Alright first off this is just a suggestion thread so do not take it as if I want this to be the way it should be... they're just suggestions I've heard in the past or from what I've created.

Dispels: One of the major issues is that its spammable with no real penalty other than the cost for it. Some have suggested to place a cooldown on the ability itself but, my suggestion would be to make it similar to Arcane Blast with it's stacking debuff. Place a debuff on the person dispelling stating "100% increase to dispell cost for every dispell cast". This would in effect promote intelligent dispelling rather than spamming of it completely... it will show who doesn't know when to use it and who is abusing once you see their mana pool drop like a stone from misuse of this strong ability.

This will effect purge, spell steal and dispel

Rogue's Combat Damage: We have a spec built around being more of offensive in your face attacker rather than a sneaky fellow... so why not improve on their finishers say Eviscerate? For the iconic ability of Combat to use a really slow mainhand shouldn't it also help to have an ability that scales well with the spec? So far this spec is lacking the damage it really deserves and a eviscerate buff to say that of Templar's Verdict damage would be fine (or around there).

Ret Problems: Just some easy fixed from what I've suggested and what I've read...

First off LAotL should grant immunity to snares/roots for either 1-4 seconds due to our gap closer not being an instant but, rather taking time. Along with giving the minimum range to drop to 8-10 yards.

Inqusition should be refreshed by Templar's Verdict.

Mastery should be changed to increase our Holy Damage done and make our physical attacks do a % of Holy Damage added or converted.

Templar's Verdict lacks flavor and I read a suggestion some time ago to make it so TV had additional effects.

Verdict of Truth

"Your Templar's Verdict inflicts the target with Verdict of Truth, dealing an additional 10%/20%/30% holy damage over 6 (or 10?) seconds, growing more intense as it reaches its duration. When it reaches its duration it explodes, dealing 30% of the damage the DoT dealt over its duration."

Verdict of Righteousness

"Your Templar's Verdict deals x% additional damage as holy damage."

Verdict of Justice

"Your Templar's Verdict inflicts the target with Verdict of Justice, reducing movement speed by x%/x%/x%. for 6 seconds."

Verdict of Insight

"Your Templar's Verdict grants you Verdict of Insight, regenerating 4% of your base mana and health every 5 seconds for 10 seconds."

This of course would be based on how much Holy Power you use when strike with TV.

These are only a few I can think up at 3AM in the morning. :P