Cataclysm and RP and you! (spoilers included)

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A question for all you lovely RPers, even if you don't actively RP much these days! I don't, but it doesn't mean I don't still have active characters and all. :)

Mainly, I'm just curious how you guys' characters are going to handle the changes to Azeroth and such when Cataclysm rolls around; whether it's how they're handling the elemental to-do going on right now, or how they'll be when the Big Nasty actually happens. What they'll do (beyond questing), how they're taking it, all of that. Maybe even just where they are when things go south.

I gave a Spoiler warning in the title, so that people could include Cataclysm and/or The Shattering spoilers if they want, if such are important to their characters. It doesn't necessarily have to go into EVERYTHING that happens, can even just focus on one place (as mine do right now). But I'm curious because I know there are quite a few interesting characters out there among my Thorium Brothers!

And I know there are several who don't really visit the realm forum anymore, but I know some do, at least. Plus I wouldn't mind seeing a little more activity here than we've had in recent times.
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85 Blood Elf Mage
As for some of mine...

Alinor Embershade has been living in Dalaran with her husband Vistor and their 2-year-old son Leannan (aka "Sprocket"). From what I understand of the general timeline in the setting/lore (versus game releases), come Cataclysm the boy will be 3. Anyhow, she's lucky in that way, because as far as I know Northrend is escaping the brunt of the Deathwingy Badness. However, she'll once more be jaunting out and about while Vis continues being a bookwormish house-husband taking care of the kid (at least being a mage does have its benefits in reduced travel time around the world, so she can be home for supper :D). Though she's still part of the Horde, Northrend stuff did sour her a bit on the whole faction thing...she is finding she prefers to throw in with more neutral factions more often than not, and let others handle the FOR THE HORDE deal.
Though she will be making those Bilgewater folks like her because she wants one of their vehicles.

Jaylie Moonblossom (night elf warrior) has been adventuring largely off-panel with her father, who she discovered a while back had been made into a death knight. Being who she is, she accepts this as "something that can't be changed" and moves on, especially since oddly, their relationship is better now than it was when he was alive. (Absentee dad, and the few times she saw him he was a jerk.) Her biggest concern at the start, I think, will be the night elf places-- Auberdine especially, then Astranaar. She'll probably lose her more 'neutral' stance toward the Horde in the wake of what's going on in Ashenvale (or even just what happened there in The Shattering that was blamed on the Horde). Previously she had been tolerant of Horde sorts, even liking a few individuals, especially when they had to work together for the greater good (Quel'Danas, Argent Crusade, etc)...but not so much anymore.
She and her father will certainly be taking part in the reclaiming of Mount Hyjal. Her mother is still alive and part of her life, but does not like leaving Darnassus like...ever. It'd practically take a direct order from Tyrande herself to make Indra Moonblossom venture away from Teldrassil.

Raighne Steelfist, dwarven paladin, would have been among those helping rescue/save people as much as she could during the earthquakes in Dun Morogh. She also will actually be a supporter of Moira Thaurissan, and for reasons like some other dwarves give in The Shattering-- that is, Moira is still theirs, misguided though she may be sometimes. And as Raighne herself is a dwarven woman, she understands a bit of the pressure that women can face in what is, you must admit, something of a boys' club sometimes in Ironforge. It was said that Magni Bronzebeard didn't think a female could rule as well as a male (which was a huge part of the rift between himself and his daughter-- he wished she'd been a son), and I would venture to say that's not an uncommon mindset, at least among the Ironforge dwarves.
Now, Raighne will like it more when Moira's rule is a bit tempered by the Wildhammer and Bronzebeard representatives, but she also rather hopes they don't just push her off to the side as well. And she rather resents the fact that Varian Wrynn (he may be the designated 'leader of the Alliance' or whatever but he's not HER king!) felt it was his place to try and assassinate the ruler of the dwarves. Meddling humans.
Come Cataclysm...well, she'll be out and about with all other adventurers. Not yet sure where she'll focus there, other than being of 'general assistance' where possible.

Anjuli Ironfang, orc hunter, has been thus far helping defend Orgrimmar from the elemental invasion, and will do what she can to help during rebuilding. Probably from just...being a hunter, heh. Providing some food. ;) She is fairly neutral in regard to Garrosh Hellscream; she supports him because he IS the one Thrall appointed as Warchief, and she wants to believe Thrall has good reasoning. She'll support Garrosh wholeheartedly because he IS Warchief, just not blindly. She'll also support their push into Ashenvale, and in The Shattering this mindset is touched upon-- Durotar, though the Horde (especially the orcs) did manage to carve out their home there and thrive), can't sustain the population, especially after the Cataclysm. They need what Ashenvale provides, the lumber and such; cutting off what trade there had been not only hurts Orgrimmar, it hurts the children of Orgrimmar as well. So to her mind, for the children's sake just about anything is justified as far as taking what is needed to keep surviving in Durotar.
She'll be interested in the Earthen Ring stuff simply because of an association with a shaman friend of hers, but not as involved with it as he is (obviously).

I have other characters, but these are the main ones. At least, on ThoBro. :)
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1 Tauren Warrior
Roshanar Skychaser has never been a fan of the Grimtotem, as they were directly responsible for his father's death. Now, after what Magatha did to Cairne and the subsequent unprovoked assault on the rest of the tauren people, that hostility has grown into outright hatred. Rosh idolized Cairne, and many of those first Skychasers cut down in their beds were members of the family he grew up with. In the days after the assault, he was not nearly as willing to be forgiving as Baine was, and would have likely begun a private war against the treacherous tribe, were it not for the events of the Cataclysm itself.

He was on the outskirts of the Grimtotem settlement when the Cataclysm struck, bent on revenge. He ends up rescuing a child from the destruction and on the way to the Orgrimmar orphanage, he realizes that a new way is needed if his people are going to move forward. The call of the Sunwalkers resonates with him, and he steps forward to join their ranks, hoping to better serve his people and the Horde.
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85 Troll Priest
We'll start with a few of the current level 80s, as they'll probably get the most initial play time.

Hekimi - Hekimi will be occupied with these new druids and contemplating the larger meaning of them and how it relates to the Loas. He'll probably initially consider the cataclysm the fault of the elves (they have a history of wrecking the world) or divine punishment for the continued mercy being shown to the Forsaken. But mostly, he'll continue doing what he does - travel the world, preach about the worship of the spirits, get into trouble, and fish.

Helbrig - The young orcish shaman is currently and will be up to his armpits in angry elementals. For the first time in his life he's feeling like he's actually skilled and useful. He's been lobbying to join the Earthen Ring and continues to build Thrall up to legendary proportions. Mostly because Thrall chose him as a successor, Garrosh is A-ok in Helbrig's eyes.

Gredda - Gredda couldn't be happier. With all this chaos, people are frightened, panicked and easily conned. The current atmosphere is perfect for grifting. However, getting caught up in the events of Northrend, despite her best efforts, have matured her. She's a young adult now and her budding national/racial pride may end up pushing her towards more legitimate work, using her sneakiness, quick thinking, and acting skills into use as a deep cover spy in the ranks of the Twilight Hammer (though I'm not sure how satisfying that'll be ooc, as the group seems to have the worst security and vetting policies in the history of the world).

"Steelspark" - With the Argent Crusade's...crusade essentially completed, this dwarven paladin may be out of a job. The group's coffers are drained after the events in Northrend (including the questionable diversion of resources towards the building of a colisium and there's only so much work to be done in the Frozen Wastes and the former Plaguelands or Loredaeron. He may end up returning to meet up with the widow of his old gnome friend and get involved in the retaking of the greater portion of Gnomeregan. But before anything else, he must track down his wife, a member of an Explorer's League expedition to Kalimdor that hasn't been heard from for months.

Rietta Nimblefingers - She's anxious for the reclamation of Gnomeregan so she can salvage what's left of her possessions and restore her family's estate. In the meantime, there are unfortunate people suffering in Irongforge and the surrounding areas, and she'll likely be focused on attending fund raisers and using her own personal wealth to help wherever possible.

And a couple others that will be levelled in this chaos:

Zujani - This salesman extraordinaire has been experiencing some tough times. The market for the luxery and fantastic items he usually speciallized in has tanked. Instead, people are preparing for the worst and mundane neccesities such as foodstuffs, iron, textiles and the like are what his customers are asking for. Such items, unfortunately, are generally bulky and not ideal for a solitary troll travelling through dangerous lands. He is considering renting retail space in Ratchet and starting a business there.

Onoka - This shy hunter has become enamored with the sea. An orphan who has had no luck finding his lost tribe, he has been hiring himself (and his trusty crab, Razorclaw) out as a deckhand on trading ships and has developed into a fairly skilled sailor himself. He'll likely not become aware of the political upheaval in Thunder Bluff for some time. The Cataclysm, however, will be hard to ignore when it sinks the ship he's on, leaving him, as one of the lucky ones, to wash up on some foreign shore.
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Hekimi - crazy old troll priest
Gredda - cute little dwarf thief
Helbrig - loser and Thrall fanboy
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85 Undead Death Knight
Dariahn Lichreaver - With the war against the Lich King over and the last of his family gone, Dariahn is content to ride out the Cataclysm with his partner Tendaros and their new unit, the Crimson Battleguard. His Apothecary mistress Meridith's further descent into madness over the last year combined with rumors of the Forsaken actively enlisting former Scourge creatures to raise their fallen foes has left him disillusioned with his own people. He has not lost his loyalty to his own kind, but he is happy for an excuse to stay in Kalimdor for a while. After all he's been through, fighting off the elemental invasion is more thrilling than terrifying. With his twin runeblades Reckoner and Revenant still singing their hunger in his mind, he's more than willing to go to whatever battlegrounds the Horde and his new unit see fit to send him.

Lady Meridith - Meridith has learned all the wrong lessons. Her meddling with Old Gods has only served to teach her what kind of power can be had if one is willing to pay the price, the backlash from Grand Apothecary Putress' betrayal at the Wrathgate has taught her that the Forsaken's living "allies" cannot be relied upon to do what must be done, and her own personal failures have taught her that attachments and sentimentality do more harm than good. She is still profoundly loyal to her Queen and her people, but she sees the pursuit of power no matter the cost to be the best way to serve them. With her own homeland largely unscathed, Meridith is setting out in search of powerful artifacts in the ruins of Azeroth.
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85 Tauren Druid
Zangetuz Runetotem - After seeing the fall of the Lich King first hand, Zangetuz is content on survive the Cataclysm one way or another. He once again travels the world, to combat new enemies looking to not only destroy The Horde, but the world. He still travels alone, as he sees no point in a companion when the world is being destroyed. Since the resignation of Thrall from his power as Warcheif, he has been concerned as to what may be in store for The Horde now that Garrosh Hellscream, is in control. With the death of Carine Bloodhoof, he is even more concerned about what is happening, and has taken residence in Moonglade, the land where he once trained to become a Druid, of the Cenarion Circle. Still one can never be too cautious to what looms on the horizon, or you may die.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Tendaros Lichreaver 'The White' - For a while after the Lich King's demise, Tendaros veered off the path of holiness and sped down the dark winding road of madness. After losing his power over the Light and murdering one of his closest friends in his insanity, Tendaros was visited by the spirit of his beloved partner Dariahn's sister, Meganna Wheeler. The spectral Meganna gave Tendaros a choice: "Renounce your sacrilegious ways and the Light shall return to you, continue down this evil path and suffer for the rest of your life, powerless and weak.". With his decision made, Tendaros regained control over the Light, as well as a part of his sanity that was lost long ago.

Tendaros has also chosen to take up Dariahn's name, as to increase the strength and love of the already Herculean bond the two share. After months of inactivity, the pair have joined up with the Crimson Battleguard. A new military unit that is fit to serve the two soldiers as they would serve the Horde.

Despite Tendaros' recent changes for the better, a new, darker side of him threatens to emerge. With the aid of destructive Goblin engineering, Tendaros has modified a suit of armor. Equipped with a panoply of mechanical devices from wrist-mounted rocket launchers to a bomb deploying belt, this new armor could serve as a vent for Tendaros' rage, or as a new source of power, just in case the Light dare abandon him a second time.

Garrosh Hellscream, now warchief of the Horde, has opened up dozens of new war-fronts. With the world shattering around him and everything he loves, Tendaros must choose once more: Become the gallant honorable hero his friends believe him to be. Or become the monstrous force of death and destruction the Horde needs him to be.
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85 Worgen Warlock
I'm going to punch that dragon right in the face.

Ziras - With the defeat of the Lich King, Ziras returned to the Eastern Kingdoms, mostly being found in Ironforge Or Stormwind. With recent events, his focus has shifted from the Horde to the Twilight's Hammer and Cho'gall, and he currently bides his time and prepares to go on the offensive once their hide-outs have been discovered. Quick to act against anything that would threaten the Alliance, Ziras is expected to be on the front lines of the Alliance's offensive against the Twilight's Hammer - he has made it his personal vendetta to see Cho'gall slain.
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100 Blood Elf Rogue
I have been remaining highly spoiler free as to the events leading up to the expansion; however, not to the mechanics changes coming with the expansion. This is so that my changes for my characters ( Caeryn Peyton, Audre Day, Honani Riverdrinker, and Lizaveta Black ) will be completely organic in their execution.

As for the current events unfolding now ...
Caeryn Peyton is convinced that the world is indeed ending; however, her stubbornness and refusal to give up her vigil (and lose her cool) over the eyeless watch over the Zephyr Crew keeps her in a stoic mood of almost mother hen-ing the group in a way that she has never done before. She continues her work at the Undercity, as work must be done - as, if she is wrong (which - in her mind - she rarely is) - the world may not end, and those who shirk their work duties end up out of a job.

Audre Day is of the opinion that Good Guys Win and Bad Guys Lose and the world will end up fine as it always has in the past and she has nothing to worry about. However, she's always one to have been a bit short sighted about things.
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86 Troll Warrior
Matojo Furiey is currently hanging out in Shattrath with one of his daughters (Talash), daughter-in-law, ex-mate (mother of daughter-in-law's husband), his current mate and his infant son and several grandchildren. Once the Cataclysm hits, he will most likely join the fray to aid in the re-building of Troll settlements. He is and will be a strong supporter of Vol'jin, despite his lack of Darkspear heritage.

Kombeya Shorttusk will retire from combat to help teach young student-mages on the Echo Isles while her father, Akombe Shorttusk, puts his Shaman hat back on and heads out into the world to help solve its problems.

Bellerona Sainte-Claire will go back to her Mage roots, giving up Fel-fire and demons for the Arcane.

Dybo Darkspear will stumble back from his travels to find that everything's gone to hell and he will be forced to start his training all over again, because apparently being MIA for nearly a year makes one really, really rusty.

... I have too many characters to list but, y'know.
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85 Orc Shaman
Garotar Windblade: Has been dealing with the various elemental incursions around Azeroth and trying to figure out what's been going on with them. Is lad that Thrall is going to go and learn more about it, and while there are some aspects of Garrosh he does not like, he will trust in Thrall's judgment in leaving him in charge. He is still very loyal to the Horde and will do what he must to make sure that it lives on while still keeping to the old ways that Thrall and the Tauren have shown them.

Vistor Embershade: Has mostly been spending time reading in Dalaran and raising his kid. He probably won't care overly much about the Cataclysm, but it may be enough to get him out and about more.

Anliaho Greenhoof: Pretty upset by the death of Cairne and the actions of the Grimtotems. While he's not going to go hunting them, they are definitely not his friends. The death of Cairne has shaken his resolve in the Horde some, but he's still loyal to the Horde and the Cenarion Circle.
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100 Night Elf Death Knight
Traumatizing times at the Bittersweet Dreams Tavern...

Eirine Frostblade: Tavern Bouncer/Bodyguard for her employer... well, doesn't this make things all the more difficult. Doomsday cultists wandering everywhere, spreading their fanatical nonsense and threatening her tavern, explosions and earthquakes and elemental dragons... it just shouldn't be allowed, and by the Hold, it won't be. Not to mention, her oldest friend/sometime lover and her sister are currently lost on a rescue mission to the Timbermaw furbolg of Azshara. Eirine's going to have her hands full, trying to keep everyone she's responsible for safe and the tavern in one piece.

Tordon Swiftstream: Since the unveiling of Fandral Staghelm as a deeply disturbed (and potentially psychotic) person in need of some serious mental help, Tor can at last end his current exile from elven lands and return openly to the Temple of the Moon and Kalimdor... just in time to answer a cry for help from the Timbermaw furbolg. He owes our furry friends in the tunnel a huge favor for saving his life, and it's about to get called in, with these green-skinned short ones ripping up their lands and redesigning the cliffs into a huge Horde symbol.

Rosalis Wolfspeaker has been mysteriously in and out of the tavern for months, her pack of wolves always with her... and the howling of wolves sounds through Elwynn Forest when she isn't at home. A huge white wolf has been spotted occasionally through the trees, always at night, accompanied by a figure that seems to be part wolf and part man. Only time (and the Cataclysm) will reveal what is truly happening with this silent kaldorei huntress.

((And @Alinor/Raighne: *high-fives*))
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100 Undead Warlock
Xethra is still a little crazy. She'll just keep stewing in her own juices. There will be more evil glaring. Not that she doesn't glare already. But she'll be back to being pretty active in Azeroth, deciding that retirement really doesn't suit her at all. Besides, she gets kicked out of her apartment in Orgrimmar. Gotta find a new hobby.

Keola Greenmane will be stuck in Northrend and miss a greater chunk of the sundering because she's an airhead and gets lost in the Storm Peaks. She'll eventually go home and figure it out and cry buckets. Losing Cairne will hit her and her friends and family hard, and she'll probably end up being the one to hold it all together. Barely. She'll be pretty quiet for the most part.

We may see more of Arlyce Thunderhorn, but probably not.

The rest is just going to be as it comes. The stories will progress as the RP does.
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85 Blood Elf Mage
((I love reading all the replies and whatnot, keep 'em coming! :D))
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85 Troll Priest
(damn double post)
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85 Troll Priest
I should probably ammend my list with my retired warrior, who is keeping busy as a guard in Orgrimmar.

Krlochek - Advancing years beginning to take their toll, Krlochek was just beginning to settle into a nice routine. After the horrific events surrounding the sourge invasion (which he still has nightmares about), the old warrior was enjoying his life. Stopping petty thiefs, breaking up bar room brawls, and shooing away goblin con artists was keeping him active enough that he still felt useful. A little unsure of him at first, he eventually warmed to Garrosh. Change happens.

However, the Cataclysm will make being a city guard far less routine. The cultists were bad enough, but the destruction caused by Deathwing has disrupted trade, decimated crops and livestock, and scattered wild game. The populace will be sent into a panic as famine, pestilence, and desperation sweep the land. The city will be a very dangerous place in the months and even years to come.
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Hekimi - crazy old troll priest
Gredda - cute little dwarf thief
Helbrig - loser and Thrall fanboy
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85 Goblin Hunter
Serendan Azuredawn was out in the Northern Barrens when things went south and is extremely freaked out. She's got all the wrong ideas (or at least very misguided ones) about what's really causing trouble in Azeroth, and all of this will just renew her conviction to wipe out what she sees as the sources of trouble. Unfortunately for her, it's her and a couple of others against a good portion of the world.

Erenar Sunseeker will be doing the same thing he always does: trying to make sure he's standing in the way of whatever trouble happens to be threatening people he cares about, and taking over the nearest kitchen when there isn't immediate trouble to make sure they're still eating decently. He won't be too concerned with the state of things; death's not so scary when you've been there and come back already, and after everything he's put up with by now, what's the worst that could happen?

Aneira Velaniel will continue taking care of the folks in her unit as best she can. Home got destroyed? Tea. Injured by the Alliance? Tea. Deathwing just broke everything? Plenty of tea. It fixes everything...and besides, it's easy to slip a sedative or two in. Aside from healing, she'll be spending a bit more time as a Shadow priest, as sometimes if you need things done you've just got to go kill things yourself.
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