Terokkar Guild List-Updating for Realm Merge


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Hi all,

This list has mostly gone defunct as our population has taken a dive, but with our upcoming merger to Alexstrasza, I thought I'd take a crack at making it somewhat useful again. I imagine at least some of us might be looking to pick up some fresh faces in the near future.

For my part, I've gone through and removed all of the Horde guilds that have no activity in their feeds and will be trying to add the ones that *are* still active. I'll be pruning the Alliance list similarly.

To our Alexstrasza friends: I am happy to add your guilds to the list and will reserve one of the posts below for you. You can post here, or find me in-game - Falynn @ Terokkar-Horde, or Myrri @ Alexstrasza-Alliance.

NOTES: Please post in the appropriate format. It makes things go slowly when you try to put a "creative spin" on the formatting. Also, try to keep it short, long paragraphs eat up space and space is a commodity in any sort of expanding directory.



Guild Name
Guild Type: Casual/Hardcore, PvE/PVP, Social, RP, etc.

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Angry Gingers
Guild Type: Casual PvE, Social
Contacts: Kurby, Elunamakata, Aynklebyter, Aurhealius
Website: angrygingers.enjin.com
Recruiting: All (we are social first, raid second)
Information: We're mainly a social guild. We do flex and occasionally Normal modes. We don't run on the cutting edge of progression but we like to move forward and get gear at our own pace. Check out the website or whisper pretty much anyone in game if you want more information :)

The Aztecs
Guild Type: Casual PvE / PvP
Contacts: Wolvenslayer, Renja, Brynleigh
Website: www.theaztecs.guildportal.com or www.facebook.com/theaztecs
Recruiting: Healers and a few DPS for casual 10 man raids. Still learning so patience is mandatory. Prime candidates would be fairly new to raiding but know their classes.
Information: We are level 22 and currently merged from 2 semi active guilds. We are looking to fill our 10 man core and progress through cata content. We're fun and stress free! :) Raid days are Wed - 8pm, Sat - 5pm, Sun - 2pm Server time.

Booty Bay Brewing Co.
Guild Type: Casual PvE / Leveling
Contacts: Tagdan
Website: In the works
Recruiting: All races and All Levels
Information: A leader in the Brewing Industry of Azeroth, we are a Friendly active Casual/Social Guild. working on the Raiding part. We offer Profit sharing, Co. Vehicle and a great 401 K plan

Burn the Fleet
Guild Type: Casual PvE
Contacts: Moonshine
Recruiting: Always looking for good people
Information: Mainly 10 man raiding groups but you never know

Guild Type: Casual PvE
Contacts: flavusdraco frode dovelids
Website: cinnabarterrokar.guildlaunch.com
Recruiting: All
Information: Cinnabar is like my online family a close knit band of ppl who like to raid kill bosses and have fun! I highly recomded the guild to anyone who wants to Raid and have fun while doing it!

Dragon Slayer
Guild Type: PvP / Casual PvE
Contacts: Drakemus , Veryl , Belatormorti , Dirtanus
Website: dragonslayer.guildzilla.com
Recruiting: We are looking for PvP players that want to run Rated BG as a guild and also do world pvp as a guild
Information: If you are looking to do Rated Bg in cataclysm then this guild is for you. We have been practicing premades for weeks, and need more people that are dedicated and dependable.

The East Kingdom
Guild Type: Casual PvE / Social
Contacts: To join, please /who East Kingdom and ask someone if Chatmay is on... I have way too many alts to list here.
Information: Casual/social, mature/adult. We are 8/12 and recruiting for a second raid team. We have over 500 toons in the guild, guild level 25. Weekly fun runs, fun events, achievement runs all the time. Pst Chatmay for more info about the guild or if you want to join.

The Eleventh Hour
Guild Type: Casual PVE/Semi-serious raiding.
Contacts: Miawindsong, Calisan, Usildraconis
Website: http://www.theeleventhhr.com/
Recruiting: Open recruitment.
Information: Casual and social PVE guild that takes a semi serious approach to raiding as in we always clear the normal level of a Tier with the occasional dabble in Heroics. Been on the server in one form or another since early Wrath, actively raiding 10 Man currently.

eXcuse - (A) Alexstrasza
Guild Type:
Contacts: RealID Oxie#1132, Treenormous, Runaway
Website: http://excuses.enjin.com/
Ele Shaman(High)
Holy Paladin(High)
If your class and spec is not listed please feel free to contact Oxie. We are always recruiting exceptional players and we will make room for you if you are an experienced and great raider.
Information: This is our core Group. Our highest skilled raiders in eXcuse trying to grind out hard-modes and make our guild progress.
Everyone must enjoy each other's company. We DO NOT segregate based on age and we will ONLY RETAIN quality, mature individuals.
New raiders will be subject to a 2 week trial period. You will recieve loot during this period, as we run straight need/greed, but this will give us a chance to feel each other out.

Guild Type: Casual
Contacts: Devout, Fergus, Glamazon, Hackcell, Annieoakley, Ceyepherus
Website: http://tankatronic.com
Recruiting: All classes
Information: One of the oldest active guilds on Terokkar, Forgiven is family-friendly and looking for more good people to level, run instances and raids, and have fun in Cataclysm. We are laid-back and enjoy our achievements, boasting several "Loremasters" and the first "Insane" Alliance player on the realm.

Guild Type: Social / PvE
Contacts: Trymnam, Skelnik
Website: http://gypsies.rask.ca
Recruiting: Contact Llij, Adrellis, or Spurlock
Information: Available on our website.
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Hand of Valhalla
Guild Type: Casual PvE / Social
Contacts: Deathtraxe, Gounthar, Solevia, Anaphalactic, Shoodowbeast
Website: http://handofvalhalla.guildlaunch.com
Recruiting: All classes/roles welcome.
Information: The Hand of Valhalla is a mix of veteran players (5+ years on WoW) and new players (less than 1 year on WoW) that are family-friendly and fortuitous while focusing on exploring WoW content through achievements, instances, and raids. We are looking to add members for a 10-man for casual raiding. We will also like to build up to a 25-man for casual raiding. If you enjoy friendly and helpful people feel free to stop by our website and check us out.

Harsh Light of Day
Guild Type: Casual / Social
Contacts: Gretel, Grenyy, Sacre
Website: www.harsh.guildlaunch.com
Recruiting: We are recruiting all levels and classes, alts welcome.
Information: We will not fail, we will not fall. See our webage for more info.

Guild Type: PvE
Officers: Ayanae, Haloswin, Riveren, Shenaynay, Flamebroiled, Mooshocks
Website: guild-imperium.guildomatic.com
Recruiting: Latest class needs always listed in the forums
Information: Raids Mon-Thur from 6:30 - 11 central

Mercenary Inc
Guild type: Casual / Social
Contacts: Me or any online member
Website: Work in progress
Information: We are a guild formed at the end of BC We strive to be a place for mature minded players. Run by a husband and wife team the afternoons and early evenings is more couples and or parent based...we know 1st hand about kid aggro. Later nights is more so for late night players hope to get raid teams set up for midnight server time. All toon's lvl and spec welcome.

The Odds Favor Us (TOFU)
Guild Type: Casualcore. Casual players doing heroic content. (9 hour raid weeks)
Contacts: Carebearz (Alex); Shammyspice (Alex); Skul (Alex); Illness (Alex)
Website: http://theoddsfavorus.guildlaunch.com/
Recruiting: Recruit needs change regularly. Currently requesting Heroic ready Mage / SPriest / Boomerkin
Information: Current 3/14 25man heroic raiding guild looking for a few positions to be filled. We also accept casual / for fun players, provided they mesh well within the guild and provide no drama or problems (0 tolerance). We all enjoy the game, and are pretty much oriented around maintaining WoW as a hobby. We are currently (and have been almost all tier) the furthest progressed 25man on Alex. Raids are led by myself, the guild is ran by Carebearz, Shammyspice handles recruitment. I take pride in attempting to keep open and friendly relations with any and all raiding guilds.

The Order of Shadows
Guild Type: PvE / PvP / Social
Contacts: GM Methostoplie & Raiding/PvP Officer Elymental
Website: http://theorderofshadows.wowstead.com
Recruiting: Main Raid Team: Raid Heals and MDPS, Second Raid Team: All Specs
Information: We are a Family Friendly Casual leveling, raiding, and PvP guild. We welcome all classes, levels, new, & experienced players. For more information or any questions on our guild please visit us on our website or contact us in game.

Shadow and Light
Guild Type: Casual / PvE / PvP
Contacts: Saddler, Amphetaminê (Alt + 01258), Zlatan
Website: TBA
Recruiting: All classes, levels, and races
Information: Rebuilding currently for Casual Raiding. Early evening raiding, Schedule TBA.
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The Supremacy
Guild Type: Casual PvE / Leveling
Contacts: Bonzee - GM, Looking for a new Co-Owner. PST me in game for an application. Staff list can be obtained in game by request.
Website: http://the-supremacy.guildlaunch.com
Recruiting: Anyone. We have over 500 members levels 1-80. All 80's must join the raid team, all the rest find help through our social system.
Information: All information can be found on our website - Please check it out. If you want further information or an invite to the guild please sign up at our website and talk to me inside the game. All raiding is Monday-Friday at 7:00PM server time. Most raiding is player operated, staff does not have any obligation to run anybody through any raids. We are looking for a new Co-Owner so please feel free to talk to me in-game about that. The Supremacy has been around since 2007 and we plan on continuing to be one of Terokkar's most historic guilds.

The Tulkas
Type: Casual PvE / Social
Contacts: Amethetta, Xandarria, Bangladore, Bendita, Slumpyone
Website: thetulkas.webs.com
Recruiting: All players that like to have fun. Currently working on a raiding team.
Information: We are a friendly group of players that like to work together to learn the game. We have weekly guild activities and challenges. We play with a wide gambit of people, from boisterous to quiet. All are welcome!

Guild Type: Casual PvE / Social
Contacts: Anyone in the guild they will direct you to the right person
Website: http://unity-terokkar.guildlaunch.com
Recruiting: Talk to anyone in Unity they will direct you to the right person. We take all levels
Information: We are a adult guild. Been active for a long time on this server. Currently we are not raiding

Vae Victus
Guild Type: Casual PvE / Social
Contacts: Grepman(GM) any officer or officer alt, too many here to list :)
Website: http://victus.guildomatic.com/
Recruiting: We are recruiting all classes and races
Information: We have been around for a while on the Terokkar server and have a family type atmosphere. We are very interested in raiding and progression and are currently putting together a second 10-man team.

ZAFIRAH (A) Alexstrasza
Guild Type: Semi Hardcore/PVE 6-9 hours a week.
Contacts: Oregondonor#1310, Polliwogs#1165
Website: http://zaf.wowlaunch.com/
Recruiting: Warlocks are in high demand, any good dps will be considered.
Information: Pretty laid back group, we ask people to be respectful whilst wearing our guild tag. We need people willing to sit on some fights depending on their progression, performance and our ilvl. We are looking to strengthen our roster for Wod.
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Guild Type: PvE
Contacts: Jentí, Falynn
Website: www.abaddonguild.guildlaunch.com
Recruiting: Reliable tanks, heals, RDPS
Information: Raiding 2 nights a week for progress and gear, Tues - Weds 7:15 - 10:30 server. Off nights we can be found doing alt raids, old school stuff, or pvping.

Death Row
Guild Type: Casual PvE
Contacts: Arrora
Website: catacore.com (still under construction, best to contact our recruitment ingame)
Recruiting: Any class
Information: Must be ready to commit to a raid schedule for 85.

Guild Type: Medium level PvE (3 25man nights a week, with alt raids on weekends) / PVP
Contacts: Veryundead, Starly, Skarn, Naxxos
Website: http://eolithic-guild.com
Recruiting: Open to all applicants who actually spend time filling out their application.
Information: See website for more information.

Knights Cthulhu
Guild Type: Casual PvE / Social
Contacts: Most Guild Members (and Looking for Guild interface)
Website: http://knights-cthulhu.wowstead.com
Recruiting: All classes and levels.
Information: We're a friendly group of people who have a decent amount of experience with the game and are looking to find other people who are looking to tackle everything that's out there.

Science Based Alchemy
Guild Type: Casual / Social
Contacts: Funkdoctor, Laenae, or Torenia
Website: www.sciencebasedalchemy.guildportal.com
Recruiting: Always recruiting. Apply on the website.
Information: We are a social guild who do a little bit of everything. Check out our charter on the website and feel free to contact us for any info.
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Ugh I hate this new forum. It wont let me report it for a sticky ><

Report it as if its a "bad post" but use "other" for the reason and sticky for the text. also like it with the thumbs up sign.


Guild Name: Cake Eaters

Guild Type: Casual-raid, Hard core, Achievement seekers

Contacts: Caressea, Kurby, Pinetree, Sherbear, Elunamakata

Website: http://cakeeaters.guildomatic.com

Recruiting: DPS Raiders. Casual players welcome.

Information: See site for info.

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Guild Type: Medium level PvE (3 25man nights a week, with almost daily 10mans taking place). Some regular PvP taking place.
Contacts: Vaporeon, Magnemite, Veryundead, Appleblossom, Vulpix
Website: http://www.eolithicguild.com
Recruiting: Open to all applicants who actually spend time filling out their application.
Information: See website for more information.
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85 Draenei Mage
Guild Name: The Allaince Reserve
Guild Type: Casual-raid, Hard Mode PvE
Contacts: Missrios, Clerius
Website: http://thealliancereserve.guildlaunch.com/
Recruiting: Information is always available on our guild site.
Information: The Alliance Reserve is in the top 25 mans guild on Terokkar as of Nov 19, 2010.
Always looking for more to join us.

Thanks for making this again ,Falwynn, and keeping it up to date.
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Added: Eolithic, Cake Eaters, The Alliance Reserve
Removed: Poets & Pirates, Magnificent Tabard, Archives
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Is this all you want me to add? :P
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Please remove my guild, Hurricane, from the list. It hasn't really been active for nearly a year and I just use it as a placeholder now to avoid the constant 'join my guild' spam. Was fun while it lasted though.
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