A History of Suramar

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I will divide this into sections. I need information on all of these subjects and on other things that you feel might be nice to know.

Server firsts, will only be who killed the final boss first in max person raids i.e. 40 man, 20 man, 10 man TBC, 25 man.

NQ will have it's own section.

Midnight will have it's own.


Lengaloids, only the original.

Other (more infamous) ninjas.

First legendaries. Who received the first Warglaive of Azzinoth?

I'm sure there will be other sections.

Razkin's Suramar info thread! http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=49485997&sid=1&pageNo=1

From WoWWiki: http://www.wowwiki.com/Suramar

Suramar was the ancient Kaldorei capital. Tyrande Whisperwind and the brothers Stormrage once called it home. The ruins are now a sad reminder of ancient Kaldorei folly. In the center of the ruins, the stumps of two great aspen trees stand side by side. In ancient times, a great garden stood at Suramar’s center, and at the center of this garden stood the fabled Boughs of Azshara. Now, these petrified stumps are all that remain. In the time of Queen Azshara, the religious community of Suramar was a complicated structure intimately intertwined with the arcane community and involving nearly everyone in the city. The great arcane academies of Suramar once trained entire generations of mages. A portion of Suramar, the temple district, was located near the Well of Eternity and apparently shared it with the city of Zin-Aszhari.[citation needed] It was the location of the Eternal Palace where Queen Azshara lived. This portion of the city was battled over during the final stages of the war Izal-Shurah and Arauk-Nashal were also here.

Before Suramar was destroyed by the Burning Legion, it was the home to Illidan, his brother Malfurion, and their friend Tyrande. The high priestess of Elune also lived in the temple there.

During the War of the Ancients, Suramar was used by the nathrezim for necromantic experiments, an experiment which eventually laid the groundwork for Kil'jaeden's plan for Ner'Zhul millennia later.

The Great Sundering blasted Suramar to the bottom of the Great Sea.

The ruins of the Temple of the Moon in Suramar were used by the Guardian Aegwynn to hold the physical remains, Jeweled Scepter, and Eye of Sargeras, which led to the building's more familiar designation, the Tomb of Sargeras.

Over 10,000 years later, Suramar was raised up from the seafloor by Gul'dan, and are now part of the Broken Isles. A battle was fought there between Maiev Shadowsong's Sentinels and Illidan's Naga.

The ruins of Suramar in The Frozen Throne used the "sunken ruins" tileset. it is never explained why the Kaldorei city of Suramar has the statuary and motifs of a seaside civilization when the city was several thousand miles inland.

Moreover, the distance between Suramar and Zin-Azshari (in the War of the Ancients novels) was implied at being between a third to a half the distance from the Well of Eternity to Mount Hyjal, while the maps in the Frozen Throne show the Broken Isles to be close to the Maelstrom, and on the opposite side. According to the RPG at least a portion of Suramar was located close to the Well of Eternity at the time of the War of the Ancients. Azshara's palace, the Eternal Palace was implied to be located between the two cities of Zin-Azshari and Suramar. Perhaps part of the problem could be explained by the tectonic upheaval caused by the Well's implosion. It is implied in Lands of Mystery that the Broken Isles are being pulled towards the Maelstrom.

Suramar is an original server, opened November 23rd, 2004. http://www.wowwiki.com/Timeline_of_the_creation_of_US_realms

Suramar has been open to 2 free transfers due to over crowding, Rexxar and Whisperwind (I think). **need verification**

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First Grand Marshal: Xochiquetzal
First High Warlord: Maleficus

First level 60: Snowflake
First Level 70: Avagar
First Level 80: Atrocity

First raid boss killed: Lucifron by The Emerald Guard
First to clear Molten Core: No Quarter
First to clear Onyxia's Lair: No Quarter
First to clear Blackwing Lair: No Quarter
First to clear Zul'Gurub: No Quarter
First to clear Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj: No Quarter
First to clear Temple of Ahn'Qiraj: Nameless Legends
First to clear Karazhan: Old School
First to clear Gruul's Lair: Old School
First to clear Serpentshrine Cavern: Old School
First to clear Magtheridon's Lair: Midnight???
First to clear Tempest Keep: The Eye: Midnight
First to clear Caverns of Time: Hyjal Summit: Midnight
First to clear Black Temple: Midnight
First to clear Sunwell Plateau: Midnight
First to clear Zul'Aman: Midnight
First to clear Vault of Archavon: Midnight
First to clear The Obsidian Sanctum: Midnight
First to clear The Nexus: The Eye of Eternity: Midnight
First to clear Naxxramas: Midnight
First to clear Ulduar:
First 10 player Heroic Lich King: Unreasonable
First 25 player Heroic Lich King: Who is John Galt

First Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros: Mastarantado
First Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker: Mack
First Warglaive of Azzinoth:
First with dual Warglaive of Azzinoth: Maem
First Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury: Quelamune
First Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings: Jaxzeea

First Benediction/Anathema: Mute
First Rhok'delar: Tense

First major Ninja: Hyperion (renamed to Triad) for ninja'ing Typhoon off of Azuregos.

First elected ""L33T PWNZ0R": Vaevictus

First to top an arena bracket: Spooning with Smelly with Semele, Cornpotatotu, Seles

First post to get a blue response: Polinor's (RIP) "WTB (or WTS) Pitchfork" post. The only time a blue posted in our forum (except the "Welcome: Please Read!" cut & paste).
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No Quarter: No Quarter, also known as NQ, was an Alliance guild in vanilla WoW that had most of the server firsts. GM was Mack and dwarf warrior, he was also their main tank. I think they had first Ragnaros, first Nefarian, first Hakkar (maybe), etc, etc. They blew up on Twin Emperors in AQ40. Then most of the core members rerolled to a horde guild named Leviathan on Hakkar. **need more info**

Midnight: Midnight is a Horde guild that has had most (if not all) of the Horde firsts, and most of the server firsts since TBC came out. First GM was Hozz, a Tauran warror (and I presume main tank). About halfway through TBC Brilliance(sp?) ninja'd the guild bank and transfered servers, but they came back strong and is still top guild. Moved to Mal'Ganis December 2009. Also see Starcrush. **need more info**

Starkrush: Was a member of the guild Onslaught, he ninja'd about 1/3 of their guild bank which led to their breakup. When he started posting defending himself he had such horrible, horrible grammar that he became legend. He also transfered to Rexxar, but he came back for "Midnight Resistance is Futile" http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=12673864&sid=1&pageNo=1 which truly solidified his place in Suramar history. **need more info** Edit: More Starkrush http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=2856140129&sid=1&pageNo=1 Eublepharine's Starkrush story http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=49485997&postId=493016446&sid=1#5

Lengaloids: Lengaloids was a ninja back in the first year of WoW, he ninja'd something form ZG when it first opened. His postings trying to defend himself were so filled with stupidity that he was actually funny. He then got invited to NQ as a joke, but he had to end every sentence with "My good one". He then made a guild for all the outcasts and ninjas like himself, then NQ tricked him into making one of their members GM, they then booted all the other members out of the guild. After that they invited him into NQ and he got a few pieces of tier 1 and was booted. He tooled around here for a few weeks (or months) then free transfers opened to Rexxar (this was before paid transfers). If I remember correctly, he started a guild there and ninja'd some stuff, then fell off the face of Azeroth. **need more info**

Bobo: A troll rogue. He gained fame by constantly killing the Stormwind bankers (RIP Olivia, Newton & John Burnside). He then deleted his rogue and joined NQ as a dwarf priest named Bobo.

Kebler: Kebler was a night elf druid member of No Quarter. He was known to have a sharp tongue, but was pretty funny. He was perma banned for cussing in No Quarter guild chat after already having 3 warnings for cussing. AFAIK it no one knows who reported him.

Treehugger: Treehugger was an NE druid that joined NQ after they were the #1 guild on Suramar. After he joined he started bragging about his gear, ninja'd something from a PuG (if I remember correctly), and was just an all around jerk. According to some inside NQ he was a major cause of them breaking up.

Brismoore: Ruined trade channel.

Pitchforks: Pitchforks were a running gag in the early days of Suramar and the subject the only tme a blue (Blizzard Employee) posted in our forums. Pitchforks (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=1485) dropped from the farmers in Hillsbrad Farm and can only be killed by horde. Polinar (RIP) had a nice little business selling pitchforks to alliance on the neutral AH and had made a post that he was having a big sale.
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Gates of Ahn'Qiraj: Orieo from No Quarter was the Scarab Lord. No Quarter held a massive drive to get the materials to open the gates. They had a contest to take a in which each turn-in received a raffle ticket for a trip to Molten Core and/or Black Wing Lair (was the winner Feller??), he got his choice of loot. Gates were opened at approx 3 AM with no prior warning, Mack from NQ said it was because of lag, but many people were disappointed that they didn't get to participate. Other servers had crashed because of the lag caused by hundreds/thousands of toons gathered in one place.

WoW AIDS: In September of 2005 a patch that contained Zul Gurub (ZG) came out. The final boss in ZG was Hakkar the Soulflayer, one of Hakkar's abilities is Corrupted Blood. Corrupted Blood will bounce from one player (or pet) to another within 10 yards doing 200 damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. If there is no one (or pet) with-in 10 yards it will die out. Corrupted Blood was never meant to last longer than the Hakkar fight. When No Quarter killer Hakker, Sionordran (I think it was him) kept Corrupted Blood bouncing between himself and his pet and either teleported or hearthed to Ironforge. Corrupted Blood then spread to others in IF killing lower level players and some higher level ones that couldn't heal. There were bodies everywhere.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UA9gOcgIlsw Slight's video
And this is interesting, written about 2 years afterwards http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1655109,00.html
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Honored Suramar Rank 14s
Maleficus UD Warlock
Xochiquetzal Human Mage (W)
Rucati UD Priest (AS)
Aeowyn NE Druid (NQ)
Slridah Troll Hunter (AS)
Farlee NE Priest (FT)
Allele NE Hunter (FT)
Razon Human Pally (FT)
Ttocs UD Rogue (AS)
Vhenger UD Rogue (AS)
Arjuna NE Hunter (AT)
Gregg Tauren Warrior (AS)
Monalisaevil UD Mage
Rezzik NE Rogue
Yenta Troll Shaman
Madtrapper Human Pally (AT)
Firstofmay UD Mage
Eqqy Gnome Mage
Haplo Human Warrior (AT)
Splitface Tauren Warrior
Smauggles Gnome Warlock (AT)
Judeley UD Warlock
Teiress NE Hunter (AT)
Sparx Orc Shaman (AS)
Brodieblue NE Hunter (AT)
Sylkdawn Tauren Hunter
Chodenine Troll Priest
Bushwacker Dwarf Warrior (AT)
Erytul NE Hunter (AT)
Marcrome Human Pally (MT)
Apexgamesftw/Noital Tauren Warrior
Neves NE Hunter (MT)
Merlinsbane NE Rogue (MT)
Dingrow NE Rogue (AT)
Tnewor Tauren Shaman
Kirithan Human Warlock (MT)
Onimal Orc Hunter (DP)
Tffshenchman Gnome Rogue
Telanus Dwarf Pally (MT)
Issacmagez Gnome Mage (AT)
Thelgar Tauren Warrior
Ursawarrior Human Warrior
Thric NE Hunter
Sina NE Warrior
Hehehehe UD Priest
Jebreel UD Warlock
Inque Troll Mage (AS)
Bralanna NE Priest
Xochiquetzal Human Mage
Lexius Human Pally
Bruinpride Tauren Shamman
Unscene UD Priest
Dekonstruckt Human Rogue
Sparkye NE Hunter
Eemeia Human Priest
Malestorm Orc Warlock
Babalawo Tauren Shaman
Eccles Gnome Rogue (?) <---Newly Added


AS = Anime Samurai
AT = Alliance Team
DP = Da Players
FT = Farlee Team
MT = Marcrome Team
NQ = No Quarter
W = Wardens

Thanks to Dahmoomoo for the list
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First 10 player Heroic Lich King: Unreasonable
First 25 player Heroic Lich King: Who is John Galt

also note you should (also) use wowpedia.org and not just wowwiki
I hate the stupid post timer, I would have gotten my 2 reserved spots if not for that.
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sorry about that, can't delete the post unfortunately (did edit it blank though) - stupid new forum.

First 10 player Heroic Lich King: Unreasonable
First 25 player Heroic Lich King: Who is John Galt

Current: Warcraftrealms census data:
Total Characters: 26,726
Showing Guild: All
Total Alliance: 16,511 - 62%
Total Horde: 10,215 - 38%
A to H Ratio: 1.6 : 1

Note: you should (also) use wowpedia.org and not just wowwiki as a wiki source
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Added first Lich King kills. Who cleared Ulduar first?

Edit: Also Ruby Sanctum?
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Added first Lich King kills. Who cleared Ulduar first?
Edit: Also Ruby Sanctum?

Ulduar had multiple varible hardmode 'final' victories (H) Heroic stood for 25 player in 3.0-3.1

First Ulduar, Decent into Madness (H): Midnight
First Ulduar, Unlocked Algalon's Room (H): Midnight
First Ulduar, Observed (H): Unreasonable
First Ulduar, Alone in the Darkness (H): Unreasonable

The Crusader Colosseum also had multiple variable hardmode 'final' victories with both 10 and 25 player versions.

First Heroic Trial of the Crusader 10, Call of the Grand Crusade: Midnight
First Heroic Trial of the Crusader 10, Tribute to Skill: Unreasonable
First Heroic Trial of the Crusader 10, Tribute to Mad Skill: From Chaos
First Heroic Trial of the Crusader 10, Tribute to Insanity: Unreasonable
First Heroic Trial of the Crusader 10, Tribute to Dedicated Insanity: From Chaos

First Heroic Trial of the Crusader 25, Call of the Grand Crusade: Unreasonable
First Heroic Trial of the Crusader 25, Tribute to Skill: Unreasonable
First Heroic Trial of the Crusader 25, Tribute to Mad Skill: Unreasonable
First Heroic Trial of the Crusader 25, Tribute to Insanity: Unreasonable

First Heroic Ruby Sanctum 10: Who Is John Galt
First Heroic Ruby Sanctum 25: Who Is John Galt
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I'm keeping mine simple, first kill of the last boss on heroic mode. The progression threads are a better place to keep up with who killed what in what mode when.
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Okay revisionist historian, probably the appropriate kill to list for Ulduar would be:

First Ulduar, Alone in the Darkness (H): Unreasonable
(probably the hardest bosses in the Wrath Expansion, it was 10 months and 2 major content patches before Suramar had it's first kill)

And for ToC it would be (since the tribute runs are just achievement versions of the same without any changes to the encounter itself):

First Heroic Trial of the Crusader 10, Call of the Grand Crusade: Midnight
First Heroic Trial of the Crusader 25, Call of the Grand Crusade: Unreasonable
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Who was the first to wield Shadowmourne on the server?
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85 Orc Warlock
Velaeryn a.k.a Ashun on realm 1st shadowmourne.
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Velaeryn a.k.a Ashun on realm 1st shadowmourne.
So, is it Velaeryn or Ashun? I want the name he uses now, unless he transferred servers then I'll just use the name he was using at the time.
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Don't suppose you could have a post on the history of the Suramar Forums. Mikka/Akkim's poems were always a highlight for me :)

/wave Lasagna

~ Wolvie
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That may prove to be a bit difficult with the new forums here. It would be easy to just have a post with links to past threads, but when the old forums go away trying to explain a thread and why it was so great could prove to be rather hard.
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Best DPSer on Suramar: Yuski
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