Keep playing broken class for its theme?

How do you even know you like the theme of one class over another? You really don't know sqat about a class until you've done a lot of pve and pvp on it, and even then some players just don't get it and end up as abject failures.

I've main swapped and selected new "favorite" alts with each expansion to keep the game fresh and I don't regret it at all. The idea of being tied to one character or one class (theme?) like it was my predestined in-game job is retarted.

Not to comment on hunters (I don't play one with any regularity), but i'd use the expansion as an excuse to try something new.

I have an 80 of every class...
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85 Draenei Shaman
I am pretty happy with how elemental turned out, and love my tank alts even more now that i got used to the new mechanics.

blizzards ignoring the issues with rogues right now has me probably leveling my druid up as either my first or second alt to 85.
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100 Tauren Shaman
My class has been broken since BC, and I'm still playing it.

i sincerely hope you meant spec, not class.

shamans were one of the most powerful classes in pvp this entire expansion in all brackets. both enh and ele were well represented in raids.

enh being in trouble right now before cata is released =/= enh being in trouble since BC (at least from a pve standpoint, enh was trash in BC in pvp and a very meh spec in wotlk pvp).

If you honestly think Enhancement has been fine for this entire expansion, even for raiding, then you clearly haven't been keeping watch on the spec. Even on the fights where GC claims we "shine" (i.e. Saurfang, lol), we would be outperformed by every other melee spec in the group, with all things being equal (gear and player skill, that is).
Back in BC, we definitely were not fine, as we were brought to raids for only one reason: Windfury Totem.

Note: being good in Beastcleave does not mean we were powerful in PvP. There's a reason I prefer the larger BGs over WSG on my Shaman - because I simply can't stay alive long enough in WSG to actually make a difference. Shaman are only good when they're not focused and, guess what - people have known this since TBC.

If you honestly think Ele has actually been fine for this entire expansion as well, eh...
Honestly, I don't have room to *@%#! on that. I've not been anything but Enhance, personally, so I can't say from experience. I just know what I've seen other Ele Shaman do, and what I've heard other Ele Shaman complain about, and I can tell you this:

For all the LOLBURST the spec had, they lacked defensive cooldowns that actually make a difference in PvP - and 4.0 even took away one of the few defensive abilities they had.
And when it comes to raiding... let's just say that while I never can top the melee specs, I've never seen a fight where an Ele Shaman at my gear level could surpass my dps.

I will admit that Resto Shaman have been fine, but the DPS Shaman? No.
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82 Blood Elf Paladin
I strongly suggest trying out a mage if you're a hunter right now.

Frost mage = You get a perma pet, you get lots of control, you get mobile damage... huh, sounds kinda like hunters Used to be. And I'll be honest, except for the lack of Aimed Shot burst, it feels a lot like hunters used to play too (now it's a no cast time Aimed Shot burst lulz).

Even Arcane spec reminds me of BM (minus the pet and invulnerability so not in PvP, but in PvE it does), and is a lot more enjoyable than the @85 BM imo.
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I enjoy ranged physical damage and I enjoy weapons altering my DPS, I hate casters and spell power but I also hate melee.

Do I keep playing the broken, horrible resource hunter for the themetic feel? is this something that I should focus on finding ways to adapt with? I am honestly curious if its worth the effort to stick with it because I like the theme of the class and its overall playstyle even though the class is so painfully broken now and at 85.

I think that you should stick with what you enjoy. Things like balance will even out in due time. Enjoy yourself.
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90 Goblin Hunter
If your talking PVE, nothing is wrong with the hunter class. If you don't like having to constantly use steady shot then guess what, we had to do the before anyway to fill in the gap between cooldowns if we wanted optimal dps. Having to steady shot is nothing new! The only difference is that is you missed on before it wasnt a big deal but if you do now you want be able to shoot your main shot when its of cd.

That last part is the only pill people playing the hunter class have to swallow. With aspect of the fox there should be minimal reason to miss any shots.

And where is this missing burst people are talking about? With mana You hit 3 shots then waited to for them to come of cooldown if you were MM and 2 as Survival unless you procced LnL. With Focus we hit 3 shots and then have to steady shot so you have enough focus to do it again when your CDS are up. Its the same downtime only instead of doing nothing during that time you have to actually press buttons.
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