Terokkar Guild List-Updating for Realm Merge


80 Blood Elf Paladin
Resistance Is Futile forgot this guild on horde side there didnt ya?
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80 Blood Elf Paladin
BOSS MAN! was wondering where our guild was lol
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85 Night Elf Druid
Guild Name: Dragon Slayer
Guild Type: Rated BG PvP, World PvP, Casual PvE
Contacts: Drakemus , Veryl , Belatormorti , Dirtanus
Website: dragonslayer.guildzilla.com
Recruiting: We are looking for PvP players that want to run Rated BG as a guild and also do world pvp as a guild

Information: If you are looking to do Rated Bg in cataclysm then this guild is for you. We have been practicing premades for weeks, and need more people that are dedicated and dependable.

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80 Troll Mage
Just a heads up, not sure if Silly Latin Name is still considered active, but I'm going to requisition Guild Leadership from Sidviciouss when I can get in contact with him so we can continue to run it during Cata.

Moar updates soon.
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80 Troll Mage
<Silly Latin Name>

Guild type: Casual - Raid - PvP

Contacts: Somespice | Holyspice | Hawtspice | (Ally) Allspice | (Ally) Nomnoms

Website: Don't remember. Been a while

Recruiting: Everything for Cata, See our Realm forum Post for details.

Information: We have all the basics and 5 tabs, GM and officers took off to play Aion so I'm requisitioning him to pass GM as soon as I can get ahold of him. I have officer status though so I can invite. Lets get started.
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90 Gnome Warrior
Where is Blue Suede Shoes on this list?
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85 Orc Shaman
Guild Name: Death Row
Guild Type: Casual-Raid PvE
Contacts: Arrora, Halezangel
Website: catacore.com (still underconstruction, best to contact our recruitment ingame)
Recruiting: Any class
Information: Must be ready to commit to a raid schedule for 85.
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90 Human Rogue
Guild Type: Social Raiding
Contacts: Trymnam, Skelnik
Website: http://gypsies.rask.ca
Recruiting: Contact Llij, Adrellis, or Spurlock
Information: Available on our website.
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85 Orc Shaman
Organized Crime
Guild Type: Casual-Hardcore Raiding/PvP
Contacts: Rommgrim,Grimmgor,Ariados,Passing,Yufina
Website: N/A
Recruiting: Not Yet
Information: Long time friends since Bc. reformed into a new guild.
also known as the shattrath skypirates.
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
Took out most of the horde guilds I'm pretty sure are inactive. If I missed one or removed a guild that's still around please let me know.
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90 Draenei Death Knight
Only change to Imperium are officer mains for cata-

Officers: Ayanae, Haloswin, Riveren, Shenaynay, Taux

Thank you!

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85 Draenei Mage
Sanctuary has a wrong link to their guild site. Actual link I believe is this.

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85 Night Elf Druid

This is for The Supremacy on the Alliance side, please copy paste this for the old one. I added a few changes to it.

The Supremacy
Guild Type: Casual-Leveling-Raid
Contacts: Bonzee - GM, Looking for a new Co-Owner. PST me in game for an application. Staff list can be obtained in game by request.
Website: http://the-supremacy.guildlaunch.com
Recruiting: Anyone. We have over 500 members levels 1-80. All 80's must join the raid team, all the rest find help through our social system.
Information: All information can be found on our website - Please check it out. If you want further information or an invite to the guild please sign up at our website and talk to me inside the game. All raiding is Monday-Friday at 7:00PM server time. Most raiding is player operated, staff does not have any obligation to run anybody through any raids. We are looking for a new Co-Owner so please feel free to talk to me in-game about that. The Supremacy has been around since 2007 and we plan on continuing to be one of Terokkar's most historic guilds.
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85 Tauren Druid
just posting this to get us on here. the officers can edit the post as they see fit :)

Drunk in Public
Guild Type: Casual-raid, Hard core, Hard core PvE (somewhere in the midst)
Officers: Fatpad, Mightysal, Drift, Lamest, Baldimort
Website: http://dip.guildlaunch.com/
Recruiting: Open recruitment for Cataclysm to solid players!!
Information: Drunk In Public is an adult-oriented, focused raiding guild on the US Terokkar server looking for skilled raiders to add to our roster for CST/EST raids. Visit guild website for more information or to apply.

oh and btw. thanks for putting this together falynn.
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85 Blood Elf Hunter
Guild Name: Dark Legion
Guild Type: Hard-Core PvE and PvP, Casual Groups available for Same.
Contacts: Anjerith, Lockslyn, Kallias, Wildchild, Tokawan
Website: http://thedarklegion.wowstead.com
Recruiting: Currently Recuiting Healers that enjoy it for Cataclysm Progression.
Information: If you are looking for a stable Guild that only asks that it's members represent it with Honor, this is your Guild. We tolerate no drama, and expect our members to carry themselves, rather than allow us to do the carrying. Open Recruitment with exceptions to age or previous notoriety on server (i.e. bad is bad). Raid nights are tbd for Cata, but looking at the standard Tues, Wed, Thurs after Content pace is evaluated.

More info available at the website above.
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90 Blood Elf Warlock

One of these days I'll get around to making the formatting match...maybe...hopefully.
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85 Night Elf Druid
Please remove Blood Oath, it is no more.
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