply with her pale skin, few marks gracing over it save for a few scars and a tattoo on the back of her neck. Its rare to see her without a smile and even more elusive is to see her without the company of her Bells.

Personality Description: Stubborn is the first trait people discover about Kylea. Her self-confidence leads those who don't know her to describe her as arrogant and distant. Those who have bothered to learn more about her will find that she is actually very nurturing and caring.

Brief History: (Known to everyone) Once a nethermancer, Kylea abandoned the fel arts and became a priestess. Watching her beloved Bells, she began picking up a few tricks here and there, eventually leading her to abandon her order and try for the Blood Knights. She is happily married and when not caring for her children she is either searching the auctions for a good bargain or studying history.

Height: Average
Weight: 106 lbs
Marital Status: Married

Roleplaying Style: Full-time roleplayer
Character Status: Mostly IC, OOC in party, during raids and usually when switching out of the tanking monkey suit
Guild: Riddle of Steel
Favorite RP spot: Dalaran, however will most likely be found in Silvermoon.
IC-Strength: Lore-nerd if its been written down, odds are she'll have read about it at one point or another. Fiercely loyal to those who prove themselves worthy of her trust.
IC-Weakness: Gnomeboutins, has a phobia of gnomes. Has been known to hold a grudge.
OOC-Strength: Good humor, decent writing skills!
OOC-Weakness: Its probably obvious by know I switch verb tenses a lot >,> Slowly working on improving this.
Leveling speed: Insanely fast.
PvP? Battleground maniac.
Schedule: On most evenings. Wednesdays are reserved for raiding.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
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80 Blood Elf Paladin
Full Name: Kaedia Sharyn Sol’Messor
Nickname: Kae
Titles: Master Knight-Healer of the Blood Knights, Crusader,
Age: It’s rude to ask that!
Race: Sin’dorei
Class: Blood Knight Healer

Physical Description: Kaedia stands roughly five feet six inches, her bright red hair usually tied back in a pony tail, with lightly tanned skin. She is often seen wearing loosely fitting robes with simple sandals when not clad in armor. Kae wears few adornments, having only her ears studded with a few gems.

Personality Description: Usually very nice and polite to everyone she meets, but those who are not welcome in conversation will certainly hear it. She is often described as willful, not listening to anyone if what they say is blatantly wrong. Those who get to know her find a supportive and loving friend.

Brief History: Kaedia came from a minor house in Silvermoon before the third war; loving parents, a few siblings, and an easy going life. However once the war had ended, with the damage to Silvermoon, she found herself without home and with the majority of those she knew dead. Ever since, the only constants in her life have been the Blood Knights and a search for place and purpose in Azeroth.

Height: 5’6”
Weight: 110lbs
Marital Status: Single

Roleplaying Style: Full-Time Roleplayer
Character Status: IC pretty much all the time, OOC for raids, or when preparing for raids. Looking for fun people to RP with :D
Guild: Riddle of Steel
Favorite RP spot: Thunder Bluff, Sunrock Retreat, and Silvermoon when the crazies aren’t out
IC-Strength: Compassion for most everyone, Strong Healing powers, generally good common sense.
IC-Weakness: Hopeless optimism, willing to give anyone way more chances then they deserve.
OOC-Strength: Good Listener, willing to help friends with leveling, dungeoning, crafting, etc
OOC-Weakness: Can lose track of posts and thus lose track of a conversation if I'm not careful.
Leveling speed: Slow usually
PvP? Not often
Schedule: Don’t have a concrete one, but if I'm on and it isn't raid night then feel free to Rp with me!
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85 Blood Elf Warlock
Full Name: Sara Jean-Duboix Sunfury
Housename: House Sunfury
Nickname: Frenchy
Titles: Abassador, the Insane One
Age: 30
Race: Blood Elf
Class*: Warlock
Physical Description**: Sara, stands before you wearing a simple pair of blue overalls, With grity fingernails, and an arclight spanner in one hand, she reaches up and removes the bun. She smiles and simply asks " How can I help you? Yes I know I am dirty and covered in grease. What can I say I love what I do, and what I do is blow things up."
Personality Description**: Which personality? She suffers from a severe case of Multiple Personality Disorder.
Brief History***: Working on this currently. However at a loss of words ))
Extras One child and currently in the process of adopting another one
Height: 5 ft 7
Weight: 115 lbs
Marital Status: Married to Leenia Sunfury

Roleplaying Style: Heavy
Character Status†: Generally always in Character
Guild: Unbroken
Favorite RP spot: Eversong Woods, though I also play in southern Silithus
IC-Strength: Her determination
IC-Weakness: Very weak willed
OOC-Strength: Outgoing and personable
OOC-Weakness: too damn tall
Leveling speed: pretty quick
PvP? Of course
Schedule: generally anytime after 10 pm server till about 5 am server

*- Could also be your character's position in society.
**- Short description, just to give us an idea of your character.
***- Don't write it all! At most a short paragraph, leave us yearning for more so we'll approach you in game!
†- Mostly IC, ooc in party or yells... that kinda stuff. #1
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80 Undead Death Knight
Full Name: Clacygael Malgara Bloodspear
Nickname: Clac, Malg, "Hey you!"
Titles: Knight of the Ebon Blade, Grunt of the Warsong Expedition
Age: 61
Race: Dead Elf
Class: Dark Knight

Physical Description: Clacygael is a pale, grey haired girl who looks to have been raised in undeath at around her mid twenties. A gruesome stitched scar reaches from her jaw down to her sternum. She's usually clad in red, and wearing a face mask so you can't tell that her jaw is entirely skinless bone.

Personality Description: Clacygael is incredibly glad to be alive- even if her second chance came with the baggage of being the Lich King's slave. She's somewhat giddy at all times and has a very serious problem with taking anything seriously.

Brief History: During her life, Clacygael was a spoiled brat- doted on by a magister father, and a convocation mother- nothing was denied to her. When she wanted it, she got it immediately. Her biggest grief with the Scourge was that her fiancee, now dead at the scourge's hand, would be unable to throw the parties they once did. She contracted the plague through spoiled wine.

Upon being raised from death, she had a rather sudden epiphany of how utterly spoiled and worthless she had become as a person, and upon her freedom, sought to spend her unlife being as close to chivalrous as possible.

Clacygael and her father were very close, and after her resurrection they spent much time together, teaching each other what they could of their respective magics in an attempt to find a synergy between fel magic and necromantic scourge magic. They never found success, and though Malgorthaur is quite dead, Clacygael still tries reading his grimoires and learning what she can.

Height: 5’2”
Weight: 50lbs
Marital Status: Single, but really?

Roleplaying Style: Casual RP.
Character Status: OOC most of the time. If you want to RP, let me know via a tell, or I won't be in character. :P
Guild: Apples
Favorite RP spot: Brill
IC-Strength: Decent sense of humor, incredibly empathic towards individuals, willing to get a job done.
IC-Weakness: She constantly throws her lot in with those she thinks are both -correct- morally and in need of help (this might get her in trouble). She has a bit of a fanatic streak. While she may feel sorry for your personal loss, she doesn't care much for groups of people, and tends to quietly hate them.
OOC-Strength: Able to find a pithy quote for any occasion. I enjoy helping other people's storylines, rather than doing my own. Decent at multitasking.
OOC-Weakness: I have zero fondness for lorebreaking, I hate Medan, and am somewhat slow to respond in any group situation (due to the aforementioned multitasking).
Leveling speed: Quickly.
PvP? Practically never (I'll do it for holiday achievements)

Schedule: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I won't RP on a raid day.
NOTE: Clacygael and Malgara are, for now, the same toon. I'm on Malgara more frequently than Clacy, but they're pretty much interchangeable.
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85 Undead Mage
Full Name: Meteorus

Housename: none

Nickname: Met, Uncle Met

Titles: none

Age: Late 20's when he fell to plague.

Race: Human (Forsaken)

Class: Tradesman (Tailor)

Physical Description:

Height: 5'11" but stoops so looks shorter.
Weight: 103
Hair: Dark, with an unnatural purple cast.
Eyes: Glowing yellow necromantic slime.

Distinguishing Marks/Items: Meteorus looks like a macabre patchwork doll. The skins of the creatures he kills are cleaned and sewn onto his own with small neat rows of stitches. He has begun to experiment with exotic fabrics as well. The curse of undeath eventually causes the patches of leather to become nearly indistinguishable from his own pale flesh, the patches of cloth, not so much.

Pets: Frogs rescued from the Dark Moon Fair. Meteorus also carries (and sleeps with) a clockwork rocket bot whose body paint is worn off in the shape of his clutching hand.

Personality Description:

Quiet but with an almost child-like curiosity about Trolls and Tauren. Meteorus will frequently move to better observe those fellow members of the Horde, and will offer aid whenever he can. He has undertaken the rites of the Earth Mother in an attempt to become "The First Tauren Mage" in spirit if not in fact. Orcs appear to make him uncomfortable and Bloodelves self conscious.

He will stop to help Paladins of any race.

Brief History:

Meteorus served as a tailor to the Silver Hand. He was "Scourged" when the baggage train succumbed to a hidden plague cauldron. He remembers every moment of his time as Scourge, in fact those are the only memories the brain worms never consume.


Height: 5' 11" but he stoops because of a broken spine, so looks much shorter.

Weight: 103 lbs.

Marital Status: Unmarried


Roleplaying Style: IC as much as people will tolerate. There is enough drama in my life, so "Light" would describe the content of his personal story at this point.

Character Status: IC most of the time.

Guild: CLockwerk

Favorite RP spot: Anywhere, I prefer to be moving about in the world if possible.

IC-Strength: Friendly, Loyal, persistent, curious

IC-Weakness: Gnomes and Paladins, partial amnesia.

OOC-Strength: Friendly, willing to take a minor (non victim) role in others' stories.

OOC-Weakness: I can be a slow typist and prone to spelling and grammar errors when rushed. Which is bad because I do tend to go on and on. Play schedule is erratic. Old computer (now running a blazing 2-4 FPS in cities.)

Leveling speed: S-L-O-W (I'd like to get Met to 80 and see some of the end game content before the next expansion.--Not looking too likely at this point!)

PvP? Rarely. I'll get steamrolled defending Thunder Bluff. All I can say about my black war bear is; Darkmoon Special Reserve. (I mean, c'mon -- 13 HKs, lifetime? I'm tempted to never PVP again just to keep that number.)

Schedule: I try to have 'Meteorus Mondays,' then random times weeknights and weekends. I'm on the left coast so play time is usually after 7:00PM server time.
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83 Blood Elf Paladin
Full Name:Tominga Kamiya

Housename: Unknown

Nickname: Tomi

Titles: None

Age: Unknown

Race: Inquire in game

Class*: Paladin

Physical Description**: Around 6' ft. Various scars on her body, built like a female orc, her face is normally hidden.

Personality Description**: Not exactly social, or talkative, only speaks when spoken to, very rough, blunt, has a sense of honor, very loyal, somewhat of a temper, and harsh, confident, and stubborn

Brief History***: Currently, Tominga has lost most/all of her memory and is trying to regain it.


Height: 6'


Marital Status: Single


Roleplaying Style: Casual at times, very serious at others

Character Status†: Alive

Guild: None currently

Favorite RP spot: Anywhere

IC-Strength: Her loyalty, and combat expertise

IC-Weakness: Her temper, not great at casting healing/protection spells, her confidence, and other stuff.

OOC-Strength: Willing to take almost any roll in others' stories, except for a lover..

OOC-Weakness: I lose my train of thought easily, and I get antsy/nervous, and I'm never up to speed on current events. Ever.

Leveling speed: Really slow. Like I said, I'm distracted easily.

PvP? Sometimes.

Schedule: When I have free time.

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51 Tauren Druid

Full Name:Moonuk Snowhide

Housename: None





Class*: Druid

Physical Description**:Pretty much just your average hulking Tauren.

Personality Description**: Pending

Brief History***: Pending.

So I'm new to WOW and new to RPing but I love it! In my experience there isn't much Roleplaying going on, on the Horde side but I want that to change! Anyways I know I don't have that much information yet but I just wanted to post this to let people know I'm willing to spread my wings and practice more with other RPers intent on RPing.

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Full Name: Prigka Deathrottle
Nickname: Prig
Age: She lost count, and since she's dead, death doesn't matter. She was in her late twenties, early thirties when she died in battle.
Race: Orc
Class: Death Knight
Physical Description: A very powerful and intimating woman, Prigka's body is a fine tuned war machine.
Personality Description: Prigka has a strong sense of loyalty to the horde and her alliances and is not afraid to kill whatever threatens either of them. She is polite to everyone in the horde, but one needs to earn her trust.
Brief History: ((In the works, will add in later))

Height: 6'0
Weight: 175
Marital Status: Married

Roleplaying Style: Heavy
Character Status†: Always IC
IC-Strength: Loyalty and courage, will never stop protecting what she cares for.
IC-Weakness: Small children, she wants to care for them and train them to better the Horde
OOC-Strength: I have tendencies to be an insomniac, take it for what you will
OOC-Weakness: I'm missing three keys off my keyboard.
Leveling speed: Mediocre
PvP? Occassionally
Schedule: Whenever I'm not on my main, I'm on Prigka.
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80 Blood Elf Death Knight
Full Name: Lor'Nei Thorah Brightiwng
Housename: Brightwing
Nickname: Thorah or Hath
Age: between 30-40 but not really known
Race: Blood elf
Class*: Death Knight
Physical Description**: Thorah stands quite tall for her race, with very long and lean legs that the ejoys showing off. Usually seen walking about Silvermoon or Orgimar in less than *ahem* protective armor on her. She has midnight black hair that is styled differently each week and each step she takes leaves a bit of frost on the ground below her. Rarely is she seen without a pair of short swords with mysterious markings etched into the blades and a red glow to them.
Personality Description**: Known as a short tempered, wise craking, bourbon drinking, pridefull, arogant, and brutally honest woman she has few true friends. Though with all that works against her she is loyal to the end to those that earn it.
Brief History***:

Marital Status: Single

Roleplaying Style: Heavy, ALWAYS ic in a major city
Guild: Passionate Requital
Favorite RP spot: Silvermoon
IC-Strength: Loyalty
IC-Weakness: Short Temper
OOC-Strength: love to RP, not distracted easily
OOC-Weakness: i get bored easily with slower typers :)
Leveling speed: fast when i wanna be :P
PvP? oh yeah!
Schedule: round the clock on one toon or the other.

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85 Orc Rogue
Full Name: Khazgral Bloodcrazed
Housename: Dissension
Nicknames: 'Khaz', 'Khazzy', 'the Hand', 'the Butcher'
Age: 27
Race: Orc
Class*: Rogue

Physical Description:
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 217 lbs
Hair: Dark violet in color. Coarse and oily in texture. Worn in boar tails almost always when in public.
Eyes: Baby blue in color. Rounder than a typical Orc's.
Distinguishing Marks (easily seen):
-The tip of Khaz's left ear seems to have been torn or bitten off at some point in the Orcess' past.
-She also has has a painful-looking scar on her right cheek in the form of two curves that intersect at a point just under her eye. The inside of the curve seems to halt at her chin, the outside disappears into the neckline of her clothing. It appears to have been treated with stitches and to have healed at least partially through natural means.
-Khazgral is also missing her left hand, though she has replaced it with a mechanical one. She's very rarely seen with just the metallic base capping off her stump.

Distinguishing Items (easily seen):
-Khazgral wears several easily visible piercings. I'll list em the short way:
--Thirteen golden loops in her ears, some connected by a chain, one with a charm dangling from it.
--One golden loop piercing in her upper lip over her right fang and one through her nose.
-The tooth in her upper lip that aligns with the inside of her right fang has been replaced with a gold tooth bearing a crimson gem in the middle of it.
-The most noticeable of her distinguishing items is her left hand, which appears to have been severed at the wrist and replaced with a hand plated in Elementium.

-'Tick' the Bombling, 'Nut' the Mechanical Squirrel, and 'Spring' the Lifelike Mechanical Toad are her most commonly seen pets.

Personality Description:
Khaz is often found to be very hard to read, at least in motives and her general opinions. She is also very hard to describe in personality because hers seems capable of changing on a moment's notice. In public she is usually found relatively 'pleasant', at least as much as those who openly admit to making a life from murder can be found to be. In less-open circumstances... Well.. you'll have to find yourself in one to know, now won't you?

Brief History: Khaz is known for exploits mostly taking place in Northrend prior to the Shattering. Her efforts there and the efforts she undertakes from there forward include tasks involving great peril, but great profit. Her history prior to these exploits (so before the age of 24) seems much harder to come by.

There are rumors circulating about how she earned the name 'Bloodcrazed', but she usually offers no confirmation or denial to any that come past her ears.

Marital Status: Single.

Roleplaying Style: Heavy. IC at ALL times. Find me anywhere, anytime, I love to tango. *Winks*
Character Status†: Always IC.
Guild: Cheshire Cats - Dissension
Favorite RP spot: Um. My God. That's worse than favorite movie. Let's say Orgrimmar even though it's not necessarily true. =p

-Loyalty to those she cares about.
-Will to survive despite anything/everything.

-Ghosts of her past.
-Children (won't take a job on them, will attack anyone who tries to get her to do so).
-Battle Lust (regardless of being outmatched or outmatching others she will attack anything Alliance that wanders by and is vulnerable (PvP flagged) unless she has very good reason not to. She also has a very hard time ignoring combat if it's nearby).

-Incorporating OOC occurrences (think game glitches or things like Recruit-A-Friend) into story lines.
-Willingness to be inspired by / learn from the style of others.
-Patience... Most of the time.

-Not very good at multitasking. That meaning that if I'm in a party (which is an IC mental Link to my guild) RP, physically present in an RP, and active in the guild chat RP (which is another IC mental link) I will end up giving priority and faster posting returns to whichever storyline is the most pressing. I suppose that's a good thing in some ways because it also means Khazgral gives her attention first and foremost to where she feels it's needed most, but that's just coincidental.
-Not as versed in live RP as I am in forum RP. I'm learning as I go and always open to outside input.

Leveling speed: Casual.

PvP: Whenever / Wherever Khaz comes across Alliance that are vulnerable to attack it will occur... Even if it ends in Khaz's death long before it gets started.

Schedule: Weekdays I'm around after 6PM server and try to log around 10PM server (haha, yeah right). Weekends are much more varied.
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26 Blood Elf Rogue

Full Name: Moreto Dawnstrider
Housename: Dawnstrider
Nickname: Prof.
Age: 96
Race: Blood Elf
Class: OOC - Rogue IC - Scholar (Scribe, Researcher, Archaeologist)
Physical Description: Besides what he looks like in-game, his hands are stained with various inks, and there's dirt seemingly permanently embedded in his nails.
Personality Description: A bit shy, but overall friendly. He is very gentle, and tries to hide his horror at people's violent or greedy tendencies with politeness. He can get excitable about history, and sometimes science, but mostly he remains calm and timid. He is very optimistic, but not naive.
Brief History: Moreto has a pretty ordinary background as a blood elf, but he's gone in a different direction than most of his people. He abstains completely from the use of magic, using the gnawing addiction to instead fuel his constant activity. He also abstains from all violence, and the only act of harm he commits is fishing. He does not hold others to his convictions, although he tries very hard to give them more diplomatic options to solving their problems.


Roleplaying Style: Always IC.
Character Status†: OOC by request, or in whisper to answer game mechanic questions posted the public channels
Guild: Zero Volume (private alt guild)
Favorite RP spot: Anywhere!
IC-Strength: A gentleman, and a gentle man.
IC-Weakness: Too kind-hearted to say no
OOC-Weakness: I have a low tolerance for chat-speak in RP.
Leveling speed: Epicly slow. He's a pacifist!
PvP? No.
Schedule: Sporadic other than Org. dailies (and then I only do the non-violent ones)

N.B.: All of my SoE characters are publicly in-character at all times. The other 3 are trolls, so they are very easy to spot RP-wise. Moreto, however, is my main RPer. If I'm on him, I'd rather RP than anything else.
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85 Blood Elf Rogue

Full Name: Vaeryn Montressa Scarlet

Housename: Scarlet

Nickname: Vae, Vaer, "Cinnamon Buns"

Titles: Riddler

Age: 43

Race: Sindorei

Class: Pick-pocket

Physical Description: A small-frame and stature with bright green eyes and dark red hair. Her face is almost constantly smeared with grease, and she can be found scribbling in an old book more often than not.

Personality Description: Quirky, kinda crazy. Very, very intelligent, however.

Brief History: Unknown


Height: Short

Weight: Thin

Marital Status: Single


Roleplaying Style: In-character, Full time

Character Status: In... In character?

Guild: Dead Mans Party (Raiding guild)

Favorite RP spot: ALL OF THEM.

IC-Strength: Engineering, Riddles

IC-Weakness: Cupcakes.

OOC-Strength: Grammar and punctuation.

OOC-Weakness: Cupcakes. > >

Leveling speed: Fair


Schedule: Sporadic.
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight

Full name: santh bloodbane

house name: bloodbane

nickname: san/sanny

Titles: none

Age: 40

Race: Renegade blood elf (with quel'thalas sunstrider blood elfs

Class: death knight

physical description: usual hight as normal blood elfs deep blue eyes and two scars on his back that form an X going from his left hip to right shoulder and right hip to left shoulder


brief history: born in silvermoon city dosnt like talking about his scars will get very angry when asked about them


hight: normal

Weight: works out but still skinny

Marital status: single


RP status: heavy rp with little ooc

character status: in character

guild: elite Vengence (laid back guild)

Favorite Rp spot: SMC bar, eversong woods

IC strength: none

IC: weakness: short temper

OOC strength: patient

OOC weakness: hates ppl who dont stick with the rp going on or use ooc way to much

Leveling speed: slow

PVP?: rarley

Schedual: almost every day
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85 Blood Elf Rogue
Full Name: Molly Sangria Bloodsong-Frostleaf
Housename: Bloodsong
Nickname: Molly, Mo-Mo, Molls, Molly-olly-olly-oxen-free. Aliases have included Dawn, too.
Titles: Nothing official; formerly The Silencer.
Age: 49
Race: Half-elf.
Class: Rogue; specializing in espionage and interrogation.

Physical Description: Molly has crimson, wavy hair and naturally green eyes as she is half-human, though she is definitely a fel addict. She is 5'4" and while having a thicker, yet muscular stature for an elf, is far too thin in human equivalent. She has numerous scars and a brand of a Darkspear arrowhead on her right hip. She wears a multitude of earrings in her lobes that trail up her ears. The only notable piece of jewelry is wedding band made of silvery and gold leaves.

Personality Description: Usually calm and confident, though passionate about her family and friends to the point of what would call nuts. She's usually friendly and easy to start a conversation with and will usually give you her undivided attention.

Brief History: Molly was born in Stormwind City and was once a soldier there, but is now a full-indicted Horde member and serves them proudly. She lives in Orgrimmar with her four children and husband and continues to work in espionage, piddling with her jewelry making and tanning hides on the side.

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 122 lbs
Marital Status: Married to Tabit Frostleaf

Roleplaying Style: All types, preferred actual IC interaction for first meeting people, though.
Character Status: Alive? Doing well. Available to RP with.
Guild: Ghostfang Brotherhood
Favorite RP spot: Everywhere, preferably a bar-like setting.

IC-Strength: Passionate about those she cares for.

IC-Weakness: Blindly passionate about those she cares for.

OOC-Strength: A good deal of RP experience.

OOC-Weakness: RPing late or too long = random and brash RP from my side. Try to avoid that.

Leveling speed: Whenever I feel like.

PvP?: Sometimes! :D

Schedule: I'm on Ellorah most often, but I try to get on Molly every other day at least.
Edited by Molly on 4/3/2011 6:50 PM PDT
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85 Blood Elf Warlock
Full Name: Baroness Lytendrah Ellorah Dawntear
Housename: Mahy
Nickname: Elly
Titles: Baroness (Inherited through her parents). Formerly known as The Blightcaller.
Age: 73
Race: Sin'dorei
Class: Warlock, specifically Demonology. Also a wonderful tailor and amazing alchemist.

Physical Description: Ellorah has unruly curls in the shade of black. She's borderline abhorrently pale. Known to wear a monocle or spectacles. Rarely ever seen in anything but robes. Violet demonic runes run up her inner right leg to her thigh. Kinda chubby, and tends to struggle with her weight. She wears a Noble's signet on her right hand of her family crest; a sun setting between two hills, the sun crested by a crown of leaves. On her left hand is an obvious wedding band, the setting cast in white and yellow gold, a tear drop diamond in the center.

Personality Description: Very logical and rational (about 90% of the time), but it's definitely a mask for whatever is going on inside her head. Quiet unless it's a topic she knows about. Well-spoken. Otherwise kind of shy. Very genial and lady-like.

Brief History: Ellorah is the only child to her parents, whom were killed by Sunfury's during the war in Outland. She took on her parents' title as their only living survivor. As a very sheltered and socially anxious barely-adolescent, she had to learn to make her way in the world. Formerly married to the recently deceased Baron Neptuen Wolstenholme, she served Arc as many, many things and performed much research under them until it was whittled to a skeleton crew. As of late, she seeks her research not in Demonology or Alchemy, but in artifacts and joining the craze of Archaeology. She resides in Brill with her current wife, Venayah Dawntear and their two adopted children.

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 128 lbs
Marital Status: Married to Venayah Dawntear.

Roleplaying Style: All types, preferred actual IC interaction for first meeting people, though.
Character Status: Alive? Doing well. Available to RP with.
Guild: Hand of the Sun
Favorite RP spot: Everywhere, preferably a non-chaotic setting.

IC-Strength: Passionate about her work, her family, her friends, and her faction. A perfectionist to the core.

IC-Weakness: Often over-does things tot he point of exhaustion or neglecting one of her various responsibilities. Self-critical because of her striving for perfection. Also, chocolate cake and Junglevine Wine.

OOC-Strength: A good deal of RP experience.

OOC-Weakness: RPing late or too long = random and brash RP from my side. Try to avoid that.

Leveling speed: Casual. Though maxed at the moment.

PvP?: Rarely.

Schedule: About every day, basically.
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85 Undead Priest

Full Name: Juliann L. Da'Nalyse
Housename: Da'Nalyse?
Nickname: Julie, Jules, Etc.
Titles: Photo-Arcanist
Age: Middle-Aged
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Specialized Mage

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 112 lbs.
Relationship Status: Single, Not Looking
Physical Description: Standard BElf, appears as in-game. Wears rose-scented perfume.

Personality Description: Means well, and is generally kind, but has had her nose stuck in books more than out learning how to deal with people. People who can pick up on such things will note that she's being disingenuous on several levels.

Brief History: Former member of the Argent Crusade as a mender, but is not well liked by the faithful due to her manipulation of the Light's energy through magic, rather than connection through faith. She has discovered a way to channel Light magic through a specially-enchanted blade, which alters the energy of the spell. This allows her to heal the living and undead with equal (though diminished) effectiveness.


Roleplaying Style: Casual, Occasionally satirical.
Character Status: Alive and Kicking
Guild: Hand of the Sun
Favorite RP spot: Silvermoon City is my usual hangout, but it's not my favorite. I'll RP anywhere I find it.
IC-Strength: Analytical. Can manipulate Light Energies as needed.
IC-Weakness: Poor Social Skills. No real connection to the Light.
OOC-Strength: Lore Buff, Balances PvE and RP
OOC-Weakness: Need to catch up with Cataclysm Lore. Sarcastic and Cold. My character is nicer than I am by far. Tend to rotate out mains causing characters to disappear for months at a time.
Leveling speed: Obsessively Quick
PvP? Occasionally. Not very good at it.
Schedule: Depends on Class Schedule. Winter-Spring Semester 2011, Late Evenings MWR, Afternoon TF, Free Sat Sun
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85 Blood Elf Hunter

Full Name: Known simply as Draaeth (pronounced "Dray-eth").

Nickname: Dra or Dray, sometimes.

Age: Indeterminable. Appears roughly middle-aged in terms of elves.

Race: Sin'dorei.

Class*: Scout/freelancer. When he isn't killing undead, he's usually working odd jobs for some organization or another.

Physical Description**: Medium build. Wiry and lean. Draaeth's skin is ruddy and weathered from extended sun exposure.

Personality Description**: Taciturn in general, unless he's engaged in something he cares a lot about, or around a dog.

Brief History***: Draaeth worked as a gamekeeper for a sin'dorei noble house before Quel'thalas was invaded. Post-Sunwell catastrophe, he started doing freelance work for the Argent Dawn. He also spent some time training and breeding hunting dogs.

Recent records put Draaeth in the Plaguelands, where he keeps a small lodge. A Forsaken girl is sometimes seen with him.


Roleplaying Style: If I'm in RP clothes I'm IC. I don't instance IC, however.

Character Status†: OOC in party and other chats. IC in /say and /e.

Guild: Hand of the Sun

Favorite RP spot: Draaeth hangs out in the Plaguelands and sometimes Undercity. Occasionally he drops into Silvermoon.

IC-Strength: Steadfastness, dependability

IC-Weakness: It's a secret. Literally.

OOC-Strength: Patience

OOC-Weakness: Have a hard time focusing on one character for very long.

Leveling speed: Fast when I put my mind to it.

PvP? Not if I can avoid it.

Schedule: Usually always on in the evenings after 7 or 8 server time; sometimes on during the day as well.

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