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This thread is intended to be an ongoing resource for current and future players in Suramar. For 5.1 I've gone through the thread reorganized it by alphabetical order and pruned out of date information. If in the proccess your guild has been omitted or error have been made I apologize, please feel free to post updates and I will amend the thread accordingly.

How this works:
If you want your guild listed have one member of your guild post the basic guild information according to the format below. Guilds will be listed in alphabetical order. Guilds that depart our Server, combine with another guild or completely disband will be removed from the list. For obvious reasons the list might not be accurate if I do not find if when this happens, so feel free to leave a post about it even if you aren't in the guild in question.

Be Honest! This thread is not meant to be a forum for your Guild-drama, only post relevant and accurate information. I will keep this thread as up-to-date as I can.

The format you should use:
Guild Name: (Guild name here)
Guild Type: {any combination of: PvE [Dungeons (Challenges, Heroics), Leveling, Raiding (LFRs, Normal, Heroic, 10s, 25s, World Bosses); PvP [Arena (2s, 3s, 5s), BGs (Randoms, Rateds), World PvP]; Casual, Semi-Hardcore, Social, Hardcore, etc.}
Contacts: (Officers of your Guild/GM)
Website: (Guild website here)
Information: (should not exceed 160 characters).

Posts not using the format above may not be added and/or superfluous information will be omitted or truncated!
This includes but is not limited to:
  • Faction
  • Specific recruitment information
  • Specific progression information
  • Information in the 'Information' section that repeats anything from the sections above it
  • Information in the 'Information' section that exceeds 160 characters
Updates to your current listing should be made in a new post - do not edit your old post/s, I will not read old entries that have already been incorporated into the list.

Alliance Guilds (A-N): http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1074267708?page=1#2
Aliiance Guilds (O-Z): http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1074267708?page=1#3

Horde Guilds (A-U): http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1074267708?page=1#4
Horde Guilds (V-Z): http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/1074267708?page=1#5

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Alliance Guilds (A-N)

Guild Name: AFK (Away from Keyboard)
Guild Type: PvE, Social, Raiding, Casual
Contacts: GM: Gigglethorpe; COs: Katom
Website: http://www.afkguild.com/
Information: Founded Dec 04, a RL Family and Friend guild playing for fun. Applications via the website only.

Guild Name: Broken Bodies
Guild Type: Hardcore/Casual Raiding
Contacts: GM: Rhobyn; COs: Bloodbear, Lesserhealz
Website: http://brokenbodies.guildlaunch.com/
Information: Formed in tBC, focus on high end raiding content and performance, a unique environment on the edge between hardcore and casual - have something for everyone.

Guild Name: CFT
Guild Type: Serious 10 Player Raiding
Contacts: GM: Khay; COs: Mariya, Pewpewblast, Phine
Website: http://www.cft-guild.com/forum/portal.php
Information: Started in Ulduar, raids Mon 5:30-8 and Thu 5-8.

Guild Name: Conviction
Guild Type: PvE Raiding
Contacts: GM: Elmenster
Website: http://www.convictionofsuramar.com/smf/
Information: Balanced of raiding and RL, valuing quality over quantity. Raid at Wed, Thur, Sun, Mon: 5:30-8:30 PST.

Guild Name: Dark Phoenix
Guild Type: PVE, Casual
Contacts: GM: Wrashis; COs: Areto, Ephesha, Lurt
Website: N/A
Information: Raided casually since vanila. strive to have fun in and out of raids.

Guild Name: Disposable Heros
Guild Type: Casual, PvE, PvP, Social, Raiding, Arena, Battlegrounds
Contacts: GM: Sinaide; COs: Eledwen, Keable, Koie, Kublakhan, Toyster
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/181037835350219/?ref=ts&fref=ts
Information: Sister guild with Quantic, Have vent.

Guild Name: Elemental Corruption
Guild Type: Social, Friends, PvE
Contacts: GM: Theclaycomb
Website: N/A
Information: Friendly environment where players can learn, grow and become better with aid of their helpful peers.

Guild Name: Elysium
Guild Type: Casual, PvE, Social, Light Raiding
Contacts: GM: Bethroot; COs: Fedaris, Jerthil
Website: www.Elysiumweb.guildportal.com
Information: A casual raiding, social guild focusing on PvE content. Raiding Friday nights for 3hrs at 7-10pm server time, If interested visit us on our forum or in game.

Guild Name: Eternal Reflection
Guild Type: PVE mostly with side PVP
Contacts: GM: Holidae; COs: Superdk, Penti
Website: www.EternalReflection.Enjin.com
Information: We're a new social guild. Laid back and looking for new members to help achieve guild challenges and help each other level and have fun doing it.

Guild Name: ExoDus
Guild Type: PvE, 25 Player Weekend Raids.
Contacts: GM: Nefasto; COs: Eddwin, Soundoffear, Secure.
Website: http://www.exodusofsuramar.com
Information: Apply now and receive a date with Eddwin.

Guild Name: Fellowship of the Pig
Guild Type: Social, PvE, Dungeons
Contacts: GM: Boropig; COs: Cotoco, Pigolas
Website: N/A
Information: Brazilian guild recruiting members for all roles to do more dungeons and raiding.

Guild Name: First Strike
Guild Type: Progressive PvE with Casual Ambience
Contacts: GM: Izella
Website: http://www.firststrikeguild.com
Information: We are a late night progression raiding guild. Two teams raiding We & Su and Fr & Sa 6:00-11:00p PST.

Guild Name: From Chaos
Guild Type: PvE, PvP, 10 Player Raiding, Arena, Battlegrounds, Hardcore
Contacts: GM: Moxey; COs: Icarium
Website: http://hoarder.net/forum/index.php
Information: Established pre-WotLK by players from The Black Chaos. Raids 3 nights a week, 3 hours a night, PvP group doing Rated BGs & Arenas.

Guild Name: Hazardous Nature
Guild Type: 10 Player Normal Raiding, Social. Old Raid Achievements. Arenas, BGs
Contacts: GM: Quenthel; COs: Corpsmen, Bulwark
Website: http://hazardousnature.enjin.com/
Information: Hazardous Nature is always Looking for more players!

Guild Name: Ineffable
Guild Type: 10 Player Raiding
Contacts: GM: Duall; COs: Liadann
Website: http://www.ineffableguild.guildportal.com
Information: A progression guild with a casual atmosphere. Raid times at 6:30 Tues and Mon. We started in cata, looking to start heroic modes promptly.

Guild Name: Manifest Destiny
Guild Type: PvE, PvP
Contacts: GM: Kyndric; COs: Lorantel
Website: N/A
Information: Looking to make sure the members get their money's worth of the game, this guild engages and support all around gameplay.

Guild Name: Not Dead Yet
Guild Type: Social, Friends & Family
Contacts: GM: Clexie; COs: Saluki
Website: N/A
Information: Formed in Vanilla, end game players in drama free, low key, and friendly atmosphere. Fun activities include old world raids, contests and scavenger hunts.
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Alliance Guilds (O-Z)
Guild Name: Onslaught
Guild Type: Hardcore progression
Contacts: GM: Makro; COs: Furrybits, Tunamuncher
Website: in progress
Information: raid Tues and Thursday 7 to 10

Guild Name: Order of the Jackalope
Guild Type: Casual, PVE, Raiding, Social
Contacts: COs: Holicious, Kharnor, Mireck
Website: N/A
Information: Raiding 10 player on Mon & Wed evenings (Server). Looking for skilled, friendly, patient, and courteous players. For the Jackalope!

Guild Name: Ravenguard
Guild Type: PvE, 10 man Raiding, Casual, Open to PvP
Contacts: GM: Malkmus COs: Laceup, Loü
Website: http://www.facebook.com/groups/189140647833298/
Information: We are looking more experienced raiders to pick up where we left of with DS; Are willing to work with and train all are welcome to apply.

Guild Name: Radikal Faeries
Guild Type: LGBT-friendly social guild with casual 10-man raiding
Contacts: GM: Baldulf; COs: Madbarbie, Jartavina, Alaricus, Helaru
Website: radikalfaeries.com (invite only)
Information: Currently seeking 1-2 healers for 10-mans on Tuesdays, 9pm-midnight server time.

Guild Name: Recognition
Guild Type: PvE Raiding
Contacts: GM: Thepvpness; Cos: Decree
Website: recognition.guildlaunch.com
Information: (see website)

Guild Name: ROFLMAO
Guild Type: PvE mainly, PvP side ventures
Contacts: GM: AertenAine, JustPeacause; COs: Hruodland, Sabathyne
Website: www.roflmaoguilds.com
Information: We are 18+ only fun-loving, easy going and very very willing and able to help members both new and old to enjoy exploring content both new and old in WoW.

Guild Name: Sacred Ashes
Guild Type: PvE, Social, Casual, Raiding.
Contact: GM: Tidaldragon; COs: Fallendragon, Asheclaw, Primalarrow
Website: N/A
Information: Run heroics, raids, looking for all classes, roles and play styles.

Guild Name: THE ALL MiGHTY (TAM)
Guild Type: PvE, Semi-hardcore Raiding, PvP, Social
Contacts: GM: Padinnis
Website: http://theallmighty.guildlaunch.com/
Information: Raids 4 days a week and is always looking for exceptional players.

Guild Name: TheElement
Guild Type: PvE, Leveling, Raiding; Casual, Social.
Contacts: GM: Lightshines; COs: Arayalight, Elothin, Syrenn
Website: N/A
Information: We're a social guild just starting out in 10-mans, always looking for fresh faces!

Guild Name: The Forlorn Hope
Guild Type: PvE, PvP, Social, 10 Player Casual Raiding
Contacts: GM: Nightgelder; COs: Beleaguer, Kolorra
Website: http://the-forlorn-hopeguild.wowstead.com
Information: Adult players, varying schedules who like having good times together. Weekend afternoons 10 Player Raid Team. For recruitment contact Kolorra via in-game mail.

Guild Name: The Hilt is a Lie
Guild Type: PvE, Casual, alt levelling, dungeon grinding, do whatever you feel like.
Contacts: GM: Sakiri
Website: N/A
Information: Looking for more players to help level up the guild; have mostly tanks and healers at 85. Not many rules mostly don't piss off the GM.

Guild Name: Wowing It Up
Guild Type: Casual, Social, Leveling, Family and Friends
Contacts: GM: Blacksword; COs: Blackmyst, Whitelady,
Website: http://wowingitup.enjin.com
Information: Brand new Alliance guild looking for new or experienced members. Guild leveling events and achievement events planned. Alt friendly. Everyone Welcome!
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Horde Guilds (A-T)
Guild Name: Affinity
Guild Type: Casual Raiding, PvE, Challenge Modes
Contacts: GM: Notyourmom; COs: Dylis, Julianna
Website: http://www.affinitysuramar.com/
Information: A group of semi-Hardcore veteran raiders and friends been together for years; looking for a few solid and reliable players for more consistent gaming.

Guild Name: Arcturus
Guild Type: 10 / 25 Semi-Hardcore PvE Raiding
Contacts: GM: Stynger; COs: Aliengrey, Leilah, Peacelily
Website: http://www.arcturusguild.org/blog
Information: Formed 14 Aug 05; Always looking for more like-minded, talented, responsible and fun-loving players to join the guild family.

Guild Name: Clockwork
Guild Type: Raiding, PvP
Contacts: GM: Robstercraw
Website: N/A

Guild Name: Damage Control
Guild Type: Raiding - Normal, Heroic, 25s (ideally), World Bosses, Semi-Hardcore.
Contacts: GM: Moldrekh; COs: Kewi, Qana, Velyk
Website: Damagecontrolguild.shivtr.com
Information: Founded Apr 07', recruiting for 25s punctual, teamwork oriented players who strive for personal excellence in name of progression (and fun)! Tu Th Su 1730-2115

Guild Name: Plagues
Guild Type: Social/LFR/old content Raiding, Some PvP with <RoC>
Contacts: GM: Vieksie
Website: http://plagues.mmopost.com
Information: No drama guild formed at Cata release weekly LFR/old raids and RBGs with <RoC> as well as arena together.

Guild Name: Praxis
Guild Type: PvE Semi Hardcore 10 Player Raiding
Contacts: GM: Msgrimreaper
Website: http://praxis.guildportal.com
Information: 2 separate 10 Player raids. Currently working on hardmodes.

Guild Name: RoC
Guild Type: PvP with 5% PvE with <Plagues>
Contacts: GM: Froginator; COs: Dau, FLYID#1337
Website: N/A
Infomation: We have a partnership with <Plagues> so we share a lot of the same guild nights.

Guild Name: Sanctuary
Guild Type: 10 / 25 Player Hardcore Raiding,
Contacts: GM: Bushsneaker
Website: N/A
Information: Founded 24 Jul 06 from Avengers of the Horde, progression oriented raiding hardmode achievement focused, strong social atmosphere.

Guild Name: Sanctum
Guild Type: Casual 10 Player Raiding, Social PvE, Casual PvP
Contacts: GM: Zangetsen
Website: N/A
Information: Raiding priority is progression; also run randoms, BGs, level alts, old world raids and etc. Raid times are Mon-Wed 6pm - 8pm server.

Guild Name: Strychnine Solution
Guild Type: Casual Raiding, Casual PvP, Hardcore Trolling
Contacts: GM: Kamna; COs: Beadora, Hussh, Shemhazal, Yerik, Yuber
Website: http://www.strychninesolution.com
Information: Clique guild branched from Anime Samurai led telepathically by the ever-absent Hellsfury. Generally honourable jerks that play well. Not recruiting.

Guild Name: Terracotta
Guild Type: PvE 10 Player Casual Raiding
Contacts: GM: Flatulent; COs: Bulalo, Malaswa, Taurvos, Veexie, Wiegraff
Website: http://terracotta.guildomatic.com/
Information: Constantly striving to perform better in raiding scene. 2 separate 10 Player groups: North American time, Asian time.

Guild Name: The Art of Ruin (AoR)
Guild Type: Semi-Hardcore 25 Player Heroic Raiding
Contacts: GM: Aernor
Website: http://artofruin.guildlaunch.com
Information: We raid Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 6:30 server until 9:30 server. We're not extreme, but we are successful.

Guild Name: The Dark Sanctum
Guild Type: Friendly, Social, Leveling, Casual Raiding.
Contacts: GM: Jowy; COs: Eilora
Website: N/A
Information: We are a fun, friendly, and tight-knit Social and Leveling guild that loves to run heriocs often as well as Casual Raid 10 Player content.

Guild Name: The Exiled
Guild Type: Social 10 Player Raids
Contacts: GM: Nerman; COs: Laylaann
Website: N/A
Information: Casual and and relaxed atmosphere, social players and raiders that enjoy progression and achievement runs.

Guild Name: The Forsaken Coalition
Guild Type: Social PvE and Casual Raiding
Contacts: GM: Illyrria; COs: Aamellia, Saleine
Website: http://theforsakencoalition.guildlaunch.com/
Information: Adult-language, small guild, split East and West Coast players, active in the evenings to late night. Looking for people who to help each other out; not drama.

Guild Name: Thirteen Devils
Guild Type: LFR, Heroics, Dungeons, Scenarios, PVP, Questing and soon to be 10 man raids
Contacts: Tritium, Raim
Website: http://thirteendevils.enjin.com
Information: Thirteen Devils was originally founded during the Vanilla days of World of Warcraft and has been recently brought back for a 2nd round and in full recruitment.

Guild Name: Tommy Knockers
Guild Type: Casual, leveling PVP some pve
Contacts: GM: Mondayman; COs; Shalalie, Moolasses, Favinus
Website: Tommy.Knockers@guildportal.com
Information: small, relaxed, looking for more people to complete Rbg team and for Arenas We are Drama Free
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Horde Guilds (U-Z)
Guild Name: University of Suramar
Guild Type: Friendly Semi-Casual PvE and PvP
Contacts: GM: Voenyzhena; COs: Anarch, Nimohtar, Seruko
Website: http://universityofsuramar.guildportal.com
Information: Raid 10M N, Friday & Saturday 6pm-9pm/Sunday 1pm-3pm (sometimes)

Guild Name: Who is John Galt
Guild Type: PVE Hardcore, PVP on the side
Contacts: GM: Fayenoor
Website: http://whoisjohngalt.enjin.com/

Guild Name: Your Guild Here
Guild Type: Casual, Social
Contacts: GM: Pardue; COs: Eionae, Lunafaust, Morfran, Vozdor
Website: N/A
Information: Very small, casual, looking for more people to complete 5 & 10 player achievements.
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
Guild: Clockwork
Type: Raiding, PVP
Contacts: Hardfour, Robstercraw, Squritle
Website: www.clockworksuramar.com
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85 Tauren Death Knight
Guild Name: Terracotta
Guild Type: PvE 10 and 25 - man Casual Raiding
Contacts: GM : Flatulent - Officers : Gazhkull , Korbarr , Slyphee
Website: http://terracotta.guildomatic.com/
Information: While we are a casual raiding guild,we always strive to perform better on the raiding scene. Due to the diversity of guild members,we currently run two different 10 Man groups. One on North American time, and one on Asian time with 25-mans on the weekends.
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85 Tauren Druid
Guild Name: Dream Catalyst
Guild Type: PvE 10-man Hardcore Raiding [Cataclysm]
Contacts: Capnboomkin / Holychill
Website: http://dreamcatalyst.guildlaunch.com
Recruiting: Two DPS, preferably Rogue and Elemental Shaman
Information: We are a group of players attempting to be the best PvE progression guild on Suramar. At the moment, we have one 10-man group planned. Raid nights are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4-7 Server Time.
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85 Night Elf Druid
Guild Name: Evolution
Guild Type:Causal-Social, Casual-PVP Hard Core Raiding
Contacts: Fuzzymajier, Metallitiger, Geetee, Cadusues, Ayriel
Website: Http://suramarevolution.net
Recruiting: We are not really recruiting anyone, we do take socials and such.
Information: We are a base 10 man guild, Striving to progress and just have fun in the process. We are hardcore when it comes to progression but we slack when we have content on farm. We have been known to watch our raiders closely and help anyone that asks.
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Guild Name: Who is John Galt
Guild Type: PVE Hardcore, PVP on the side
Contacts: Akhanj, Fayenoor, Dimmn, Maeltne
Website: http://johngaltwow.net
Information: Just go to the website for more info.
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85 Tauren Death Knight
Grats on the sticky!
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85 Goblin Warlock
Guild Name: Who Tanks Muru

Guild Type: 10m HM

Contacts: Mortea, Ncrzz, Youwish, Astrella

Website: http://whotanksmuru.guildomatic.com

Information: We are a core group of players that have been together since early 2006 (formerly Bad Mojo on Garona). We ran as a 10m strict HM group in WoTLK and love a good challenge.
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100 Gnome Mage
Guild Name: Not Dead Yet (Alliance)
Guild Type: Social Friends & Family Guild
Contacts: Clexie (GM), Saluki
Website: www.ndyguild.com
Information: NDY is a 5+ yr old guild that caters to high level players that enjoy a drama free, low key, and friendly atmosphere. Our guild activities center on a schedule of fun and rather pointless guild events that range from old world raids to contests and scavenger hunts.
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Guild Name: The Thirtyfifth Cav
Guild Type: 25m Raids with Emphasis on HC and Achievements
Contacts: Thiggytank, Enspired, Holykittie, Rashatre, and Brazilia
Website: http://www.thethirtyfifthcav.com/ (Currently Recruiting! Please Visit and Fill out an application)
Information: The Thirtyfifth Cav is a dedicated 25-player Alliance raid guild with a focus on Achievement and Hard Mode content. We raid TTh 7:30 - 10:30pm, F 7:30 - 11:00. We started late in LK, ending with 6/12 ICC 10 HC, and several RS kills. We're currently working on RS HC P2.
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