SoE Horde Roleplayer List


85 Blood Elf Paladin
Full Name: Anjalic Aviane Bloodvalor
Housename: House of Bloodvalor
Nickname: Anj, Vi, Jali, Brighteyes (Strictly by a chosen few)
Titles: The Dawnbringer, Justicar
Age: Only she knows and it will stay that way. Sorry XD
Race: Sin'dorei
Class*: Paladin (Blood Knight)
Physical Description**: Toned muscle definition though not burly. Jade eyes that glow somewhat brighter than most Sin'dorei, long brown hair w/ the Bloodvalor crest clipped to it on the right side.
Personality Description**: Depends solely on her mood, you will have to meet her to see. If she seems to be in a bad mood dont let that stop you from meeting her.
Brief History***: You'll have to meet her.

Height: 5'5
Weight: 120
Marital Status: Single

Roleplaying Style: Casual to full roleplay (time permitting)
Character Status†: Single
Guild: Thunderhorn
Favorite RP spot: Depends
IC-Strength: Selfless protector
IC-Weakness: Total disreguard for her own well-being, will jump head first into battle to protect those around her.
OOC-Strength: Military (Navy)
OOC-Weakness: Military (Actual time to play depends on work)
Leveling speed: Maxed
PvP? Yes
Schedule: Mornings (depending on time) unless it's the weekend.
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90 Troll Mage
Full Name: Hirthven
Housename: Amnell
Age: 92
Race: Sin'dorei
Class*: Priest (unknown yet)
Physical Description**: A young priest, with fairly tanned skin, and ruff looking unkempt black hair, as well as a visage that seems to be not only haunted, but driven to do something.
Personality Description**: Moody when working on the mystery of his parent's murderer. Sometimes his mood is very dark, other times he will work ceaselessly to keep his allies alive.
Brief History***: Studied as a priest from a young age, parents murdered just after the Sin'dorei joined the Horde.

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 115
Marital Status: Single

Roleplaying Style: Beginner - Casual Fun (time permits)
Character Status†: IC (Learning) most of the time, may revolve around quests; OOC with [...]
Guild: None Affiliated Yet
Favorite RP spot: None Yet
IC-Strength: Ceaseless Healer, or Sinister Magic User
IC-Weakness: Any information on parents murder case gives Hirthven a MAD desire for revenge.
OOC-Strength: Critical Thinker (majoring in Engineering Physics in College)
OOC-Weakness: Shy
Leveling speed: Slow to Medium
PvP? Occasionally
Schedule: Weekend, excluding Sunday Morning and Sunday Evening
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85 Blood Elf Warlock
Full Name: Nemain Nel'ithal Shadowstar
Housename: N/A
Nickname: Nem, Nemmers, Nem-Nem
Titles: Senior Alchemist, Magistrix
Age: 189
Race: Blood Elf
Class*: Pyromancer (OOC: Warlock)

Physical Description**:
Fairly figured for her height of 5'6", though has very little curve to her form. Crimson hair, emerald eyes, and the peach-colored skin of a sin'dorei as is normal. Very rarely wears any cosmetics. Can never be found in provocative clothing of -any- type. Usually dresses very simply for an elf, which is still extravagant to most other races. Favorite clothing colors are red and gold.

Personality Description**:
Currently very war-driven, helping the Magistrate plan assaults on the Tor'watha trolls to reclaim the Ghostlands for the sin'dorei completely and surrounding areas. Is very adamant on things that she wishes to accomplish. Cannot often be found conversing with any Alliance-based races, even if they are non-faction people such as the Argents. Happens to have a particular liking to the Forsaken, and is often found spending time with the Apothecaries in Undercity, due to her desire for alchemical research and exploits. She is very politically-minded and sin'dorei-focused, wishing nothing but the very best for her people and the glory of Quel'thalas.

Brief History***:

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 133lbs
Marital Status: Married but separated.

Roleplaying Style: Full-Time Roleplayer
Character Status†: In-Character
Guild: <Order of Absolution>
Favorite RP spot: Silvermoon City; Undercity; Ghostlands
IC-Strength: Divination, Alchemy
IC-Weakness: Her hands, hurt during her time at Mt. Hyjal against Firelands invaders.
OOC-Strength: Perseverance, Quick leaner
OOC-Weakness: Easily tempered, Unreliable time-wise
Leveling speed: Fast-paced
PvP?: Yes
Schedule: Every day, usually somewhere after 5pm server time, as I work in the mornings. Will be even less time once school starts, as I will go to class in the mornings, and work at night.
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42 Goblin Warrior
The Ratdazzle Crew:

Full Name: Rollstop (and Butterjump, Inkspill, Brassgap, Pickleclip, Shortrail, Halfcrate, Spicerack) Ratdazzle
Housename: Ratdazzle
Nickname: Dear god let's not even go into that yet.
Titles: See above.
Age: 20s-30s
Race: Goblin
Class*: Lots.
Physical Description**: They're goblins. Go look at them.
Personality Description**: ...They're goblins. Keep one hand on the deed to your camel?
Brief History***: They've gotten it together enough for a guild and business license. A newly formed quasi-legal corporation run by goblins. Surely this is a foolproof plan.

Marital Status: Pretty sure they're all single.

Roleplaying Style: Will blithely RP in a lolwutter's face, speak to NPCs, etc. Been at it for years, pretty snazzy at improv. Anything /say, /yell is IC, usuallly Guild Chat is IC as well, will use party as OOC for convenience (but still /saying things ICly).

Guild: Ratdazzle Enterprises
Favorite RP spot: Wherever it happens.

Leveling speed: Berserker, tempered by alt-itis.
PvP? Meh sometimes.
Schedule: A lot.
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100 Blood Elf Mage

Full Name: Rinelen Helena Onaker
Housename: Goldenvale
Nickname: Rin, Rinny, Rincakes
Titles: Champion of the Kalu'ak
Age: 115
Race: Blood Elf (technically a half-elf, but it's not an option in WoW)
Class*: Mage, Seamstress, Enchantress

Physical Description**: 5'4", 118 lbs. She wears a handwoven headband in her dark grey hair. It is neatly combed, and rests just below her shoulders. She has a fair complexion and delicate features. Her clothes are meticulously clean and pressed.

Personality Description**: Despite the current state of Azeroth, Rinelen has maintained a mostly-optimistic outlook, though most of it is due to her youth and inexperience. She is polite to her allies, albeit wary of non-elves.

Brief History***: Rinelen was born as a result of a one-time tryst between a high-elven magister and a human rogue scout. Her mother, Helena, left Rinelen in the care of her father, Alcarion, just days after she was born. Alcarion gave her to an elderly couple to raise, as his duties to the Sunstrider family were more important than the raising of an infant daughter. Despite this, his support of her studies was enough to ensure that her talents as a mage would not go unnoticed.


Height: 5'4"
Weight: 118 lbs.
Marital Status: in a relationship. no marriage as of yet.


Roleplaying Style: casual
Character Status†: IC outside of dungeons/raids/BGs
Guild: Officer of A T Q H
Favorite RP spot: Azeroth: Uldum, Ghostlands. Outland: Nagrand. Northrend: Dalaran, Grizzly Hills, Argent Tournament Grounds.
IC-Strength: Friendly and well-prepared for travel.
IC-Weakness: Slightly shy and preoccupied with thoughts of her sweetheart.
OOC-Strength: Quick to learn fights in dungeons/raids, patient with new players.
OOC-Weakness: needs better gear. period.
Leveling speed: capped, but working on Loremaster title.
PvP? Rarely. Typically in TB or Wintergrasp. (probably fishing)
Schedule: Online most evenings. Weekends vary.
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight


Full Name: Kiyoi of the Nameless
Housename: Unknown
Nickname: Kiyoi doesn't answer to nicknames, although there are few who dare call her Kiki.
Titles: Blood Mistress
Age: 140
Race: Blood Elf/Undead
Class*: Death Knight, Scribe

Physical Description**: Kiyoi's pale blond hair is bound in a long, although messy, braid that hangs haphazardly over her shoulder. Her pale skin is faintly lined with old scars. She rarely smiles, but when she does, some consider her 'pretty'. Her fingers are stained from grinding herbs into ink. Her armor bears many nicks and scratches, while her sword is pristine.

Personality Description**: She is cold to practically everyone, but not rude. Kiyoi is precise with her words, never embellishing her conversations. To those closest to her, she is slightly more warm, though not considerably 'friendly'. She has no love for the Horde or the faction leaders, but she does bear great respect for Vol'jin and Baine.

Brief History***: Kiyoi has only one memory that lingers from her pre-Scourge life: a male voice softly calling her name. Who he is and why he is calling her, she doesn't know. Beyond that, her history follows much the same path as the other Knights of the Ebon Blade.


Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Marital Status: as far as she knows, single.


Roleplaying Style: Casual
Character Status†: IC outside of dungeons/raids/BGs
Guild: A T Q H
Favorite RP spot: Azeroth: Hinterlands, Uldum. Outland: Shattrath, Zangarmarsh. Northrend: Grizzly Hills, Agmar's Hammer, Storm Peaks.
IC-Strength: Focused and precise.
IC-Weakness: Lack of memory, inexperience in dealing with others.
OOC-Strength: Patience, easy to get along with.
OOC-Weakness: Lack of tanking experience, needs better gear.
Leveling speed: capped.
PvP? Occasionally.
Schedule: Evenings. Weekends vary.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Full Name: Eleidess Adilya Bloodsworn
Housename: Unknown
Nickname: “Ellie”
Titles: Knight-Sister
Age: 84
Race: Sin’dorei
Class: Blood Knight Defender

Physical Description: Eleidess Carries the Beauty inherit of Her Race. Her complexion is smooth, light. healthy and has her hair Tied back.

Personality Description: Eleidess is fierce and stubborn, refusing to back down from a worthy challenge, possessing an incredibly strong will, she is a traditionalist. Upholding the High Elven values and morals, Eleidess is compassionate, Kind and fair with innocents, friends and allies, and merciless to enemies

Brief History: Eleidess Is a Known Devotee Of the Light, And Committed and Loyal to the Blood Knight order.

Her Adopted Father is also a Blood knight Whom Supposedly Convinced and trained her in the ways of the light, And using it in Combat.


Height: 5’9” (177 Cm)
Weight: 130.lbs
Marital Status: Single


Roleplaying Style: Light-Medium
Character Status: Uses MRP to flag OOC or IC Status
Guild: N/A
Favorite RP spot: Silvermoon, Orgrimmar, Other Locations in the World, Likes to be on the move
IC-Strength: Fierce, Stubborn and Tenacious
IC-Weakness: Sometimes Headstrong and Over-Zealous
OOC-Strength: Willing To Quest and do Dungeons, Always happy to lend a Hand when Needed
OOC-Weakness: Different Time zone, Sometimes Incredibly Busy
Leveling speed: Varies
PvP?: Rarely
Schedule: Whenever I have the time
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90 Blood Elf Priest

Full Name: Seppia Cassandra Sunfury

Nickname: Sep, Seppi

Age: 105

Race: Sin'dorei

Class: Holy Priest or Discipline Priest. Healer

Physical Description: Red hair, curled at the ends. A few scars visible depending on what she's wearing, each with it's own story.

Personality Description: Social, talkative, friendly.

Brief History: Grew up in Orgrimmar orphanage with her younger sister. Her sister died from a cursed vase about 5 years ago. Currently lives in Silvermoon.


Marital Status: Unmarried, has gone through many boyfriends.

Dinner - Red Hawkstrider - named by a troll friend back in Silvermoon University - has a bad habit of eating furniture.
Flicker - Green Hawkstrider - has a bad habit of tearing around like a kid with ADD, knocking things over.


Roleplaying Style: casual. I will object and make you take it back if you god-mode. Otherwise, as long as it makes the RP more fun, I'm flexible. Most of my RP is long distance through whispers, pretending to be face to face.

Guild: Sisterhood of the Crown (few RPers there)

OOC-Strength: Patient with new RPers.

OOC-Weakness: I get distracted by doing several RPs at once, or by a battleground or guild chat and forget. Please write something to get my attention back and forgive me.

Leveling speed: VERY slow. But at least she's finally 85!

PvP? Love it!

Schedule: Usually mornings.
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100 Undead Warrior
Basic Full
Name: "Daes Zxenoni"
Housename: "Zxenoni"
Nickname: "Zen, Oni, Daes."
Titles: "...Self-Proclaimed "Ender of 'Daes'." ... What, I am..."
Age: "Lost in time..."
Race: "Was Human, NOW Forsaken..."
Class*: "I hit things... a LOT." (Warrior)
Physical Description**: Hunches back over with a chuckle. The gold eyed Forsaken hides his now slowly decayed flesh under the plated armor of his previous life, though the strange toothy grin can be made out no matter WHAT the headpiece... Some figure it's best the dark haired Forsaken might as well NOT wear a helmet by how pointless it had become.

Personality Description**: "What?" Being straight forward and blunt, and loves the option to take the most brutish way to solve a problem. 'It's locked' gets often answered with, 'You should have hit it.' or 'Move!' -takes the nearest item, even his weapon, and beats on the locks, from chests to Dalaran seals.-

Brief History***: Died with his teammate Daedalous, but unlike his bud, was left to die and not risen as a DeathKnight. When he was finally 'revived' it was by an accidental summoning of a Fel Guard from a young Warlock who realized that he wasn't EXACTLY a Fel Guard. Though he played the part rather well with the saying, "I'm defending YOU by killing all of THEM!" Though we won't go into how many escort situations, or rescue challenging situations he's ruined by 'saving them from stupidity'.

Height: "6'0. If I remember to stand."
Weight: "I'm not taking this off to measure." Shaking a leg at interviewer. Not HIS leg, but a leg all the same.

Marital Status: "Summoned." Was handed a translation from Sylvanas's random lower Forsaken, "Yes??" (He is. But he can't figure THAT out yet.)

Mounts: "Baron Rivendare didn't need it... so I TOOK IT!" (Ground)
"Finally got armor for this stupid looking Wyvern." (Flight)

Pets: "I've already killed it, stop poking it now." (Lil' KT.)

Roleplaying Style: Always, though limited in Dungeons.
Character Status†: He's a guard that went mercenary for obvious reasons, though his 'Lock' still takes priority.
Guild: Disciplinarians.
Favorite RP spot: None, again, RP anywhere.
IC-Strength: Loves a straight forward brawl-for-all. Very direct.
IC-Weakness: Easily confused. Very, easily, confused...
OOC-Strength: Usually learn and adjust.
OOC-Weakness: My characters always are stubborn.
Leveling speed: Average-High
PvP?: Every so often, though I know the flow.
Schedule: Rather random due to work.

Quotes: "Death to the living..." "Suck it Proudmoore!" -Beating someone with their arms- "Stop fighting me Unarmed!! It's pissing me off!" and of course... "It's the end of Daes! Namely YOURS!"
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Basic Full Name: "Daedalous..." (Dædalous) "...Ow... my head... I don't recall."
Housename: "..."
Nickname: "Dead. Dae."
Titles: Ex-Commander of Scourge Force Oblivion. "I go by Commander Blood these days."
Age: "Oh I've lost count..."
Race: "If I said anything but Elf, would you even remotely believe me."
Class*: Death Knight. "...I take my sword, and cut through what stands in my way. Again."

Physical Description**: Standing at 6'4. Had been a bit better since the old school start outs of being a pencil, as he called it. Pale of flesh, but rather lively looking considering what he was. The 'Sephiroth' hair style was preferred for him as "I prefer a handicap of losing minor depth perception due to one eye mostly covered by this massive bang. Be happy as the fight is ALMOST fair now. I have to work a little harder cause they're not as close as I thought."

Personality Description**: A straight arrow. He tends to run things over and says little nore brags his victories, but does become easily heated around certain 'targets', or finding himself lost in battle lust against only certain 'classes' (Dks in particular). He is easy to steer in conversation, but hard to change a view unless evidence or a really well placed point is made. Saying, "I think you're making our tank like friend work too hard" often has him stare at you if his personal Aggro Mitigation was better controlled than others.

Brief History***: A warrior that fell with the Sunwell. Too bad he didn't take his engineering more seriously at the time, he might've done actual damage. His body was taken for use in the Death Knight initiative. Daedalous's soul managed to trick a few others to have others believe it was a foreign soul in his body, until he was left for dead at "Light's Hope Chapel." Exposing that he was indeed, himself, he went on a rampage in Icecrown, where he still resides.

Height: 6'3
Weight: 250 pounds. Not including armor.
Marital Status: "I got a Paladin. Something about priests concern me... Greatly..."

Mount: (Primary) "Why does my horse have a green trail? I am Commander Blood, not the Commander of the Unholy!"
(Back up) "Stop running! It's only a RED drake." A big smile taking his face, "I didn't color it... I 'swear'..."

Roleplaying Style: Med-Heavy. Anywhere mostly, though most can hear his yelling every so often in Icecrown.
Character Status†: "Self-Proclaimed Death Knight Commander." "Self-Proclaimed Prince, because I can do that." (He's not a prince of anything, but when everyone else called themselves a prince, he figured it'd be fun to be called Prince DK. Or the DK Prince. Not as cool as "Lich King", but he's still fiddling with it.)

Favorite RP spot: Icecrown (Randomly). That is the favorite spot for him.

IC-Strength: "I kill it." Prefers to let those who have things coming to them... get what's coming to them. He will help only when he feels that dealing with HIS things will only become detrimental to... the Horde.
IC-Weakness: "I have none." That he will admit to. But unlike the whole vampire thing, Commander Blood seems annoyed when folks bleed around him. It's an insulting waste of good energy to bleed, especially when he has to clean his sword after. Another reason he spends so much time at Icecrown. Blood's frozen from most...
OOC-Strength: Has RPed for a while so understands working with "younger folks."
OOC-Weakness: Has a thing against overly dramatic crap...
Leveling speed: Mid-high
PvP?: "What?" Do you kill others with more than a 'duh' menatlity? "When they have it coming..."
Schedule: Like with Zxen, when I'm not at work and can actually get on.

Quotes: "Commander Blood says Die." "I'm going to kill you. It's going to happen, one way... or another." "...Commander Blood, is NOT impressed." "...ow. That's... pretty good..." -goes to deal with repairs and healing.-
When something respawns sooner than he expects: "...Didn't I JUST kill you? Fine, I 'totally' kill you again... 'dude'."
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27 Blood Elf Priest
Full Name: Kuhani Shadowflame
Housename: Shadowflame
Nickname: "Ani"
Titles: Novice Priestess
Age: 22
Race: Blood Elf
Class*: Priestess
Physical Description**: Kuhani is the average height for a blood elf. She has thick black locks that hang down to her shoulders and slightly past them. Occasionally, she likes to wear her hair up in ponytails, and is considering chopping it off. Her eyes are a bright yellow, sometimes fel green, and compassion and naivety can be seen in them. Her ears are pierced thrice at the tips and once on her lobes. Her clothing consists of cloth, and is sometimes wrinkled and muddied, due to her healing wounded Horde members (usually other blood elves) in open forests. She has no distinguishable marks on her body and her skintone is rather fair.
Personality Description**: She is a curious, naive young elf who seeks the acceptance of all around her. She is easily led into things she should not be in, but can quickly recover herself and slip out of problematic situations. She is shy at first, though once one gets to know her, she turns into a chatterbox.
Brief History***: Kuhani was born to a mage father, and priestess mother, with two younger sisters and only one older brother. Because her healing arts were more dominant, she chose the route her mother had taken and practiced under her guidance until the Scourge attacked and killed her family. Since the slaughter of her family, Kuhani tries to find solace in her healing, though she is finding it difficult, as it is equally hard to find any lasting friends.

Height: Average height for a blood elf
Weight: Thin and approximately 110lbs.
Marital Status: Single

Roleplaying Style: Almost always IC, but will sometimes revert to ((OOC)) if the occasion calls for it.
Character Status†: OOC in party chats, IC in /say and /e
Guild: Sisterhood of the Crown
Favorite RP spot: Usually the bazaar in Silvermoon City is where Kuhani can be found, but I'm willing to park her anywhere for a good RP. :)
IC-Strength: Her faith to the Light is unwavering.
IC-Weakness: She is very naive and trusts too easily.
OOC-Strength: I like to say I can write well.
OOC-Weakness: My blood elf lore isn't very strong, but I'm willing to learn. :)
Leveling speed: Casual at the moment, really just looking for RP, but I can level fast if I'm really focusing.
PvP? Occasionally, but not often.
Schedule: Usually on in the evenings, around 10 or 11 server time, but there are some times that I'm on during the day, usually weekends and Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Under a picture of the interviewee for this month's Horde Insider magazine is an interview. The man himself is known as Saziel the Bloodletter, or that is the title for the article anyways. His skin is snowy white and gaunt, stretching thinly across his cheekbones and jaw causing them to seem pitted in. His eyes are mere witchlight blue glows, the pupils impossible to see anymore. The tips of his extremities and ears are blackened and his fingers are tipped in black claws due to scourging. His hair is fairly shiny and a slightly darker hue of blue than his eyes. He seems to prefer dark clothing, mostly dark blues.

Interviewer (Int from here on out): "I'm not....entirely sure why they got me to do this but I guess people want to know about Death Knights, the mystery right?"
Saziel: *Peers at the interviewer with a raised eyebrow* "Is that what they're calling it, I was sure it was paranoia last time I checked."
Int: "....Right....let's start with your name and age and such, any titles?"
Saziel: *stares at the now fidgeting interviewer* "......" *sighs heavily* "My name is Saziel Vrenis Darkwing, and my age is unimportant so I have let it slip my mind. You are going to give me that payment you promised for this, correct?"
Int: *glances at a wine bottle on the table* "Erm...yes of course. I don't think I would've gotten an interview with someone titled The Bloodletter by the scourge out of generosity, would have I?"
Saziel: *smirks* "Probably not. Do you have to know my height and weight too?"
Int: "Umm...well if you want to."
Saziel: *The death knight shrugs* "It is of no matter to me but if you must know, I am six feet and weigh 90 lbs."
Int: "Yes the ladies like to read about.....wait...what? You weigh so little? How is that...."
Saziel: *smirks darkly* "Death is a great way to lose weight, not bothering to reinstall lost now useless organs is even better."
Int: "....That's disturbing. So....I noticed you have....errr claws....and the blackening on your extremities is pretty unusual. I've also heard you umm....have pretty sharp teeth, any umm....reason for all that?"
Saziel: *chuckles* "Scourging isn't a beauty maker, I'm just lucky I didn't end up as mishapen and warped as a ghoul......physically anyways." *another smirk, this time turning to a grin to show off sharp teeth, the canines the most so*
Int: ".....Right. So we all know what the scourge mostly did but I hear you were only did you put it?"
Saziel: "Like the Banshee Queen put it, unemployed."
Int: "So you were only released from the Lich King's grasp after his death then, were you in Icecrown when it happened?"
Saziel: "No...I wasn't. Otherwise I imagine I would be dead like my Princes and Queen. No, I was stationed elsewhere at the time, but I knew it...when they died....when the Lich King died, the scourge are connected and we knew."
Int: "Princes and Queen? I assume you mean the San'layn, so you were under them?"
Saziel: "Yes, though we all served that one master, I more often served them more directly. We, the blood elves that fell in Icecrown during Kael'thas' assault, we became the Darkfallen, and our elite, the San'layn."
Int: "Ah, well so when you were unemployed what then?"
Saziel: "Isn't it obvious? I serve the horde now."
Int: "Of course, and we're very greatful. Well we're coming down to the last few questions, so for the ladies...." *the interviewer makes a face as if the ladies would never find Saziel attractive by most standards, Saziel merely smirks in amusement* "Any nicknames you have?"
Saziel: "I will tolerate 'Saz', I enjoy 'The Bloodletter', but I think 'Saziel' is simple enough. 'Sazzy' might get you run through."
Int: "....I'll keep that in mind, thank you for your time."
Saziel: "The bottle."
Int: *gingerly picking it up and handing it over* "Ugh."
-End Interview-

Roleplaying Style: Casual, I have trouble finding rp.
Character Status†: If in SMC and not running around, IC. Would love to be asked to rp.
Guild: <Night Sirens>
Favorite RP spot: Anywhere there is rp, I would love to rp in the UC ruins though.
IC-Strength: His intimidating appearance and ferocity in battle. His ability to not let others' judgements bug him.
IC-Weakness: He's scourge, he's creepy looking and still drinks blood and eats flesh (less so the flesh), the sight and smell of blood can get him very antsy and hungry. (He usually finds a cultist to go snack on, noone misses them.)
OOC-Strength: If you're nice to me I'll easily warm up to you, always willing to play along in decent rp even if it means my characters are going to get beat up.
OOC-Weakness: I do get bugged by judgemental people and I can be quite timid if I think people don't like me. I also have a very random schedule.
Leveling speed: Depends on the class and how badly I want them leveled.
PvP? I've dabbled but I'm no regular.
Schedule: Completely random.
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Heyhey guys! I'm new to the realm and looking for some fun RP. As I have only just created this character over the last few days I am not 100% complete with the character description - Having said this I will update this post as I progress.


Full Name: Krukk Guzzlewink

Housename: None

Nickname: Krukky (For those who want to torment Krukk)

Titles: None

Age: Unknown

Race: Goblin

Class: Arcane Mage

Physical Description: (Will add this at a later time)

Personality Description: Krukk is a rather arrogant Goblin, taking pride in himself and his appearance with a fiery attitude. However, if you get on his right side he will stand by you no matter what, making him valuable as an friend rather than foe.

Brief History:
(Will add this at a later time)


Height: Average height of a Goblin (Unknown to be exact)

Weight: Average weight of a Goblin (Unknown to be exact)

Marital Status: Single


Roleplaying Style: Casually arrogant and can be a bit of a nuisance at times but friendly unless you tick him off.

Character Status†: IC in /s and /e - OOC in other chats.

Guild: Twilight Knights

Favorite RP spot: Anywhere

IC-Strength: Strong minded and competitive

IC-Weakness: His appearance

OOC-Strength: Hardworking and an Achiever

OOC-Weakness: Confidence and Patience

Leveling speed: Fast when i'm in the right mood for it.

PvP? I love PvP!

Schedule: Usually online around the early morning hours (Server time) and afternoon. - Struggle to get online at peak hours (7-10pm Server Time) as I live in the UK.
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100 Blood Elf Rogue

Full Name: Nekki Nightstep
Housename: none
Nickname: none
Titles: Shadow Walker (rank given within his "family")
Age: 66
Race: Blood Elf
Class: Assassin , Information Broker
Physical Description:A tall man with blood red hair, green eyes that observe everything. His armor fits loosely over his body with a small little belt wrapped around both of his legs for his throwing knives, on his belt his two daggers rest. The small amount of skin she does show are his eyes and forearms where a tattoo of a dragon eating a large serpent can be seen on his right arm, the significance of this design is his and his own understanding.

Personality Description: In battle cold and calculating always surveying his surroundings to find an escape route should things go bad. However when it comes to the few friends he has he willing to sacrifice him self so they could escape even if it means his death or being captured.

Brief History: Found as an orphan and taken in by a band of thieves and assassins that only saw the few gold he carried. Proving him self in combat, even though he was mortally wounded, was taken in by the band of assassins and trained in the arts of stealth, misdirection, and information trafficking. Currently wanted by several faction and guilds. 20,000 for dead 50,000 for alive. Still tracking who put a price on his dead.


Height: 6'2
Weight: 143 lbs (with equipment) , 121 in civilian clothing.
Marital Status: Single


Roleplaying Style: ooc - ft rp
Character Status: IC in cities and fields, ooc instance / raid / bg unless asked to rp
Guild: Unholy Shadows
Favorite RP spot: Due to my character "bounty" often moves city to city, but had to pick a spot Dalaran
IC-Strength: Patient, Precise, and Dedicated
IC-Weakness: Worries over the few friends he has
OOC-Strength: Loyal
OOC-Weakness: have the habit of getting involved in other peoples business, not by choice mind you

Leveling speed: slow, when it comes to new expansions i explore everything read every quest log but once i get into it i can power level

PvP? yep not the best rogue in pvp but do think up crazy combinations

Schedule: on almost everyday early morning normally for the dalies, afternoon to evening just doing random things
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
Full Name: Talfryn Dawnbreaker
Housename: Dawnbreaker
Nickname: He really has none, though his few friends have called him Tal.
Age: Roughly the equivalent of early 30s for blood elves.
Race: Blood Elf (still a high elf upon his death)
Class*: Former Farstrider (before death), current Death Knight
Physical Description**: Tall and lean; he has the build of a ranger more than a warrior. He greatly resembles his younger brother to the point of being mistaken at times for him. He wears his long red hair neatly without ornamentation.
Personality Description**: Talfryn is remarkably zen for a death knight - he always appears passive and calm, though he has his reasons for this. He speaks quietly and rarely without reason, and tends to keep to himself. He has a dry sense of humor underneath it all, however.
Brief History***: Talfryn is the oldest of three brothers, only one of which remains living - he has not yet found him. He was killed at the border of Eversong Woods at which is now called the Ghostlands during Arthas' march on the Sunwell, and had since sought to atone for his many sins.

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 180 lbs
Marital Status: Single

Roleplaying Style: Paragraph/high literary
Character Status†: Dead - animated? He has no pulse, but he moves.
Guild: The Broken House
Favorite RP spot: Anywhere!
IC-Strength: Loyalty, insightful, slow to anger
IC-Weakness: When he loses his temper, it is very bad. Very. Bad.
OOC-Strength: I am generally always available to play and never mind at all brainstorming. I'm very approachable!
OOC-Weakness: I can be longwinded.
Leveling speed: Steady
PvP? No. There are IC reasons for this.
Schedule: Most evenings at 5:oo PM CST. There are some exceptions.
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
Full Name:
 Rhaja Zatracení
Nickname: Darkling, Ten Zatracený
Housename: Zatracení
Age:  Unknown
Race: Blood Elf
Class*: This incarnation is a Hunter
Physical Description**: She is a bit taller than your typical Blood Elf and not quite as waif-like as the females tend to be, seemingly made of physically sterner stuff, as is shown by various scars that adorns her tanned flesh, some of which are rather horrid to look at for it seems strips and small chunks of skin had been flayed from her, leaving ghastly marks and puckered skin. Her eyes aren't the typical fel-green and glowing, instead they are an odd shade of amber with feline-shaped pupils, often obscured by long locks of deep obsidian that crowns her head. The left side of her mouth dips slightly, the corner a bit disfigured by claw marks that goes from right forehead, across the bridge of her nose, narrowly missing debilitating damage to left eye. Though these scars have all faded a little over time, they give her a more feral appearance.
Personality Description**: She is a quiet one, often confused by newer technologies and chooses to spend her free time lost somewhere in nature. When she is around those she doesn't trust, she is stoic and statuesque, sometimes replying with a soft 'hn' in responses to inquiries that require a single word answer. To those she feels an attachment to, be it platonic or romantic, or even if it is just a battlefield companionship, she is fiercely loyal and will do all she can, to the best of her abilities, to make sure that none come to extensive harm. She knows that some pain will come, but that is the price of war.
Brief History***: [I don't claim to be a lore buff, but I had often wondered if Blood Elves would make some sort of pact with demons for more power, and I'm not speaking about the Warlocks. If this were possible, then this is how my character came to be.] Of the forgotten house of Zatracení, she was born to be nothing more than a tool, abused and forsaken for many years. And in time, you either sink or swim. And swim she did, in a pool of crimson ichor. The night that the house of Zatracení was the night that their beloved little pet fought back, screams echoing in the night and a purifying fire burning white hot, charring the remains beyond recognition.
With no other interactions of than those of the wilderness where she learned to fend for herself, she became a bit feral. The details are a bit unclear in the passing years, but somehow she was found by a guild called the Knights of the New Dawn and was brought under their wing. She was standoffish at first, cautious of these new people, and often times she attacked, feeling threatened, but over time, she came to think of them as family, and home.
It didn't last.
While on a mission, she was severely injured and went missing, lost out in the wilderness. During this time, the Knights of the New Dawn disbanded and went separate ways.

Now, lost and alone, she dreams of vague recollections of Crimson and Gold and of shadowed memories she can't quite remember.

: 5 ft 11 in
Weight: 200lbs
Marital Status: Single

Roleplaying Style
: Medium/Heavy RP
Character Status†: Alive. [Send me a whisper or just walk up to me for RP. I can adapt to just about anything.]
Guild: Currently no affiliation
Favorite RP spot: Currently no favorite spot. Just getting back into RP after quite a bit of a hiatus. Also, I do tend to visit other RP realms so a bit difficult to get to those higher level places for RP due to baby status. *sagenod*
IC-Strength: Rhaja does not tend to anger easily and is mostly silent, normally only speaking when spoken to, or when she has noticed something that others may not have. She is also extremely loyal to those she deems worthy.
IC-Weakness: Unfortunately, because of how she is, she often does not know how to interact with others having been on her own for much of her life. She revels in the beauty of the kill, and can, occasionally, go into a blood lust because of this.
OOC-Strength: Being able to roll with the punches, so to speak. I can adapt to pretty much anything, it just takes a little time and effort.
OOC-Weakness: Sometimes my jokes can be misconstrued as something else and often my friendly demeanor is mistaken for flirting.
Leveling speed: I'd say average, depending on what kind of mood I'm in.
PvP? Not often, but I do enjoy it from time to time
Schedule: Sporadic at best, but I try to be on sometime after 9pm where I am, and a little on the weekends.
Edited by Rhaja on 4/30/2014 10:00 AM PDT
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70 Orc Warrior
Full Name: Ydur (A bastard, no last name)
Housename: None
Nickname: Dark Lord Ydur, The Dark Lord
Age: Late 50s
Race: Orc
Class: Warrior
Physical Description: 6ft 5inch tall, weight 260lbs of pure power, Black Mohawk, light green skin, heavily muscular. Oddly enough for being a Dark Lord, he keeps his appearance clean so as to take advantage of women.
Brief History: Claimed to be the son of Gul’Dan by his mother, he worked hard to earn rank and become an honorary member of the Shadow Council, has dedicated most of his time to bringing about the destruction of the world through manipulation, cunning and all out bloodshed. Absolutely hates Gnomes. Former Leader of the Clan of the Fist and the Blood Rising Clan. Now a solitary individual without direction or purpose, he seeks the death of Azeroth as a whole and is very reseptive to others who can further that goal.
Roleplaying Style: Hardcore, loose with Lore
Character Status: Recently Reanimated ALIVE.
Guild: None
Favorite RP Spot: All Places
IC-Strength: Strategist, Leader who Motivates, Alliance Raider ALWAYS!
IC-Weakness: Will betray everyone if victory for himself can be had.
OOC-Strength: Always open for conversation. Excellent Tank
OOC-Weakness: Need to level, need better gear, does not play for very long stretches of time (Has Life)
Leveling Speed: Fair
PVP: During RP and in general, but not always active if I have something better to do.
Schedule: Random but often will be very late night East coast time.
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Full name: Nuhwoti Hawkeyes
Nickname: Nuh
Age: 34
Race: Tauren
Class: Druid, former Mistrunner

Physical Description: Uh. He has horns. And a tail. ... And hooves. ... I'm not good at this part. At least not good at making it interesting.

Personality Description: This tauren is shy, observant, and softspoken. He's almost child-like at times, but rarely childish. He is a religious Tauren, but follows the Light rather than the Earthmother.

Brief History: (known) He was born to a reclusive tribe of the Mistrunners. At age, he went to Eversong to help the elves and later joined an underground church known as Kiss of the Betrayer (Moon Guard). He got exiled from the Mistrunners, his church died out, and he lost contact with all friends and contacts.

Height: Average
Weight: Average
Marital Status: Married

Roleplaying Style: Mostly IC in the world while waiting for queues. OOC in party, guild, and raids unless it is RP related.
Character Status: Healthy and content.
Guild: Safe Haven Community
Favorite RP spot: None yet, but sometimes he'll hang out in orca form in either Thunder Bluff's lower tier, or in the valley of honor.
IC - Strength: Kind hearted, soft spoken, and will lay his life on the line for anyone in need.
IC - Weakness: He doesn't like being in tauren form. He's a bit gullible and is not good at pronouncing names.
OOC - Strength: I'm a long time RPer who generally uses complete sentences and sometimes 2-3 paragraphs per posting. 102 wpm This character will be my main healer going into WoD.
OOC - Weakness: Multitasking 3 different mains, two of whom are Moon Guard alliance, so I might get distracted at times. I'm not very good at writing MRP descriptions.
Leveling speed: 1-50 in a week's time, which incorporates keeping herbalism and inscription level relevant.
PvP?: Haven't tried yet on this character.
Schedule: M-F on most evenings and usually available for the weekend.
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100 Draenei Shaman
Full Name: Taluuk Ironheart
Housename: Ironheart (also the last Windtotem)
Nickname: Tal
Titles: The Last Windtotem (begrudgingly so)
Age: 19
Race: Tauren
Class: Hunter

Physical Description: Tal stands 7’ tall, weighing 650lb he is slightly shorter and leaner that the average Tauren, His piercing brown eyes and dark unkempt facial hair make him appear older than he is.

Personality Description: Shy by nature. Brave and thoughtful beyond his years, but naive and slightly foolhardy.

Brief History: The distant descendant of a strong bloodline, Taluuk has left the protection of his home to seek his place in the world. Recently losing his mother, he is lost in the depths of his grieving and has yet to face the horrors of the world. Eager to learn and prosper he sets out with the rigid determination of the Tauren people.

Height: 7’
Weight: 650lbs
Marital Status: Single

Roleplaying Style: Beginner but mostly IC when playing.
Character Status: IC as often as possible but could be prone to slip ups (please be gentle with me)
Favorite RP spot:
IC-Strength: Caring (almost to a fault) Loyal Hardworking and resourceful
IC-Weakness: : Naïve, rash and inexperienced
OOC-Strength: Approachable and keen to learn
OOC-Weakness: : Kinda new to this and spelling and grammar can be an issue when I am rushed
Leveling speed: : Varied depending on my current playstyle.
PvP? Not looking too but will if needed

Sched: Online most nights for a good 2-5hrs. Will be dedicating a lot of time to developing this character and also developing my RP

In Game: Feel free to mail me or PM me with any help or ideas or to jump straight into some RP!
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