SoE Horde Roleplayer List



Full Name: Skrail Levirol (formerly Skrail Skrewball)

Housename: None

Nickname: None

Titles: Leather Ball Salesman

Age: Fairly young-ish, but an adult.

Race: Goblin

Class*: Rogue

Physical Description**: Average Goblin height/weight, physically fit. Red eyes, short ears, greenish-yellow skin. Can often be found in Bloodfang gear w/ a pair of red goggles.

Personality Description**: Level-headed, unafraid to use "big" words should the opportunity present itself. Will never miss an opportunity to peddle his line of Heavy Leather Balls.

Brief History***: Was a bartender back in Kezan, but an inventor at heart. Eventually discovered that the use of Spider's Silk in the interior of a Leather Ball made it more bouncy and fun to play with. When the Cataclysm hit and all the Goblins were forced to evacuate, he decided to sell his invention to make a living. He will occasionally bartend should the time come.


Height: 2'11''

Weight: 66 lbs

Marital Status: Single and searching.


Roleplaying Style: Casual, storyteller.

Character Status†: IC or OOC when the time comes for it. It'll usually be obvious. Will try to use brackets when not RPing in /s or /y. Mileage may vary. :P

Guild: Order of Absolution

Favorite RP spot: That's a tough one, but probably Orgrimmar or Azshara (Bilgewater Harbor / Gallywix's Pleasure Palace, to be precise).

IC-Strength: Level-headed, decent fighter.

IC-Weakness: Short. Engineering gadgets don't always work. Can get cocky sometimes.

OOC-Strength: I'm rather good at improvising stories and reactions on the spot. Just about everything about my characters was thought of as a spur-of-the-moment thing while RPing with someone else. Also, I'm a good typer if I do say so myself. (which will probably entice someone to proofread my post and pinpoint every typo...) :P

OOC-Weakness: A good typer, but a slow one. I'm also not that good at imitating accents should it be called for (for example, on my Troll Lock).

Leveling speed: Fast when I wanna be. Slow when I'm procrastinating.

PvP? Not so much now as before. But I've been slowly getting back into it.

Schedule: Varys. But I'm around a -lot-. I should really get a life one of these days. :P

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37 Goblin Rogue


Full Name: Gladus [Disclosed]
Housename: None
Nickname: Glad
Age: Middle aged. "All ya need to know!"
Race: Goblin
Class*: Shifty Rogue/Thief
Physical Description**: Pretty much normal. Only thing giving away her age is the grey streak in her hair.
Personality Description**: Crafty, Always mischievious. Playful.
Brief History***: Came in on a goblin boat from a far away place. !@$$@! I am not here to give a history lesson.
Joined up with the Sisters. Which consists of Krile, Lyjia, Cornet, Moonbubble, Hanali, Lunie, Carmel, Arilyn, and Pipsqueack. (All played by me.) :P


Height: 4'
Weight: 60lbs (Blames the Orgrimmar meats)
Marital Status: Single, not interested.

Roleplaying Style: Alway in character
Character Status†: In character.
Guild: None (May keep it that way) >:)
Favorite RP spot: Orgrimmar, (Silvermoon City is wayyyyy tooooo boooooorring.) Sorry Krile! But it is.
IC-Strength: Points people out in the right directions, um, sometimes. <If compass wasn't 99% accurate>
IC-Weakness: Lone Wolf except when with her adopted sisters.
OOC-Strength: Will give pointers
OOC-Weakness: Not here to hold your hand.
Leveling speed: mediocre. My snail pace.
PvP? Very little. May do it to enrich her RP style. (Mischief)
Schedule: Once a week on.

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75 Blood Elf Warlock


Full Name:
Ebon Magistrate Velianna Ash'Loren Shadowsong.

Nickname:Veli, Veli, Vel-Vel, You choose.

Age:Appears to be middle aged.


Class*:Warlock of the sorts.

Physical Description**: Velianna's gaze is very prominent-Her once Neon green eyes are now flickering with a now Lilac induced theme of purple, with a thick, black ring around her irises. Long,thick, and feathered lashes surround her eyes along the top, and well as some not-so-thick ones along the bottom, these are still long, and can be seen from a distance, giving her eyes the most prominent feature on her face. Her lashes give the appearance of cosmetics, but assured, it's natural beauty. Her cheek bones are high and rounded, as well as lightly blushed pink, to match her rather deep skin tone. Naturally,with age, her eyes appear to be creased slightly along her eyelids, and the corners of her eyes.

She is often seen dressed in elegant and exquisitely tailored robes made of nearly pure silk and Diamonds.(Theoretically.) And is often not seen in anything less than extraordinary.

Her long, silken, luminous raven locks fall around her shoulders, and down her back--reaching approximately to her waist when behaving, or not pinned up, or curled. The shine upon her hair is nearly enough to reflect an image. Contrary to when her hair is pinned, or tied back, Her extensive ear piercings are visible, easily with seven in each ear. The most noticable of them, though, are the rather large, but lightweight Silver Hoops, with small charms in them. They extend nearly halfway down her neck. An additional piercing can be seen through the left side of her bottom lip, held open by a mere black stud, and is often not seen unless -directly- in front of her.

Vel's frame is extraordinarily small, almost to the point where even the smallust of winds could take her away with it. The robes she wears often fool those around her, but when seen without them, her clothes cling to her tightly, and most of her ribs are visible. Her bust, however, should fit of someone that could actually hold the weight, and she often has a hard time with it. Her stomach is flat, but extremely toned. As well as with her lower legs, thighs, and arms. Her body is nearly all muscle and bone--With the agility, endurance, and vitality of something that wouldn't appear to be the typical qualities of a Magistrate.

Personality Description**: Vel's personality is very unique, creative, and generally not matching what her outward appearance brings forth. Typically, she's caring, and sometimes, can be very knieving, manipulative, and generally, some traits of a Sociopath. When in certain situations, she has very 'Succubus' like attributes, and often won't stop until she gets what she wants. Generally, that kind of thing is often a mood for her.
Vel's an artist, and an observer. She's taken much time to watch the people first, before she approaches them, in fear that she'll get into something she couldn't handle, and is often very shy, and isn't the first one to speak on most occasions. She can be very opinionated, but only on very specific topics.

Brief History***:
Vel is a sister of three, whom of which were split up after their parents had been forced to leave, and setting their house on fire. In just the nick of time, one of her sisters had managed to find a way for them to escape, but since that very day, something in her mind 'clicked' with Fire, and her absolute fascination for it, and how it had almost taken her life.



Weight:120 lbs.

Marital Status:Not married.

Etc: Walk up RP is -Awesome- and VERY encouraged! I love it, and I think it's one of the most fun ways to meet new RPers.

Roleplaying Style:Heavy.

Character Status†:In character nearly all the time. When not, things will be spoken in brackets, or told OOCly.

Guild:I Choose You.

Favorite RP spot:Still tryin' to find that...

IC-Strength: Photographic Memory.


OOC-Strength:Being awesome.


Leveling speed:Practically instant. . . When I sit down and do it.

PvP? Often. ICly and OOCly.

Schedule: Almost always can be seen around SMC during the night hours past 7pm for at least a few hours. And often during the daytime hours, as well.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Full Name: Narinthei Feraik Tarael

Housename: Unknown

Nickname: Narin, Nari, Cotton, Alan, Powder

Titles: None

Age: Unsure

Race: Sin'Dorei

Class: Paladin

Physical Description: He's an average height, with a muscular build expected of most Blood Knights. Small scars are noticeable on his face and neck. His long white hair is almost always tied back away from his face and he's rarely seen without his armor on.

Personality Description: He's quick to befriend almost anyone, assuming they don't do something that annoys him before he's even talked to them. He's quiet when not among friends, but always willing to defend someone in need whether he knows them or not.

Brief History: Originally a priest he was sent away before Arthas' attack for the Sunwell. He found out later his family and several friends, including the woman he loved were killed in the battle. Abandoning the path of the priest he quickly joined the Blood Knights after they were formed, showing exceptional skill with a sword and shield, so that he would never have to stand by helpless when others around him were in need.

Height: Average

Weight: 145 lbs

Marital Status: Single

Roleplaying Style: Will RP under any circumstances, instances, dungeons, open world. Everything.

Character Status†: If I'm not currently RPing, I'd like to be. If I'm ooc simply interacting with me is enough to make me go IC.

Guild: Night Sirens

Favorite RP spot: Not sure.

IC-Strength: Handiness with a sword and board.

IC-Weakness: Tends to be distracted while fighting if a friend is in need.

OOC-Strength: A tendency to be spontaneously funny.

OOC-Weakness: A tendency to be -spontaneously- funny.

Leveling speed: Fast. Very fast.

PvP? I love open world pvp just because of the potential for a massive brawl to break out. I miss Halaa back in BC.

Schedule: Normally online all the time.
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90 Undead Warlock

Full Name: Vethica

Housename: Unknown

Nickname: Vethy

Titles: The Dolly

Apparent Age: 9

Actual Age: 23

Race: Forsaken

Class: Commoner

Physical Description: A thin and graceful child in life; still "pretty" after her transition into undeath. Tall for a child of her age. Fine, black stiching can be seen on many parts of her body. Smells like flowers mixed with the faint smell of rot. Often carries a doll with her.

Personality Description: Curious and playful; dismissive of the fact that she is Forsaken. If not for her form, she could be mistaken for any human child. And yet, she's much too confident for a child of her age; at times there is distinct malevolence and cruelty in her behavior.

Brief History: Born a common child to a large family of farmers who succumbed to the Scourge plague. She never lost her free will, and considered herself orphaned until she met an older female warlock in service to Sylvanas.

She has since formally joined the Forsaken, and has gained a tremendous amount of power over the years of her service to the Dark Lady. Those who do not know her, often find her cute or disturbing in a harmless way. Those who have worked before with her on the Dark Lady's tasks tend to treat her much differently; they often afford her a great deal of respect...and distance.


Height: 4'9"

Weight: 80 lbs.

Marital Status: Hardly of age to be mated (even in Forsaken mockery) to another, she nevertheless develops and maintains very intense emotional bonds with several older females (of many races). On the surface, these relationships tend to resemble surrogate mother-child relationships. The most prominent example of this is the bond she shares with her Succubus, Auntie Broni.


Roleplaying Style: Part-time RP

Character Status: OOC unless specifically roleplaying. Will always RP back when it is initiated (although it might be a short exchange if I have somewhere to be)

Guild: Cry of Luna

Favorite RP spot: Scheduled gatherings/meetings, or impromptu during gameplay

IC-Strength: Curious, powerful, playful; her apparent youth often gets her more leverage in dealing with others.

IC-Weakness: That same youth can often work against her. Also, she has an intense desire/need to maintain certain images and fantasies in the face of reality.

-"No, no, no!" she exclaims in furious anger, before clearing her throat and dropping her voice back down to a tense, but perfectly polite, tone. "That's not a very nice way to treat your dolly, little girl. What if I dragged you around by your neck until it snapped, hmm? That wouldn't be very nice. Not one bit of, not at all...nice."

OOC-Strength: Able to keep stories moving, to develop interest; patient and supportive with newer individuals; a developed storyteller, but also very content to simply be a background character in someone else's play

OOC-Weakness: Not often free to RP (other commitments); long-winded; might get bored and avoid specific RP partners/encounters/events over the long-term

Leveling speed: Always at max level for raiding purposes

PvP? Sometimes

Schedule: Faeylin is my main, and I don't get to play Vethica as often as I'd like.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin

Full Name: Curufean Starblaze
Housename: Starblaze
Nickname: None
Titles: Lord
Age: [adult]
Race: Sin’Dorei
Class*: Blood Knight
Physical Description**: Curufean has the build and disposition of a trained swordsman. He is not overly muscular but his build shows every day of training and routine use of his skills with heavy weapons as well as shields and armor. His movements betray a sure and steady confidence in himself and his own abilities.
Personality Description**: He often portrays himself as less able mentally than he actually is. He has developed this habit from early childhood as a self defense mechanism to make others feel more confident around him and speak more freely than they may otherwise intend to. To those who know him best he is confident, somewhat self possessed and feels as though he has to take responsibility for most of the people who surround him, most especially his family and friends. As noted above he is relatively guarded around most people despite his outwardly friendly and easy demeanor.
Brief History***: Curufeans history is relatively unknown to most on this world, he was in fact brought to this realm by a mad warlock named Celebren who was seeking Curufean’s cousin. Since arriving here he has been both a hired mercenary as well as a member of the Blood Knight order in relatively good standing. In recent times he was responsible for the death of Mobeus Stormblade, which has earned him the permanent hatred of Mobeus’ intended Nocxia, and has resulted in Curufean’s soul being trapped in a set of windchimes.


Height: Average
Weight: Average
Marital Status: Single


Roleplaying Style: Mostly Full time
Character Status†: OOC for the moment as He is currently been trapped in a set of Windchimes by a particularly vindictive shadow priestess.
Guild: Riddle of Steel
Favorite RP spot: Don’t have one really…
IC-Strength: Tactician, decent leader

IC-Weakness: His sometimes extreme behavior makes him relatively dislike by most people.

OOC-Strength: Experience (10+ years), Creativity
OOC-Weakness: Melancholy, writers block
Leveling speed: Moderate
PvP? Not really anymore, PVP brings out Rage..
Schedule: Online most nights after 5pm server
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Full Name: Rongar Bonemender
Clan Name: Bladewind Clan
Nickname: Rong
Age: 71
Race: Orc
Class: Shaman (herbalist and healer)
Physical Description: Long past peek fighting form. Walks slightly hunched over. Some scars on arms and back. Coarse white beard, braided white hair.
Personality Description: Lifelong dedication to healing. Very forthcoming with peers (other healers, shaman, and priests) regardless of their background. Apprehensive toward the Undead.
Brief History: Was settling in for retirement after many years of service to the Horde as a healer. When the fires destroyed most of Orgrimmar during the Shattering, Rongar's home and family were also lost. The recent conflicts in Ashenvale and Southern Barrens have left the orcish Horde stretched to the limit. Despite his age, Rongar finds himself getting called back into service, but this time in a more limited role. Although he complains about certain assignments, he really doesn't mind as it gives him purpose again.

Height: 5-9 (short for an Orc, but Rongar is slighly hunched over due to his age)
Weight: 340 lbs
Marital Status: Widowed

Roleplaying Style: Casual
Character Status: Generally IC, less so when leveling or during instance runs
Guild: The Broken House
Favorite RP spot: Don't know yet. I've spent the most time RPing at Wyvern's Tail inn in Orgrimmar. It's practically becoming Cheers.
IC-Strength: As a life-long healer, caring for and about others is second nature. Willing to explore. Avid herbalist.
IC-Weakness: Is a bit rudderless as of late. Sometimes forgetful about details.
OOC-Strength: Plenty of RP experience involving 20-sided dice
OOC-Weakness: Not so much MMORPG roleplaying experience
Leveling speed: Slow as molasses (but finally done leveling!)
PvP? Sometimes, but just terrible at it.
Schedule: Evenings, usually after 9:00 PM

Also playing as Eyezeria (A), Farfallen (A) and less regularly Wigglebolt (A) and Brannigan (A)
Edited by Rongar on 6/28/2012 9:53 AM PDT
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90 Blood Elf Paladin

Favorite RP spot: Don't know yet. I've spent the most time RPing at Wyvern's Tail inn in Orgrimmar. It's practically becoming Cheers.

Bella said the same thing.
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85 Blood Elf Warrior

Full Name: Kiuas Dawnblade

Housename: House Dawnblade

Nickname: Silver Hand

Titles: Blademaster, General (highest PvP rank I achieved way back in vanilla lol) of the 12th Legion Kor'Kron Elite.

Age: Unknown

Race: Blood Elf

Class*: Warrior

Physical Description**: He's exceptionally tall and well built for his race, owing this to his years of physical dedication to training in all martial forms.

Personality Description**: He often comes off as rude to most of his countrymen as well as some of the "badder" aspects of the Horde because of his silent nature.

Brief History***: Kiuas was sold into gladiatorial slavery by his own brother Anathis because of Anathis's own jealousy and the fact that Kiuas would one day take their Father Leith's seat in the Convocation of Silvermoon. Anathis betrayed his brother while they were hunting in Eversong Woods, drugging him with a poisoned arrow.

Kiuas eventually made it into the hands of an orc slave owner named Shaggrath of the Blackrock Clan in the Grizzly Hills. Shaggrath was impressed by the young elf's "Unwillingness to die in combat" and eventually befriended the young blood elf and then "adopted" him; as Shaggrath's son had died years before in battle against Kul Tirasian marines in Durotar.

Astonishingly Kiuas bore no ill will towards the orcs but after years of sharing victories and deaths with them; he considered them honourable, more so than most of his countrymen. Fortune favoured Kiuas, in that, the time he was imprisoned Silvermoon was destroyed by Arthas along with all remnants of House Dawnblade...His vengeance denied him, he now seeks the unending quest for war as this is the only life that he now knows.


Height: 6'5"

Weight: 220 lbs.

Marital Status: Unmarried (Who has the time with all this war around?) though can be seen fraternising with Syldre Everstride the huntress.


Roleplaying Style: I'm an avid listener. I think I actually enjoy watching RP from more of a spectator's angle than I do actually engaging in it myself (though that is not to say I don't or won't lol)

Character Status†: Currently busy ensuring the Twilight Hammer's presence in the Highlands is thwarted at every possible angle as well as proving to be a thorn in the flesh of the Alliance in their quest to control Tol Barad.

Guild: Unbroken (woot! go team!)

Favorite RP spot: UPDATED I've taken the advice of those here and made my hearth at the Wyvern's Tail. I also took the liberty of downloading TRP2 and I must say it's the greatest RP addon in existence lol.

IC-Strength: His incredible physical prowess with weapons and his overall size in comparison to other members of his race.

IC-Weakness: He is headstrong, rash and lives for the thrill of battle.

OOC-Strength: I have a decent imagination and

OOC-Weakness: I'm not really 100% solid on all the minuteness that comes with lore. I know the basics it's just the reallly really particular things that get me.

Leveling speed: I rock XP bars...been at this since 05.

PvP? Yes please...though I'll never claim to be any good at it.

Schedule: Most nights from 2pm - 10pm server

*- Could also be your character's position in society.

**- Short description, just to give us an idea of your character.

***- Don't write it all! At most a short paragraph, leave us yearning for more so we'll approach you in game!

†- Mostly IC, ooc in party or yells... that kinda stuff.
Edited by Kiuas on 4/17/2011 5:57 PM PDT
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71 Blood Elf Hunter

Full Name: Avianna Elysse Dawnsorrow
Nickname: Avi
Titles: None, really.
Age: Around 21 (By human standards, of course…)
Race: Sin’Dorei
Class*: Huntress
Physical Description**:
Personality Description**: Very cheerful at times; due to recent (or not so recent…) events she has been rather quiet. Either way, much of the time she is at least slightly cheerful.
Brief History***: ((I don’t have this written out, so just a few notes…)
- Two daughters, both are adopted
- Has been in and out of several relationships in the past…

Height: Slightly below the average height
Weight: Very slim
Marital Status: Married (And VERY happily so.)

Roleplaying Style:
Character Status†: IC most of the time, but not really in cities… I admit I prefer whispers.
Guild: Thunder Riders
Favorite RP spot: Anywhere with a beach.
IC-Strength: Thinks things through, often rather patient.
IC-Weakness: A slight temper, often trusts too much.
OOC-Strength: Loves to write, and very eager to RP.
OOC-Weakness: As stated, very eager to RP – sometimes too much!
Leveling speed: Slow as a turtle frozen in a block of ice…
PvP? Nope!
Schedule: Uhm… Any time past noon, mostly… I have no life!
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8 Blood Elf Mage
Full Name: Suryanna A'aelina Jokaar
Housename: House Jokaar
Nickname: Sury, Ana (but only a few special friends call her that, and those are all dead)
Titles: Lady Suryanna Jokaar, head of House Jokaar (a house thought to be extinct until she returned), Sometimes known as The Lady of Snows
Age: Young, but she won't say specifically
Race: Blood Elf
Class*: Mage
Physical Description**: Slightly taller than the normal height, but not by much. Slender but richly curved, she moves with a studied grace and never rushes (if she's running I'm OOC). Her features are finely boned and she's beautiful but aloof, even remote. Her hair's the white of new fallen snow, her complexion pale and flawless. Her eyes are an extremely pale green.
Personality Description**: Cool, remote and aloof. Her movements are languid and deliberate, but those who look closely see a keen interest and intelligence in her pale eyes. She has been called Ice Queen and Lady of Snows by those who hoped (and failed) to catch her interest, but there are hints (a lingering intensity of a look, the provacative sway of slender hips) that indicate there is more fire underneath the cold exterior than it would seem. She will flirt, but lightly and rarely moves beyond. Few people know the inner Suryanna.
Brief History***: House Jokaar was a noble house that has been in decline since the War of the Ancients. The last Lord was a recluse, preferring to exert his influence through others. Few met his Lady, fewer still his only child. The Lady died only a few years before the scourge swept through the lands, and the house was assumed to be destroyed. But Suryanna has recently returned and seeks to re-establish her House.

Height: 5'8" (please let me know if this is unreasonable!)
Weight: 125
Marital Status: Single

Roleplaying Style: Medium to Heavy
Character Status†: I try to be IC most times, but I consider whispers to be ooc, unless marked as IC.
Guild: Seeking
Favorite RP spot: New to server, so still in the starting areas. Open to suggestions?
IC-Strength: Extremely strong will, talented Frost mage, keeps her emotions and reactions hidden behind a languid sensuality
IC-Weakness: Can appear to be a cold b****, can be mistaken for being uncaring and emotionless
OOC-Strength: Adaptability
OOC-Weakness: limited play time during the week
Leveling speed: Slow. I much prefer to RP
PvP? Never do it, never wanted to.
Schedule: Depends on my other characters, but normally weekends are free. I'm always open to walk up RP, and will willingly try to meet up with people for RP. Just send a tell or email.
Edited by Suryanna on 4/24/2011 2:40 PM PDT
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Full Name: Jantharria Shenora Varan
Housename: N/A
Nickname: Jan, Jane
Titles: Priestess, The Blind Angel, The Morning Glory, Our Lady of Peace
Age: 92
Race: Sin'dorei / Blood Elf
Class*: Priest
Physical Description**: Average Sin'dorei. Really, NOTHING sticks out on her. She has red hair that's curled, green hair, pale skin, blushy cheeks, small mouth and button nose. No distinguishable markings or scars, piercings, or the like.
Personality Description**: Very kind, accepting, always willing to help others, even if it's someone she's never met.
She can at times be a bit naive, but always does she mean will.
She will stop at nothing to accomplish her goals, though some accredit this to her being young and rash.
Brief History***: While raised and borne into the familiarity of the Light and it's theology, Jantharria is no stranger to mending or the teachings.
It was not until recent years that she chose to utilize her talents and knack for the Light to aid others instead of for her own self gain and for her house name.

After this Jantharria saw that she wanted to spread the good word of peace, and try to fix this war torn world, even if it was only at one little step at a time.
While successful for the most part, things happened and the Cataclysm had taken over Azeroth.
It is with high hopes she seeks to help mend things back to the way they were.

Height: 5'8
Weight: ???
Marital Status: N/A but def not open for relationships.

Roleplaying Style: eloquent
Character Status†: ADVENTUROUS
Guild: The Sacred Morning ( dubbed the Order of Peace Icly )
Favorite RP spot: ANYWHERE YOUR FAVORITE RP SPOT IS!!! ...just not org pls, lag sucks balls there.
IC-Strength: Healing, mending, being nice to people, sewing, making medicines
IC-Weakness: saying no
OOC-Strength: my dic-...uuuuhh. I dunno. Bad puns?
OOC-Weakness: Saying no ;_;
Leveling speed: waaay too slow
PvP? : nom nom
Schedule: any time errywhere
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85 Blood Elf Rogue
Full Name: Xoda Sindanarie
Housename: None
Nickname: Xoda
Titles: The Lamplighter
Age: 97
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Lamplighter/Rogue

Physical Description: Xoda is a bit short for a blood-elf and looks as if she has not eaten a good meal in quite a long time. Her unkempt black hair is kept under control by a small grey band but still a lock of it falls in front of one of her dull green eyes. Other than this she looks relatively normal, but upon closer inspection one will find that there is an old scar running across her throat.

Personality Description: Xoda is a relatively optimistic individual, always choosing to look on the brighter side of life. While she is always willing to help others in any way she can, Xoda would rather let others take the credit as she would rather stand in the background than be put in front of all of her peers. Despite this and her hoarse voice, however, Xoda is not at all afraid to speak her mind when she feels it is necessary and will always talk with other travelers.

Brief History: Xoda does not like to discuss her distant past, saying that, while it may have been one of hardship, it caused her to become the person it is today. In the more recent past, however, Xoda decided to leave the life of the city behind her and left to become what she calls a “lamplighter”; an individual who wanders and protects the roads of Azeroth and all those who walk upon them.

Height: 5 feet 2 inches
Weight: 99 lbs
Marital Status: Single

Roleplaying Style: Beginner/Full-Time Roleplayer
Character Status: Mostly IC, OOC for many raids and dungeons (will RP with those in the dungeon if they want to)
Guild: None
Favorite RP Spot: On the roads of Azeroth and the many Taverns between them
IC-Strength: A powerful fighter, a good thief (if necessary), never gives up, and is always willing to talk
IC-Weakness: A little too optimistic sometimes, doesn’t back down when she should, HATES FLYING!
OOC-Strength: Always willing to help other players, pretty good listener, I’m told I’m good at cheering people up too, probably has been playing WoW for wayyyy to long.
OOC-Weakness: Loses track of time easily, I’m pretty new to WoW RP (willing to learn how it works though)
Leveling Speed: Pretty Quick
PVP: Sure, not all the time, but sure
Schedule: Entirely random, but mostly on later in the day. Open to RP anytime I’m on though!
Edited by Xoda on 5/14/2011 2:02 PM PDT
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
*Waves* Hello, I would like to play please.

Full Name: Lumenaria Azshara Flamestriker
Housename: Felo'melorn
Nickname: Lume, Lumi
Titles: (Lots, currently using “the Exalted”)
Age: *replies with a deadpan stare and does not respond*
Race: Sin’dorei
Class*: Magister (This was her position prior to the fall of Quel’thalas. She has not returned to her duties)

Physical Description**: Lumenaria is of average height with a sturdy build. Her robes are well tailored and made from expensive cloth, but are of dark, muted colors – a stark contrast to the bright colors normally preferred by her race. Her jewels are also of high quality, but not at all flashy. Her natural hair color is chestnut, but she spends a lot of time in the salon and her hair color is subject to change depending on her mood. She has excellent posture, and conducts herself with assuredness. An imp cowers at her feet; she pays it no attention. She displays genuine affection to her mounts and companion pets, all of which are well groomed and seem to return her affection.

Personality Description**: She is educated, intelligent, opportunistic and vain. She is reserved to strangers, but generous to those she considers friends. She has a sarcastic sense of humor and a sharp wit.

Brief History***: She was an only child raised in the noble house of Felo'melorn. Her doting parents were also magisters. She came of age during the second war and was steadily rising through the magister ranks when the plague broke out. She participated in the burning of Quel’thalas as was her duty and then fled through the dark portal with the group that accompanied Kael’thas. In Draenor, a certain handsome man persuaded her to join with the Scryers. Shortly after she returned to Quel’thalas with the Shattered Sun Offensive to help restore her homeland to glory.

She later moved to Dalaran with the Sunreavers to continue her scholarly persuits and still has an apartment there.

Lumenaria feels the best way to return Quel’thalas to glory is for its remaining citizens to gain the highest regard of all the other factions and races and she works tireless to this end. However whether she is working toward the Sin’dorei’s glory or her own is a very blurred line indeed.

Height: 5’9”
Weight: 155
Marital Status: Single and not interested (but still carries a torch for a certain young elf on Draenor)

Roleplaying Style: (new/casual)
Character Status†: IC: /s /y /em OCC /trade /general / guild Circumstantial: /party /whisper
Guild: <Shadows End> We don’t raid and we have cookies!
Favorite RP spot: Don’t have one yet
IC-Strength: Perseverance
IC-Weakness: Fire. She loves it, to the point of pyromania. She looses herself in her spells and loves to watch things burn. (Living or not)
OOC-Strength: Open to constructive critiques, don’t take things personally.
OOC-Weakness: sometimes very slow typing, bad sense of direction so my character is always wandering off the wrong way.
Leveling speed: As fast as anyone I suppose
PvP? No. I have very poor reflexes and am not a good pvp’r
Schedule: Sporadic, but I have been playing pretty consistently since 2006

*- Could also be your character's position in society.
**- Short description, just to give us an idea of your character.
***- Don't write it all! At most a short paragraph, leave us yearning for more so we'll approach you in game!
†- Mostly IC, ooc in party or yells... that kinda stuff.
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90 Troll Death Knight

Full Name: Hakk'lek

Nickname: Hak

Titles: the Ill

Age: Mid to late 30s

Race: Darkspear troll

Class*: Death knight/ex-berserker

Physical Description**: Stocky by jungle troll standards and a little on the short side. His skin is discolored and covered in rashes and boils. He's often seen wearing full armor or mostly concealing clothing and a horrible nearly shapeless wide-brimmed purple hat.

Personality Description**: Very earnest and humble, he attempts to assume the best of people (unless they're other death knights, then he knows better and proceeds with caution). He's fascinated by anything that acts alive and loves to do "living" things like talk about trivial subjects, fish, and other time-wasters. He fights a very short temper.

Brief History***: What is known to the public is Hak was a Darkspear who joined the Argent Dawn shortly after the Darkspears were incorporated into the Horde. He was killed in the Plaguelands and raised as a death knight. Once the death knights were freed, he went right back into the service of the Argent Dawn, but is now "semi-retired" as work with the Dawn has waned.


Height: A little on the short side (a couple inches under the average male troll height).

Weight: Bulky

Marital Status: Single, ex-wife by way of death in Sen'jin


Roleplaying Style: Casual, story support.

Character Status†: IC in say, emotes, and yells. If he's running, he's probably OOC.

Guild: The Broken House

Favorite RP spot: Thunder Bluff

IC-Strength: Conviction and willpower, more tolerant than most trolls (kind of).

IC-Weakness: Explosive temper, not exactly quick on the uptake, tends to believe size = power.

OOC-Strength: Grammar, spelling, willing to change characters to better fit lore, willing to let characters take punches and not be the "main character".

OOC-Weakness: Easily distracted, often has poor latency.

Leveling speed: Faster than a slug? ...Turtle!

PvP?: Very rarely.

Schedule: Sporadic, but many evenings. Usually around on Sundays 7 pm server time for Storytelling in Thunder Bluff.
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90 Troll Shaman

Full Name: Heari'taj

Nickname: Heari, Ari, Spaz, Firebug

Titles: Flame Keeper

Age: Late teens-early twenties

Race: Jungle troll (Claims to be Darkspear)

Class*: Shaman, fire-speaker

Physical Description**: Tall and very thin, he looks a bit like an alley cat with one ear deformed, a bony frame, and lots of little burn scars mostly on his hands.

Personality Description**: Paranoid, with his reactions to people ranging from very shy to bigoted and accusing. He's prone to some very odd beliefs, even for a troll. He doesn't speak Orcish very well (but he's learning), and he tends to stutter and stammer when he talks.

Brief History***: All Heari will volunteer of his past is that he is a Darkspear. Very definitely a Darkspear. And a powerful shaman with strong connections to the fire. Also, the water is out to kill him. That's why he doesn't swim well. Or bathe often.


Height: On the high end of the scale for normal troll males (about four or five inches taller than normal)

Weight: Very thin, slowly losing his malnourished look.

Marital Status: Single


Roleplaying Style: Casual, story support.

Character Status†: IC in say, emotes, and yells. If he's running, he's probably OOC.

Guild: The Broken House

Favorite RP spot: Thunder Bluff

IC-Strength: He is, in fact, very good with fire and other shaman-ly duties that don't involve water.

IC-Weakness: Bigoted, paranoid, delusional, cowardly, deaf in his deformed ear... there's too many to list, really.

OOC-Strength: Grammar, spelling, willing to change characters to better fit lore, willing to let characters take punches and not be the "main character".

OOC-Weakness: Easily distracted, often has poor latency.

Leveling speed: Faster than a slug? ...Turtle!

PvP?: Very rarely.

Schedule: Sporadic, but many evenings. Usually around on Sundays 7 pm server time for Storytelling in Thunder Bluff.
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38 Troll Shaman

Full Name: Ulwazi of the Revantusks Forest Trolls

Housename: Revantusks

Nickname: Wazi

Titles: Shaman Trainer

Age: 200

Race: Troll

Class*: Shaman

Physical Description**: Tall, slender, and muscular ornamented in tribal markings.

Personality Description**: Pensive, reserved but fiercely intolerant of Alliance members and sympathizers.

Brief History***: A powerful Revantusk shaman, enlisted into the horde to promote the teachings of shamanism but since has developed a deep appreciation for the restorative arts and joined the Warsong effort as a Restoration Shaman.


Height: 6'11, Tall and slender

Weight: 250, Muscular and well define

Marital Status: Single


Roleplaying Style: Casual, lore-centric

Character Status†: In say, and yell

Guild: Shaman Trainer

Favorite RP spot: Orgrimmar, Battlegrounds

IC-Strength: A deep affinity for the restorative arts, and balance of mind and spirit.

IC-Weakness: Overwhelmed by war and despair has developed a deep hatred for any and all that threaten the well being of balance.

OOC-Strength: Good pvp'er, respectful, knowledgeable of content and lore.

OOC-Weakness: Not a fast typer.

Leveling speed: Fast!

PvP? Yes!

Schedule: Daily

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