Moon Guard Roleplaying Connections


1 Human Rogue
Character name: IMEZ
Type of Role playing your looking for: I think you can figure it out
Method of contact: I'll be in goldshire
Time:When the kids are sleeping, BOW CHICKA BOW WOW

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90 Blood Elf Priest
1. Character name: Nicodema Sunskimmer, Kelthe Wintersong (dual mains)

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Any sort, so long as you don't try and get into my characters' pants. Sunskimmer is easy to find in the SMC Exchange most evenings. He is a mostly trained medic, and is willing to do what he can to patch people up at no charge. I do realism-leaning healing rp over mechanics-based... He's not going to zing you with a spell and it's all better immediately. You'll get a brace, bandages, whatever is appropriate, and a slow-acting healing spell.

Kelthe is a craftsman, specializing in building and repairs. He doesn't work for cheap (IC payment, obviously, no real gold changes hands). He doesn't roam the city as often, but I am more than willing to bring him out and about for rp any time.

3. Method of contact: Any means of contact work. I prefer not to do IC tells, unless you are actually nearby and whispering to me, haha. And... if you are, that might kinda creep them out. IC in game mail is fine, though. Otherwise, ooc whisps or mail or whatever to organize a meeting works.

4. Time: Weekdays, I'm on after about 6:30, and stay on until the rp dries up. I rarely do pve/pvp content, I pretty much just play to rp.
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85 Dwarf Shaman
Name:Zolroc or Dreamknight

I enjoy all tryps of rp also looking for guild and guild rp events. (Is a owner of his own med/heavy rp guild also looking for more active in depth rp members to join.)

If you want to get contact with me I pref IC letters introduceing your self or to make a rp time and location . If you want to get contant with me OOCly Just send me or dreamknight a PM.

Time: Im normaly on through out the day or later in the night.

IM generaly only looking for in depth roleplayers I do enjoy teaching people spelling isnt a issue for me because i also tend to lack in it. I Don't mind Para roleplayers as well.
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86 Blood Elf Paladin
1. Character name: Seith, Silvio, Venrix, Ragdar

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Pretty much anything. I enjoy the walk up random RP just as much as long story-lines.

3. Method of contact: Any method in game is fine. Unless you're at a whispers distance, all tells will be considered OOC. My Blood Elves can normally be found in Silvermoon, and my Undead can normally be found in Undercity. Out of the game, I use both steam and xfire most of the time.

4. Time: I can normally be found on after about...5-6 server.
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85 Troll Hunter
1. Character name: Nerija Frostarrow

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Small group of Mercs (we'd do jobs together ICly). I know it's alot to ask for, but I want the other characters to "flow" with Nerija's concept, from their names to their personalities, combat styles and even RP sets. FlagRSP2 and/or MRP is necessary, GHI would be a big help for planned "events".

Some examples: Affliction Warlocks in T10. Frost Death Knights in whatever, blue eyes, dark or blue hair, dark or blue armor. Forsaken Rogue... Whatever really. I just want to look at our characters and think "Hey, they really look like they belong together as a team of mercenaries." So no Orc Warriors in loincloths, no Blood Elves in typical red/gold gear, no non-Shadow Priests, no Paladins, no Shamans, likely no Druids. I would prefer mostly Forsaken and Blood Elf characters, but I could see things like a Tauren Death Knight or a Troll Shadow Priest (even Warlock when available).

3. Method of contact: Mail message is fine, or whisper me in-game OOCly and we can get to talking, if you already have a character in mind I can check it out, if you don't we can work on one together.

4. Time: I often can play during the day, 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. ST, sometimes past that.
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80 Human Warrior
Character Name: Leusk Ravenclaw

Roleplay Type: Open for just about anything under the sun; I don't particularly like drama RP unless it's really well done. Too much of it is just drama for the sake of drama, and it's terrible. He's not too easy to get to know, but a great friend when it happens.

Methods of Contact: Whispers are always OOC for me, and you can reach me that way. In-game mail works as well if I'm not online at the moment.

Time: I typically play after 10pm EST, sometimes during the day when I have a day off from work. I'm not on every day, but I generally log on 2-3 days a week.
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Character name: Thaluck Duststorm

Type of Role playing your looking for: Combat RP, and casual conversation. Though Thaluck has a Lawful good kind of personality (Sadly I couldn't find anything else to refer to his persona.)

Method of contact: He lives on one of the row boats in Stormwind canals, so if you see him say hi.

Time: Well i'm on at random times cause work is very scattered.
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50 Blood Elf Paladin
Character name: Braelani Dawnsworn

Type of Role playing you're looking for: Mostly, since this character is obviously brand new, I'd love to find someone to quest with ICly every now and again since I'll be focusing on this girl for a while, but I'm down for anything. Provided that something doesn't involve someone needing a leaky faucet fixed. Random RP is great too, and I'll be happy to get any considering this character is still just a baby level-wise.

Method of contact: Tells are usually OOC for me, so they work just fine to set something up. Mail is fine too. Walking up to me as I proudly rock my mismatched, lowbie greens is fine. Hell, if you want to email me to set something up, that's also very fine: windyven [at] gmail [dot] com.

Time: I'm usually on afternoon to eveningish. I'm EST.
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77 Worgen Warlock
Name: Degrasso Atkinson / Rolf A. Gaus (Character backgrounds avalible upon request!)

Type of Role Playing: Honestly, I'm up for both casual RP, as well as more complex story lines. Heavy drama? Maybe, depends on the situation. I've been working on a story line of my own, but it's been going a bit slow; however, I do plan on expanding on it later on.

Method of Contact: Ingame whispers or mail is fine. When I'm on MoonGuard, I'm either on Degrasso or Gaus.

Time: I'm on quite often; so often, in fact, that I'm surprised I haven't melded myself to my chair. 3:30PM - 10:00PM server time on weekdays, 10:00AM - ??? weekends. (Just depends on what's happening!)
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90 Night Elf Rogue
I'm looking to get into RP to enhance my gaming experience. So anyone have some advice for realms and or guilds? I probably should look into forums for more info but I thought id post on here anyway.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
1. Character name(s):
Veritae Velend'yl (she goes by Veritae, 'medic', Veri for close friends)

2. Type of role playing you're looking for:
Daily interactions: spontaneous commenting on something happening around our toons, especially acting ICly in bgs or wpvp (I will love you forever if you do so!), questing in character, etc. Don't be shy, Veri is quite welcoming (except to overly rude/disrespectful people) and has no race bias (quite the contrary, she is pro 'Horde unity'). She is a battle medic and a mercenary, and her alignment would be hmmm... neutral, I guess. Loyalty is her defining value.

Forum rp: if our characters's random rp sparks something that could be fun to delve into more in depth, maybe some forum rp too

I do not do rp fights, though (i.e. I will act in character while fighting, but the fight component will be actual pvp).

3. Method of contact:
In game (whisper, /say, RP letter through the game mail, etc.). I don't do RealID or IMs.

4. Time:
Evenings, weekends (I'm on EST).
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80 Undead Warrior
1. Character name:

Taretha (Foxton): Lost my head a while back.
Edit; it seems my name is taken so my name may change.

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Be it simply looking for role players in general, folks for a specific event, or people for a storyline. Remember this is not a character background thread! However if you have a background that needs more members to flesh it out this thread aims to be a great place to find them,

If you're somewhat familiar with lore you'll know who I am planning on being. I'm relatively new to RP in general but would probably prefer to be contacted IC in-game or mail. Mainly concerned with the primary storyline of the game but may be willing to try others if they're ok.

3. Method of contact: Are you looking for contact in game via tells or mail? Should these tells be spontaneous in character or do you first want to work out an OOC agreement? Perhaps you even have an email address to be contacted at?

No tells please. Just either mail or even try to find me, though admittedly it can be hard. All communications I'd prefer to be IC if possible; if I ask for clarification try to stay IC and explain.

4. Time: If you have an event list a date and server time for it. If you are just looking for general RP contact list the times when you are usually on.

I'm on EDT, not sure how it relates to server time (I'm in the process of transferring there). I'm normally on in the evenings and possibly weekends. Moreso during late december/early January.

5. THIS IS NOT A GUILD RECRUITMENT THREAD! We already have one of those please don’t post your guild ads there.

To be honest, until the guild perks have been rolled out, I had no real reason to be in a guild. I didn't raid or pvp and really didn't add much value to the guild itself other than filling their GB with greens/gems/blues/mats that I didn't need.

But I am a Smith by trade and can make armour for anyone who needs it and provides the material.

Edited by Taretha on 11/25/2010 10:20 AM PST
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73 Troll Druid
Character Name: Ajam'Bwe

Type of RP: Anything. Casual to more serious and complex story lines are fine.

Method of Contact: Approach me ICly or send me an in game mail if you want to set a time and place up to meet.

Time: Can be fairly random, but I try and be on at least once a day for an indeterminate amount of time. I am on EST.
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48 Blood Elf Paladin
1. Character name:

Taretha (Foxton): Lost my head a while back.

Edit; it seems my name is taken so my name may change.

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Be it simply looking for role players in general, folks for a specific event, or people for a storyline. Remember this is not a character background thread! However if you have a background that needs more members to flesh it out this thread aims to be a great place to find them,

If you're somewhat familiar with lore you'll know who I am planning on being. I'm relatively new to RP in general but would probably prefer to be contacted IC in-game or mail. Mainly concerned with the primary storyline of the game but may be willing to try others if they're ok.

And here's where some friendly advice should come into play. Since you're new to RP and all.

Roleplaying characters from lore is extremely frowned upon by the community. While you're more than able to, it's just kind of an unspoken rule most of us abide by. Well, not too unspoken. A lot of people will tell you the same thing. Be creative and come up with something truly unique, it's much more rewarding.

I'm in no way trying to corner or insult you, just a friendly heads up, because it may be the difference between getting RP and getting trolled by others in the future.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
Name :Aelenìcus Sunblade.

Method of Contact: Prefer to be sent a message in game about this

Time: usually 2-7pm server on weekdays cause of school.

Type :Any kind really. I mostly just hang out in Orgrimmar doing nothing.
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1. Character name: Grimzor

2. Idealy, anything that assist in my Clan's Roleplay Lines. We are in the process of revamping for Cataclysm, and looking for other Tribes or Clans to work together wtih. However, we're also open to any Alliance Guilds that are interested in 'Acting' as invading forces, to help spice up some World PVP in the future. This of course would be a favor we would return. On a personal level, though, anyone willing to Roleplay with Grimzor, as he rises to the rank of Chieftain for the Roaring Rock Clan, or pursues his training as a Blademaster.

3. I prefer an initial contact in some form of OOC way. In-game tells, or a letter, are always nice.

4. Time: Mondays, through the week. It all depends on class schedules, to be honest.

5. If you can't find me, find someone else in the Roaring Rock Clan. We're a small but growing group, and we want to help foster the growth of RP on the Moon Guard/Horde side.
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61 Blood Elf Death Knight
Name: Anguise

What I'm after: My intention with this character is for her to be someone completely separated from who she was prior to her time in Northrend. She was not with the Scourge for long, but the experience was profoundly traumatic. Because of this, I'm not inclined to seek a path of ambition or a position of power with her but take her through the world more as a wanderer without direction. This leaves me up for any kind of role-play, and in an organized sense preferably as a fringe-element or subordinate, someone without a sense of ethnic identity who has either strongly positive or strongly negative reactions to force and highly charismatic or dominating people. I like psychologically interesting RP that ends up provoking ideas I wouldn't have anticipated or revealing elements of personality I didn't expect to see. I generally don't plan outcomes and would prefer not to kill her off, so RP with strangers or developed relationships that will knowingly end in her demise are something I'd probably like to avoid as much as possible. However, I am happy to roll a "disposable" character to play as an extra in someone else's scenario. I just enjoy the creative energy of interactive imaginative exercising, even if it is as an accessory.

I generally treat IMs as OOC though I'm prone to using (( )) out of habit. Please contact me in whisper or in-game mail on Anguise if you are interested in running into her or having me make someone else. My hours are erratic, so just give it a try, I might be there or be there soon. :-)
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15 Undead Hunter
Character name: Mothrick

Type of Role playing your looking for: Pretty much any heh, I am also looking for a good Horde RP guild

Method of contact: Just send me a tell, I am constantly leveling so I move a lot

Time: Just add me on friends, I will be on as much as I can
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